Warming Your Boots by the Fire

I’m not sure about you; however, the mornings here definitely have crispness in the air.

Not quite time to light the fires though.

However, we can pretend can’t we?

Pretend to warm our boots by the fire . . . even if they are made of wood.

Vintage European Basket - Housepitalty Designs

I purchased this vintage European basket on my last trip to D.C.

I had a specific place for this basket in mind.

Vintage European Basket with antique French Boot Forms - Housepitality Designs

However, this past Friday, I had an encounter with a chair,

my favorite chair.

Vintage European Basket - Housepitality Designs

And the chair won!

Vintage European Basket - Housepitality Designs

I am always in a hurry . . .

and sometimes not paying much attention to my surroundings.

Vintage European Basket - Housepitality Designs

The other day, was one of those hurry around days . . . not paying attention days.

And wham! . . . foot meets chair leg . . . toe takes the brunt of the hit.

Vintage European Basket - Housepitality Designs

Off to the Orthopedic Urgent Care I go . . .

Diagnosis: completely broken toe with displacement.

Vintage European Basket - Housepitality Designs

So what does my broken toe have to do with this beautiful vintage European basket

gently containing the antique French Boot Forms and European grain sack?

Not to mention the pretty Croton plant for that punch of Fall color?

Ortho Boot - Housepitality Designs

To remind me that I must slow down and pay attention to my surroundings!

So this cute black boot will be my left foot fashion statement for 6 to 8 weeks.

I know, crazy just for a little toe! . . . So I will be searching for cute bling

to embellish my new Fall fashion boot!!

Have a wonderful day . . . hopefully taking time to watch the leaves slowly turn

or feeling some crispness in the air or just enjoying the beautiful day.

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  1. Ouch and just bling that boot up!

  2. Hi Shirley, Oh I’m so sorry you broke your toe. I know it’s painful as I have broken the same toe twice in my run around furry in my house and bumping into furniture. I still haven’t learned to slow down though!! Glad your looking on the bright side adding the bling. Might as well dress up the boot being it will be your friend for awhile!!
    Love your fireplace and the boot forms are a treasure. Take good care enjoy some down time!!

  3. Ouch!! I love the boot embellishment though.:-)

  4. Oh ouch, Shirley! I don’t know how many times I have stubbed a toe or bruised a shin in my scurrying around but you my friend, win the prize for the worse stubb! Love that basket and boot forms. You should get plenty of decorating mileage out of those! I like your leaf bling on your lovely black boot too. It must be bad if they stuck you in one of those! Take it easy and heal fast! Now I’m off to scurry and finish my post on my table…uh, ok. Maybe not scurry!

  5. So sorry about the toe! Put your foot up, sit still and enjoy your beautiful vignette!

    ps Have you been watching Downton series 6??? Such a great series so far!


  6. Like your basket. So sorry about your toe. I had an encounter with a suitcase. I had to buy all new shoes! That wassn’t the bad part, tht they were mostly chucky and semi ugly was. Hope you find cute ones. Linda

  7. Oh no… that sounds so painful! Hope it heals quickly! I do love the added bling to the boot, though! Might as well make it as pretty as possible! 🙂 The basket looks lovely, and I really like the boot forms! ~Rhonda

  8. So sorry about your toe! There’s a reason that the ‘rents didn’t name ME Grace, and that is I am constantly bumping into, tripping over, or falling into/onto something! I can’t even remember where/how I got most of the bruises and/or cuts that happen! I’ve always been this way, it ain’t just old age. LOL, I remember playing (or attempting to play)basketball in high school. I reaped a lot of free throws until the refs wised up and noticed that no one was fouling me, I was just falling over my own feet! NO LIE! LOL! Anyways, I am a basket-loving fool, I can’t resist, and that is one beyootiful basket! Love the boot forms too~~ and of course, the blue & white. Love me some of dat….

  9. I love the leaf embellishment on yor BOTIFUL boot:) I also LOVE that basket! You do find fabulous things even if you are rushing around. I feel like I am always in a rush too. Take care!!!!!! XO

  10. Bless your heart! Ouch!

    Been there…only mine was accompanied with a fall down 2 steps. 5th metatarsal broke! Boot and crutches. At Christmas time no less. I was NOT paying attention!

    Shirley, be a good patient and rest. Healing happens when you rest the body. Looking forward to seeing your boot fashion! Sheila

  11. So sorry about your accident. It didn’t stop you from being creative! Love the basket and its contents in front of the fireplace. I just love fireplaces and mantles even when I can’t have a fire in Florida very often. Get better soon.

