Simple Fall Decor in the Kitchen

Simple Fall decor in the kitchen was on the menu for this year.

The Great Room and the Sunroom flank the kitchen,

and Fall decor in these rooms are in full bloom,

so it was best that the kitchen showed subtle signs of Fall in the air.

Ironstone - Kitchen - Bakelite - Housepitality Designs

I acquired a collection of Bakelite flatware from my friend Martha.

I knew I wanted to display it and when I saw how Kathysue from Good Life of Design,

displayed hers, I had to display them in the same way! I did give you a preview of this

in a post that I wrote about Bakelite HERE,

in which I had two bouquets of Bakelite.

Ironstone - Bakelite - Kitchen - Breadboard - Housepitality Designs

I combined the collection of Bakelite into one larger ironstone pitcher

in this grouping of three pitchers. All ironstone pitchers

were acquired from Mary Alice’s shop.

Stems of burnished gold berries are the perfect addition

of “just enough” Fall decor in the large ironstone pitcher.

Ironstone - Bakelite - Breadboard - Housepitality Designs

I grabbed my double handled soup bowls from the cupboard

and placed mini mums in them from Trader Joe’s. They fit perfectly in the bowls.

Ironstone - Bakelite - Breadboard - Housepitality Designs

The vintage scale that I purchased in France.

A simple embellishment of a pumpkin in the ironstone bowl is all that it needed.

Ironstone - Fall Decor - Kitchen - Housepitality Designs

Mums, pumpkins, stems of berries, and a bouquet of Bakelite

adorn the kitchen for the Fall season. Just enough.

Fall Kitchen - Ironstone - Bakelite - Housepitality Designs

I was going to move on to my back porch and add some pretties of Fall;

however, we are watching what Hurricane Matthew will do.

Although will not have any chance of a direct hit, but may have lots of wind and rain.

So, this weekend, we may be taking a lot of outdoor furniture into a safe area.

I want to send my thoughts and prayers to those who will be in the path of this most

devastating storm. Many of my family members live in Florida are in the direct path of this storm.

They are hoping for the best and preparing for the worst.

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  1. Gorgeous!! and I adore those urns on top of the cabinets.


  2. Such a pretty vignette with the golden hues of fall. I wish I had an extra counter to set up. Hoping Matthew doesn’t hit your area hard!

  3. Shirley, I love all of your fall touches in the kitchen. This is such a pretty vignette. Praying that everyone is safe during the storm!

  4. Linda Schmidt says

    Thank you for a beautiful start to my day with your enlightening touches of fall. I to will pray for the families with the storm heading their way.

  5. Amy Kaminski says

    That is so beautiful and simple. I have often thought of grouping my pitchers but was afraid of taking the plunge. Now I see that it’s just perfect. I just need to follow my own instincts and do what I love instead of being afraid of what others might think. You’re a good teacher!

  6. I love the bakelite in the white pitcher. Hoping everyone stays safe in this storm.

  7. Shirley, your Fall vignette is beautiful! I love the way the bakelite looks in the white pitcher and ties back to the colors of the fall berries and mums…absolutely gorgeous! My thoughts and prayers are with you, your family, and all those affected by this storm. Stay safe and take care!

  8. Beautiful. Love the simplicity of your design. Prayers going up for safety for all in the path of the storm.

  9. I love the golden tones of the bakelite and the mums and stems! It really iS just enough! Have a beautiful day!!! Stay safe and dry!!! Our son, Brian and my sister, Sue both live in Fl. Brian being in Ft. Lauderdale and Sue near Orlando:( Praying for them both and all Fl. residents.

  10. Shirley, I love your autumn additions to your kitchen and that Bakelite I adore! Prayers for safety for your family in Florida and for you in NC!

  11. Love those white pitchers, I have a thing for white pitchers…I do hope and pray your relatives and friends are safe. We live about 80 miles from the Gulf Coast and sometimes have bad weather from hurricanes, etc. We also have a lot of people who are evacuating stay in hotels/motels in this area. I pray that no one gets hurt. Property can be replaced, but not people….

  12. Waaaay cute! I want your scale!!! Spectacular !

  13. Love your white pieces in the kitchen fall display. Be safe with the weather. We tend to get hurricane remnants days later too. Rain and wind. I hope folks on east coast play it safe. I hate to think of the possible distraction and loss of life. Makes me nervous for them.

  14. Love what you have done and that Bakelite is the prettiest I have ever seen. Happy to hear not a direct hit. Stay safe.


  15. Beautiful, Shirley and you know I love that circular breadboard.

  16. Your kitchen looks perfect Shirley! love the simple white with the honey golds and oranges. I hope you won’t be impacted too much by the storm and especially your Fl family- hurricanes are deadly and this looks like one of the worst-stay safe-

  17. I love how you stayed with colors that say fall yet are subtle in the variations of yellows and golds. Praying you and your family are safe from Hurricane Matthew.

  18. This is one of my favorite vignettes. I LOVE that bright gold color in your butler’s pantry. Just beautiful. Putting that beautiful flatware with that gorgeous colored handles in a pitcher is just genius! The whole thing is just perfect.

  19. This vignette is just Gorgeous!!! Still Life picture….praying for safety while Matthew comes to Eastern area.

  20. SHERRY MYERS says

    Your vignette is so pretty. You always seem to know how to make something so pleasing to the eye. The pitchers are lovely too. Everything displayed against the backdrop of your gorgeous cabinets compliments and completes the message of a comfortable welcoming fall kitchen. I can almost smell pumpkin pie baking or apple cider simmering!

  21. Beajtifullly done! The bakelite makes quite a statement in the pitcher. My thoughts are with everyone affected by this hurricane.

  22. Your vignette is looking gorgeous ♥

  23. You have such a beautiful kitchen….I love it all!
    I will say a little prayer for you and your family…..

  24. Ohhhh….sooo beautiful! I can’t count how many times I’ve redone/rearranged things after seeing your posts. Will keep your family in my prayers.

  25. Love the pops of autumn gold in your kitchen! Your Bakelite flatware looks wonderful displayed in your pitcher!

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