Blue and White in the Kentucky Blue Grass Countryside

Here today is  Sheila from My Kentucky Living.
Sheila and i both have a love for blue and white and yellow too!
She is here today to show you how she decorates
with her most beautiful blue and white collections in her home.
Hello everyone! I am thrilled to have the chance to visit you via Housepitality Designs today.
Shirley and I have so much in common “design” wise.

Her blog was one of the first I began reading and it only took me a few minutes
to see that we like the same things in our homes.
I feel honored to do a guest post on her wonderful blog.

So, what do Shirley and I have in common?

We both like yellow walls, white woodwork, and beautiful wood furniture.
And I do believe we both have a love for “traditional” style.
Top those with blue and white china, wonderful ironstone, and gorgeous pillows…
and you have a couple of girls who could go shopping together for a house.
Shirley and I both seem to do the decorating dance too.
We restyle our tabletops a lot! Look closely at my photos and you will see
that I repeat my accessories here there and everywhere.
We both love touches of French around our house too.
I am a retired high school and college French instructor.

I lived in the south of France…Provence,
where I studied French, art history, and rode the trains all over southern Europe
to visit landmarks and museums. What an education!

Perhaps my love of blue and yellow is a carry over from my sunny days in Aix-en-Provence.
Blue skies. Sunflowers. Lavender fields. Pastel houses.
Olive trees. Beautiful colors all day every day! Now I am day dreaming…
When you step inside the front door of my house
you will notice right away that I love color!
I have a couple of neutral rooms in the house…
but I am thinking of ways to add more color to those. ha!

My coffee table top design changes fairly often…
and it usually has some Chinoiserie pieces.

The living room/parlor and dining rooms are at the entry
which is where I tend to concentrate my blue and white pieces.
I use my blue and white all year and for all holidays…
fall, halloween, Christmas, spring, summer, etc.

I have found that so many colors really pop when used with blue and white. Yes, really.

In my house…blue and white could be considered a neutral. Yes, really!
I have blue and white in many shapes and sizes.
Jars. Canisters. Plates. Bowls. Large. Small. Precious as well as inexpensive.
Spode and Johnson Brothers are a couple of the brands I collect.

I said earlier that Shirley and I share a love of beautiful wood furniture.

Here is a photo of my traditional styled mahogony table, chairs, and china cabinet.

I have had these for years and hosted many people and family around this table.

It used to be in a much larger dining room where I could use both leaves in the table.
But then we downsized. 🙂 Those extra leaves are in storage these days.

When we moved and I unpacked China and crystal I decided to restyle the china cabinet.

The old wedding stuff (43 year old china, crystal, etc.)

is packed away now and the dishes and ironstone that I actually use now reside on the shelves.

Again…more blue and white. 🙂

Last year I had a couple of my wing chairs recovered in a white cotton damask fabric.
Along with the older white sofa I can change the accent colors in the parlor very easily.

I am constantly changing out pillows and throws depending on the season
and my personal whims.

To continue my blue and white theme I bought some blue and white fabric

for making pillows…

and maybe covering the dining room chairs. 

Stepping into the kitchen you will see that I sometimes incorporate blue and white here too.

This is a summer table setting I created for Memorial weekend or the 4th of July.
I cannot remember. ha!
I love that blue and white is so adaptable with other colors.
(If I remember correctly, Shirley has these same blue and white RL salad plates.

I have thoroughly enjoyed visiting with you today
and wish Shirley a speedy recovery with her hand surgery.
I hope that you will visit me on my blog sometime too….My Kentucky Living,
where my blog colors are…you guessed it, blue and white.
link to My Kentucky Living


Thanks for being here today Sheila!

Visit Sheila and you can see what a most beautiful home she has

nestled in the countryside of the beautiful State of Kentucky.

Have a most beautiful day!!

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  1. Sheila, I did not know you lived in Provence. That is the one place I want to visit! You can never go wrong with blue and white.

