Inspiration from a Magazine Cover

I love my shelter magazines.

As a teenager, I would forego buying a tube of lipstick and buy a House Beautiful or a

Better Homes and Gardens magazine instead.  It brought me hours of joy dreaming of interiors

I hoped to have someday.

I must admit, I am a magazine hoarder and keep special issues or boxes of a favorite magazine.

Ironstone Pitcher of Hydrangeas - Housepitality Designs

I have magazines dating back  many years that I do not want to venture to admit.

One day, I remember taking out a few of my favorite issues of Southern Accents,

which is no longer in print 🙁 . I took them along to read  on a trip.

Ironstone Pitcher of Hydrangeas - Housepitality Designs

I love to see homes and rooms that were featured in magazines many years ago,

 looking to see what has stood the test of time. Classic designs vs.trends

and even trends that have morphed into a classic.

Ironstone Pitcher of Hydrangeas - Housepitality Designs

I was reading an issue of Southern Accents (2006) and came across an article

that I am sure that I had read, but stayed  hidden in the corners of my memory banks.

I looked at the article and there he was, Loi of Tone on Tone.

They featured his gorgeous shop Tone on Tone in Bethesda, Maryland.

Ironstone Pitcher with Hydrangeas - Housepitality Designs

I texted  a picture of this article from 2006 to Loi right away.

We both had a chuckle!

Hydrangea Bush - Housepitality Designs

I am over the moon happy that my hydrangeas are blooming again. All four of my hydrangea shrubs.

Recently, I ran across one of my favorite magazines,

while trying to purge my “collection” . . . an issue of Southern Lady (Jan/Feb 2014)

Southern Lady - Housepitality Designs

I loved this simple vignette/centerpiece.

So I got to work to try to re-create this.

I have often done this before using a book or magazine cover.

You can view what was  my latest of my  “book cover copy cat

Ironstone Pitcher with Hydrangeas - Housepitality Designs

My white hydrangea shrubs are just starting to bloom and not enough blooms

to fill the pitcher, so I clipped some from the large hydrangea bush of purple and pink.

Ironstone Pitcher with Hydrangeas - Housepitality Designs

I got a thumbs up for another simple centerpiece for the dining room table

that is easily moved when it comes to mealtime.

Ironstone Pitcher with Hydrangeas - Housepitality Designs

Are you a magazine hoarder like me? I am really trying to let go

and I believe that I am on the road to doing so.

I took a very large bag to my doctor’s office for the waiting room.

However, I am not sure just how many ended up there. The office staff really loved them!

Have a great day!!!


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  1. I love your simple centerpiece and magazine cover inspiration Shirley! I’m happy to see our hydrangeas in bloom again after a lack luster performance last year. I used to be a magazine hoarder but finally got rid of them two years ago when we sold our house. I still have several binders of pages torn from magazines with favorite photos, recipes and gardens 🙂

  2. Your versions looks just as good or better than your inspiration. That’s funny about Loi. I didn’t know his shop was that old.

  3. Great copy. That was one of my favorite covers, too. I am well into my magazine hoarding withdrawal. I had at least a decade of Victoria and Southern Lady. I just wouldn’t let them go. So…I told my husband to just take them all to donate. Like your experience, there were many happy recipients. I renewed one of my subscriptions to my tablet. Now I just have to adjust to that.

  4. Donnamae says

    Love your centerpiece recreation! I used to hoard magazines…a few years ago…I said no more. They were just adding to the over all feeling of clutter in my home, so I let them go! That reminds me…I have another small stack I need to go through! Enjoy your day! 😉

  5. Love your centerpiece! I never thought to copy a magazine cover (slapping forehead). I do keep magazines. I have several issues of ones that really struck a chord. I try to purge a couple of times a year and will tear out pages I really like. (And that’s a whole other problem ha). Have a good day,

  6. Oh, Miss Shirley, I hoard magazines too! And look at them a million times.
    So enjoy your blog and beautiful home. Thanks for sharing it with us! So happy you are feeling better.
    Thanks again,

  7. Your hydrangeas are spectacular, Shirley, and I LOVE the centerpiece you put together!
    Mary Alice

  8. I have magazines too! Years worth of wonderful that I can’t part with. I do tear out pages and keep them in a notebook. Your recreation is beautiful!

  9. Your centerpiece is beautiful! I am a magazine hoarder too and am trying to scale back. Several months ago I took a stack to the recycle center and just before I dropped them in the bin the elderly gentleman working there asked me if he could have them. He said that he would take them to the local mobile meals office so that the meal deliverers could take a magazine or two with their meal. He said “do you know how long it’s been since some of these people have had a good magazine to look at?” Since then, when I decide that I can part with some of my collection, I run them by the mobile meals office and they are always glad to have them!

  10. I love Southern Lady magazine and yes, I, too am a magazine hoarder. I did get rid of alot when we moved here but now find myself saving again. I never knew they were called shelter magazines but that makes sense. Funny about Loi!!! Have a beautiful day. I got my walk in, ate my fruit, watered my plants outside and am now checking e-mails:0 It is GORGEOUS here, 80 already at 11 AM!

