Using Fruit to Enhance Your Decor

Using fruit to enhance your decor is a good thing.

I have utilized both faux and real fruit to add color, texture and interest

in my decor for many years.

Faux fruit has certainly come a long way from the waxed fruit of yesteryear.

Do you remember the wax fruit?….Better yet, how about the beaded fruit?

Dining Room Hutch-Housepitality Designs

I was thrilled the first time I saw the faux fruit at Pottery Barn that truly looked real.

All of the faux fruit you will see in this post is from Pottery Barn.

Dining Room Hutch - Housepitality Designs

Faux pears fill the vintage sherbet glasses on the dining room hutch.

Of course you will find real fruit in the fruit bowl in the kitchen.

Vintage Ironstone Bowl - Housepitality Designs

In this vintage scalloped ironstone bowl.

In the sunroom I have used both real and faux in pretty containers on the coffee table or

most recently on the antique blanket chest.

Vintage blue and white colander - Housepitality Designs

Currently, I am using faux lemons and limes in the vintage blue and white colander.

Vintage French Ceramic Scale - Housepitality Designs

You have most likely seen this vintage scale that I purchased in France.

Just love the faux green apples against the white ceramic and black iron of the scale.

The apples will be replaced soon with the bounty of Fall.

But then again, apples are certainly a Fall fruit!

And speaking of apples . . .

Vintage Grain Sack - Vintage Ironstone - Housepitality Designs

The apples in the vintage ironstone tureen displayed on a vintage grain sack

 are real.

And so are these lemons in my upside down cake plate centerpiece.

Upside Down Cake Plate Centerpiece - Housepitality Designs

When doing a centerpiece on the dining room table, I always use real fruit.

No faux food on the table! 🙂

Now the fruit decor is just not limited to the kitchen dining room area . . .

You will also see it it the guest room.

Guest Room French Country Hutch - Housepitality Designs

In the blue and white covered vegetable dish filled with faux pears.

I placed the pears in the dish mainly because of the color

as I have lots of “apple and pear green” in the room.

So you have seen how I use both   real and faux fruit in my home.

Do you use and display lots of fruit in your decor?

I love using natural elements such as fruits and veggies

and to fool you and use the “not so natural” ones!

Hope your day is a most fruitful one!

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  1. Beautiful! I DO remember the waxed fruit:) The faux fruits are SO much better now. Have a beautiful day!

  2. Yep I love all your fruit displays. My mom had the fake fruit in a bowl when I was growing up and I always laughed when one of my friends tried to eat a piece. I think that beaded fruit is making a comeback, it was popular around Christmas time last year, lol.

  3. Beautiful ways to display fruit! Love the lemon and limes in the colander. And the cabinet with the buffalo check center is a gorgeous piece! ~Rhonda

  4. I confess that I used to try to eat the beaded fruit at my grandmother’s house! 🙂

  5. Oh my, I so remember the beaded fruit! Love all your vignettes, especially the upside down cake plate.

  6. I absolutely do use faux and real fruit all the time in our decor. I am particularly drawn to pears and lemons. In the South FL heat real fruits spoil quickly so I have amassed a wonderfully real looking of faux fruit. There speak the seasons in a part of the country where seasonal change is but a whisper…apples come out in Early Fall followed by guards in Oct followed by Gilded fruits in Dec and all gets packed up till Spring when lemons appear. ?

  7. Beautiful! I love your hutch and those Scales are really nice! Love the look! Blessings

  8. Your vignettes are always so pretty…..I love the pears with the blue and white! I usually use real fruit but occasionally I break out my faux pears from Pottery Barn. I love the scale you purchased in France, what a great find!

  9. Beautiful post, Shirley. I use faux and real fruit and I do remember wax fruit. I found pears at The White Hare awhile ago. They look like real waxed pears. I need to see if I can find them. Wondering if they survived the move.

    Pier One Imports has some great fool the eye faux fruit. I have tangerines, limes, and lemons from there.

  10. I have some wooden apples and I never thought of using them on the hutch in my kitchen. My kitchen is red, white and blue so they will fit beautifully on the hutch. I learn so much from your blog. Thank you Shirley.

  11. I don’t use it that often. PB does have the best faux fruit. I have their lemons and pomegranates.


  12. I think I tend to use more fruit in the fall, and now I’m beginning to wonder why! Lol! Yours really looks beautiful:) Have a great day, Shirley!

  13. A most fruitful posting, Shirley! Loved it all!

  14. Beautiful use of faux fruit, Shirley! I keep faux pears and lemons in my kitchen! But, like you, I always use the real thing on my table!

  15. Love your faux and real fruit vignettes. Looks so fresh and summery.

  16. Shirley your vignettes with fruit in them are so very inviting and adds great dabs of color. Jo

  17. Jeanette Price says

    The fruit is yet another warm and welcoming touch to your home. I have a large glass jar on my island filled with faux lemons. It just makes the kitchen sunny and bright.

  18. Shirley, My mom used faux fruit in her decor in the days before the latex version was available. I think that’s why I still have an aversion to “faux” today, despite the fact that it’s so improved. I’d rather used the real thing or nothing at all and that goes for flowers too. I still have vintage colander envy 🙂

  19. Love your lemon and daisy display Shirley. Thanks for the tip about PB fruit, I’ll have to check it out. Hope you have a great weekend.

  20. What a simple and great idea…

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