A Sugar Bowl Is Not Just for the Kitchen

A sugar bowl is not just for the kitchen or dining room, right?!!

That was my answer when my hubby asked why there was a sugar bowl

on the table in the great room.

Ironstone Sugar Bowl - Housepitality Designs

I told him it was because I love that sugar bowl

and it is in a place where I can see it more often.

Ironstone Sugar Bowl - Housepitality Designs

Now if I had placed some flowers in it,

maybe the question would not have been asked.

Ironstone Sugar Bowl - Housepitality Designs

Maybe it could have been just regarded as a vase.

Ironstone Sugar Bowl - Housepitality Designs

A beautiful arrangement of roses would have looked great in this sugar bowl,

however, there was no going to the store to get flowers, as we were snowed in.

Vintage food mold - Housepitality Designs

I did make sure that before Winter Storm Jonas made his appearance,

I went to Trader Joe’s for flowers and some pretty Calla Lillies for the coffee table.

Calla Lillies - Housepitality Designs

Vintage Ironstone - Housepitality Designs

I did a few tweaks here and there this past weekend as the snow fell.

Moved around some pillows and other items and started refreshing the guest room.

Vintage Ironstone - Housepitality Designs

Great Room - Housepitality Designs

We were very lucky when it came to the first winter snow storm

as we did not lose power.

What a glorious sight to see when the sun was rising

the day after the snow storm.

Sunrise after Winter Storm - Housepitality Designs

So what was on the agenda after the snow fall?

Front Yard after Winter Storm - Housepitality Designs


2016 First Winter Storm - Housepitality Designs

Soon after I took this photo, I grabbed a shovel and started helping him.

We got most of the snow,

however, a good portion of the driveway still had ice under the snow.

I hope everyone that was affected by Winter Storm Jonas faired well

and most of all did not lose power.

Have a most beautiful day!

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  1. Beautiful sugar bowl! Love how you’ve used it. Happy Monday Shirley!!
    Anne @ DesignDreams’s recent post…Quick Fixes for Sticky Doors, Wobbly Chairs and Doors that Won’t Stay OpenMy Profile

  2. I love that your lovely sugar bowl isn’t hiding behind a cupboard door Shirley! We were fortunate not to lose power with the storm and only have half the accumulation of snow and ice predicted. Stay warm! 🙂
    Mary’s recent post…Flower Therapy for the Winter Blues!My Profile

  3. Of course a sugar bowl as pretty as that one should be out and enjoyed without sugar in it.
    Pretty snow pictures. We just had a trace. Still have some on the deck since the sun doesn’t hit it much this time of year. Wish it didn’t hit there in the summer. That would be better.
    Kim’s recent post…Bare FloorsMy Profile

  4. That is a gorgeous sugar bowl! The calla lillies are a nice touch~~yum. We didn’t get any snow here, but there is definitely ‘frost on the pumpkin’, if there were still any pumpkins, hehe. That wind was really icy though. It’ll cut through you like a knife. I’m dreaming of Spring….my favorite time of year. OK, the Fall is my favorite time of year. Wait, no Christmas! OK, mostly my favorite time of year is anytime but July and August. And January and February. Cuz here in my part of the South, those are the most miserable times of the year.

  5. Love the sugar bowl. I love ironstone too but have a hard time finding it where I live. Hope your sweet granddaughter is doing great. Haven’t seen her in a while. I have 3 granddaughters.

    • I have searched for an ironstone sugar bowl for 3+years in Michigan! I just found this exact one, in mint condition, at a thrift store in Florida. Paid $3.00! I practically ran out of the store clutching it tightly!

  6. Shirley, your Winter vignette is lovely! Ironstone just says Winter to me. Your sugar bowl is so pretty and adds the perfect touch to this vignette. You have a beautiful home! I know snow is pretty, but I prefer it to come and go quickly. Take care of those sore muscles from shoveling! I hope the sun comes out today and melts all of your snow.
    Betsy@coastal-colors’s recent post…Merry Christmas!My Profile

  7. If I had a beautiful sugar bowl like that I would want it where I could see it also.:) Glad you enjoyed being snowed in.

