From Nesting to Stacking and A Dining Room Refresh

My favorite time of year to refresh and dance to the Furniture Shuffle

is right after the Christmas decorations are stored away.

I mentioned that to my hubby, and he looked at me as if I had two heads.

After Christmas? …. No, it’s that way all year long!

He’s right. But January is always a great time to look at things differently.

Dining Room-Housepitality Designs


There was a tea table in the bay window area

and like most things that I place there,

the sun can wreak havoc on it.

Not wanting to let that happen to the beautiful wood of the tea table,

it was relocated.

Pie Crust Table-Demijohns-Dining Room-Housepitality Designs

Prior to the tea table,  I had a vintage pie crust table in the bay window

between the two dining chairs.

However, I gave that table a makeover. I felt that I had so much “wood”

in the dining room and it could use a painted piece.

Pie Crust table-Demijohns-Dining Room-Housepitality Designs

The top of the table had some burn marks

that I always disguised by placing items on those marks.

So painting it was not a hard decision to make and ruin the integrity of the piece.

Dining Room-Bay Window-Housepitality Designs

The Christmas wreath in the bay window

was replaced by two preserved boxwood wreaths.

Dining Room-Housepitality Designs

I referenced “from nesting to stacking” in the title of this post.

Well, that did happen.

Venetian nesting tables-Ironstone Pitcher-Housepitality Designs

I returned the tea table to the Great Room

next to the sofa where the Venetian nesting tables were.

Ironstone-Lavender-Silver-Housepitality Designs

So what do you do when you are trying to find a new spot

for a displaced item. You walk around with it, if you can.

Venetian Nesting Tables-Dining Room-Ironstone-Housepitality Designs

I had a dark walnut narrow table in this spot and

in trying to obtain different finishes in this room,

I thought, hmmm…a little bit of gold in this room would be fun.

But the scale of the tables were off  . . .  too low.

So how do you solve that problem? …. you stack them for height!

Venetian Nesting Tables-Dining Room-Housepitality Designs

It may be a little unconventional, but it works for me

for that added height.

I have an idea for another room to place these nesting tables in,

however, it would take me a bit more shuffling around.

So I shall save that project for another day.

Dining Room-Housepitality Designs

The dining room has great  natural light and during the winter,

many plants land in that room until they can be brought out again in the Spring.

I would love to have a little greenhouse to house all my plants during the Winter.

Maybe one day.

I wish you a most beautiful day!

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  1. So lovely, and I am so excited that spring is on its way!! Have a wonderful week Shirley!
    Anne Davis’s recent post…1980s Hutch Makeovers – Three Different LooksMy Profile

  2. I love your furniture shuffle because I’m right there with you moving things from here to there and back again. Good idea stacking the nesting tables. Love the blue and white filled hutch.
    Kim’s recent post…Kitchen Details with Before and AftersMy Profile

  3. That’s really cute how you stacked the nesting tables and I love the vignettes you created on the different levels!
    Liz @ Infuse With Liz’s recent post…Tea and Dinner For TwoMy Profile

  4. Everything looks so wonderful in here…Love that you stacked those nesting tables! Great idea, Shirley! The chairs that are at both ends of the table; are they a check or houndstooth? Whatever they are, they’re drool worthy:D
    Cindy’s recent post…Born CreativeMy Profile

  5. What a great idea-love the look of the stacked tables? Where did you get your beautiful lavender?

  6. I love your dining room and love how you have shuffled things! I NEVER would have thought to stack the nesting tables! I love it! Have a beautiful day, we are getting a “noreaster” but have to go out to meet friends for lunch. Hope we don’t blow away:):)
    Pinky’s recent post…“Owl” Do You Like our Winter Fireplace!My Profile

  7. I too love changing things up a bit, particularly after the holidays. I love the tables stacked. A bit of the unexpected, but it works really well in that space.
    Lauren@simplylkj’s recent post…Motivational Monday~My Profile

  8. Love the stacked table, what a perfect solution. You made the right choice painting the pie crust table, it looks fantastic with a coat of paint.
    Dawn’s recent post…Valentine Heart Watercolor PrintableMy Profile

  9. Stacking that nesting table was a great idea! The table looks great painted.
    Penny at Enjoying The Simple Things’s recent post…Breakfast!My Profile

