Have You Ever Dreamed of Living in a Home That was Once A Church?

Have you ever dreamed of living in home that was once a church?

Sometimes when I sit in a beautiful church or chapel,

gazing at the amazing architecture and stained glass,

I have often wonder how it would be to live in a church.

Well, that dream came true for one family who bought a church

and is currently renovating it.

Sacred Heart Church - Housepitality Designs

The church, Sacred Heart was built in 1919, in Pinehurst, NC.

and was used as such until 1994.

The church was purchased by the Newcomb family in 2014.

It was on the Candlelight Tour of Homes in which Christy (11 Magnolia Lane)

so sweetly invited me and my friend Sherri, to join her  in visiting these homes on the tour.

Sacred Heart Church/Home - Housepitality Designs

All of the homes were beautifully decorated for Christmas;

however, this particular home left us all breathless as it was not only beautiful

but obviously very unique.

Upon entering the home, we all gasped at the gorgeous beams in the ceilings

and those chandeliers . . . all four of them!

Sacred Heart Church/Home - Housepitality Designs

There was a lovely lady playing sweet Carols on the guitar,

as the light of the chandelier glistened above.

Sacred Heart Church/Home - Housepitality Designs

I did not come prepared for great photo taking

as usually photographs are not allowed; however,

photographs were allowed in this church/home,

so I whipped out my little point and shoot camera.

This church turned private residence has two dining areas.

Sacred Heart Church/Home - Housepitality Designs

One was off the formal living area, as shown above.

The other at the other end of the this very large room

the more casual area . . . and across from the kitchen.

Sacred Heart Church/Home - Housepitality Designs

If you look beyond the table to the door in the background,

you will see the door that opens to a bedroom.

I believe they said the loft area above will become a sitting area

for the bedrooms  that are currently being created/built.

Sacred Heart Church/Home - Housepitality Designs

Can you imagine, moving into a place that already has such great architecture

such as these gothic arches and exposed brick.  

They will be doorways leading to bedrooms and bathrooms.

Sacred Heart Church/Home - Housepitality Designs

There were exquisite pieces of furniture and artwork throughout the home.

This particular piece housed the T.V.

The area to the left of the cabinet is the kitchen.

Sacred Heart Church/Home - Housepitality Designs

The kitchen is still a work in progress, and we were in awe of this stove!

Not to mention these gorgeous original wood floors!

Sacred Heart Church/Home - Housepitality Designs

It was a beautiful day.

Sacred Heart Church/Home - Housepitality Designs

Can you imagine pulling up to this beautiful church/structure and then

realizing it is your home? How magnificent it must feel.

And thanks Christy for including us to tour some of the beautiful homes

decorated for Christmas in Pinehurst, N.C. with you.

We had asked this sweet lady to take a pic of us….this was the best one.

A little blurry, but we appreciated her taking the picture.

Sacred Heart Church/Home - Housepitality Designs

Sherri, Christy, and me!

After seeing this mini tour of this church turned private residence,

would you ever consider buying a church to make it your home?

And speaking of mini tour,

I am so excited to be featured by Jennifer of Town and Country Living today,

as part of her Charming Home Series.

You can see my feature HERE at Jennifer’s!

Have a very Merry day!


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  1. Wow, Shirley, this is beautiful. I love the open space! I have mixed feelings as to whether I’d want to live in a church though. I visited Jennifer’s blog this morning, and your home shows beautifully no matter what season. Merry Christmas to you, Shirley!
    Rita C at Panoply’s recent post…Christmas Morn Checks and Plaids TablescapeMy Profile

  2. Oh my, how beautiful! I think I would if it was that gorgeous. The challenge would be to preserve the uniqueness of the space while making rooms. It would be really cool though!
    Merry Christmas Shirley!
    Cecilia’s recent post…Childhood Christmas BooksMy Profile

  3. I just enjoyed Town and Country’s tour of your beautiful house. And then to get another tour of a church turned house is great. I always love seeing how people convert commercial space to a home. And the local Christmas Tours are such fun when doing it with good friends.

  4. It’s very beautiful and I love the history of the home but I never find vaulted spaces all that cozy…

    I’m off to check out your T&C feature!

