My Mom’s Japanese Garden

My mom used to live in Florida for many, many years.

She now lives with my brother and sister-in-law in the North Georgia mountains.

Yes, a bit of a change for her, but I can say that she is very happy

and thriving in her new environment.

Prior to my mom moving to Georgia, my sister-in-law Pam wanted her to

have a very special place that she can enjoy and also see from both her

bedroom window and a very large screened porch that is adjacent to her room.

Thus, My Mom’s Japanese Garden was created. … Creation by Pam.

Japanese Garden-Housepitality Designs

Pam is an avid gardener. She researched all things Japanese gardens

and started working on the garden so that it would be well on its way

before my mom arrived from Florida.

In the photo above, the tall tree is a Japanese Black Dragon.

There is a fountain in front of it; however, it is not running now

due to the winter weather.

The small green shrub is a Bird’s Nest Spruce.

Japanese Garden-Housepitality Designs

The shrub with the pink tips is an Arborvite Fire Chief.

The garden has many interesting architectural elements.

Japanese Garden-Housepitality Designs

Above, one of my mom’s favorite flowers were planted, tulips.

She was telling me how much see loved seeing them as a child in Japan.

The corner tree is a Colorado Blue Spruce and

a Weeping Juniper to the right of it.

Japanese Garden-Housepitality Designs

Beyond the Red Tulips are a Japanese Maple tree

and a Japanese Persimmon tree. Mom cannot wait to for it to bear fruit.

Japanese Garden-Housepitality Designs

Japanese Garden-Housepitality Designs

You may have noticed around the red tulips that the stacked stone

is stacked at a higher level than around the other beds.

Japanese Garden-Housepitality Designs

Pam took a wooden planter and filled it with the tulips

and stacked the stone around the planter. It’s a great look and

adds great levels and interest to the garden.

We had a really bad storm the other night and some of the stone has fallen.

I started to place the stone back in it’s place, but wanted to show

you how the stone is stacked around the planter.  Clever!

Just as we would create various levels in a vignette for a more pleasing aesthetic.

Japanese Garden-Housepitality Designs

Just love how the flower beds are contained by pretty shale type stones.

Flagstone used for a pretty meandering path.

Japanese Garden

Japanese Garden-Housepitality Gardens

Pam created this garden all on her own…..the design, the labor of the plantings.

She did hire someone though, to install the bamboo fence.

Japanese Garden-Bamboo Fence-Housepitality Designs

Sky Pencil Holly trees line the front of the fence.

Solar lights placed on each fence post. Looks so pretty at night.

Japanese Garden-Bamboo Fence-Housepitality Designs

This is the view of the garden from the screened porch just outside my mom’s bedroom.

We will be working on this porch area this week. It’s a wonderful space

complete with a fireplace!

Japanese Garden-Housepitality Designs

My mom and I have been running the roads since I arrived. Doctor’s appointment,

and shopping….to include shopping at her favorite Japanese food store.

This is the view that we pass every day in the neighborhood.

Lake Arrowhead-Housepitality Designs

My brother’s boat is docked at the marina on the lake.

Too bad I do not have a clue on how to drive it … and I am sure my brother

is happy that I don’t know too!

Lake Arrowhead-Housepitality Designs

This is another beautiful piece of history that is on our way home.

A very old and charming covered bridge.

Covered Bridge-Housepitality Designs

I leave you today with a photo of my mom in her garden that Pam created for her.

She loves to walk around in it and makes sure that the pebbles are always

cleared off the flagstone path.

Mom-Japanese Garden-Housepitality Designs

While my brother and sister-in-law are away, I am enjoying spending time

with my mom … a very young 92 year old!

I am sure that the next time I visit, the garden will be even prettier!

Have a most beautiful day and if my mom would greet you this morning,

she would say “ohayou gozaimasu!”

Note: I forgot my camera in my haste of packing … Glad I did not forget my phone,

as all photos for the next week will be taken by my iPhone!

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  1. What a lovely garden for you mom to enjoy. That was a lot of hard work. I’m so glad your mom is loving her new home and garden and gosh I hope I’m still around and doing that well at 92!

  2. aGGIe Reynolds says

    Thank you so very much for sharing your Mother with us today!! She is lovely and the garden is amazing.

  3. What a beautiful garden. A great place to view and soak in. Your mom is so cute.

  4. Amy Kaminski says

    Your Mom is as cute as a bug and the garden is to die for. So serene. Kudos to Pam. She did a wonderful job. I’m sure she loves it – I know I would 🙂 Enjoy and cherish your time with your Mom.

  5. Shirley, Your mom is adorable and the garden is so beautiful and tranquil! Wishing you all many, many happy hours of shared memories in that beautiful garden!

  6. What a gorgeous place for your sweet mom! I also appreciate seeing these photos for ideas for our yard. We are getting ready to do some major landscaping. Thank you and enjoy those days with your mom.

