The Adventures of the Traveling Pillow

The Adventures of the Traveling Pillow was playing over and over this past weekend

when I received my newly made pillows from my friend Linda.

I could not wait to place them in a spot that I thought they were going.

Hmmmm. . . do I love it here? Or do I love it there?

Neo Classic Pillow - Vintage Settee - Housepitality Designs

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen my post on this fabric.

The fabric I fell in love with, but there was not a stitch of it in the showroom for sale.

They said it goes out the minute it comes in.

Neo Classic/Coral Fabric - Housepitality Designs

Such a tease! . . . so both the Neo Classic in Coral and the melon and white large check

were not available and I was put on a “waiting list” for it.

A couple of days later, Linda went to another fabric store and there it was front and center in the store!

She immediately bought the fabric and coordinating trim for me.

Neo Classic/Coral - Vintage Settee - Housepitality Designs

Cannot tell you how happy I am with this pillow and fabric.

I was also very lucky to find a throw with the same color scheme at HomeGoods.

I was going around the house with the pillow seeing if I could use this fabric in another room

and it then happened. The Adventures of the Traveling Pillow.

Not to be confused with the “traveling pants”

Neo Classic/Coral - Housepitality Designs

When I saw this fabric, I originally thought I would place it in the great room.

However, when trolling the house seeing where I can use the fabric,

I discovered that I could actually place this pair of pillows is several places.

How about the bedroom?

Master Bedroom Sitting Area - Housepitality Designs

The colors are perfect in this room too.

Master Bedroom Sitting Area - Housepitality Designs

The apple green in the fabric gave me another idea.

The sunroom.

Neo Classic Coral Pillow - Sunroom - Housepitality Designs

I thought it would compete with the other toile fabric,

however, it blended very well.

Neo  Classic Coral Pillow - Sunroom - Housepitality Designs

So this is my dilemma . . . where oh where do I want to place my pretty new pillows.

What do you think? . . . Do you have a preference?

I have a favorite, so stay tuned later to see where it lands.

Linda did another sewing project for me.

One that is for my granddaughter’s room. I have been working on her room off and on for months  

and hope to present a bit of a reveal this week!

Have a wonderful day!

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  1. Shirley, I don’t think you can go wrong in any of the rooms, but I would probably choose the bedroom! I love that fabric, also, but toile always gets my attention! Have a wonderful Monday!
    Blessings always,

  2. Oh, I love that fabric! I can see your dilemma since it looked good everywhere you placed them. Can’t wait to see the chosen spot.

  3. Shirley, I’m so glad you are happy with your new pillows. And the throw is perfect with them! I was originally thinking they were going in your master bedroom but how fun that they look great throughout the house. Score!

  4. Hm, I’d put it in the bedroom where I’d see it every morning when I woke up! It’s so pretty! My other favorite spot is the sunroom. Love it with the green. I can see why you fell in love with the fabric. Gorgeous!

  5. The fabric is beautiful, Shirley. Love that pillow. It is wonderful with the throw. HG is a great source for wool throws. I always have a look when I am in the store.

  6. What a wonderful fabric! I love it on the bench with the coordinating throw!

  7. I recognize the store pictured, Mill Outlet in Raleigh, perhaps? 🙂 They have the most beautiful fabrics! I absolutely adore that gorgeous pillow! It would look wonderful anywhere in your pretty home! I know you will enjoy it! ~Rhonda

  8. I ADORE that fabric and wish Linda could make me a pair of pillows. I have new bedding that it would go perfectly with!!!! I love it in your bedroom but it looks beautiful in every place you put it. Maybe you need a few more pilolows??!!:):):)

  9. Who makes this fabric? I am trying to find it online.

  10. Shirley it is such a beautiful pattern! I love it with the throw on the rush seat bench!

    The Arts by Karena
    Artist Nicoletta Belletti

  11. Love the fabric, the pillows are so beautiful. I’m sure they will make many rounds around the house?!?!? I always display my new goodies in the living room first but once the newness wears off they end up in a different room usually.

  12. I really like it in the bedroom.

  13. Shirley,

    LOVE this fabric! Seriously! It’s so pretty and neutral. :)))))))))

    Happy day friend!

  14. Wonderful fabric. Pillow looks great in each one of your rooms. Such a good eye!

  15. Good luck with your pretty new pillow. It looks like you could use it in many places, but you will know when you place it where it looks best.
    Have a great cool week,

  16. Dont you love having accessories that can go anywhere. That is a gorgeous pillow.

  17. Your pillows are gorgeous, Shirley! And I love that they could land in so many lovely places in your home.
    Mary Alice

  18. Wow! Gorjamous! The throw looks like it was meant to go with that pillow~~and the pillow looks terrific wherever you choose to use it. The sunroom is my favorite though…the green really makes it pop. Also, I really wish we had a Homegoods store close to where I live. : (

  19. Bedroom or sunroom,but it would be a hard pick cause it looks good everywhere.I’m excited to see where it lands.

  20. That is one great fabric, Shirley. My vote is on the bench with the throw as I love the colors together but it looked great everywhere!

  21. What a pretty pattern, Shirley! I can see why you were taken with it. It is stunning as drapes, too! That’s the great thing about pillows – they can very easily be moved from room to room on your whim. No back strain involved! : )

  22. Shirley the pillows look great in all the locations, but I pick the sunroom. That way everyone can enjoy them! Wherever you choose will be perfect.

  23. What fantastic fabric, and how lucky to find it so soon. I love it everywhere you’ve placed it. Who wouldn’t it’s a beautiful pattern and looks great with teh

  24. Oh your pillow is just beautiful and it looks great in so many places. The colors are really pretty and how awesome that it can be used in so many different rooms!!

  25. Hi Shirley, Love your new pillows in that fabric and the throw is perfect for them. You have so many great places to display them. Hard to pick a spot. So nice to catch up with you after being away from my computer for some vacation time. Have a great new week.
    Happy Decorating.

  26. Love, love, love your pillow! Your vignette with the throw and pillow is gorgeous! You have found so many great places for this new pillow; it will be difficult to decide where it should go. It looks great in each location! I know you’ll find just the right spot! I can’t wait to see where it lands!

  27. Beautiful fabric….Looks good in bedroom and sunroom.

  28. Shirley the fabric is beautiful! The colors are so perfect for your lovely home. Jo

  29. I love your beautiful pillow Shirley! The fabric and colors blend beautifully everywhere but I especially love how the green pops against your wicker loveseat. I have plaid throw envy too…just beautiful!

  30. Bedroom–but of course, it’s beautiful in the sunroom, too!

  31. That fabric is great! All those colors go so well together, and the throw looks as if it was meant for you! I think I like them in the sun room because of the green. But they’ll look great no matter where you put them! Btw, I’ve been thinking about those chairs you bought some time ago…any thoughts on fabric yet?

  32. Sorry…changed my mind:D Definitely the bench!!!! Lol!

  33. I like the colors and it all flows so well…

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