There Are Shingles in the House!

There are  Shingles in the house but not the kind you may think.

Not the kind that are made of an asphalt type material,

or those that are made to look like beautiful slate or cedar.

Although the cedar shingles/shakes would smell lovely in the house.

No, not those Shingles.

Tea Time - Housepitality Designs

It is the kind of Shingles that make you curl up on the sofa

and ease the pain with a great cup of tea, a favorite cookie and a magazine.

Tea Time - Housepitality Designs

Well, the pain is eased even more with rest and pain meds.

Initially, I thought I had hurt my arm when I over extended it

by putting a hanging fern back up on the hook. I had arm pain for days.

Tea Time - Housepitality Designs

Then a strange rash/lesion appeared on my arm and chest.

Time to go to the doctor!

The doctor came into the room, looked at me and she said,

“I think you have a classic case of Shingles” …

Well if I am going to have Shingles…I think I will take the classic kind please. Love the Classics!

Tea Time - Housepitality Designs

She was reading the notes from her nurse and then made the final diagnosis

when she saw the lesions. “Did you get your Shingles vaccine?”, she asked.

“No, I had planned to get it next month.”  She did say that the vaccine is not 100% preventative.

You can still get the Shingles, but it may be a milder case. I will take mild any day over this!

Tea Time - Housepitality Designs

Turns out that pain and  burning sensations  I had were pre-cursors to Shingles.

First pain, then the lesions appear.

My back started to hurt …. “whoop there it is” …. more lesions.  Ugh!

So for now, the remote will be my friend. I cannot seem to concentrate reading a book

as I am so very uncomfortable to say the least.

I am hoping the anti-viral meds will lessen the duration the Shingles.

In the meantime I will be sequestered in my PJ’s, in my Land of Shingra-La,

as street clothes hurt. Really hurt.

Tea Time - Housepitality Designs

Obviously, not going anywhere to celebrate Cinco de Mayo this year.

So I wore my very soft and comfy PJ’s (by Soma) with the very festive martini glasses!

No tequila for me.

I will be off and on the computer during this time in my Land of Shingra-La !!

My projects on hold as I cannot move my arm up and down very well.

Have a great weekend and most of all Happy Mother’s Day to all you great moms out there!!

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  1. I know it’s hard for you to just rest, but you really need to. Cute jammies and feel better real soon!!
    Kim’s recent post…Taking Mom OutMy Profile

  2. Oh no Shirley…I hope that you get over it quickly! xo
    Janet (Shabbyfufu)’s recent post…DIY – How To Make A Dessert StandMy Profile

  3. Oh nooooo, I’m so sorry … that is not fun!! I hope you feel better soon!!
    Becca’s recent post…A Softer Look in the Sitting Room …My Profile

  4. Oh no! I hope you heal quickly!!
    Penny at the Comforts of Home’s recent post…Blue Pot, Blue Bird and a Potager of SortsMy Profile

  5. I had them. I sympathize with you. It’s hard to believe how much pain is involved, unless you’ve had them yourself. Hope you have a short duration type.

  6. Bless your heart. I know how painful it is. Take care of yourself.

  7. So sorry. Hope you’re up and about soon!

  8. Feel better very soon!!!

  9. Oh No! So sorry Shirley. I certainly hope you feel better soon.
    Carolyn’s recent post:

  10. Oh I’m sorry you broke out with this. My sister had it last year about this time. She did have the vaccine and had a moderate case of it. Our CPA came down with it but hadn’t had the vaccine and he was quite miserable. I hope you will get through this easily. From what we have been told if you get the vaccine it helps reduce the severity but it does seem to hit each person differently. Take it easy.

  11. Shirley I am so sorry you are sick.My son had them and he said the pain was rough.I hope you feel better soon.

  12. Oh I am so sorry! I sure hope you are over it soon. Take it easy, my friend.
    Cecilia’s recent post…Random Things You Find in CantonMy Profile

  13. Hope you feel better soon! I’ve had Shingles more than once. Yes, that can happen! oh my! I got the vaccine about three years ago. There will be or usually is residual pain for a year or more. So far so good with the vaccine!

  14. I am so sorry Shirley, hope you feel better very soon!!!
    Lauren’s recent post…Treasures Found at a Moving SaleMy Profile

  15. Nancy Carter says

    Ouch! Love your positive attitude (and choice of treats) and hope you feel better soon, Shirley!!

  16. Susan Nicholson says

    Hope you feel better soon, Shirley! Take care and get plenty of rest. Happy Mother’s Day.

  17. Oh I am so sorry. I have heard it can be so painful. Take care of yourself and feel better.
    Debrashoppeno5’s recent post…Glorious Imperfection For A Time Worn LookMy Profile

  18. Barbie bertke says

    Hope you feel better soon! Have a very happy Mothers Day!

  19. Oh Shirley, when I saw your post on facebook I knew where this was going. My biggest fear is contracting shingles!! I am so sorry. I hope you get the rest you need and the pain subsides soon. xo
    Debbie Manno’s recent post…30 minute stair riser makeoverMy Profile

  20. Barbara Haskew says

    So sorry you have the shingles. I’ve had them and they are miserable. Mine were around my eye and on my forehead. Praying you have a light case and hope you feel better soon! Happy Mothes Day!!

