Less is More

Less is more . . . did I say that?

Well, while still fidgety recuperating . . . (and I must say that I am feeling somewhat better),

I roam the house. Being unable to do all that much, I just set my sights on what I can do

to start on my quest of “less is more”.

I started in the sunroom.

Oh wait, did I say less is more? I did buy this Spring trio of tulips, daffodils, and a hyacinth

and repotted it in a vintage McCoy flower pot. But it was a “replacement”

of flowers that were previously there.

Spring flowers - Housepitality Designs

 I did add some things. I bought 2 pots of lavender at Trader Joe’s

however, they will soon be planted outdoors.

Lavender on Scale - Housepitality Designs

Here is what the potting bench looked like before:

Potting Bench - Housepitality Designs

The surface a bit cluttered.

I took away the watering can, MacKenzie-Childs little vase and plant.

I placed the bee skep on that surface, so it went from 3 things on that surface to one.

Potting Bench - Housepitality Designs

The red transferware pitcher is in another location now

and the stack of vintage ironstone plates with the cloche and birds nest

has taken its place. I feel the stack of white looks so much better.

Potting Bench - Housepitality Designs

The small postal scale and ironstone creamers were eliminated

and just the stack of vintage McCoy Flower pots remain on this shelf.

Potting Bench - Housepitality Designs

I did not do anything to the shelves below,

as they seem to be OK. I may change out a thing or two, but that is for another day!

Potting Bench - Housepitality Designs

The other lavender plant was placed on the blanket chest.

Potting Bench - Housepitality Designs

One small space done and lots more spaces to go

as I begin my quest of “less is more”

Yes, you heard it here first!

Sunroom - Housepitality Designs

I was starting a somewhat “less is more” project with a friend, before I got the dreaded Shingles.

Hope to start that in the next couple of weeks.

Have a wonderful day doing what you love, hopefully with the ones you love!

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  1. So you are jumping on the less is more band wagon, too! I am loving the less cluttered look in my house and I like how you cleaned your sun room up a bit. So glad you are feeling somewhat better.

  2. Continued well wishes for a quick recovery- I know the shingles can be painful. Your sunroom is lovely and I love the new look. You have a beautiful area to pot plants!

  3. I, also, have been trying to adopt the “less is more” concept. It is hard whe you have items you love, but the eye can appreciate them better when things are not cluttered. I Iove your changes and look forward to more decluttering ideas. Keep getting better, Shirley!

  4. Lovely!!!

  5. Hope you are feeling well. I took the shot after a friend had the shingles. She said it was terrible. Your sun room looks so pretty ! I know you enjoy it ! Have a great day

  6. SO glad you are feeling a little better! I have not jumped onto that less is more bandwagon yet:) I love your sunroom and want some lavender!! Must go to Trader Joe’s! See you tomorrow!!!!! Can’t wait!

  7. I have found that less is definitely more and have applied that philosophy to my home over the past few years. You will find that it will bring a calming feeling to your psyche…something we can all find extremely beneficial in our hectic lives.

  8. Loving your little potting bench:) That little beehive is the cutest! Glad your starting to feel a little better!

  9. Sorry you haven’t been well! Your decorating skills haven’t suffered tough, beautiful styling! Love that bee skep!

  10. I’ve been on a “less is more” binge too. Your potting bench looks nice and simple. Lets each element shine! I’m glad to hear you are a bit better. Time is your friend. Hang in there!

  11. It looks lovely Shirley, you’ve inspired me to move some things around 🙂 My favorite way to play!

  12. Love the stack of McCoy pots! I hope you feel better soon.

  13. Love it- tweak tweak!
    I am glad to know you are feeling a bit better. I know my sister started feeling better fairly quickly especially after she got a proper diagnosis. The idiot family doctor she goes to decided it was a poison ivy rash. He gave her a lotion to put on it but that wasn’t working and got worse. I begged her to see a different doctor so she stopped into a walk-in clinic. The minute the doctor saw her he knew what it was. The quick key to knowing what it was- was how it was all on one side. She’s healed up nicely since then and no side affects.

  14. Donnamae says

    Well…you must be feeling a little bit better to do all that! It looks great! Seems like there are a lot of us jumping on the simplify bandwagon. With me….I just decided I need less to look at…and less to clean too! Hope you keep feeling better! 😉

  15. I’m getting the urge to start decluttering as well. I have way too many photos in frames all over, but don’t know quite how to eliminate them because the photos bring me joy. But, I would like a different look. Don’t overdo during your recovery: rest is vitally important to healing. Take care, Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  16. Lonna Berridge says

    So sorry to know that you have been ill! I know that shingles can be painful. Hoping for a quick and complete recovery. You will soon be back to normal and this illness just a distant memory.

  17. I like “Less is More”. I have a lot of trouble editing all the “stuff” in my house. I admire anyone who can do it.

  18. “Less is more” is a lot easier to say than it is to do! But it can feel good to get rid some of your stuff, even if–as in your case–it’s pretty stuff. You’ll definitely have to let us all know if you decide to get rid of some of your stuff for good!

    I’m so sorry about the shingles. What a terrible virus, and it takes so long to heal! Hope the anti-virals are helping a little bit. I was so glad that they developed the varicella vaccine when my kids were small: not only did they not have to suffer through the chicken pox as we all did, but they won’t have to suffer through shingles, either. I am so grateful for vaccines!

  19. Glad you are feeling better. Sunroom looks great as usual. I probably will never declutter….LOL I love to many pretty things and have been collecting for many years. Home and Garden has always been a passion since teenage years. I have given things away to those that appreciate pretty things…..

  20. Looked good to me before, but after is nice too… You just have a knack for rearranging and decorating…

  21. Jann Olson says

    Carol, so sorry that you have had the shingles! I have heard they are terrible. I have a sweet friend quite a bit younger than me that just got over them. Your less is more looks lovely! I’m doing the same thing in the kitchen.

  22. Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that you have shingles!!! Leo had a bad case about 10 years ago. I was interested in getting the vaccine but I’m taking a medication that prevents me from getting it. I hope you are well onto the road to recovery since I’m reading this a bit late. No matter what you do in your sunroom, it’s still the prettiest one in blogland!!!

  23. Shirley, I sure hope the shingles are running their course! Your sunroom always looks fabulous! Oh, how I need to let go of some things! Blessings, Pam

  24. I hope you’re feeling much better Shirley! I love your bench styled with less and more 🙂

  25. I hope things are going better with your shingles! We got rid of so much when we moved and downsized, but I somehow keep finding and buying more items. I am in the process of donating a ton of stuff because I do love a less cluttered look. Less is more is really the way to go!

  26. I’m right with you Shirley! I wonder if you are psychologically preparing for a move?

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