    • I did Kim! I still walk the streets in my mind and my dreams. My spoken French is a little southern because of my training in Provence. Loved my time there! ?

  2. Hi, Sheila! Shirley! I’m so glad you know each other!!! I follow Sheila on Instagram:D I absolutely adore how you both decorate:) And knowing that you both love RALPH, makes following even sweeter! I’m go ahead and state it for the record that HGTV should hire the both of you to do the next house!!! How AMAZING would that be?! HOLY COW! Ok, I’ve said my peace…LOL!
    Shirley, I sure hope you have a speedy recovery. Miss you bunches:) Thanks for doing a post, Sheila:)

    • wow wow wow…how fun would it be to have a check to purchase for an HGTV house! Thanks…I will be waiting for their call and will pick up Shirley on the way. What fun we would have! Thanks Cindy. 🙂 sheila

  3. Beautiful Shelia! Hope your hand is doing ok Shirley!

  4. Both of you girls have such beautiful blogs. I so enjoy reading both of them. You both have such gorgeous homes and wonderful decorating style! Shirley, I hope that you are feeling better soon!

  5. Shirley, I enjoyed this feature with Sheila! I love seeing how she styles her vignettes; and of course, I love that blue and white. You both have such wonderful styles of decorating. Hope you’re feeling better and better each day!

  6. Hi Shirley and Sheila! What a lovely post! Blue and white makes my heart go pitter pat. I remember when I first saw a friend’s collection in her antique Welsh dresser. It was breathtaking! I was hooked! Sheila your home is so charming and the blue and white just stunning! Thanks for a great post!
    Shirley feel better soon!

  7. Shirley. I hope you are healing! Shelia , I love all of your blue and white and how you incorporate it in your lovely home. So many beautiful spaces and we have a lot in common, also! Love your style! Pam @ Everyday Living

  8. bonnie shafer says

    Loved the blue , white and yellows!!

  9. Thanks so much for this lovely post about Shelia’s beautiful home and her love for blue and white.

    Hope your hand is doing better, so take care and be very careful with your hand.

    Have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend.


  10. I love your home and your decoration as well Shirley Home, I do have white and Blue in my decoration
    is so traditional it not the same as other decoration. Traditional homes are always elegant and you can incorporated others decoration lake you mention in your post. I’m waiting to this reaning weather go a way for me to star my Fall decoration
    Have a nice day!!!!

  11. Sheila, as you know, we share a LOVE for blue and white! All of your pieces are beautiful. I, too, love pretty wood furniture and will probably NEVER paint a piece. I also think the blue and white looks so much better against the dark wood tones. Great job subbing for Shirley. Shirley, hoping you are feeling better each day! XO to you both!

  12. I really love blue and white too. It certainly does perform as a neutral for many colors. Also love mahagony and cherry furniture.

  13. Beautiful Sheila! Thanks for sharing your love of blue & white beauty and home. Sending healing thoughts for a speedy recovery Shirley’s way. 🙂

  14. Well I think I have a lot in common with Sheila too! I am heading over.

  15. Such a great feature! I love Sheila’s blog and I share her love for blue and white! Hope you are feeling better, Shirley!

  16. Blue and white…always a crowd favorite! Hope your hand is doing better Shirley….wishing you a speedy recovery! 😉

  17. Gorgeous Sheila! I adore blue and white and you have a magnificent collection. So much inspiration! You and Shirley have similar styles that I adore!

  18. Horay for traditional looks. I couldn’t agree more. I too would never change out my mahogany dining room set. Love the blue and white. Beautiful looks. Question, I have a Currier and Ives antique China set, given to me by my MIL, and was wondering if I can use it year around with its Winter Scene? Thoughts appreciated.

  19. How lovely… At one time I use to collect the red and white and blue and white plates, but I’ve accumulated too much to know what to do with it… Lovely ideas and love the blogs…

  20. What a fantastic set! I love the mix of blue and white, I just can’t get enough with it. Thank you for sharing! Your blog is just amazing as always!

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