  10. Hahaha, Shirley, that’s kind of stuff antique booth displays are about! I love it in that spot. Unconventional? Maybe, but it looks great. (ps we find ourselves walking around with displaced items a lot in the store….it’s like playing hot potato, you don’t want to be the one stuck with the last item to have to find a place. At home, I often find myself taking things to the basement, only later wondering where in the world I tucked them).
    Rita C at Panoply’s recent post…Jan 2017 Booth Refresh: Moving Things, Big and SmallMy Profile

  11. Everything looks beautiful, Shirley. I love how you stacked the nesting tables to add height and interest… it looks great! I’m like you…after Christmas I am always moving things around to create new looks. Also like you, I have a dream of having a greenhouse one day. Oh well, one can dream. I hope you enjoy your day!!!
    Shannon@Belle Bleu Interiors’s recent post…Adding Touches of RedMy Profile

  12. Such a pretty room!

  13. What a great idea! And for the future, if you ever needed something taller….you could stack all three and use as a plant stand perhaps. I might have to find some stacking tables! 😉

  14. Oh my word Shirley, this is brilliant!! I love this idea!!

  15. The dining room looks great Shirley. I like the idea of stacking the nesting tables. You always come up with some great decorating ideas. The dining room looks lovely.

    Stop by my last post and see my little sweetie, she is almost all grown up. Hope yours had a wonderful Christmas.


  16. Hi…I love your dining room as I love all your designs! Question for you….I noticed you have wood floors and no rug under the table. How do you protect your floors from scratching? I have put the felt pads but they come off easily.
    Thanks! Pat


  18. Love what you did, Shirley! So innovative to stack the nesting table. Your painted pie crust table looks great there and should do better in the sun!

  19. Like most other responders, I love the stacking of the tables. I too have two tables that I stacked but then unstacked as I was afraid the top one would get knocked askew. Did you put anything beneath the legs of the top table to deter its movement? I sometimes use poster putty for stabilizing decorative items but did not use it on the stacked tables. (Poster putty works just as well as the museum putty used in California for volcano protection.) Your thoughts?

  20. bobbi duncan says

    You know I just love your beautiful home. I so look forward to all your decorating ideas, Shirley, and stacking that table was such a brilliant one! I like the varying sized candlesticks, too, and that lovely lavender is such a nice touch. Hope you’re having a great day. We’re having heavy rain with strong gusts of wind today here in southeastern PA.

  21. i would love to have a greenhouse too. right now I use a portion of the game room to house them. i actually love the stacked look of the tables. it’s clever. happy week!
    laura janning’s recent post…3 affordable things your fireplace needs this winterMy Profile

  22. I did that shuffle yesterday. Moved a few things about. Gives me a reason to mop!
    Brenda Kula-Pruitt’s recent post…Apartment Tour: A Chic Small Space In LondonMy Profile

  23. I envy your wonderful light in your dining room! Our porch wraps around the back of the house making it dark which is great in the heat of the summer but dreary on a gray January day. Your stacked tables remind me of my retail days where every square inch counts. 😉

    P.S. Your wood floors are always spotless, you must walk around with a Swiffer Sweeper in your hand!
    Mary’s recent post…Romantic Table for Two for Valentine’s DayMy Profile

  24. Shirley, I love how you stacked your nesting tables…so creative and different! That is a unique solution and brilliant in my opinion. Your dining room is always lovely!
    Pam Richardson’s recent post…Romantic Table For Two: Romance & RosesMy Profile

  25. Your dining room looks so cheery with all the light streaming in. I love the little painted table….it is just perfect in that spot. The nesting tables look great stacked too, such a clever idea!

  26. The entire team just love your blog! We really like the way you stacked the nesting tables. How wonderfully different and what a cheery and warm room! Thanks for sharing!

  27. That’s always so much fun to do, shuffling furniture around! I love the painted table, and it looks great in your bay window. stacking the nesting tables was a brilliant idea to get the hight your needed! I think they look wonderful!!
    Cristina~Finding Grace Interiors’s recent post…A New Old Hutch for My KitchenMy Profile

  28. Brilliant strategy to stack those nesting tables! Kudos.

  29. Lovely shuffling… You must have a huge attic for storage… So many beautiful pieces come out from time to time…
    lorb’s recent post…One Word Photo Challenge: duckMy Profile


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