Laundry Room Treasures

Laundry Room treasures fill my laundry room to make it a more happy place

to do the dreaded chore of laundry.

A few months ago, I came across a pretty tole shelf in an antique shop in Strasburg, VA,

that I thought I could use in my granddaughter’s room.

However, we are going in a different direction in that room,

so the shelf would not work.

I love this shelf and was determined to find a place for it.

Laundry Room - Housepitality Designs

Isn’t it a cutie? … love the whimsical flowers.

Tole Shelf - Vintage Laundry Items - Housepitality Designs

I filled it with my vintage laundry items.

Like this old Rit Dye container.

Vintage Laundry Items - Rit Dye - Housepitality Designs

And this cute Laundry Sprinkler …

Vintage Laundry Sprinkler - Housepitality Designs

When our power went out during Hurricane Matthew, I took advantage of the down time

and started gathering things that were waiting in the wings to be hung on the wall.

This shelf was one of those things.

Vintage Laundry Items - Laundry Room - Housepitality Designs

The blue in the flowers were a perfect match for the wall color.

(Sherwin Williams Silvermist)

Vintage Tole Shelf - Vintage Laundry items - Housepitality Designs

When you are in a room that is pretty much for the purpose

of doing a chore, that some may feel is not very pleasant, having fresh flowers in the room,

as they are in my laundry room, is always a good thing!

Vintage enamelware pail - Laundry Room - Housepitality Designs

An old clothespin bag, that reminds me of one that my mom had,

a 1971 blue and white plate with a wonderful laundry day scene,

and my enamelware bowl and pitcher that I have had for many years.

Laundry Room - Vintage Laundry items - Housepitality Designs

A vintage stool showcases more vintage laundry items.

Vintage Laundry Items - Laundry Room - Housepitality Designs

Vintage Irons - Housepitality Designs

Another item that I purchased from the same antique shop in Strasburg (over a year ago)

was this chicken wire enamel covered pot. I use it to catch lost socks!

Chicken Wire Enamelware Pot - Housepitality Designs

Now moving over to the other side of the room.

Laundry Room - Housepitality Designs

Laundry Room - Housepitality Designs

The laundry themed prints are by P. Buckley Moss. I love that artist.

I have a large gallery wall of them in which I have never showed you.

Just so hard to photograph in a hallway with not a lot of light. One day…..

P. Buckley Moss prints - Housepitality Designs

More vintage laundry items in a hanging Ikea basket flanked with pots of faux plants.

Vintage Laundry Items - Housepitality Designs

About 15 years ago (yes that long) Yankee Candle came out with laundry inspired

candles and accessories….this is a laundry basket votive candle holder

in which the sink stopper fits perfectly in.

Ceramic Laundry Basket Votive Holder - Housepitality Designs

This container with the laundry theme contained a linen scented candle

and the topper/cover is a cute clothesline scene.

Yankee Candle - Housepitality Designs

This candle was the inspiration for a mural on my laundry room wall in one of my houses.

I kept this lovely faux painting artist very busy between me and some of my clients.

Here is a photo of a photo of her in action.

Painting the picket fence and the clothesline of clothes swaying in the breeze.

She painted a bookcase for me with a design on the doors that mimicked the design

in the wallpaper of the guest room bath. The bookcase was in the guest room and now

it is in one of my guest baths.  …. (Not a great pic as it is a photo of a photo!)

Laundry Room Mural - Housepitality Designs

The other end of the laundry sink is my vintage wringer

with the blue and white enamelware berry pail filled with clothespins.

A laundry day print that I bought in Charleston a few years ago,

and my cute bird house paper towel holder that my son bought me

a bazillion years ago … it will always have a place in my home!

Laundry Room - Housepitality Designs

Vintage Laundry items - Housepitality Designs

Thank you for stopping by and taking a tour of my laundry room.

Where . . .

“I am thankful for piles of laundry,

it means that my loved ones are nearby”

Laundry quote/decal - Housepitality Designs

Have a most beautiful day!!!

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  1. Yes, I wouldn’t mind doing laundry so much in your nice room and I’ve seen it in person. NICE! I just close the door to mine.
    Kim’s recent post…Wow Us Wednesdays #295My Profile

  2. Barbie bertke says

    I love your laundry room. I go down to a dark unfinished basement to do our laundry. I really don’t mind, because unfinished basements go along with old homes?. Love the painted wall, and all of your old laundry items.