  12. Shirley, I’m so sorry this happened to you! Only you would find a cute embellishment to add to your new boot! I think you need to rest and warm your toes by the fire. Do take care and don’t do too much. I adore your basket; it looks fantastic with your pretty Autumn plant and boot forms! What a special touch for Fall. Hope you are feeling better soon!

  13. Ouch! I am so sorry you broke your toe! Sending healing vibes your way. Great looking basket and boots!

  14. Amy Kaminski says

    Sorry about the toe, but love the boot décor 🙂 I laughed out loud when I saw it! Take Care!

  15. I understand how painful that was/is! My other half broke his little pinky around 2am one morning trying to make his way to the bathroom. He’s also been in a boot for 6 weeks already – just switched over to a sandal. At least 2 more weeks before “real” shoes 😉
    I do love he fireplace fixins’. I always enjoy your blog.
    Take care of that foot!

  16. Ouch! We’ve all done that, you know…to some extent…if that makes you feel any better? Keep smiling…add some bling….should be good to go! Cute basket! 😉

  17. Shirley,
    I love the basket. I know you will find some cute bling for your new boot! Hope the toe is feeling better.

  18. Shirley I broke my toe when I was pregnant with my second child. It was one of the most painful things ever. Then they only taped your toe to the next one with white tape so it was just a big fat white blob. Apparently it looked like bread because I was chased by a duck trying to eat my toe but that’s another story. Sit down, put your foot up and relax.

  19. Shirley, I love the European basket – what a great find! And I am equally impressed with the styling of that black boot! Have a wonderful Tuesday!

  20. Oh Shirley, I am so sorry! Hoping that you heal quickly. My daughter in law is in a boot for a stress fracture in her foot! She will not stay still!! Your basket looks lovely!!

    The Arts by Karena
    Palm Beach Chic

  21. Uh oh….sounds very painful!!!!! I hope it heals quickly….I’m sure you’ll have that black boot blinged out in no time!!!! LOL Love your fall basket with wood boot forms….I have the riding boots, just need the forms!

  22. OUCH !!! I can certainly relate to foot pain. Four years ago I took a fall and broke BOTH ankles and ended up in boots for almost 3 months.

    I am now looking forward to wearing a boot again because I’ll be having some foot surgery for a severe heel spur that is growing into my Achilles tendon. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE wearing boots in the fall and winter but these boots are just not stylish !!

    I love your idea of adding some décor to them and I’ll be doing that for sure !!!

    Love your blog !!

  23. So sorry about your toe. Take care of it, or it will bother you later on. Your new basket looks very good setting in front of the fire place.
    I am so excited, I bought a old Victorian entry door. With dental molding on the top, beautiful glass inserts. Need to replace one glass window as it is gone.
    Glad that you have crispness in the air – all we have is HOT HOT weather, now with humidity. Will it ever end.
    Take care of that foot and have an enjoyable week.

  24. Beautiful basket. Hope your toe isn’t too painful and it gets better soon

  25. Love the embellishments on your boot.Sorry you are hurt and glad you are still able to post your pictures I look forward to seeing.:)

  26. Shirley sorry about your toe. Banging your toes is the worst. Love the basket. You’ll be sporting boots in no time


  27. Beautiful! I saw one boot that I don’t like, I hope you’re weeks pass by fast!

  28. linda ramsey says

    Ouch Shirley, I feel your pain! That boot looks awfully familiar, wore them on both feet for almost 6 months after foot surgery. They are not the cutest, but they do protect the feet. Slow down and watch where your feet go. Hope they gave you some happy pills for the pain. Take care and feel better. Linda

  29. Ouch! I feel your pain. I did that years ago. No fun. Praying for quick healing. Loving all your fall decor.

  30. Ouch, Ouch……I have broke toes on both my feet so I know how you are feeling. Just like you always in a hurry and one time falling off a step ladder hanging a picture in the sunroom. You take care of that toe so you will not have problems later.
    Love that European basket and would love to have those boot forms. You bling your boot up or Halloween that thing. LOL

  31. Oh, so sorry!!!! I have been there too many years ago to count but the fact I had a hard cast for 6 weeks tells you it has been a few years. Had to put a garbage bag on it to take a shower. And yes, I drove with my left foot car pools and all. I do sympathize. You seem to be a good sport about it and hopefully time will pass quickly.
    Love your mantel styling.

  32. Shirley–I’m so sorry about your toe! We’ve all kicked chairs before and it hurts like the devil; can’t imagine how bad a broken one with displacement feels. Hang tough–at least the boot is basic black and chic. 🙂 XO, Christy

  33. So sorry about your toe Shirley, love your bling though! My middle name is Grace since tripping and bumping into things without looking where I’m going. My potting shed is an obstacle course right now, thanks for the reminder to slow down. 🙂

  34. Sorry about the foot… Lovely way to display he plant and boot…

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