How To Turn A Garden Container Into A Water Feature

A couple of months ago, on a trip to my favorite garden center I came across a fountain

that I thought would be wonderful on my front porch.

I love the sound and appearance of flowing water.

The fine folks of Smart Pond contacted me and asked if I would create

a pond/water feature in my garden. I gladly accepted; however, I wanted to do something a bit different.

I got that epiphany, that “ah-ha” moment when adding water to my fountain on the porch.

Garden Container Pond - Housepitality Designs

I could turn a garden container into a water feature!

I used a large garden container that was already on the front porch

that was next to the bubbler/fountain. It contained some plants that have been  removed and relocated.

Garden Container Pond/Fountain - Housepitality Designs

The next step was to water proof the container by using a rubber sealant

and plugging the drainage hole with a plumbing stopper and sealant.

Garden Container Pond/Fountain - Housepitality Designs

Three bags of large decorative rocks were rinsed well and placed in the container.

The container was then filled with water to about one inch below the rim.

We added some pond tint and sludge remover to the water as directed.

Garden Container Pond/Fountain - Housepitality Designs

A pond friendly papyrus plant was placed on top of the rocks.

The filter was placed next to the papyrus plant against the side of the garden container

and with the background of the black sealant, the filter is barely visible.

The heron is the pond “spitter” and we used a heavy duty glue to adhere it to the rim of the container.

Garden Container Pond/Fountain - Housepitality Designs

The tubing was connected to the filter and on to the Heron Spitter.

Garden Container Pond/Fountain - Housepitality Designs

After some adjustments of the water flow on the filter, we had a fountain!

I had another Heron/spitter, so I placed it on the rocks and tucked it into the plants.

I also found water irises and water hyacinths to add to the pond/fountain.

For more color I clipped some hydrangeas to float on top of the water.

Garden Container Pond/Fountain - Housepitality Designs

The water hyacinths are not blooming now,

and I look forward to their pretty lavender blooms.

Garden Container Pond/Fountain - Housepitality Designs

Caladiums replaced the geranium in the smaller cobalt blue pot for more color.

Garden Container Pond/Fountain - Housepitality Designs

A blue and white bowl with summer blooms were added to the corner

along with Harriet the Hedgehog.

Garden Container Pond/Fountain - Housepitality Designs

I cannot tell you how so very pleased I am that my idea (epiphany)

of turning a garden container into a water feature that turned out so wonderfully.

Garden Container Pond/Fountain - Housepitality Designs

This truly enhanced my summer porch!

Did I mention that I so love the look and sounds of running water?

I hope my family and friends do too, as these sounds greet them as they step onto the front porch.

Garden Container Pond/Fountain - Housepitality Designs

And speaking of the porch, I refreshed the other side of it

in honor of the new garden container water feature, adding new plants.

Summer Porch - Housepitality Designs

Summer Porch - Housepitality Designs

This project was done on a weekend.

You can get this wonderful garden container water feature with just a few pond items.

Items from Smart Pond ( may be purchased at any Lowe’s Home Improvement Center) include

a filter, tubing, and a spitter (the Heron).

Garden Container Pond/Fountain - Housepitality Designs

I love being on the front porch as the sights and sounds are so calming and beautiful!

On that note, I hope your day is filled with sights and sounds that make you feel calm

and beautiful too!!!

Note: This is a sponsored post by the fine folks at Smart Pond.

All glowing reviews and compliments are entirely and happily my own!!!

And thanks to my hubby for being a major part of this D.I.Y. project!

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  1. nothing better then hearing the sound of trickling water…and sitting on a beautiful patio.
    laura janning’s recent post…Monday Musings at Duke Manor FarmMy Profile

  2. Shirley, what a great idea! What a beautiful sight and sound as guests step onto your porch…the sound of water is so calm and serene! Happy Tuesday!
    Pam Richardson’s recent post…Tablescape Tuesday: Bright Spot In My DayMy Profile

  3. Shirley, this was such a great idea! I can only imagine how welcoming it is on your front porch. This is lovely with all of your beautiful plants. It seems so relaxing.

  4. That look awesome! Great job Shirley!! (and thanks for your sweet comment on my lighting fiasco, too!) xox
    Anne’s recent post…Making the Best of a Light Fixture OopsieMy Profile

  5. Your front porch is such a beautiful spot to welcome friends and family as well as to sit awhile. I love the sound of water too…such a tranquil spot you’ve created, Shirley.
    Looking forward to our day out tomorrow,
    Mary Alice
    Mary Alice Patterson’s recent post…Simple Summer MantelMy Profile

  6. Donnamae says

    Love it! Yes…I love water too. Both fountains look lovely together….did you make the other one too, and I missed it? And Harriet…she’s perfect! 😉

  7. mary-Louise Shimkus says

    Love, love, love your fountain! So beautifully thought out. I’m a sucker for the sound of water too. Shirley, project well done!

  8. Your little fountain is beautiful, Shirley! The plants are doing so well and I know you love the sounds. 🙂 Pinning and pinning.

