Happy Mother’s Day ~ Beautiful Irises from the Garden

Happy Mother’s Day!

I just wanted to wish you wonderful moms out there a most wonderful Mother’s Day.

Unfortunately, I am unable to be with my mom today, but hope to see her soon!

I admire her never ending positive attitude on life,

never wanting for much . . . just the company of her family

and just glad to be alive and rise early each day to see the sun rise.

I wish I had just a smidgen of her amazing positive and happy attitude.

Irises - Housepitality Designs

I have been resting, reluctantly, and hoping my Shingles are at their peak

and I am on the way to recovery soon. I feel that it will be soon. 🙂

Saturday was a gorgeous day and I wandered outside where my hubby was working in the yard.

He commented on how beautiful the irises were

and then he cut some stems for me to enjoy inside then continued to plant the flowers

that I bought last weekend.

Here is me and mom on her 90th Birthday last year.

Me and Mom - Housepitality Designs

I look forward to celebrating her 91st this year.

Again, Happy Mother’s Day to all you wonderful moms out there!

Happy Mother's Day - Housepitality Designs

I want to also take this time to thank all of you who sent well wishes and your sweet notes

and comments! I appreciate it so very much. I am hanging in there and will be OK, trying to

keep a positive attitude that this too shall pass very soon!!

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  1. Happy Mother’s Day Shirley! I remember and love that sweet photo of your mom on her birthday! I hope you feel better soon. ♥ Love your Iris, I hope your day is flower-filled!
    Mary’s recent post…Chick-fil-A Bouquet for Mother’s DayMy Profile

  2. Shirley, rest and feel better! Your irises are beautiful , just as your sweet Mom is! What a blessing she must be! Happy Mother’s Day!
    Pam Richardson’s recent post…Simple + Southern Sunday No. 81My Profile

  3. Happy Happy Mother’s Day!! Your mom is so cute! Continue to rest and it certainly will pass!
    Kim’s recent post…The Clear Winner……butMy Profile

  4. Happy Mother’s Day to you too! Love the picture of you and your mom. And the irises are so pretty. Hoping this next week is better for you.
    Cecilia’s recent post…Random Things You Find in CantonMy Profile

  5. As our friends the Brits say, “Keep calm and carry on.” Feel better soon!

  6. Happy Mother’s Day, Shirley!
    cindy’s recent post…Which Top Coat Matches Your Family’s NeedsMy Profile

  7. I love the beautiful iris. Hope those painful shingles are soon gone.

  8. I hope you feel better soon and Happy Mother’s Day and hopefully soon you can spend time with your sweet mom❤️

  9. I was so sorry to hear you have Shingles. That can be so painful. God bless your mom for her wonderful spirit. My mom has been bedridden for 3 1/2 years. When I saw her yesterday she was not able to move and just lay on her side curled up. She was glad to see my daughters and smiled at them. I am doubting she will make it to her 95th birthday in July.
    I am looking forward to seeing my daughters and their families today. I hope you have a Happy Mother’s Day.

    • linda duenow says

      Nancy so sorry to hear your Mom is so frail. May God’s love , peace, and comfort you as you minister to your Mom. May each day be a jewel added to your heart of memories of you Mom. So happy she was able to smile and enjoy the moments with her grandchildren. Blessings Linda

  10. Shingles are awful! Love the picture of you and mom. My mom is even older! And wonderful too. Family is truly the best blessing I could hope for. Wishing you a lovely day!


    Happy Mother’s Day. I’m a little behind here. I can’t believe your irises. I didn’t know they came in those beautiful rich colors. I have some that bloomed like crazy this year, white ones. I hope your day is great.

  12. What gorgeous irises! You certainly seem to have a lot of your mom’s sunny positive attitude Shirley, hang in there, I hope you start feeling better right away! Sorry your Mother’s Day is not fun…
    Jenna’s recent post…Gifts from the Kitchen, Last Minute Lemon Loaf Cake with Lemon Lime GlazeMy Profile

  13. Donnamae says

    Your irises are beautiful! I’m so sorry to hear that you have the shingles…when did that happen? Rest as best you can….and know that we all send you are best for a speedy recovery! Happy Mother’s Day! 😉

  14. Happy Mother’s Day, Shirley! It sounds like you have some of your Mom’s positive attitude in dealing with your shingles. I hope it improves soon. Your irises are beautiful and I hope they help to take your mind off the shingles!

  15. Linda Ramsey says

    Hi Shirley, Glad you’re feeling somewhat better, it takes time, so hang in there… Beautiful picture of you & your sweet mom. Wishing you both a Happy Mother’s Day!

  16. You are so lucky to still have your Mom, and she is a sweetie! I hope you’ve had a good Mother’s Day, I did.

    I haven’t been on the site much lately and this is the first I’ve heard about your shingles. I’m so sorry honey. I had them last year, a real shock to me. One was VERY close to my eye, I’m fortunate it didn’t actually get in my eye…I’m remembering my late stepfather had a horrible case on his back, the poor dear. My husband got the shot, I wish I had! I’m hoping yours clears up very soon, shugah.

  17. Happy Mother’s Day Shirley!! I hope you are rid of those Shingles soon and back to yourself. Irises were my mother’s favorite flowers, she loved every color of them, but I can’t remember her having the color that you have. They are beautiful!

  18. So glad you felt good enough to be outside in this beautiful weather Shirley….Those iris’s are beautiful just like you and your mother!!!!! You take care of yourself.
    Happy Mother’s Day

  19. bobbi duncan says

    Oh, Shirley, you are so very, very fortunate to not only have your mom around but to have a sweet one as well. My wonderful mom was my best friend. She died when I was just 39, and I miss her so. I know you cherish every moment with your mom, who looks to be such fun by the twinkle in her eyes. Love the flowers.

  20. I hope you had a KINDA niceMother’s day. I am so sorry you have the darn shingles. Joe had them but must have had the mildest case ever. Thank God. Your Mom is so sweet and you are blessed to still have her. See you soon!!!!!!!!!!
    Pinky at designs by pinky’s recent post…Going to Meet Yvonne for Lunch!My Profile

  21. Your irisis are beautiful…as are you and your mother! I hope you are feeling better.
    sheila’s recent post…Moving and GroovingMy Profile

  22. The irises are gorgeous… Hope you feel better soon and had a nice Mother’s Day… Much love, Lor
    lorb’s recent post…Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Single Flowers or BudMy Profile

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