A Great Antiquing Day with Friends

A great day of antiquing with friends was on the schedule today.

I am always up for a great road trip along with my friends Mary Alice and Yvonne.

Mary Alice and I traveled to Pennsylvania to meet Yvonne for a day of fun

and the thrill of the hunt. And that we did . . . have fun and hunt.

I was concentrating so much on “the hunt” that I did not take pics of the antique mall

that the three of us scoured.

However, I did take a pic of some sneaky peekies of some of our finds

that you will see at the end of the post.

Rust and Feathers Antique Mall - Bench - Housepitality Designs

But first, I want to show you some photos that I took on our way home from Pennsylvania

at Rust and Feathers Antiques in Leesburg, VA.

I spied this great bench with a beautiful blue original paint.

Primitive Bench - Housepitality Designs

I kept running my hand across the bench seat feeling its beautiful aged wood and great patina

thinking, where can I put this bench? It was truly a great price too.

Around the corner was this ever so creative way to create a top

for a vintage Singer sewing machine stand.

Vintage Singer Machine Stand with Radio Flyer Wagon Top - Housepitality Designs

A Radio Flyer Wagon!

I have two of these iron sewing machine stands at home and I need to recreate this one!

Chateau Chic Antique Booth - Housepitality Designs

It was a great day of antiquing . . . and we also had great weather too.

A perfect day to use a screen door such as this beauty.

Have you ever seen a black bread box with gold lettering?

Chateau Chic Antique Booth - Housepitality Designs

Not me, and this  is a stunner….

Chateau Chic Antique Booth - Housepitality Designs

So much eye candy under one roof.

I found something in this booth that had to go home with me.

Rust and Feathers Antiques - Housepitality Designs

So do you want to see some things that we scored at the Pennsylvania antique mall?

Yvonne, found some pretty great architectural pieces among other great things.

Vintage Architectural pieces - Housepitality Designs

Mary Alice found some great vintage architectural pieces too

along with watering cans and more.

Vintage Watering Cans - Architectural Pieces - Housepitality Designs

It was a great day; however, it would still be a great day even if we did not find any treasures,

as the real and true treasures are treasured friendships.

Just enjoying a day of shopping, lunch by the river, and lots of great laughs! A good thing.

Have a great day and thanks for visiting!!

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  1. What a fun trip! Oh my heavens, you lucky ladies sure found some wonderful treasures! Nothing like a road trip with friends and antique shopping, the best!

  2. I would have enjoyed that trip! What neat finds! Just remembered, I found the ceramic insulators from J’s memorabilia and remembered your bookend idea, I’ll try to post about them soon.

  3. Great finds and great friends! Sounds like a fun day 🙂

  4. That sounds like so much fun! I spent the day yesterday with Andrea of Opulent Cottage…just one of the bonuses of blogging. 🙂

  5. If I had known I DEFINITELY would have joined you 3!!!!!!!! I wish I had been there. You found some great pieces and I spied some great things too, in the pictures. Have a great day.

  6. PS, where did you get those plastic bins in the back of the car??? I have 2 folding things but they are getting very worn…..

  7. What a fun day for all Shirley and looks like some great treasures found. Love that darling shop. I would love to browse there. I have never seen a black bread box. What an amazing piece.
    Have a great day! cm

  8. Sounds like so much fun! I wish I had someone here to do that with instead of by myself.

  9. So, you showed the other gals’ great finds but what about yours? Did you get the bread box? What else? I just live those kind of shopping trips and they are definitely more fun with friends!

  10. I’m not a jealous person, but I’m so sorry I missed this trip!!!!

  11. You lucky thing, you! Ah, to have a shopping buddy that likes the same things you do! Although…my sis and I were shopping an antique mall and were oohing and ahhing. Then we got separated (my hubby was with us). Sis and hubby spotted the copper tray with silver handles about the same time, but he is taller and longer-legged and reached it first! He snapped it up because he knew I would spaz out over it! It has pride of place in my kitchen, and is proof that blood does not conquer all, not when it comes to finds like that! Sis and I still laugh about it. I think she’s still laughing…..LOL!

