Blue and White with a Dash of Pink

More often that not,

a trip to the grocery store can yield changes in a room.

That happened this weekend when trips to Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s

brought about changes in the Great Room.

Changes of more blue and white and a dash of pink!

Blue and White-Vignette-Cyclaman-Housepitality Designs

My hubby and I make a bi-weekly trek to Whole Foods

to purchase grass-fed beef. I love beef and the grass-fed is somewhat of a healthier option.

When I entered the store, there they were . . . a beautiful display of hydrangeas.

A beautiful container of them hopped into the cart.

When I got home, I made a  quick walk around the house and decided the ironstone foot bath

that was filled with winter greenery. can quickly change to the happy pinks

in honor of the  upcoming Valentine’s Day.

Blue and White-Hydrangeas-Ironstone-Housepitality Designs

I wrapped a grain sack around the rim of the ironstone foot bath

to add texture and hide the plastic flower pot.

Our next stop that day was Trader Joe’s.

Blue and White-Cyclamen-Crystal Pineapples-Housepitality Designs

They had a beautiful assortment of Spring flowers and plants.

I especially love Cyclamen during the winter months,

so in the cart they went.

Blue and White Vignette-The Welcoming House-Housepitality Designs

I changed out the coffee table book to this one,

“The Welcoming Home” by Jane Schwab and Cindy Smith

and thought it appropriate to place some of my crystal pineapples on it.

Blue and White-Vignette-Housepitality Designs

I  removed the plastic pots of the cyclamen

and placed the plants into a blue and white bowl.

Plants and flowers look so much nicer in great containers.

So began the gathering of items to change out the vignette on the table.

Blue and White Vignette-Housepitality Designs

I gathered some preserved boxwood topiaries

that were throughout the house

and thought that they would be a great accompaniment to the bowl of cyclamen.

Coffee Table Vignette-Boxwood Topiaries-Housepitality Designs

The breadboard remains as somewhat of a tray

to corral a mini vignette. I thought the vintage chippy corbel

looked great with the topiaries so it remained.

Preserved Boxwood topiaries-Vignette-Blue and White-Housepitality Designs

Now, I cannot leave Trader Joe’s without buying fresh cut flowers

and they have truly had some beautiful hydrangeas lately.

I love hydrangeas and so happy that I could enjoy them in the winter too!

I placed them in my Chinoiserie crock.

Chinoiserie Crock-Blue and White-Hydrangeas-Housepitality Designs

I posted on Instagram the other day

of how I got this blue and white ceramic pineapple frame.

Pineapple Frame-Housepitality Designs

I obtained it as my gift from my Bunco’s group of “wrap the crap”

dinner party that we always have after Christmas! I lucked out and got this beauty,

rather than used Christmas ribbon!

Blue and White-Chinoiserie-Pineapple frame-Housepitality Designs

Flowers in my home make me happy every day,

especially in the winter when the flowers here are not in bloom outdoors.

Have a most beautiful day!





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  1. I wish I lived close to a Whole Foods, Trader Joes and the other fresh markets. They need to build them closer to us. I have to drive a good ways for all the good stores. All your blue and white filled with greenery and flowers is so pretty and you lucked up with that cute frame.

  2. Oh how I love your flowers! I needed something just yesterday to cheer me up but couldn’t get tp TJ’s. So, went to Lowes and picked up a needle ivy for my grandmothers pot. I am working on a new vignette for my coffee table too:) I adore that frame and your blue and white pieces. Have a beautiful day!!!!
    Pinky’s recent post…A Transitional Table in Green and WhiteMy Profile

  3. bonnie shafer says

    Loved all the flowers but particularly love your pineaqpple frame, so glad I could help you steal it!!!