  8. That sure IS a beautiful sugar bowl! I wouold want to keep it out too! Loved your snow pictures. Now multiply that by about 10:):) We did get plowed out last night. I am going to try to get OUT today when it warms up a little. Still 25 here:(
    Pinky at designs by pinky’s recent post…A Warm White Winter Welcome!My Profile

  9. Beautiful home! Beautiful pictures!! Who could ask for more snow outside and pretty flowers inside. Love Trader Joes, we just good one in Birmingham!!!!

  10. Your home looks so beautiful, fresh, and crisp, Shirley!! We got about 20″ of snow, but Leesburg had 3 feet!
    Mary Alice
    Mary Alice Patterson’s recent post…French Find Prompts A Mantel ChangeMy Profile

  11. I can see why you want to enjoy the sugar bowl all the time….it is a very pretty one!!!!! The whole vignette is beautiful too. So glad to hear you did not loose power during the winter storm.
    Des’s recent post…Peaceful Sunday…….My Profile

  12. I feel the same way about my teapots and pitchers. I just like to look at them. There is just something about the shape . . .
    Can’t explain it, I just love them.

  13. Hi Shirley,
    I love your sweet sugar bowl too and it looks pretty on your table. Glad you did not lose power and the sun is out now.
    Hopefully it will melt some of that snow and ice you guys got. Have a great start to the new week.
    Kris @ Junk Chic Cottage’s recent post…A Hello and Up DateMy Profile

  14. I am in the camp of, if you love it and it is pretty to look at, keep it out! Love your little sugar bowl.

  15. Of course a sugar bowl don’t need sugar to be pretty! I think anything you love should be out and where you want to place it. Don’t hide it…. Glad you did not lose power. We lost power because we had ice instead of snow down my way. I am ready for Spring!

  16. I love your sugar bowl! and all your ironstone! I am glad you place it on a spot where you can enjoy it often! I actually have a very similar one and it is also in my family room. It alway puts a smile on my face when my eyes look at it. And I jump out of my skin when my boys start having Nerf guns battles around my pretty ironstone!!
    We had 8 inches on saturday. It is always so pretty when the snow is fresh and clean, it gets old pretty soon thou!!

  17. The snow looks beautiful…doesn’t it? Glad the storm wasn’t too bad where you were. I think your sugar bowl looks like an ornate ginger jar. Looks pretty just as it sits…or it would make a wonderful vase! I think as long as there isn’t a spoon in it…you are good to use it anywhere! Enjoy your day! 😉

  18. I definitely agree! The sugar bowl is beautiful and looks perfect where you put it…of course:) I had to pick my jaw up off the floor with your red chair and leopard pillow! Just a little FYI:D You two should have made snow angels while you were out there! LOL!
    cindy’s recent post…Valentine’s Day Felt CraftMy Profile

  19. Shirley, your husband must really notice changes. If I move something big, my husband would notice, but I don’t think he notices the small things, or maybe he just doesn’t say anything! Love your room, it is so inviting and welcoming to come in and sit and yes, I love the sugar bowl!
    Pam Richardson’s recent post…Tablescape Tuesday: Hearts of LoveMy Profile

  20. Hi Shirley,
    It is all of the lovely little touches that make a house a home! Love the sugar bowl!
    Glad that you were not hit too badly with the storm!

    The Arts by Karena
    Dreams of Spring!
    Karena’s recent post…Dreams of SpringMy Profile

  21. The sugar bowl is lovely, but that leopard pillow is my fave! We managed to keep the lights on down here in Southern Pines, but quite a few of our friends didn’t fare as well. The kids were thrilled with their two days off school, though! Stay warm–Christy
    Christy @ 11 Magnolia Lane’s recent post…Friday Free for All–Stay Warm, Friends!My Profile

  22. The sugar bowls is so pretty… Love the detail on it…
    LorB’s recent post…The Changing Seasons: January 2016My Profile

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