  12. Oh I am so jealous!! What fun I’m sure the three of you had and all those great treasures and great places to explore! Can’t wait to see what you all do with your finds!

  13. They look like wonderful finds! I love that black bread box…and the bench.

  14. What a fun way to spend the day with friends! You all found some wonderful goodies too :o)

  15. Shirley,
    Looks like you ladies had a great outing! I always love stopping by Rust & Feathers as well and the inventory is always fresh and changing. Hope you found some treasures as well in PA. That’s one of my favorite antique malls and I always make some good finds there.

  16. How Fun!!!! Love the architectural pieces, they always draw me in. Nothing like shopping and visiting with good friends that are like minded!! What a fun day for you all,

  17. Oh Shirley what a great trip and how fun. I bet you guys had such a great day together. Everyone got some wonderful pieces. That bench OMG!!!! You get the best benches. While you are pondering where to put it you should let me keep it safe for you at my house 🙂 !!!!!
    Glad you had a great time.

  18. What a wonderful place to shop Shirley! I know you ladies have so much fun when you get together.

  19. Sounds like ya’ll had a wonderful trip! And I love the shop you visited, lots of great things to offer! The Radio Flyer wagon top table is too cute! Thanks for sharing the pictures with us! ~Rhonda

  20. I’m happy you ladies had a great time on your hunt. Love the treasures Mary Alice scored. I am living through it trips


  21. I am so jealous of the time you get to spend with friends you’ve made through blogging. You have made the most of your effort. I’m crazy for the Flyer creation. It gets me thinking about what I can do with an old sewing machine base that is occupying space with no real purpose.

  22. Sounds like all of you had a great time shopping, laughing and having lunch. So many beautiful antiques. So what did you buy? Will we see it soon?
    Love the sewing machine base with the Radio Flyer top.

  23. That’s awesome! So glad you had a great time with your treasured friends:)

  24. What a wonderful way to spend the day…good friends…good food…and great treasures!

  25. Love all those goodies! Where in Pennsylvania did you go antiquing?

  26. That sounds like the most fun day full of treasure hunting…happy Thursday!

  27. Shirley, How fun. I only see one thing wrong with your trip…. I wasn’t there!

  28. Hey there! I luvvvvvvvvvvvv it when you share your antiquing adventures! Can I tag along one day? Will be in DC with no travel plans from mid October – March. And Shirley, you have to come for lunch in the fall. Ciao, L

  29. Talk about eye candy…holy moly. I would have never wanted to leave. You would have to drag me out. I have 2 little partners I go thrifting with…my 13 & 15 yr. old. I’m so excited that they enjoy it. They make costumes for cosplay that they have photo shoots for. I think they are following in Mamas creative outlets! Have a great weekend, Shirley…it’s cold here, but turning hot again.

  30. I would love to go shopping with all of you!

    What a fun shopping trip!

  31. Thanks for the shout-out for Rust & Feathers! You’re the best!!!!!! Always so much fun when you come to town, Shirley!
    Mary Alice

  32. Looks like a fun day with great friends! I love the treasures, especially the architectural pieces! Thanks for sharing all the eye candy!

  33. What fun Shirley, love that bench! My potting shed is bulging at the seams but I’m always on the hunt for a watering can or two 🙂

  34. How cool! That road trip to PA looks so much fun. I love that shop. Funny I spy that wagon. I have my husbands original wagon. It has been in Jack’s room for years now. I have been doing some sprucing up and was contemplating taking the wagon outside. It’s pretty old and rusty to begin with. I saw a lot of things I would love there Shirley!

  35. What fun!!! Can’t wait to see your treasures!

  36. That is a nice find, but as you said, those moments treasured with friends are the real beauty…

  37. How fun! I’m glad you all found some pretties, too!

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