A Woodland Coffee Table Vignette

A woodland coffee table vignette seemed to be the perfect choice

of a theme this year to coordinate with my new Pottery Barn Deer Crewel pillows.

I gathered woodland items from my Christmas/Holiday stash

and carefully created the vignette to coordinate with the decor in the room.

Woodland Coffee Table Vignette - Housepitality Designs

Yes, I took my cue from the pillows on the chairs and the Ironstone Foot Bath

on the hearth that is filled with faux winter greens and pinecones

that are both real and pretty frosted pinecone ornaments.

Woodland Vignette - Ironstone Bowl - Pinecones - Winter Birds - Housepitality Designs

It seems like this breadboard has been a staple on the table

for the past several months along with the breadboards on the mantel.

Woodland Christmas Vignette - Crystal Deer - Breadboard - Ironstone - Housepitality Designs

The crystal deer seemed to be the best for this particular vignette

adding a bit of bling to the color and textures of pinecones and the brown winter trees.

Woodland Christmas Vignette - Crystal Deer - Housepitality Designs

The ironstone bowl with the pinecones

was formerly on the dining room table in a simple centerpiece

and it was a great fit for this vignette.

Woodland Christmas Vignette - Crystal Deer - Housepitality Designs

Through the years I have acquired such a large inventory of Christmas decor and

ornaments. In the past, the day after Christmas I would go to my favorite shops

that had beautiful Christmas decor and obtain it for 50 to 75% off or more.

Woodland Christmas Vignette - Crystal Deer - Housepitality Designs

Years ago, a family member was an Avon representative,

so in support of her, I ordered Avon products, but mostly their decorative items.

One of these items is this gold pinecone votive that I bought in the ’80’s.

I have kept it through the years.  The candle is gone but it makes a great pinecone holder!

Avon pinecone votive - Luminara birch candle - Housepitality Designs

I love Luminara candles … I admit, they are a bit pricey,

but I have managed to use my Pottery Barn rewards to get them.

The Birch candle is my favorite. The flickering light is mesmerizing.

Avon Pinecone votive - Luminara Birch candle - Housepitality Designs

The book, “Oh Christmas Tree” is one of my favorite Christmas decor books

by Mary Carol Garrity.

Woodland Christmas Vignette - Pottery Barn Luminara Birch Candle - Housepitality Designs

Woodland Christmas Vignette - Luminara Candle - Ironstone Foot Bath - French Boot Forms - Housepitality Designs

You may have noticed my antique French Commode in the background next to the chair.

This year, I decided to display many of my Byer Carolers throughout the house.

I have gotten away from using most of them these past several years…

just using a few here and there.

Byer Caroler - Antique French Commode - Housepitality Designs

The caroler sits on top of antique Shakespeare books with the marble design covers.

Antique Books - Housepitality Designs

A petite ironstone tureen has a special place on the French Commode.

The French Commode was a purchase while in France several years ago.

Byer Caroler - Antique French Commode - Ironstone - Housepitality Designs

Decorating for Christmas is in full swing here. Although slow, as I am

trying to place my Christmas decor in different rooms and vignettes

for a new look without having to buy additional things.

The Pottery Barn pillow covers have been my  only new purchase this year.

I could not resist them!

Woodland Christmas Vignette - Housepitality Designs

The Great Room is almost done with the exception of the tree.

It takes me a couple of days to decorate it as it has about 1,000 ornaments on it!

Have a most beautiful day! I am overlooking the back yard as I type and seeing the

beautiful Fall leaves cascade to the ground.

It is so sad to see them go but look forward to them next year!

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  1. Shirley, your Woodland themed coffee table vignette is gorgeous! I love every detail from the pretty crystal deer to the wood carved trees. Your French Commode also looks beautiful adorned for Christmas with the Byer Caroler and Christmas greens. I can’t wait to see your wonderful Christmas tree!

  2. I have always lOVED those brown trees! Your vignette is beautiful, the crystal deer are beautiful. I am trying to slowly acquire the Luminara candles as well. They can be left on with no worries which is what I really like. Happy decorating!!!! I will have to see how many ornaments I have on my tree:):):)

  3. Glad you are bringing the carolers out, I love them too. Joe wanted to start collecting them years ago but I said we didn’t have room. I could kick myself. I do have several.

  4. Linda Schmidt says

    I just love the Woodland theme, I have collected so many different an unique deer and so enjoyed your coffee table vinette

  5. I have yet to start decorating….hopefully today is the day! So, today’s post is perfect for some pine cone inspiration. It’s all so lovely! 😉

  6. Very inspiring ideas. I recently found some beautiful pinecones and would like to incorporate as you did Shirley.

  7. So pretty. I love your crystal deer!

  8. Shirley, love the woodland theme for your coffee table. I have bought very little this year, but I have so much that I can’t use it all, I am so thrilled to see your Carolers…I have grouped mine together as a choir this year. I also have the lovely book on your coffee table. Love your vignettes and excited to see more…Happy Wednesday

  9. It all looks so warm and cozy Shirley. Wish I could come over in person!!

  10. Shirley it looks beautiful. I started the day after Thanksgiving – the earliest I have ever started – but I am taking my time this year. I have a LOT of decorations and I am trying to weed out some for the family and some to be sold. I bought a beautiful artificial Christmas tree but it is too big for our house. I am hoping next year we will have a big family room that I can use the tree in.

  11. I love your woodland theme decor Shirley, and it will look great throughout the winter months! I am trying not to buy anything new, or at least get rid of the old stuff I never use anymore but I’m not great at either 🙂 I remember your tree from past years, so gorgeous! Happy decorating!

  12. It all looks beautiful Shirley! I wish I could come and sit by the fire with you, and drink tea and talk and laugh together.

  13. Shirley, this is such a simple, lovely vignette. You know just how to place everything so that it all flows beautifully together.

    Love your (our) deer pillow in the background. Great buy. Thanks again for the inspiration.

    Happy holidays.

  14. So pretty Shirley! I love a woodland theme for Christmas and for winter and your PB pillow provides the perfect inspiration! “Oh Christmas Tree” is one of my favorite books this time of year too…hmmm…I need to figure out where I stashed it 🙂

  15. Very impressive vignette, Shirley! Like the woodland theme.
    You’ve given me an idea to try. I have a crystal Nativity and for a different look than I usually do I could make it look rustic and refined!

  16. Barbara Richman says

    Everything is so pretty. I especially like your Byers’ Choice Caroler. I collected them for several years and still use them occasionally during Christmas.

  17. Shirley – ever scene you have created is beautiful…And I also love the Pottery Barn candles..oh yes I do. 🙂

  18. So pretty Shirley the crystal deer are my favorite part. I guess I didn’t know PB had rewards points. I only purchase from them online, there’s no store close enough. I will have to look into it. Merry Christmas 🙂

  19. Soo pretty Shirley!!

  20. Shirley everything is stunning as always. Love the woodland theme. Sorry I am s late with your tour and catching up


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