  21. Stacey Keeling says

    I feel for you, Shirley. I’ve had it too and it’s not fun. Take those medicines and rest as much as you can. Mine didn’t last too long – I hope yours doesn’t either.

  22. Becky in 'Bama says

    Oh merciful Heavens no… I had the ‘buggers’ four summers ago – in June. Pain, tingling and burning in my calf and thigh – to the point that I could not sit still. Endured it for almost a week and then WHAM the blisters up and down my inner leg and on my lower back at my panty line. I can tell you that sadly it will take a couple of weeks (or more) to clear up and the lingering pain and tingling may be with you a while. Rest. Rest. Rest. and do not be ashamed to take pain meds. Bad news for one of my favorite bloggers.

  23. Teddee Grace says

    I’m sorry this is too late for you, but for your readers, at the first signs (and those mentioned are classic), go to your chiropractor or other health care provider who can provide ultrasound treatment on your spine. I did this quite by accident the only time I had shingles because of the severe pain I was having in my upper right back and breast. My own chiropractor did not have office hours at the office closest to me and recommended me to another who used this treatment on my back. The next day I had just a few blisters, which wrapped around my right upper back and chest. I had the condition diagnosed as shingles by my family doctor who commented that I must have a strong immune system because the blisters were already drying up. I still think it was the ultrasound because shingles is caused by the chicken pox virus that remains forever in your spine, emerging when your immune system is compromised, usually by stress.

  24. Bummer, my happy friend is still trying to be happy. You are such a trooper. I have heard how painful shingles are, I am so very sorry. I hope they go away quickly and the pain is eased with your meds. I know you were so enjoying getting your home all springafied and doing such a wonderful job. I guess if you have to be sick you are in a beautiful setting. Take care sweet lady!! SORRY
    KATHYSUE’s recent post…A Fashion PostMy Profile

  25. I’m sorry to hear this….I hope you feel better soon!!!!

  26. Wendy Howell says

    Hope you feel better soon.

  27. Beverly Troup says

    They are miserable. I am so sorry. I was going to get the shot, but I have a neighbor who had a horrible reaction to the shot and has been suffering for 10 months. She had to go to Mayo and it was a confirmed reaction. Her legs swelled to a point that she couldn’t walk. I know the odds of this happening are slim, but it was enough to make me have second thoughts about getting the vaccine. Talk to your doctor before you get it.

  28. Patricia Thompson says

    Shingles are horrid! When my Daddy was dying, I had them on upper hip & around to my panty line! Pain meds and rest–don’t touch the blisters! I had NO residual nerve pain. Hope you have a mild case & feel better soon. Love your blog!

  29. Oh Shirley, you poor thing. I sure hope you recover quickly. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers for sure! Well you may not feel the best, but your looking mighty cute in those pj’s and slippers:D Get well soon!
    cindy’s recent post…Which Top Coat Matches Your Family’s NeedsMy Profile

  30. Donna B.G. says

    So sorry to hear this, Shirley! Hope you are feeling better soon and have a happy Mother’s Day.

  31. Oh, Shirley, my thoughts and wishes for a speedy recovery are with you. My friend had shingles and described how painful they are. Just remember, they DO go away. Find some good NetFLix movies, REST and be good to yourself. You have the support of all your blogging friends who are keeping you in their thoughts. Take care,
    Rosie @ The Magic Hutch
    Rosie M.’s recent post…Two For Cinco de MayoMy Profile

  32. So sorry you are enduring this. I remember my father having them and it was painful. Take it easy and hopefully it will be over very soon.

  33. Oh my…these are tough…but they do go away. Please enjoy my post for a “laugh” on shingles…

    Hot Tea, Rest and NetFlix are good advice – I watched “Leap Year” (Amy Adams – so cute) three times in a row…made me laugh every single time. Shingles Be Gone. 🙂
    Jeanne’s recent post…Habanero Chunk!My Profile

  34. Shirley, I’m so sorry! My Mother had them; I remember her talking about the pain. Please take care of yourself! Sending love, hugs and prayers for a speedy recovery!

  35. Oh, Shirley, so sorry! Though I’ve never had shingles, hubby has, and it is indeed painful! Hope is resolves quickly for you! Hugs and prayers!

  36. Shirley,
    So sorry you got them. If you can’t drink, pain killers are the way to go. I hope it is a mild case and heals quickly!!
    Treat yourself kindly!!!

  37. Oh Shirley, I feel your pain, I had the shingles in my 30’s! Rest is a must…so why not cute jammies! Take care and Happy Mother’s Day! Pam @ Everyday Living
    Pam Richardson’s recent post…Pam-perings: 10 Gifts For MomMy Profile

  38. Oh Shirley I feel for you. Shingles can be so painful. Rest and take care. Oh my it is always something!!!! At least you have very cute jammies to recover in! Happy Mom’s Day.
    Kris@JunkChiccottage’s recent post…Up DateMy Profile

  39. Oh no–I hate to hear this. They are horrific! I had them years ago and caught them early but I know that they can just be agonizing. You have a lovely attitude and I hope you get some relief soon. Rest up! Thinking of you!


