A Little Bit French Country and Vintage Iron

What happens on a rainy day when I do not want to venture outdoors?

I find what area needs refreshing and then try to

come up with an idea that starts with a single item as my inspiration.

That inspiration piece was purchased last year,

placed in a closet and eventually hung in the powder room.

Where it hung until I had an epiphany

of exactly where it should land or should I say hang.

Vintage Iron Baluster - Housepitality Designs

This iron baluster once was part of the famous Chalet Suzanne in Lake Wales, Fl.

When it closed the doors after being in business as an inn and restaurant for 83 years,

many of its furnishings, dinnerware, artwork and architectural pieces went up for sale.

French Country vignette - Housepitality Designs

Once I decided that this was the place I wanted to hang the iron piece,

which most likely was a part of a railing,

I started gathering items that I thought would coordinate with it.

Trying to lend to a “Country Frenchesque” feel.

The iron scroll lamp was brought up from the media room,

replacing the crystal and mother of pearl lamp previously on the table.

Iron Scroll Lamp - Housepitality Designs

Then I searched for items of varying textures to adorn the table.

The antique 17th century vinegar jar that I purchased in France was perfect.

The vintage French print remains in the same place.

Antique French Vinegar Jar - Housepitality Designs

I wish I could say that these pretty wood candleholders

were from a wonderful European manor . . . but alas, they are from a barn,

good ‘ole Pottery Barn, along with the birch candles.

Birch candles/Pottery Barn - Housepitality Designs

As I gathered all of the pieces together, from the pottery to the candleholders,

to the vintage books, I was loving how it was coming together.

French Country vignette - Housepitality Designs

Great Room Table Vignette - Housepitality Designs

Yet, I kept in mind that I needed some lighter pieces to offset all of the dark tones.

Ironstone and Antique Charles Dickens books - Housepitality Designs

Ironstone pieces and a tea set that I bought from a most kind shopkeeper in France,

fill the shelves along with the antique (dated 1880) Charles Dickens books.

Vintage Book Shelf/Ironstone & Vintage Books - Housepitality Designs

Note a small vintage bronze statue on the shelf had been tucked away

until I found a place for it. It belonged to my late mother-in-law.

French Country Vignette - Housepitality Designs

I replaced the tall plant stand with this pretty pedestal candleholder

that I was able to purchase at the High Point Market.

It really lends to the look I was going for in this area.

I contemplated painting this candleholder, but I will make that decision later,

to paint or not to paint. That is always the question.

Large candleholder - Housepitality Designs

As you can see, I also added the fabulous toleware candleholders that I bought

almost a year ago from Mary Alice’s shop. They were previously in the dining room.

French Country Vignette - Housepitality Designs

So rainy days and Mondays, never get me down.

As they tend to motivate me to do and create things

that have been on my list and my mind for a long while.

Great Room/French Country Vignette - Housepitality Designs

And speaking of rainy days … we had our very first snowfall of the year.

The falling snow was beautiful with the large white flakes billowing down to the ground.

However, the ground was too warm so it did not stay long.

Now that’s the kind of snow I love!

Have a most beautiful day!

I am joining:

Between Naps on the Porch for Met Monday

Savvy Southern Style for Wow Us Wednesday

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  1. Shirley, everything about that area is pretty. I’m very impressed with the way you balanced out the iron piece on the wall and the lamp on the other side. That wasn’t an easy trick..or at least it wouldn’t have been for me. Your tole candelabras sure are pretty too.

  2. Hi Shirley, Love the way the iron piece on the wall brings the eye to the lamp. Great balance and so pleasing to view. Love it and all the details you pulled in the mix. I love rainy days for the same reasons. Being inside usually means something creative will take place. Your styling is beautiful.
    Have a great week. xo

  3. You just have a knack for making beautiful vignettes! It takes me a long time to think of ways to display items~it has to percolate for a while for me. I’ll seeing something in a magazine or on YOUR blog, and think of something I have similar and what can I add to or take away? Lol, it’s difficult for me.

  4. Love the way you designed this space! We are supposed to be getting some snow here tomorrow, looking forward to it!

  5. Hi Shirley, you’ve made a nice, earthy arrangement with all your changes. I love the architectural piece and the tole sconces from Mary Alice’s shop. I’m with you on that kind of snow, if it must be at all (at least at home, anyway. I don’t mind visiting snow, just don’t like it at home). We had a dusting last night, nothing big, but frigid temps today! Stay cozy!

  6. Very pretty “Frenchesque” vignette! Always good to refresh on a rainy day or a pretty day.

  7. I love ther new vignette, Shirley! It sure speaks to me, the colors and textures! LOVE that iron piece, beautiful. We got snow yesterday too but only a little stuck. It is still here though as it is 17 degress right now:(:( Colleen will be here any minute, for the day!!!

  8. Great use of your inside time, Shirley! LOL! Love the ironstone accents… enjoy your day! xo Heidi

  9. Love your French vignette, Shirley! You have so many nice French pieces and put them together perfectly.

  10. I Love how you’ve mixed together so many wonderful textures in this gorgeous display!! That iron piece is fabulous and perfect combined with the iron base lamp. So so Beautiful, Shirley!
    Mary Alice

  11. Ohhhhh I love the iron bannister piece….how great to own a piece of history! Love the iron lamp too!

  12. SHIRLEY!!! I love it all!!! That wall shelf is to die for…that vinegar jar…the candle holders…It’s beautiful! I have come to expect no less because it’s always gorgeous:D

  13. Linda miller says

    Ooh La La…I likey and it looks very Frenchesque. I have the same Barn candle holders. I have been nesting for days …cleaning, rearranging, Pinning, online ordering. ..you name it. It’s just too cold to venture out.

  14. It all looks great! I love vintage iron pieces!

  15. Shirley, I love all the new touches, but I must say the small vintage bronze statue has me swooning! I love bronze and that is so pretty! I am so glad you found a lovely place to display it! Have a wonderful week!

  16. It all looks perfect together Shirley!

  17. We had the same snow down here, and I did something similar with my time that day–moved things around the house. Your vignette looks lovely, and I am especially fond of those wonderful old Dickens books. What treasures!

  18. Such a warm and inviting vignette Shirley! Your iron fragment looks perfectly at home paired with your books, candles and wonderful lamp!

  19. I like the dark brown tones and the white to brighten the entire area… Lovely statue…

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