  9. Love your fountain! The herons and blue containers are so pretty! And I really like the water plants you used! Job well done! 🙂 ~Rhonda
    Rhonda’s recent post…Dining With The FishesMy Profile

  10. AHHHH, this makes me feel so calm and welcomed! I love the blue pots, I have 3 on my back deck. I LOOOVE the herons/spitters. I thought they were ducks at first:) What a great job you did! The water hyacinths will mULTIPLY rapidly! We end up throwing many away as they will cover the pond! Love the idea of floating the hydrangeas too! Have a beautiful day!
    Pinky at designs by pinky’s recent post…Summer Coffee Table VignetteMy Profile

  11. Shirley, your water feature and porch look beautiful. What a great idea! I love water features and the soothing sound they make. The herons make the perfect touch. I hope that you have a great day!!!
    Shannon@Belle Bleu Interiors’s recent post…THE FRENCH PASTRY TABLEMy Profile

  12. I love a water feature and this one turned out amazing!
    Penny at The Comforts of Home’s recent post…When Life Hands You BasilMy Profile

  13. What a wonderful water feature to welcome your guests and for you to enjoy! Both sides of your porch are beautiful!

  14. Love it Shirley! I will have to go and price the herons. My mom loves them and they would make for the perfect Christmas gift for her garden.
    Pamela-From my front porch to yours’s recent post…House Hunting Part 6- Suburban FarmhouseMy Profile

  15. Teresa Emrich says

    Love both your water features. I would love to know where you purchased your herons.
    Always LOVE your blogs.

  16. Sandra Jo Ferguson says

    Where did you find your water the fountain…great job

  17. Thank you so much for this post, Shirley, because I am wanting to add a water feature to our new patio. I’ve done NOTHING back there and I’m eager now to make plans for late summer and autumn. Thanks for the inspiration and the information!
    Richella Parham’s recent post…Grace at Home No. 209My Profile

  18. Love the fountain, great idea!!

  19. Shirley, the water feature looks great on your front porch. I love the sound of water running. I have a large three tired fountain in the back yard between the two patios. I can hear the sound of water running when I have my bedroom window open.

    Your front porch looks so good with all your beautiful pillows, plants, etc. What a great place to sit and relax with a sweet tea.

    Have a great rest of the week.


  20. We have water fountains at all three enhances to our home. I, too, love the sound of trickling water. My favorite is when we can have all the windows open so I can hear it while indoors. ?

  21. I want that same exact thing on my front porch. It’s gorgeous!

  22. Shirley, what a welcoming corner you’ve created with your water features! I love how you used not one, but 2 of the herons!!! I’m glad you explained what you used to stop up the drainage hole because I have been wondering about that! We spend so much time on our front porch that I’d like to create something similar! Just beautiful!!!

  23. I have seen these for a longtime. The sound of trickling water is always a relaxing element outside


  24. That is a beauty on your porch Shirley! I love it. The color is smashing too:)

  25. I just love it! How wonderful to have the perfect spot for it.
    Kirby carespodi’s recent post…Kirby Writes: An attempt at YA –Annoying GirlMy Profile

  26. I love your water features! Nothing like the sound of gurgling water. It looks great and so very inviting!
    Cecilia’s recent post…Bracelet With Fabric FlowersMy Profile

  27. Wow Shirley, your fountain is beautiful! What an inviting spot- I love your nest pillow too, such a wonderful place to relax!
    Jenna’s recent post…Home Decor, Living the Beach House LifestyleMy Profile

  28. Beautiful job!

  29. Shirley
    This fountain is absolutely gorgeous! I love the blue pots you used and the brass herons. The whole scene is stunning! I agree that there really is nothing better than the sound of trickling water.;-)
    PS Thanks for stopping by and becoming a new follower!
    Lisa’s recent post…So Far…My Profile

  30. Shirley – this is a wonderful tutorial on creating a water feature – the blue pots and brass herons are perfect…love how you tucked it in a corner so you can hear the sound before you see the pot. A wonderful surprise at the doorway. 🙂
    Jeanne’s recent post…Have Kids? Go to this Museum!My Profile

  31. This is so gorgeous ♥♥

  32. Very pretty Shirley! I love the blue pot. Your new water feature must make sitting on your porch so relaxing!

  33. I love your water feature with heron and your pretty blue pot was the perfect candidate to convert for a water garden! I would add one by my potting shed in a heartbeat if I had electricity there!
    Mary’s recent post…Peach Caprese Salad and Just Peachy Recipe Round-Up!My Profile

  34. Love nothing more than the relaxing sound of a fountain. So beautiful, Shirley! Happy weekend!
    Design Chic’s recent post…Friday FavoritesMy Profile

  35. I just love the relaxing sound of a fountain and yours is amazing, Shirley! Happy weekend!
    Design Chic’s recent post…Friday FavoritesMy Profile

  36. Love the sound of running water. This looks so pretty on your wonderful porch. I bet it is relaxing to listen to the sounds of your fountain. Have a great week end.
    Kris @ Junk Chic Cottage’s recent post…Kitchen Open ShelvesMy Profile

  37. How lovely and peaceful… Great place for meditation…
    lorb’s recent post…26 Weeks Letter Challenge: “R”My Profile

  38. Wow! What ideas you have shared beautiful post with excellent thoughts. One excellent thing about ponds I would like to share and that is Pondpro2000.

  39. This is very inspiring, Shirley. I’m going to try something similar.
    Glad to have found your site. I’ll share this with some of my friends–I’m sure they’ll love it.

    Oliver 🙂

  40. Wonderful reading this post again from Pam’s Garden’s Galore.
    bonnie morgan’s recent post…A Fabulous GardenMy Profile

  41. I am loving revisiting this beautiful water feature, Shirley! I am trying to talk Butch into moving my fountain that is in our front landscape to be near the patio.,.wish me luck! ? Thanks for your support in my first link party!
    Pam Richardson’s recent post…Tablescape Tuesday: Sunday Evening In the GardenMy Profile

  42. Fabulous idea and I love the container, love that blue.



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