  40. I’m so sorry to hear this news! I sympathize with you since I got the shingles when I was 18. I had a mild case because I had a severe case of chicken pox as a kid. My Dr explained it worked that way. I got my shingles vaccine last year since you can get it again. My Dr said if it comes back it will show up in the same place each time. I hope you can find comfort with your meds and relaxation.

  41. Oh girl. I’m SO sorry!! Honey had them last year for the first time and it was awful. At least you still have your sense of humor!! xoxo
    Amanda @ Dixie Delights’s recent post…Move In ReadyMy Profile

  42. Armenia Pagan says

    So sorry to hear about your plight. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Happy Mother’s Day.

  43. Hate to hear you have the Shingles, but you sure have the right attitude. Love the PJ’s. You take care of yourself so we can see more of that Classic Decorating instead of Classic Shingles!!! My daddy had them and he said it was the worst thing you could have, very painful. My hubby had them and went to the doctor as soon as he did not feel well and he was not in as much pain. I guess it also depends on the persons immune system. I do not want the vaccine so I pray I do not get Shingles.

  44. Very clever way of presenting a not very pleasant subject. I hope the shingles are very temporary.
    Linda’s recent post…Cinco de Mayo Texas StyleMy Profile

  45. Oh, Shirley I feel so sorry for you. I hope you will have a very mild case. The hubby and I got our shingles vaccinations two years ago. He did had a mild case in his early thirties but several older family members had severe cases with extensive nerve pain and blisters.

    Rest and get well soon! I thought about you last month as we stopped by Antique Marketplace in Lemoyne on our way home. I found some great faux bamboo frames.

  46. Get well soon! So sorry you’re dealing with shingles!

  47. Cheryl Bull says

    Shirley, I am so sorry you are dealing with this. I will pray your recovery is a speedy one. I do appreciate your good attitude in spite of the pain and limited activity. Hope you get rested and inspired for more projects!

    Sincerely, Cheryl

  48. Years and years ago my husband showed me a little blister on his shoulder. I told him if I didn’t know better I would say he had chicken pox. He went right to the doctor and it was Shingles. Because he was treated immediately, it never got much worse. I am so sorry you are sick and I hope you feel better very quickly.

  49. bobbi duncan says

    Shirley, this is bummer! So sorry to hear you have shingles. My son got a light dose, but even that was very painful. Take it easy and pamper yourself–the milanos are a great start.

  50. I’m so sorry, Shirley. Praying for you to recover quickly. Get lots of rest in those cute jammies.
    Sheilag- PlumDoodles’s recent post…How to Add Decorative Detail to MirrorsMy Profile

  51. Oh, Shirley, I’m sorry you have shingles. I’ve never had them, but understand they are very, very painful. I hope you find comfort and recovery very quickly. Try not to stress over what you aren’t able to do, I bet that’ll only worsen things.

  52. Oh no! I am soooo sorry! Your attitude is amazing, and I do so admire that you feel the importance of wearing martini glass pjs, a good Southern woman always keeps up appearances! Wishing you a fast recovery, and I’m off to get my shot!
    Jenna’s recent post…Fearless Friday, Bloom!My Profile

  53. Oh I’m so sorry to hear about your shingles Shirley! Take care and feel better soon. ♥
    Mary’s recent post…Chick-fil-A Bouquet for Mother’s DayMy Profile

  54. Oh, Shirley – I’m so sorry to hear that you came down with the shingles. I know how debilitating it can be, but it sounds like you still have a wonderful attitude. So glad that you’re taking care of yourself. Hope you’re on the mend and feeling better soon!

  55. jeannette says

    I’m so sorry to read this post this morning. I remember my MIL getting shingles…no fun for sure! I wish you a quick recovery.
    Take it easy
    Sending big hugs


    Oh, no, Shirley. I’m so sorry you have the shingles. Mel has scars on the back of his neck from it. I don’t know what it’s like, but I sure don’t want to get it. I hope you will feel better soon. How long does this terrible affliction last? Happy Mother’s Day! I hope you will be catered to all day long.

  57. So sorry… I never had it, but heard it is painful… Love the Milano cookies and I haven’t bought them in so long, I had not idea they made them with key lime… Enjoy you tea and cookies and feel better…
    lorb’s recent post…26 Weeks Letter Challenge: “H”My Profile

  58. Oh Shirley, I’ just catching up on past posts due to a busy schedule and I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve had the shingles. I surely hope that you are much better by now!

  59. I don’t know what it is, but I’ve been hearing so much about shingles lately. I remember as a child my grandmother had a VERY severe case and I don’t recall if they had effective treatment at that time. She was in soooooooo much pain, it was horrible!

    I’m so sorry you have this. Get well soon!

    Doreen@foxdenrd’s recent post…Checking in from CambodiaMy Profile

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