    Anne @ DesignDreams’s recent post…2015 In Review – My Favourite ProjectsMy Profile

  5. Loved seeing your tour on Jennifer’s blog – everything looks gorgeous! The church makes a beautiful home – love the ceilings and beams…full of character. Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas!!
    Design chic’s recent post…Best Stocking Stuffers!My Profile

  6. It absolutely beautiful, Shirley. I am so happy you included this tour!

    Sacred Heart Church (J’s parish)was sold a few years ago when the new church building was built. It is now an Italian Restaurant. The matriarch of the family emigrated from Italy many years ago. They began their first restaurant serving wonderful Italian meals. They now have several. The restaurant in J’s old church is amazing. We were very pleased at how they renovated and how it’s used as a family restaurant. The stained glass and other beautiful pieces remain, including a photograph of J’s First Communion Glass from over 60 years ago. When they were renovating they requested memorabilia. Our contribution was the photo. We take our out of town friends there for dinner and J always takes them on a tour, and of course, he shows them that picture.
    Pat@back porch musings’s recent post…Spirit of Christmas Past 2My Profile

  7. I have dreamed of renovating a church for my home. My dad was a minister and I could easily feel at home in a church. I would be able to cherish many wonderful memories there. Unfortunately, I don’t think that dream will ever come true at this stage in life.

  8. Just beautiful! And yes, the amazing architecture already in place. Very unique.
    Lauren@simplylkj’s recent post…Christmas Reflections~12 Christmas PrayersMy Profile

  9. This is wonderful Shirley, they have really designed it beautifully, I would feel more loving just living there!

    The Arts by Karena
    The Reason for the Season!

  10. Absolutely breathtaking! Oh! And your home too! Shirley is beyond fabulous!!,!! Love the beams and brick in the church!

  11. That is so pretty with those wonderful beams and chandeliers. I must go on some home tours next year.
    Kim’s recent post…Simple Christmas in the MasterMy Profile

  12. How absolutely beautiful. Ahhhh just swooning.

  13. How fabulous is this!!! The architecture is just gorgeous and to have all the stained glas! How special!!! There was a church about a mile from our old house that was sold and the people made it their home but I never got in to see it. I ALWAYS wished I could! Thanks for sharing this beautiful home!!!
    Pinky at designs by pinky’s recent post…My Kitchen Gingerbread Bar!My Profile

  14. That’s so nice that you got to go through there for the tour. What a wonderful home they’ve created! Love the huge baseboard at the floor and of course the ceiling and beams in the main room.
    Liz @ Infuse With Liz’s recent post…Friday Quick Notes and Ideas #6My Profile

  15. Thank you Shirley for this amazing post. What a wonderful dream come true.
    xx Jo Merry Christmas!

  16. linda ramsey says

    I sure could live in that church/house, it’s beautiful! Thanks for sharing. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year. I’m off to Miami/Pembroke Pines for the holiday to visit my guys and my parents. I predict a warm Christmas.

  17. Oh how amazing!! The totally open concept would probably work for an hour with my family. Mama needs a quiet spot.
    Laura@tdukemanorfarm’s recent post…Den….Then and NowMy Profile

  18. This is so cool. I would of never thought one would by a church to make it their home, but wow what a stunning job. Plus it seems it has that open floor plan everyone is wanting now days! Merry Christmas Shirley.
    Jordan@the2seasons’s recent post…My Trip to Washington, DCMy Profile

  19. I’m still swooning over those chandeliers! It was such a fun afternoon with you two; I’m looking forward to the next time we can get together. We missed you last night but know you had a fun party to attend up there. Sending you lots of Christmas cheer and love from Southern Pines!
    Christy @ 11 Magnolia Lane’s recent post…A Christmas Brunch with Korbel ChampagneMy Profile

  20. Shirley, I have seen in magazines churches that were turned into private residences and it has always intrigued me! What a beautiful home and the architecture is beyond amazing! I love a good tour, and this had to be icing on the cake! Thanks for sharing!
    pam richardson’s recent post…Tablescape Tuesday: The Heart Of ChristmasMy Profile

  21. This is definitely a WOWIE!!! I would Love to live in a church turned home! You got fantastic photos of this gorgeous home to share with us.
    Trying to catch up on my blog visiting while Bob picks up Megan at the train.
    Miss you,
    Mary Alice
    Mary Alice Patterson’s recent post…Why I’m Using Fresh Greens This YearMy Profile

  22. How unique! Love those chandies all in a row!
    Mary’s recent post…A Visit from St. Nicholas on the TreeMy Profile

  23. What a beautiful home and how nice you were able to take pictures… Usually it is not allowed… Thanks for sharing…
    LorB’s recent post…Christmas Is Here…My Profile

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