A Sweet Treasure and the Winners

When I was in Maine antiquing with the lovely Linda (Lulu’s Musings),

I came across this sweet treasure.

Everything about it attracted me to it . . . the color, the pattern and the shape.

When we completed our rounds of the shop

I headed back to take a second look,  it truly called my name

and I had to take it home with me!

Blue and White Transferware Sugar Bowl - Housepitality Designs

This very old sugar bowl certainly has been well loved.

This piece was pretty much intact, with a little chip here and there

mainly around the rim of the bowl. However, for its age, it was in great condition.

Blue and White Transferware Sugar Bowl - Housepitality Designs

I found the little antique book on the Maine trip too.

It is titled, “French Guide”

I found another treasure in the same store as the book

and will save that for another day.

Antique French book - Housepitality Designs

I have learned from my friend Mary Alice

that things always look better when it sits upon a stack of vintage ironstone plates.

Blue and White Transferware Sugar Bowl - Antique Books - Housepitality Designs

Blue and White Transferware Sugar Bowl - Housepitality Designs

I am so happy that I did not pass up on this piece as I so love it.

I did pass up on one piece of ironstone that was in an antique mall

in Maine and I am feeling a little remorse. I am sure many of you know the feeling!

Blue and White Transferware Sugar Bowl - Vintage Books - Ironstone - Housepitality Designs

And now to the winners of the “Life In Season” Book Giveaway ….

First winner is #4 … Nancy Cox .. Congrats Nancy!

Second winner is #27 … Rita C. … Congrats Rita!

On another note, starting tomorrow, November 2nd,

13 bHome Bloggers will be presenting some great Fall inspiration of “Thankful to bHome”

Thankful to bHome - Housepitality Designs

And in addition to some great Fall inspiration, there is a great giveaway,

from dinnerware, to beautiful velvet placemats, cake stand, and more!! A $350.00 value!

So come back starting tomorrow for a chance to win!

Thankful to bHome - Housepitality Designs

Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween!

Have a most beautiful day!

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  1. Pretty find indeed and yes, I sure know about the remorse after leaving something behind.

  2. Shirley, congrats to the winners! The sugar bowl is a beautiful find…have a wonderful Tuesday!!

  3. Beautiful sugar bowl Shirley and remembrance of your trip, I know you’re glad you didn’t pass it up!

  4. I adore books – old books, new books, any books really… simply beautiful!


  5. I love the sugar bowl and i love blue and white I see it all over your home. thank’s for sharing Marie.

  6. Shirley, that sugar bowl is beautiful! I love it…such a pretty vignette. What a wonderful reminder of your trip! I hope that you have a great day!!!

  7. Jeanette Price says

    Another perfect accessory that just called your name! Looks beautiful and still has plenty of life left in it! Enjoy it!

  8. I love your new sugar bowl! From the first picture I was thinking it was larger then realized it is a sugar bowl. SO pretty. I am anxious to see all the things to be thankful for tomorrow:) I know I am SO thankful for SO much! Have a beautiful day, Shirley.

  9. Love the sugar bowl. I think the little chips add to its charm. The stories it could tell.

  10. PS, congrats to the winners!!!!

  11. I would not have passed up that sweet sugar bowl either!

  12. Oh my that sugar bowl…so sweet and the shape is delightful…an excellent find. I’m always on the lookout for butter dishes…bet there was once one to match the sugar. 🙂

  13. bobbi duncan says

    Love your new treasures! The sugar bowl has a beautiful and unique pattern. I, too, have books all over the house. Isn’t it fun to find things you love, especially when traveling because the items always remind you of where and when, and all the fun you had.

  14. You always find the most amazing things and have wonderful taste. Please come decorat my home 🙂

  15. The sugar bowl is delightful Shirley, a perfect momento of your trip!

  16. Rebecca Neustel says

    It’s always nice to have a tangible memory of a trip. I love the ones you came back with!

  17. The bowl is absolutely beautiful.

  18. Love the sugar bowl and your vignette is lovely. So glad you and Linda had a great time.

  19. Well, you KNOW I love that little sugar bowl Shirley! It’s so beautiful, little chips here and there and all. What a life it must have had, listening to conversations over cups of tea, laughter at the dinner table….
    When you visit here, I’ll take you antique shopping too! Can’t wait to see your Thankful to bHOME blog post, I know it will be gorgeous and inspiring. Xo Lidy

  20. Beautiful bowl! Love your Blog. And yes! I know the feeling of leaving a great find behind, only to go back and it is gone! I am learning though, to get it if it appeals to me…or at least walk around the store with it in my hands or cart until I make a final decision! 🙂

  21. So weird. I’m not receiving notifications when you post via email…

  22. It’s lovely, Shirley! Love those little flowers- and of course one cannot pass up anything if it calls your name;)

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