An Estate Sale Find – Master Bathroom

I love estate sales. Some are better than others

as far as finding a treasure or two, or more!

I found this little treasure a long time ago. I do not think I have shared this with you.

I placed it in the Guest Room Bathroom and the location of it was hard to photograph

so maybe that is why you may not have seen it.

The Master Bathroom as you enter the room.

Master Bathroom - Housepitality Designs

No, the estate sale item is not in the above photo.

However, if you are a regular reader, you may notice a few little changes in the above photo.

I moved the table next to the chair and I replaced it with a new basket

that I purchased in a shop in Cashiers, NC when we went to the Cashiers Showcase Home.

I then filled it with my monogrammed towels.

Master Bathroom - Mirror - Housepitality Designs

The estate sale find is this pretty blue mirror with a chinoiserie design.

I loved the shape, color and design.

Master Bathroom - Mirror - Housepitality Designs

This area previously had a framed print,

however, I wanted something that fit the space better and this mirror fit the bill.

Master Bathroom - MIrror - Housepitality Designs

Now there is a little story about this mirror.

It was part of a set. It had a matching credenza.

The mirror and credenza were to be sold as a set.

Master Bathroom - Mirror - Housepitality Designs

Although the credenza was beautiful, I did not have any use for it.

So I bargained with the estate sale company. I love to negotiate!

Master Bathroom - Mirror - Housepitality Designs

I asked if the set was still there on the last day of the sale towards closing,

if I could then buy just the mirror. They agreed. I went back and there it was …. sold!

One of the things that I love about mirrors is what they reflect,

and not necessarily me!

This mirror is by Uttermost and it was perfect with my bronze and brushed chrome in the room.

Master Bathroom - Mirror - Housepitality Designs

Now back to the other side of the bathroom where there were a couple of changes.

Like the addition of this basket. I love the added texture and contrast to the area.

Master Bathroom - Basket w/towels - Clawfoot Tub - Housepitality Designs

Plants are happy in this room.

Blue and White Planter - Housepitality Designs

The French Country table was moved next to the chair that holds some bath necessities.

French Country Table - Housepitality Designs

I am happy with the new balance of this area.

Master Bathroom - Housepitality Designs

When I lost power during the storm, I decided to take a walk around the house

to assess what projects I needed to complete. I have a long list!

Talking about the hurricane, I want to extend my thoughts and prayers

to all of the victims of Hurricane Matthew. I am blessed that my family and I faired very well.

My large Florida family just lost power and had slight damage but escaped the severe ravages of the storm.

We are all counting our blessings.

I am proud of my niece who just moved into her home in

Downtown St. Augustine a week before the hurricane.

Her house was spared by inches and now rather than completing the move into her new home,

she and her hubby are helping those neighbors who were less fortunate.

Here’s to  wonderful weeks to come of caring and sharing.

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  1. what a wonderful niece to help others in her community. glad she was okay. it looked that area got hit the hardest on the news. I need a storm..well maybe just a good rain to assess all my to do projects around here.

  2. No, I didn’t remember what you had by your tub, but I always love seeing your beautiful bathroom. I’m still dreaming of a pretty tub to go in mine when we update ours. I love the new mirror!
    Your niece is so sweet to help out her neighbors who weren’t as lucky.

  3. Lovely room, all the pieces are perfect together. Adding my prayers to yours for all those affected by the storm. Stay safe!

  4. That mirror is so pretty. I can imagine how wonderful taking a bath would be in the lovely room. Glad to hear your niece weathered the storm!

  5. I’m very glad that your niece was so fortunate. A hurricane is a very scary thing, so powerful and unpredictable.

    Your bathroom is so elegant and airy. I would love to have a bath in that beautiful tub! Only thing is I would have trouble getting out of it, in more ways than one LOL! Gorgeous mirror frame, clever girl.

  6. The bath is so luxurious and soothing. The mirror is a lovely addition.

  7. Your bathroom is such a sanctuary Shirley, and the mirror and basket look lovely. I’m so glad you and your family fared well through the storm, terrifying.

  8. Your mirror is really beautiful. So glad that it was still there for you at the end of the estate sale!

  9. Beautiful! Love the detailing on your new mirror! It makes an already beautiful space even more so. Glad to hear you are safe. Praying for all those affected by Matthew.

  10. Shirley, that’s a beautiful mirror! Good for you to negotiate, and lucky for you for it to still be there.
    And blessed are you to still have your homes unscathed from Matthew, as well as your niece’s. It was a stressful week, watching it all unfold, and knowing family & friends were in harm’s way. My sister evacuated from Beaufort, still isn’t able to return yet, and doesn’t know what damage she sustained. :/
    Have a great week.

  11. Your new mirror is beautiful and looks perfect in your bathroom. I am so glad to hear that you and your family are okay and have only minor damage.
    Have a great week!!!

  12. Luv that sweet little French table Shirley.
    Hurricane Matthew…. we were spared bigtime here in the Ocala area. For that I am thankful. We lost power , cable and internet and that was the extent of our los. We were out for 22 hours. Thankful for a generstor hat ran our home. Could have been a lot worse. Glad your family is ok.

  13. So happy that you and your family are OK. My hubs grew up in AL and we were concerned up people enduring the storm.The mirror is just beautiful; I love the designs all around it!

  14. I have always loved your master bathroom. Your mirror is beautiful and the perfect touch. We are supposed to work on updating our master bathroom after the Christmas holidays! I can’t wait! It is so wonderful to hear that you and your family are okay. I hope that you have a happy and blessed day!!!

  15. Oh my, I REALLY love that mirror. I know I could find a spot for it here too:):) Your bathroom is so beautiful, large, bright and beautifully decorated. Your neice is SO sweet to put off what she needs to do to help her neighbors. So glad you were ALL spared the ravages of Matthew! Have a beautiful day.

  16. Love the mirror!

  17. The mirror is beautiful and fits the space perfectly…love it.

  18. Shirley I absolutely ♥♥♥ that mirror, what a classic, beautiful piece. It looks as if it would work anywhere in your home with your colors. Just beautiful.
    Happy Monday,

  19. Rebecca Neustel says

    I love estate sales, too, and have scooped up some treasures over the years. I’m up in PA but I always worry about people we know in the storm’s path.

  20. Beautiful! I love the way you add, take away, and replace – great eye! A question about your towels – do you buy a particular brand? I’m happy to hear you and your family made it through the storm.

  21. Loving the mirrors, both are stunning. I noticed the basket right away. Like the added wormth it gives.


  22. Love the mirror, great find. So glad that all of your family escaped the storm.

    The bathroom looks wonderful Shirley, you sure have a good eye on decorations.


  23. THAT mirror is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

  24. Shirley, I love the mirror and basket! Your master bath is perfection. So glad that you and your family escaped the storm!

  25. Shirley, your bathroom is so stunning! My bathroom wants to be just like it when it grows up! Bathroom renovation goals! 🙂

    So thankful your home and your niece’s home was spared any damage!


  26. So pretty and serene Shirley! Love your new-to-you mirror!

  27. Beautiful! Your bathroom is so lovely. I’m having total bathroom envy…. Happy to hear your niece fared well. Have a fantastic week Shirley!


  28. Oh what a delightful bathroom!
    Wish my master bath was that big, you are so lucky! Love the way you’ve pulled it together!

  29. What a stunning bathroom. I would curl up in that room, next to the tub, and read a book!! <3 Gorgeous!

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