The Power of Flowers

The power of flowers.

Flower Power as they described it in the 60’s.

They impact our lives in so many ways.

Flowers are one of the great things in life that are truly powerful.

Powerful in that they can put a smile on your face, change a mood, or

make a meal more tasty when you gaze upon the simplest of arrangements on a table.

Flowers turn a gloomy day to sunshine, make a mundane task like washing dishes

not so bad, as you look at a beautiful vase of flowers strategically placed by the sink.

I love flowers, as you all do, and always have them in my home.

Transferware Pitcher/Flowers - Housepitality Designs

I have flowers on this coffee table pretty much all of the time,

as this is the room where we spend most of our time in.

Flowers are typically changing with the seasons like these daisies in summer in a silver teapot.

Daisies in Silver Teapot - Housepitality Designs

Or these daisies in the basket of my rusty bicycle.

Daisies/Vintage Bicycle - Housepitality Designs

For the current arrangement on this table,

I wanted to use this beautiful transferware pitcher from my friend Martha.

Red Transferware/Flowers - Housepitality Designs

With each change of a floral arrangement,

there is a change in the vignette on the table.

Coordinating with the style and color and theme of the floral container or the season.

Lavender buds - Housepitality Designs

Flowers trigger our senses . . . sight, smell, touch,

and I even feel that you can hear them . . . hear them sing the praises of nature.

Transferware/Flowers - Housepitality Designs

We  humans are certainly not the only ones that love flowers.

Animals love tip toeing through them, and of course the birds and bees too.

Oh, but I just wish the deer would not like them so much!

Bamboo Bird Cage - Housepitality Designs

I love to preserve the beauty of roses by drying them.

So that we can enjoy them even longer.

Dried Lavender Roses - Housepitality Designs

The dried roses once looked like this:

Lavender Roses - Housepitality Designs

Most of my flowers start here, where they are prepared to be placed into containers.

Farmhouse Sink/Flowers - Housepitality Designs

As I stated previously, a pretty vase of flowers

or in this case a miniature orchid by the sink will make your mundane tasks

seem more pleasant.

Kitchen/Orchid - Housepitality Designs

Place flowers in the unexpected places too.

Kitchen Scale - Housepitality Designs

We actually eat in our dining room often,

so a simple vase of flowers is always the best.

Hydrangeas/Dining Room - Housepitality Designs

I love re-potting flowers into my vintage flower pots.

Spring flowers - Housepitality Designs

Having flowers indoors always make me happy.

However, I am over the moon happy when flowers are blooming outdoors.

Like my hydrangea shrubs that are now filled with buds in which I have not seen for 2 years!

Hydrangeas - Housepitality Designs


Hydrangea - Housepitality Designs

On Mother’s Day, while I was indoors suffering from the dreaded Shingles,

my hubby was outdoors planting Foxgloves that I had purchased the week before.

Rose and Foxglove - Housepitality Designs

And as a surprise for Mother’s Day, he went to the garden center

and purchased a new hydrangea plant and planted it. A most wonderful gift.

Before he mulched the area, he wanted to show me his surprise and make sure it was

in an area that I liked before he proceeded to re-mulch the flower beds.

Of course it was planted in the perfect place! 🙂

Hydrangeas - Housepitality Designs

That hydrangea will be going with me wherever we go . . . as it is very special!

Today, I am joining my friends, my fellow bloggers, to show our love for flowers

and to inspire you on how we use flowers in our homes.

Please visit each of them linked below for a dose of the power of flowers!


Have a most beautiful day!!!

Me and flowers - Housepitality Designs

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  1. You and I think alike. Ha ha!! Not sure about you taking that with you after it is huge and roots are huge. I’m so glad the hydrangeas are blooming well again this year. I need to cut some and bring them in for more flower power.
    Kim’s recent post…Flower PowerMy Profile

  2. Flowers everywhere! I was especially enthralled with seeing your outdoor gardens and the fact that you can grow hydrangeas! Enjoy your weekend Shirley…
    Janet (Shabbyfufu)’s recent post…Outdoor Entertaining With FlowersMy Profile

  3. The one place I almost always have flowers is on my coffee table too!! I mean, we are always in that room!! My hydrangeas have buds all over them too this year, but with the rain one whole side of them is now flopped onto the ground. I guess those will be great candidates to cut and bring inside. I hope you’re over the worst with the shingles. xoxo
    Amanda @ Dixie Delights’s recent post…May FlowersMy Profile

  4. Ooo, your photos are beautiful. Love all the flowers you have around your home. My oak leaf hydrangea is blooming this year too! I hope you will share all of yours when they are in full bloom. They are going to be stunning! How sweet of your husband to plant your foxgloves then surprise you with the special hydrangea! Love it!
    Cecilia’s recent post…Indoor ProjectsMy Profile

  5. I feel exactly the same way about flowers brightening our day! Your vignette is wonderful and I love that transfer ware pitcher!! I think your dried roses turned out amazingly well too… 🙂 Nicely done. Delighted to be partying with you, too!! Enjoy this lovely season.
    Lory at Designthusiasm’s recent post…May Flowers for a Bridal ShowerMy Profile