  4. The flowers look beautiful with all of your blue and white. I have The Welcoming House book too.
    Penny at Enjoying The Simple Things’s recent post…The Process of Having a House Built, Post 3My Profile

  5. So pretty. I too almost walked out of TJs with the cyclamen and a new orchid, but am waiting until all the painting in the house is done.
    Lauren@simplylkj’s recent post…Motivational Monday~My Profile

  6. I too love fresh flowers, and I don’t wait for special occasion to display them. Living in a four-season state, winters can get depressing without fresh flowers to cheer us up. I also grow orchids in my kitchen window, and violets in the sunroom. Thanks for inspiring me!

  7. Sandra D in Joliet says

    I love pineapples although I don’t have any. I have crocheted some pineapple doilies. The cyclamen is lovely.

  8. I am so in love with all your beautiful, unique blue and white accessories! Love all the beautiful flowers too! Have a great week.

  9. Everything looks so fresh, bright and beautiful, Shirley! I always love coming here, and leave inspired and encouraged. Love you!
    Lidy@Frenchgardenhouse Antiques’s recent post…Host A Valentine’s Friendship TeaMy Profile

  10. The greenery and flowers are just lovely in the blue & white containers! That is an unusual pineapple frame…you scored on that! Have you seen all the pineapples in Spring selection at Hobby Lobby? Have A Great Day

  11. Hi Shirley, looking at your beautiful vignettes gives such a hope of spring. It is all so lovely and the crystal pineapples really add some beautiful shine with the light coming in through your windows. It’s all so beautiful to look at. Have a lovely day!
    xoxo Jo

  12. So pretty Shirley. I love all of your blue and white pieces, especially the larger bowl with the round plant in it.

  13. Sherry Myers says

    Flowers make me happy too and especially in blue and white. Your pieces are gorgeous! You make any little thing look better by your ability to arrange and enhance. Thank you for bringing smiles and warmth for us to enjoy. Your home is beautiful even in the dead of winter!!

  14. I always love it when you tell a story of flowers jumping into your cart:) It always sounds so cute! lol! Have a wonderful day, Shirley:)
    Cindy’s recent post…Born CreativeMy Profile

  15. Love the hydrangeas!

  16. Does the cyclamen need holes for drainage? I’ve never had one.

  17. I love your new vignettes. Fresh flowers are lovely and elevate my mood for sure. I don’t have a Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods but love to pick up flowers from our Publix. I did buy four orchids from the Trader Joe’s in Dallas while visiting my son recently and hauled them all the way home to Alabama. Their prices are almost half on orchids.
    Hope you are having a great week.
    bonnie morgan’s recent post…Camellia LoveMy Profile

  18. Love the pop of pink along with the blue and white! So nice you have those 2 stores from where you find great flowers. Small towns are great in many ways but lack the fun of shopping at Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s!

  19. Those pink hydrangeas! Sigh! Fresh flowers make such a difference and your vignettes are always so lovely Shirley-that blue and white pineapple frame is the cutest thing ever!

  20. I can never leave Trader Joe’s without flowers either and especially this time of the year it does my spirit good to have them in my home. Everything looks so lovely Shirley!

  21. Eva murdock says

    This book looks amazing.I have always loved Mary’s potting shed.

  22. Shirley, I love that pop of pink with your blue and white. It certainly adds life to winter days. I have to go to Birmingham for Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods…I love shopping at both. Enjoy the rest of the week!
    Pam Richardson’s recent post…Tablescape Tuesday: A French ScarfMy Profile

  23. The flowers look so lovely and your vignette is stunning.

    I just came in from cutting some roses for an arrangement on my table in the living room. They smell and look so good.

    Thanks so much for sharing your pretty arrangements.

    Have a great weekend.

  24. Your vignettes are always so lovely.
    Debra’s recent post…How Did My Wood Floors Look New AgainMy Profile

  25. There’s that fabulous ironstone footbath which someday will come live with me 🙂 !!! Such a pretty post, Shirley. Especially lovely on this dreary wintry day. xoxo
    Loi Thai Tone on Tone’s recent post…All About Myrtle TopiariesMy Profile

  26. Flowers just add a lovely touch to any room…
    lorb’s recent post…Such a SportMy Profile

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