  3. Shirley, what cute accessories you have in your laundry room! You know I love all the vintage pieces!
    Rita C at Panoply’s recent post…Visit Atlanta’s ‘Chihuly in the Garden’ By October 30!My Profile

  4. Wow, I love all the special items and touches, so pretty! My laundry is in the barn with my crafts/sewing/storage area with stuff piled everywhere! On top of that, my son uses it for his painting so it’s always a mess! *dreaming of having a beautiful laundry room like yours*

  5. Shirley, I love your pretty laundry room! That tole shelf is beautiful! I really need to do something about my laundry room. It seems to be the one room in my home that is neglected. I hope that you have a wonderful day!!!
    Shannon@Belle Bleu Interiors’s recent post…A FALL BACK PORCHMy Profile

  6. Hi Shirley, What a darling laundry room. So many vintage pretties to enjoy while you’re in there makes doing laundry a bit better. Love the shelf and the vintage iron is a treasure. Thank you for sharing and inspiring with your awesome decor ideas. Love it. Have a great week!! Hugs

  7. Shirley…love all the wonderful vintage pieces. My grandmother had that same blue and white plate and I can see my mom digging through her clothespin bag just like yours. I remember when she first taught me how to hang the laundry and hardly being able to reach the clothes line.

    Great post today…thanks for bringing me back to my childhood as I took in each of your pictures.

  8. Shirley, you have so many wonderful vintage items in here. Makes the chore of laundry better since it never goes away. I remember toes squirt water bottles


  9. What a wonderful reminder of what piles of laundry mean. That our loved ones are nearby. I love this saying because I absolutely hate doing laundry. I think I might have to steal your idea and make a sign with this on it. I am always trying to remember to be grateful. I love your collection of vintage and whimsical treasures…what a lovely space.

  10. Loving all those vintage touches you have in your laundry room. Can’t get over how large it is! And, I’m especially fond of that antique wringer! 😉

  11. What a charming laundry room! I love that it has a window in it. My current laundry room is a walk through from the garage to the kitchen and there is no windows.
    Penny at Enjoying The Simple Things’s recent post…Meeting Vivian Howard from Chef and the FarmerMy Profile

  12. You do have so many fun vintage goodies to make your laundry room a pleasant place to work!
    Mary Alice
    Mary Alice Patterson’s recent post…Vintage French Cottage Fall TourMy Profile

  13. I love your laundry room and how beautifully you have decorated it. In the last house I made a lust of “wants” for the next house. #1 was a BIGGER laundry room, #2 was a bigger dining room. HA! I got neither. My laundry area is really a closet. UGH. BUT, it is right next to the master so very convenient. I love the saying, so true. Love all your vintage laundry items. I used to love hanging laundry outside, wish I still could…at least sheets. Hope you are having a beautiful day!
    Pinky’s recent post…Fall in the Breakfast Room!My Profile

  14. Shirley, your vintage-packed laundry room would make it a pleasure instead of a chore! Love it!
    Pam Richardson’s recent post…Tablescape Tuesday: The Humble Orange Pumpkin!My Profile

  15. Absolutely love your laundry room!! You have given me inspiration to clean up mine a little and re your home!!

  16. Shirley, what a fun laundry room! I adore all your vintage accessories! I love your saying- how sweet and so true! You have decorated this room beautifully! I know doing laundry is a fun thing at your home! Hope your hand is much better now!

  17. What wonderful treasures (and memories!). I love your laundry!!
    Anne’s recent post…5 Minutes to Cleaner, Allergen Free AirMy Profile

  18. I love all your vintage laundry items. I too love using vintage laundry items in my laundry room. It does make laundry chores easier. That shelf looks like it belonged in there.

  19. What a cute room! Love how you made it a fun place to be in.
    Liz @ Infuse With Liz’s recent post…Decked Out For Fall GreetingsMy Profile

  20. Shirley
    Your laundry room is adorable! I think I might even enjoy doing laundry in there! The tile shelve was a great find. I’m so glad you found the perfect place for it!

  21. Love all your sweet vintage laundry room decor. Love the shelf. What a wonderful pretty place to do laundry.
    Kris @ Junk Chic Cottage’s recent post…Fall on the PorchMy Profile

  22. Love your vintage goodies in your laundry room! Your new shelf is such a pretty addition too!

  23. I am a big believer in a decorated laundry room. Yours is so charming. I love all of the vintage laundry items you have collected. The new shelf is perfect to display them.
    Debra’s recent post…How Does DIY Chalk Paint Look After 3 YearsMy Profile

  24. I love all of the vintage items you have in your laundry room, Shirley! Makes doing laundry so much more fun when you have a great space to do it in! Happy weekend!
    Design Chic’s recent post…Weekend Favorites!My Profile

  25. What a fun and charming laundry room. Love the quote on the wall.

  26. What a great laundry room and the new to you shelf is amazing. Laundry is one of my least favorite things to do and I love how you made such a fun room with all the vintage touches. Anything to make doing laundry a little better!
    Jordan@the2seasons’s recent post…The Summer Tray Gets a Fall LookMy Profile

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