A Fig in a Basket

Previously, I had two plants stands in the bay window/sitting area of the dining room,

which were relocated to the master bathroom when I did a little makeover to that room.

This left a bit of a void in this area.

I thought that maybe I would like this space without anything under the vintage shutters,

however, I broke my rule (again) of less is more and decided to fill in those spaces.

My go to space fillers are plants.

Dining Room/Fiddle Leaf Fig - Housepitality Designs

I had two Fiddle Leaf Fig plants in two different areas of the house.

They were in different decorative garden containers and they needed obviously to be the same.

So I went shopping.

Pottery Barn - Housepitality Designs

When I walked into Pottery Barn, the first thing I saw

were the faux Fiddle Leaf Fig trees in baskets.

Dining Room - Housepitality Designs

Perfect! … These baskets  were actually the only two in this size left in the store,

so they quickly came home with me.

Dining Room/Fiddle Leaf Fig - Housepitality Designs

Love the Fiddle Leaf Fig tree.

At first it was a little trying for me to learn the care and  maintenance of  these trees.

Through trial and error, I learned that these trees required less water than I was giving them

and spraying the leaves from time to time with a mild soapy water solution kept them healthy.

I added another plant to this room on a side table

that was previously in the master bedroom.

An ironstone tureen with a Peace Lily was placed on the table

along with a transferware pitcher that I purchased in France.

Dining Room - Housepitality Designs

I must say that I have a great number of plants in my home.

I always have.  Just love the way they add such beauty and texture to any space,

not to mention,  the benefits they give to help purify the air inside the house. A good thing.

Do you decorate your home with wonderful plants and trees?

Hope you had a great weekend. I have been away in Florida visiting my mom and sister.

Have a wonderful, wonderful day!!

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  1. love your baskets… I hope you enjoyed your time in florida. i will have to catch up with you about the conference. I missed you this year!

  2. Those baskets were meant to be, Shirley! Your figs look so pretty against the white woodwork in your house. 🙂

  3. I have two fiddle leaf figs, too. I need to repot them so they will do better. Plants are always good as fillers and they clean our air.

  4. Shirley, your fiddle-leaf figs in the baskets are perfect! I love the way green plants add life to a room’! I know you are enjoying your time with your family! Pam @ Everyday Living

  5. Live greens add so much beauty to a home. Yours look to be thriving. Love the baskets you found for your fiddle leaf figs…which are gorgeous btw.
    I’ve had trouble bringing up your posts lately, so glad it’s working now.
    Mary Alice

  6. I do enjoy having plants in the house. It adds warmth and color and gives the rooms a little something extra.

  7. Shirley, your beautiful fig trees look great in the Pottery Barn Baskets. I love using plants in the house. They add so much life to a room. For some reason, I don’t have the best green thumb when it comes to house plants so I try to find realistic looking faux ones. I love that transferware pitcher from France that you have beautifully displayed. I hope that you have a wonderful day!!!

  8. Sandra D in Joliet says

    Beautiful! I used to have a lot of plants in my house but when we moved the windows are just ordinary and not very many or large. Plants don’t thrive like the old house so I just have an African Violet. I love all your windows.

  9. I definitely like the baskets you found for the plants. I love fiddle leaf figs but found them fussy. I read years ago that they don’t like to be moved around. Who knows if that was good info or not? I would probably have more live plants if I had more space.

  10. Hi Shirley, I never thought about getting a faux fiddle tree. I have been in love with them for a long time. Yours is so beautiful and the basket makes them a perfect fit! Have a lovely week!
    xx Jo

  11. I love plants too. Some of my houseplants are outside for the summer but will come back in come Fall. WHERE did you get your fiddle leraf figs??????? I have been looking for them forever with NO luck:( Glad you had a great visit with your sweet Mom. XO

  12. Your fiddle leafs are doing really well….love the baskets too! I’ve always had plants in our home… To me it just isn’t complete without them! 😉

  13. Love your new baskets, they look great! I have a few plants in my home…..I don’t have a green thumb though so I have to replace they every so often. LOL!!!
    Have a great week!!!

  14. You found the perfect containters! It looks great. I have always had plants in our home, too. I’ve never tried a fiddle leaf, but I have been tempted. I keep reminding myself that I don’t need anything else. haha

  15. Those baskets are perfect. Glad you had some time away with your mom and sister. Happy New Week.

  16. Shirley
    I love your figs in a basket! They add a bright touch to your home and the basket is so beautifully textured. My husband loves houseplants so I must share this with him!

  17. I love the plants scattered around your home. I use plants too and feel naked without them! I think the secret to having plants inside is finding a place with the right amount of light and determining the right amount of water.

  18. My fig trees don’t look as healthy as yours do, I’m going to try spraying some mild soapy water on the leaves to clean them up. Hopefully that’s bring the some life back into the leaves!

  19. Your baskets look great, Shirley! Green plants just always add so much life to a room. When all else fails, add a plant!

  20. Well, I must say I am jealous that you can keep that many plants alive LOL! I have one houseplant that is actually thriving. Great choice Shirley and it looks really pretty.

  21. You were meant to have those baskets, Shirley and they look perfect in the space! Happy Tuesday!

  22. Plants do look lovely in those pretty baskets.. They do make nice fillers…

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