Re-styling the Bookcase, the Domino Effect

Re-styling the bookcase was on the agenda.

The other day I presented my new antique scale

that I purchased from my friend Martha.

I put it in a place of honor on my antique French buffet.

My ironstone footbath was previously on the buffet,

so starts the Domino effect.

Antique Ironstone Foot Bath - Housepitality Designs

The ironstone footbath took a stroll across the room.

Pottery Barn dessert plate - Housepitality Designs

When re-styling an area such as a bookcase,

there is always the need to shop the house for items

that would compliment the new item.

Ironstone Foot Bath - Housepitality Designs

I also had to find items to fill the footbath.

I did not want to fill it with the obvious things like plants,

flowers and other natural elements. Something unexpected.

Ironstone Foot Bath - Housepitality Designs

Being that my bookcases do have books in them, of the decorating kind that is,

it seemed natural to place some of my favorite books in the footbath,

for that unexpected look.

What better to add a pretty ironstone transferware lid too!

Antique Ironstone Footbath - Housepitality Designs

The plant stand was added to this area as the urn and topiary 

was relocated to the other side of the room.

Artichoke finial and plant stand were originally in the media room.

Ironstone Footbath/Great Room Bookcase - Housepitality Designs

Being that my bookcases are made of dark cherry,

I try to incorporate items that are light in color, mainly white,

for that great contrast. I also find that items of gold and brass are great too.

Ironstone Footbath/Great Room Bookcase - Housepitality Designs

Faux boxwood balls are always great for that added texture and color.

Ironstone Footbath/Great Room Bookcase - Housepitality Designs

I know when you bring in a new item that you  love, into your home,

you will always find a place for it.

Great Room - Housepitality Designs

Then the fun begins when you re-style areas because of it.

I think that is what I love to do the most.

Are you constantly re-styling your home too?

Have a great day, hopefully surrounded by the things and people you love!

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  1. I sure am! I am just about to load the car to take some more things to GW. I also have purchased a few new things for Spring so the “accessory shuffle” begins again:) I love your bookcase and all the pretty white items you have on there! Have a great day!!!!!

  2. I change around with the season. I’m working on the Spring decor. Knowing me, by the time I get that all done it will be time for Summer decor…oops. You are really, really good at this stuff, I love all that you did! *hoping some of that ability could rub off on me*

  3. I love restyling my home that is part of the fun, using what you have. The white against the bookshelves looks very nice.

  4. Sherry Myers says

    I have a bookcase very similar to yours. You gave me a great restyling idea! Thank you! Yours is lovely! The contrast is perfect! Now I am inspired!

  5. I love the books in the footbath Shirley! And the boxwood balls are gorgeous with your dark wood and white ceramics-you reminded me that I have green moss balls sitting patiently in the garage waiting for a spring assignment, thank you!

  6. Nice changes. I like it filled with books on the “book” shelf. đŸ™‚ Oh, don’t we love the domino effect.

  7. Oh yes and the domino effect just keeps going!!
    Love the way you styled your bookcase, Shirley!

    The Arts by Karena

  8. I love your footbath…and putting books in them. I have one that I am thinking of putting smaller wood cutting boards in. I am short on counter space in my downsized kitchen, so the domino theory is always in action here..Ha! Sheila

  9. It all looks wonderful. I have always love that foot bath!!

  10. Your bookcase looks beautiful…styled to perfection! That footbath is such a fabulous find that looks terrific no matter where it’s placed. Love the decorating books propped inside of it topped off with the ironstone lid.
    Mary Alice

  11. How right you are about finding a just right place for whatever that new thing is that you bring in. You are good at it!

  12. Hi Shirley, I love the white objects against the cherry wood of your bookcase. Lovely vignettes. Jo

  13. I love the wood tone of your bookcase – styled beautifully as always.

    Happy Friday!

  14. It certainly is the domino effect Shirley! I get it, I really do lol! I love how you styled your bookcase. It is perfect for Spring.

  15. Pretty Shirley! I love that your lonely tureen lid has a special place of honor with your books in your footbath!

  16. So pretty… how the white pops against the dark wood!
    Have a great weekend!!!!

  17. The domino effect can keep me busy for an ENTIRE DAY (sometimes more!)! Love that footbath–that has to be one of your favorite pieces ever!

  18. The magazines were a great idea! I also love that vase that has “cut-outs” in it:) That looks beautiful with the dark cherry wood popping through it…MARVELOUS as always:)

  19. Shirley it looks wonderful!! I love the contrast of light against dark wood. I restyle all the time– something about being creative I think!! You have beautiful things to use and that Bergere chair is gorgeous.

  20. Love the domino effect when styling tabletops and bookshelves and I love your footbath. Wish I could find one!

  21. Shirley, the dark cherry wood bookcases provide a dramatic background for your ironstone, books, and greens! I have a thing for bookcases whether styled with great accessories or masses of well loved books! I am working on a bookcase right now!

  22. I simply love the new idea… Everything on the book shelve looks delightful…

  23. Always fun to change things around and freshen up the vignettes. You do it so well, Shirley! Beautiful styling, my friend.

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