I Fell in Love with Beautiful Cedar Shake

I fell in love with beautiful cedar shake houses and

gardens . . . and water views . . . that are abundant

on the magnificent island of Martha’s Vineyard.

I had the great opportunity of traveling with my hubby to the Northeast

where he had a conference to attend.

Even though there is so much for me to do at home,

my philosophy is to enjoy and savor each moment and opportunity that life offers.

Before the conference, we decided to take a few days and visit Martha’s Vineyard.

A place that has always been on my bucket list.

Here is one of my favorite photos that I took while we were there.

Martha's Vineyard - Hydrangea Garden - Water View - Housepitality Desisgns

The hydrangeas there were amazing … the colors … the sizes of the blooms … breathtaking!

We walked, and walked, taking in the amazing homes and views.

My hubby has an architecture background and he loves studying the various homes

of the places we visit. Lucky for me!

Here he is taking mental notes of this house that he liked . . . gathering ideas

for a possible future downsized home! 🙂

Martha's Vineyard - Housepitality Designs

What is more wonderful than seeing the flag being flown on most of the homes there.

And here I am in front of one of my favorite homes there.

On another note: see my short bangs? … yes, folks, a defective hotel hair dryer

fried my bangs! … I have never wished more for my hair to grow  quickly than now! 🙂

Martha's Vineyard - Cedar Shake Home - Housepitality Designs

A close up of the front door of this home.

Cedar Shake - Martha's Vineyard - Housepitality Designs

Another door in the front of this home showcases a whale above the door.

Cedar Shake house - Martha's Vineyard - Housepitality Designs

Gorgeous gardens surrounds the home.

Cedar Shake - Martha's Vineyard - Housepitality Designs

And water views!

Cedar Shake - Martha's Vineyard - Housepitality Designs

Cedar Shake - Water Views - Martha's Vineyard - Housepitality Designs

Water Views - Martha's Vineyard - Housepitality Designs

Martha's Vineyard - Water View - Housepitality Designs

We all dream about the house with the white picket fence …. and this one is the ultimate!!

Cedar Shake - Martha's Vineyard - Housepitality Designs

Amazing home and gardens right?…..and that view!

And talk about amazing …..

Some of the highlights of my trip was meeting these fabulous ladies . . . 

my blog friends that I have known for a long time and we finally got to meet!

When we traveled to Boston, I got to meet Amy of Maison Decor

along with her sweet hubby!

Here we are getting ready to go into the SOWA Vintage Market in Boston.

 Amy and my hubby scored with great finds.

You can see one of Amy’s beautiful finds HERE.

Me and Amy - Housepitality Designs

After Boston, we made a short trip to Maine

where I got to spend a great day and evening with Linda aka Lulu of Lulu’s Musings

and her wonderful hubby too!

We had a great time antiquing and exploring her neck of the woods.

She took me to one of her favorite places for inspiration and reflection

and it truly was breathtaking. Here we are at the entrance to the “scenic overlook”

Me and Linda - Housepitality Designs

My trip was truly a most wonderful one that not only allowed me to visit

and stay in places that were so incredible, but most of all, it was a time

when I was able to create and treasure beautiful memories

of sensational people and places.

Have a most beautiful day filled with great times that create great memories!

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  1. Shirley, I am so glad that your trip was so amazing! I knew that you would love the Vineyard! Isn’t it funny that your favorite house was also mine! Have a beauty-filled Sunday!
    Pam Richardson’s recent post…Simple + Southern Sunday No. 106My Profile

  2. my most favorite style of architecture. Duke Manor Was inspired by homes in new england with the the shakes, although I did not do cedar. Love. It looks like you had an amazing time. next time, take me.

  3. It was so wonderful to meet you and your husband and spend the day together in Boston. Marthas Vineyard is near and dear to my heart! As a kid we spend all our summers on the vineyard, and my parents eventually retired there. I so enjoyed your awesome photos of the homes there. I think I agree, your first photo is stunning!
    Amy Chalmers’s recent post…A French Provincial Love StoryMy Profile

  4. How fabulous! Love that house, yard, view, place. Sigh… (ps you look super cute no matter what your bangs look like)


  5. Wooooo! Is that Heaven? ‘Cause that looks like Heaven to me!! I am a Southern girl, but I gotta admit that is a beauteous place!!