  11. Love the magazine inspired centerpiece. Our hydrangeas are doing so well this year.

  12. Sherry myers says

    Such a lovely vignette, Shirley. It may be a copycat, but it has your touch written all over it! It is like art, very compelling. I’m finding that we have more and more in common..Magazines, and Southern Lady has been my favorite since I spotted the first issue at the grocery store many years ago. Trying to purge occasionally, I give some away. It is extremely difficult, but it is one of the few things I guess I do hoard. They bring me such joy though. Shirley, your hydrangea bushes are stunning..another thing that brings me joy! Thank you for sharing. I hope the beauty you share with others returns to you many times over!

  13. Shirley, a beautiful centerpiece. I still hoard magazines. I recently purged copies forms the 1980’s and 90’s! Southern Accents was always a favorite of mine! Of course, I love Southern Lady located in Birmingham! Happy Memorial Day

  14. I love your centerpiece and the beautiful hydrangeas!!! I too, had a hoard of design magazines that my husband insisted that I purge. I gave them all to the local high school interior design class. The teacher loved them and was thrilled to take them off my hands. The class will use them for projects and design boards, so it was a win, win for me.

  15. Beautiful job with the vignette! Funny to read your post as I do the same as you too! I love reading again old decor catalogues and magazines and see what is still up to date! It often seems that colours are the first to be changed by the trends!
    TThank you for this great post!

  16. Oh, Shirley, this is too funny! I just recently came across several issues of Southern Accents that I had stashed away, as well! I miss that magazine so much. I also still have that same issue of Southern Lady! There are just some issues that I cannot bear to part with! The hydrangeas are beautiful. My husband just planted two new bushes over the weekend. Can’t wait to see how they mature!

  17. Yes,Shirley I keep all of my magazines and I’m very picky about them.All the pages can’t have any wrinkles in them and they have to stay I did go through them and let go of some but I kept alot of my favorites. Lol

  18. I have the same magazine disease! It is so hard to part with magazines.
    You did a great job with your copycat vignette. Looks great. What a fun post.

  19. I’ve read Victoria, Country Living and Coastal Living forever…even when I lived in Brooklyn, far, far away from anything country or coastal. Your blog is very much like reading a great magazine with beautiful photos that enhance the story…but even better because the articles come daily rather than monthly. Your centerpiece is lovely.

  20. I used to hoard Southen living magazines…until I had to clean out to move. Oh la la…lots of work! ha. I save pics of things I like to create or copy. It’s fun. Sheila

  21. I must admit that I am a magazine hoarder also. My son had a fit when he saw them, but I said leave them alone. I will get them out and re-read them again and like you, i copy so of the vignettes also.

    So glad to know that I am not alone.

    Hope your over your shingles and are feeling great. Have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend. How’s you little sweetie?


  22. Hi Shirley, I have a huge collection of magazines and I’m having a hard time reconciling myself to the idea that I must purge! Martha, Country Living, some British, and of course the old Southern Accents! When we moved one time I let go all my old Victoria mags and I have missed them! I recently had the pleasure of meeting Loi and visiting his wonderful shop. So many beautiful pieces! He has a wonderful eye for choosing pieces. I could have left with many things! I’m glad your hydrangea are blooming. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for mine! Linda

  23. Your hydrangeas are beautiful! I donated most of my magazines a few years ago with the exception of a few of my very favorites. Have a great weekend!

  24. Odessa Graham says

    I, too, am a magazine hoarder! When I was a girl, I loved to hide in my closet with my newest issues of magazines, donated to me by my Gramma. I dreamed of growing up, and having a home I could make look as beautiful as those in the magazine pictures. Some dreams come true, some don’t, but I still keep oodles of bins full of magazines about how to decorate small spaces…maybe if I got rid of those bins, I would have more room for decorating! LOL

  25. What a wonderful recreation!!

  26. Shirley, your hydrangea garden is just stunning. They’re so healthy and colorful.

    I love how you’ve protected them too with that little fence. I just got through installing a new fence around my knock-out roses to try to keep the deer at bay. I hope it works.

    Oh, and yes… I’m a big magazine hoarder too. I just can’t part with most of them as hard as I try-lol.

    Have a wonderful Memorial Day holiday weekend.

  27. Shirley, I have been trying to get my hydrangeas that color for YEARS!! I LOVE them!!

  28. Hi my friend. It was good to be in blogland and see your post tonight. I love my magazines too. Nothing like curling up in a comfy chair with a good beverage and a great magazine. Have a great holiday week end.

  29. Oh my…you mean there is someone in the world just like me? LOL! When we moved to this house, I found a box filled with tons and tons of magazines! For the exact same reasons:D However, when I got an iPad, I decided to stop buying paper magazines. I really enjoy purchasing magazines this way because now they’re all stored at my finger tips! Not to mention, if I REALLY like something, I’ll just “screen shot” it:D I have started to purge my collection, but it’s not easy. lol! Now, I just keep a folder with all my “extra special” pictures in it. So I’m getting better:)

  30. Oh wow… I thought it was yours it was being displayed in the magazine… Amazing and also beautiful…

  31. You nailed it Shirley!

    I use to be the same way with magazines, but these days I’m the opposite. While I still love reading them, I get rid of them (usually donate to the library) immediately.

  32. I have magazines dating back years as well Shirley! As for having had dreamed of having homes like those in magazines you did it!


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