  6. A house is not a home until it’s full of flowers…I love all the photos Shirley, but especially love the unexpected places idea! I always dry my roses too, so pretty! I’m off to visit all the others, hope you’re feeling much much better-
    Jenna’s recent post…Fearless Friday, Abstract Painting with Gold LeafMy Profile

  7. I love flowers! They always cheer me up if I’m down and bring a smile to my face. Yours are so lovely sprinkled throughout your home. xox, Emily

  8. Donnamae says

    Beautiful! I don’t often have fresh flowers in our home…I have too many houseplants! But I love having flowers on my deck! It finally got warm enough here to plant my containers! Hope you are feeling better….enjoy your weekend! 😉

  9. Beautiful blooms…..I can almost smell them!
    Have a great weekend….

  10. I LOVE flowers too. I wish someone would sign me up for the flowers every month deal. I have a friend who has it. I brought hydrangeas from the old house so it is possible. ALL of your flower shots are just beautiful. Have a most beautiful day and weekend and I hope the shingles are almost GONE!!!!!!
    Pinky at designs by pinky’s recent post…A New ArrangementMy Profile

  11. I couldn’t agree more, Shirley and I love seeing your flowers. The hydrangeas are gorgeous and looks like you are going to have plenty to cut and bring indoors. Happy weekend!
    Design Chic’s recent post…Feeling BlueMy Profile

  12. Becky in 'bama says

    I have a huge hydrangea bush by my back deck… not sure it’s going to bloom this year. Fingers crossed! I love fresh flowers in the house, BUT my kitty loves them even more – and if I have them in the house, she is in pursuit of them and biting them, and knocking them over, so I enjoy them in other people’s homes. LOL. I’m hoping the shingles stuff has backed down and you are on the road to recovery. Happy weekend.

  13. Beautiful arrangements! I’m a flower lover too so thank you for sharing all these great inspirations!


  14. YOU are a girl after my own heart. I always have fresh flowers in my home and I loved everything you said in this post and I so agree with you. YOUR yard is a park, just gorgeous!!! All your special touches are seen throughout your lovely home. I hope you are feeling better, darn shingles anyhow!! Happy Weekend,
    KATHYSUE’s recent post…A FASHION POST! : To Bare or Not To Bare?My Profile

  15. I always have fresh flowers in our home too. Luckily in the summer they grow wild around me so I never have to purchase any. I love your bike basket filled with daisies!
    Dawn’s recent post…Why Planting Several Types of Lavender is a Good ThingMy Profile

  16. jeannette says

    Great photos. I also love flowers around and yes they make me happy. I have a husband that buys them for me all the time “just because”. He’s a keeper…lol
    Hope you are feeling better.

  17. I love flowers also and don’t usually put them in such wonderful pots, etc…just some boring vases! That going to change now!
    Can you tell us how you dried your roses? I love dried roses and hydrangeas!
    Also…so very sorry you are suffering with the shingles!!! Hope you fill better soon!

  18. All of your flowers are beautiful, Shirley:) Love the dried roses! Hope your feeling better…you gotta get ready to decorate your sons home soon, yes?
    cindy’s recent post…Chalk Painted Natural Woven ShadesMy Profile

  19. Shirley, gorgeous blooms that make me smile! So glad your hydrangeas are blooming…what a treat to bring them in and enjoy! Happy weekend!
    Pam Richardson’s recent post…A Garden Shed, Maybe?My Profile

  20. I so miss my many hydrangeas I cultivated over the 10 years we lived in the house before moving last year. But alas, we couldn’t take anything with us when we moved since we are temporarily renting. Just means I’ll have to start a hydrangea garden all over again in our new place next year. Will have much less gardening space so will have to be more selective this time. I don’t miss the work of caring for 4 acres though…

  21. Love all the flowers!!

  22. They are beautiful… That is my number one gift… Can’t go wrong if i receive flowers…
    lorb’s recent post…26 Weeks Letter Challenge: “J”My Profile

  23. There is nothing like the look and smell of fresh flowers Shirley! I hope you are all recovered from the shingles. I was thinking about you but just haven’t had too much free time since Alex is home from College. It’s nice, but, he sure is causing me more housework LOL. I’m not really complaining though. Your gardens look beautiful too.
    Debbie Manno’s recent post…Diy housewarming gift ideaMy Profile

  24. Your home looks so beautiful, Shirley, with your bounty of gorgeous fresh flowers. Loving the way they take center stage to brighten your day. I have a bit of envy seeing your spectacular hydrangea bushes outside…so glad you have a bumper crop this year!
    Thank you so much for your sweet visit and always such kind encouraging words!
    Mary Alice
    Mary Alice Patterson’s recent post…Simple Summertime DecoratingMy Profile

  25. I’m a big believer in Flower Power Shirley! I hope you’re feeling better. ♥
    mary’s recent post…Chalking it Up to Celebrate the Red, White and Bloom!My Profile

  26. Never thought this


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