Changes in the Guest Room and it’s Ready for Guests

When I danced to the Furniture Shuffle (again) to add a piece to the sunroom,

there was an empty area in the Guest Room that needed to be filled.

Oh my, I cannot let an empty space stay empty for long!

So I made some changes in the Guest Room and it’s ready for guests.

Guest Room-Chinoiserie-Iron Bed-Housepitality Designs

Just before I started fluffing the guest room,

there was a sea of Christmas pillows in the room.

Now that they are all put away, it was time to get the room back in order.

Guest Room-Side Table-Black and White transferware-Housepitality Designs

Do you remember the area in the dining room

in which I placed the nesting tables?

The narrow side table that was in the dining room found its way to the Guest Room.

On the table sits a brass pineapple lamp that came out of the attic,

a black and white transferware sugar bowl that lost its lid, and a Brighton votive.

Guest Room-Housepitality Designs

Previously in that space, there was a tall narrow chest (aka a lingerie chest).

That chest is now in the sunroom.

As in most circumstances of moving furniture from room to room,

so does the need to freshen up the accessories. And that I did.

This small side table just may get a facelift to  blend more nicely into the room.

Guest Room side table - Housepitality Designs

My house is filled with plants normally; however,

it is more so since I have to bring many in for the winter months.

Every room contains a plant or two, or three …..

A refreshment tray with a local treat is ready for guests.

Guest Room refreshment tray-Housepitality Designs

The other side of the bed’s side table/desk got a bit of a refresh too.

Guest room side table/desk-Housepitality Designs

I try to have an empty dish so that guests can place their jewelry, change, etc.

for easy access. I do not believe that any change has been left behind.

But if a certain person is reading this, I may find a penny or two in the dish

upon their departure! 🙂 I always seem to have comedians stay in that room!

Guest Room side table accessories-Blue and White-Housepitality Designs

Guest Room-Housepitality Designs

Not a lot of change in this little sitting area.

I did move the blue and white garden stool from the great room

to the guest room before Christmas and the Jade plant seems to be happy there.

Guest Room Sitting area-Housepitality Designs

The mirror that was on the wall next to the hutch

was relocated and placed over the narrow accent table.

I plan on doing something to this table, that does not include paint.

It is a very old table and would not think of doing anything permanent to it.

However, I need to spruce it up!

Guest Room-Hutch-Blue and White-Housepitality Designs

Guest Room-Blue and White-Housepitality Designs

This great chippy white vintage bench remains at the foot of the bed.

Guest Room-Vintage Bench-Housepitality Designs

I have had this blue and white Chinoiserie duvet on the bed for quite some time.

I do love it and have not found anything since that I like

that would make me want to change out the bedding.

Guest Room-Blue and White-Chinoiserie-Housepitality Designs

Another room refreshed after the Christmas decor in that room has been stored away.

I am still trying to start the process of re-decorating my sweetie’s room,

but activities outside the home keep me busy.

In the meantime, my sweetie has taken over the guest room when she is here.

I think she has hinted around to claim it as her own! 🙂

Guest Room-Blue and White-Chinoiserie-Housepitality Designs

Have a most beautiful day!

I am so happy that the skies are back to Carolina Blue!

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  1. Good morning! Oh how I would love to wake up in this beautiful room. I certainly would leave you more than a few pennies:):) I don’t blame Gray for wanting to take oer this room! Hope you have a wonderful trip. I am so glad to see bright skies again too!!!!!!

  2. You tell your sweetie that is my room when I visit. ha ha. It’s always a pretty room no matter how it is decorated and very comfy!

  3. Such a pretty room! I’ve never noticed that little writing desk before – gorgeous!!!

  4. What a beautiful room. So Crisp and bright. I love, love,love the paint color you used.

  5. Shirley, Such a pretty room – what is the paint color? I have a guest room in Sherwin William Aleutian Blue but it’s more periwinkle in the daytime. We’ve only been in the house about 3 years but it has bothered me from the beginning. I’ve decided it’s got to be repainted. Thank you!

  6. I think you may have guests that won’t ever leave, that room is so lovely!

  7. Shirley, everything looks beautiful! I know that your guests must feel so special staying in such a pretty and thoughtfully appointed room. I can see why your sweetie wants to claim it as her own! I hope that you enjoy your day!!!

  8. Your guests are likely to linger Shirley, but it’s so nice to provide a comfortable room they can get away too any time for some privacy and rest for everyone! You’ve thought of everything-

  9. I am so in love with this room! Your decorating is so amazing, everything is beautiful.

  10. Hi Shirley, I’m sure your quests fill very special when they stay in your beautiful bedroom just for them. I just adore blue and white it is so timeless. Have a wonderful rest of the week.
    xoxo Jo

  11. love your style!!I live in a small rural town not even a dairy queen or walmart do you have some sort of list “normal” people can find acessories or bedding? keep on posting th

  12. I love this guest room Shirley. You have thought of everything for guests. I would have left a dollar LOL

    You do such a lovely job on decorating – everything always feels so welcoming.

    Sorry that you can’t open up my posts. Is there something on my side? You are the only person that cannot open them.

    We had some wonderful beautiful rain – I got 5 inches in my rain gage and I danced with my flowers. However we have some cold weather now, but no rain for the next couple of week. Should be in the 70’s by this weekend.

    Enjoy your week.


  13. I always enjoy my virtual stay in your guest room Shirley! My favorites remain the same, the tole trays, chippy bench, wonderful hutch and soothing blue walls. ♥

  14. Shirley I never noticed how large your guest room is. You have photos with different angles today and I can see how vast the space is. Everything is just lovely, I think you need a guest from the north (hint, hint). One that needs to escape the snow, LOL

  15. I love that duvet cover. The guest room is just beautiful.

  16. Shirley, you know how much I love this guest room…I don’t blame your Sweetie for wanting to claim it as her own! Everything you touch is always so lovely!

  17. You sure do a fantastic job at arranging and re-arranging… Lovely…

  18. Ahhh…my favorite room in the house. A carefully thought out, spacious, cozy , comfy room that always has delicious treats:D L-O-V-E

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