  6. Linda miller says

    Glad you enjoyed. We love New England, especially in the fall. And Martha’s Vineyard is just so charming.

  7. I have always loved this type of architecture. So picturesque. I grew up on Long Island, and was always drawn to the homes on the coast.
    Sorry about the “bang” incident…oh my. My daughter and I have struggled with thinning hair/or excessive hair shedding due to our auto immune issues (mostly thyroid), my daughter recommends taking a hair, skin and nails supplement (mostly biotin) to help with growth. Safe and effective. Worth a try. There are also several natural shampoos/conditioners on the market as well that help.
    Lauren@simplylkj’s recent post…What’s for Dinner~Steak with Celeriac & Horseradish Puree, Thyme ButterMy Profile

  8. What a beautiful place! How fun you got to meet two blog friends. I know Amy…your other friend I am not familiar with.
    Penny at Enjoying The Simple Things’s recent post…And The Winner Is!My Profile

  9. It sounds like you had a wonderful trip, and how nice it was to get to meet up with some of your blogging friends. The houses you featured are gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing! I hope that you have a happy and blessed Sunday!!!
    Shannon@belle bleu interiors’s recent post…A SWEET AND SPOOKY HALLOWEEN TABLEMy Profile

  10. You are a lucky girl!
    Love the architecture, gardens, and views!
    Sheila’s recent post…And Then I Did This…My Profile

  11. Beautiful homes and oh how I would love to see their views of the water. So glad you’ fulfilled this on your bucket list.

  12. Such a gorgeous place and those hydrangeas! So fun you connected with Linda! That’s awful about your bangs, yikes!
    Jenna’s recent post…The Organized Life, November Paint BucketMy Profile

  13. You have me putting this on MY bucket list. What gorgeous hiomes and VIEWS! OMGoodness, what a dream. I can imagine they go for BIG BUCKS:) I so admire you for having the attitude that you do, savor every minute you and Tom can be together. Life is too short. I keep thinking about Pat (BPM) and still can not believe she is gone. Hope you are having a beautiful day. We have 75 degrees here so I had to dig out my shorts and a short sleeve top to work outside. 2 more 70 degree days this week:):) Oh, and you look adorable, short bangs or not!!!!
    Pinky’s recent post…Fall Patio, 2016My Profile

  14. PS, I want those hydrangeas!!!
    Pinky’s recent post…Fall Patio, 2016My Profile

  15. PSS, we had cedar shakes on our house before the last one and then cedar siding on the last house. Always kept it stained though, didn’t let it weather. Love it!!
    Pinky’s recent post…Fall Patio, 2016My Profile

  16. Oh Shirley, thanks so much for the great tour of those amazing homes WOW. So glad that you got to meet up with friends and see all those homes. Sounds like you had a great time.

    Enjoy your trip and have a wonderful week.


  17. Wow that is a beautiful place.How I would love to live there.I’m so glad that even tho you could have done many things at home you chose to go with your husband. 🙂 Cherish those times.

  18. What a beautiful place….absolutely magical!!!! I’m glad you had a great time and got to spend time with friends too.
    Have a great week!

  19. That house is really beautiful and the garden surrounding it is gorgeous!Glad you took the time to go to a beautiful area!

  20. Jeanette Price says

    Those cedar shakes always make me this of classic New England homes especially that weathered gray with the striking white of the fence and the railings. I think there is something soothing about it. I love that look myself and I can understand why you have fallen in love. Hydrangea always seem do so well near the ocean. I unfortunately didn’t have any flowers on any of my flowers this summer.

  21. Gorgeous photos! Have a wonderful day ♥

  22. Oh, Shirley…I’m so glad you shared your trip:D It’s absolutely gorgeous there…holy cow! And how can one not like cedar shake??? Although I will say I really like the “board & battan” look on some homes as well. Hope all is well with you Shirley!

  23. Hello Shirley, anyone can fall in love with the cedar shake house. Mostly beautiful gardens attract the people towards to home. All The pictures are looking awesome. Thanks for sharing this blog.

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