A Simple and Cozy Winter Vignette

Christmas decor is still in my Great Room.

I plan to pack up and store the decorations away this coming weekend

as I will be housebound due to  the predicted 6 to 8 inches of snow

that will fall in our area. I must say, even though the snow can sometimes

be a problem with driving conditions in our area with the added ice,

I am looking forward to our first snowfall of the year.

I love the natural beauty that it brings and the sights and sounds

of the kids sledding down the hills behind our house on the golf course.

One of those kids is my hubby!

Winter vignette-Luminara Candles-Brass-Housepitality Designs


I had purchased some beautiful white hydrangeas for my sunroom.

I loved them so much and they truly gave a sense of winter beauty

that I went back to purchase more. (Trader Joe’s)

Ironstone-Hydrangeas-Luminara Candles-Housepitality Designs

It was dreary, rainy day.

I gathered my Luminara candles, votives and my silver trophy tray.

The glow of the flickering candles sets a wonderful feeling of warmth

on a dreary day.

Silver Trophy Tray-Housepitality Designs

I had placed the additional white hydrangeas I purchased in a vintage ironstone creamer.

Rather than having a tray filled with just votives and luminara candles,

I thought it would be pretty to add the hydrangeas to the tray.

Luminara Candles-Ironstone-Hydrangeas-Housepitality Designs

I thought at first that I would wait for a sunny day

to take the photos of this winter vignette

but I thought that maybe I would just have you see how it

brightens a dreary day!

Luminara Candles-Silver Trophy Tray-Hydrangeas-Housepitality Designs

Using more fresh flowers in my winter decor is definitely my plan,

especially the ones that are of the winter white color!

Now the predicted 6 to 8 inches seems like a lot to me,

me being a former Florida girl … but I must think of my niece, Melissa,

who lives in Colorado and got 20 inches of snow yesterday!

Have a great weekend and those of you who will experience a snow event,

I wish you warmth and be safe!

Check out my snow event this weekend on my Instagram here.

Source Guide:

Miracle Flame Luminara Candles – Balsam Hill

Brass candle holders – Pottery Barn

Ironstone Creamer – www.chateauchic.com Etsy Shop

Hydrangeas – Trader Joe’s

Silver Trophy Tray – Estate Sale

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  1. Very pretty! I always enjoy the first snowfall too. I hope it won’t paralyze your area too much. I think we’ve gotten about 6 inches of snow over the past couple of days but we just roll with it since we have no choice here. My holiday stuff is packed away and now my tweaking around the house will keep me busy and sane! Have a safe weekend.

  2. So pretty and the white inside will match all the white outside. I hope we don’t get a bunch of ice before the snow, but it was already raining for a few minutes and then it stopped. No, to the ice!

  3. Happy New Year, Shirley! I’ll be packing away my Christmas decor as well and enjoying whatever snow we happen to get. Stay warm. 🙂
    xo Heidi

  4. Oh, wow 6-8 inches is a lot for your neck of the woods! But, you are right…it is always pretty. Most of our Christmas decor is put away…but I still have to rearrange the boxes, and thin out the collection so to speak. Love the candles…they really do brighten things up on a dreary day! Enjoy the snow! 😉

  5. I bought some white hydrangeas at TJs [for some reason my caps won’t work on your blog] and they lasted for 10 days! They are beautiful for the winter dreary days and look so beautiful on your silver tray. We are supposed to get 2-3 inches of snow today, but luckily we are all tucked in and cozy and hopefully the power won’t go out…

  6. Love your winter vignette, Shirley! I wish we had a trader joe’s as your hydrangeas are beautiful! I wish I was there as I would love sledding down your backyard! Stay safe and warm!

  7. What a cozy look! I love the white hydrangeas and the way the candle light sparkles off the silver tray.

  8. L’m loving the ambiance of your candlelight against the white and silver. BEAUTIFUL! SOUNDS LIKE YOU’LL BE GETTING MORE SNOW THAN WE GOT.

  9. So beautiful! Once again, after reading your blog I’m off to change and rearrange things-going to recreate the vignette on my coffee table
    (my caps key is not working!)

  10. Shirley, the vignette is perfect for winter and perhaps a snowy day. We have 3 inches predicted to start this afternoon…stay warm and safe!

  11. seeing Those white Hydrangeas this time of year is just amazing! Have fun with the snow! we got a couple of inches yesterday, but it’s way too cold, in the teens as a high.

  12. Oh so pretty my friend! I love those candles! I am going to slowly acquire some. I also love them that have timers. We got about an inch of snow overnight, but are supposed to get more over the weekend. Stay warm and safe. I hope to get my decorations down this weekend too!!! It is SUCH a job, as you know!!! I didn’t think to do a vignette with the
    Christmas up.

  13. We just got our first snowfall…1 inch in town…but that is enough for us…no snowplows in this neck of the woods(!) Stay warm. love your beautiful January décor…the white flowers are perfect. 🙂

  14. Looks great. I love candles on dark gloomy days! We only got about an inch too. Enough for me! sheila

  15. We are expected to get snow here too. I just picked up some white hydrangeas yesterday. Love them this time of year.

  16. i’ve been yearning to get out to get some flowers, but it’s just too darned cold. It snowed here last night, but not much. Next week we’re supposed to be in the fifties! Love the hydrangeas! We now have a Trader joes and i need to get over there and get some flowers to cheer this place up.

  17. Enjoy the snow 🙂 It’s bitter color in my neck of the woods! I’ve added a few candles to my decor too in hopes it would make the place feel warmer. Your vignette is lovely like always.

  18. So pretty… I’m sure you have gotten some snow this weekend… Stay warm and keep bringing us those lovely decoration tips…

  19. The vignette is so elegant. I love the white hydrangeas, it seems to add a touch of spring to he room.

  20. So pretty! i could use a few hydrangeas right now and flower therapy! I miss having Trader Joe’s nearby!

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