  7. What a beautiful peaceful garden! Your Mom looks very happy there.

  8. Your mom is so so lucky to have this quiet place to enjoy. Great idea of how to stack the stones up around the planters. I must try it in my yard. Can’t wait to see how the screened in porch will look once the accessories are added. Enjoy spending time with your mom.

  9. Linda Schmidt says

    You took my breath away with your sharing of the garden and your beautiful Mom. You both have a glorious day together

  10. Charlotte says

    Your mom seems to really be enjoying her beautiful garden. How thoughtful of your sister in law to make a special garden for her.

  11. This is a stunningly beautiful garden. I can see the hours and hours of work here. And, there is beauty for all seasons. Your mom is one loved lady – beautiful story!

  12. What a stunning garden! I know it was a lot of work for your sister….but it was so worth it. I’m curious…how big is the garden? Is that her entire backyard? I realize there’s a lot of driving for you this week…but the views are wonderful. Enjoy this time with your mom…it is precious! 😉

  13. What a tranquil garden. I love how elegant it is and t evokes such a feeling of quiet refection. I really want to tak a nice restful nap n this yard>

  14. Thanks for sharing Shirley. She looks very happy in her beautiful garden. Enjoy your time together.

  15. Shirley, what a beautiful garden that Pam created for your Mom…that was a lot of work. The texture of the bamboo fence is fabulous. What a blessing for you to have your Mom and to be able to stay with her and have such fun together. She is a beautiful lady

  16. Cindy in Oklahoma says

    Driftwood, rocks, tulips…. a fireplace on a screened porch. Does she need a roommate???? I love this unique garden and that bamboo fence? ….. gorgeous. Your mom’s smile says it all, no?

  17. Thank you for sharing this gorgeous garden that Pam created for your Mom to enjoy. It is very beautiful and a calming place to spend time. And what a gracious welcome greeting from your Mother. Sending that greeting right back to her, “ohayou gozaimasu”!!
    Sending good wishes to you and your Mom for a wonderful weekend!

  18. You are very lucky to still have your Mom, and she is lucky to have loved ones who appreciate her, and make her such a beautiful garden! The older I get, the more I realize every day is a gift~we should appreciate and enjoy it. It seems your Mom knows this as well! Please tell her “ohayou gozaimasu” from one of your readers in South Alabama (not so far away from the mountains in Georgia).

  19. Wow! To be that spry at 92 would be a blessing. Her garden is lovely. Have a great day Shirley!


  20. Your SIL created a BEAUTIFUL garden for your Mom! What a labor of love! Our gardens at the old house were much more “Japanese” as we also researched and learbed that not seeing everything at once, and having paths wandering around was a hallmark. Our Japanese maples (4 of them) were my favorite! So beautiful. I love the sculptural pieces around your Moms garden too. How wonderful that she has a screened in porch right off her bedroom and at ground level! I would LOVE that. Thanks so much for sharing this and your dear Mom as I love gardening too! Thanks for the greeting from your Mom too!

  21. What a beautiful garden for your mom to enjoy. Georgia is such a beautiful part of the country, thank you for sharing the pretty scenery.

  22. What a beautiful garden. And delightful picture of your mom! So nice you can visit and spend time with her. That was a horrible storm we had here in GA. Glad you didnt have much damage to the flowers.

  23. Wow! That garden is beautiful and how thoughtful of your sister in law to design it just for your precious mom!

  24. What a lovely space for your mom to enjoy. She being closer certainly makes it easier for you to visit and your time with her always seems so precious.

  25. What a beautiful garden for your beautiful mother and what a beautiful sister-in-law to create such a wonderful place for your mom to enjoy! Love all the pictures. Thanks for sharing, Shirley.

  26. Pat francoforte says

    Everything is absolutely lovely! How blessed you are to have such a beautiful, young mom! Thanks for sharing!

  27. Linda Hickey says

    I just love your background!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Linda Hickey says

    I just love your backyard!

  29. Linda Ramsey says

    Your mom’s garden is so lovely. You are so blessed to have her with you still. She looks really good for her age, up and about and enjoying life. It’s two months today since i loss of my mom, still doesn’t seem real some days. Have a wonderful time with your in her serene place. Thanks for the beautiful pictures.

  30. The garden is lovely…we have a Japanese garden here at our BioPark and many of the elements of your mom’s garden are incorporated here…very impressive and very beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  31. Thank you for sharing this beautiful garden created just for your Mom! It is wonderful that she has such easy access to it and a view from her porch. You will have to send us an update when it is warmer. Enjoy every second with your sweet Mom…she is an inspiration to us all!

  32. What a lovely garden Shirley. I love the simplicity and the little pea gravel.

  33. Oh what a beautiful, stunning garden. I know that your mother loves it. Reminds me of Japan when I visited it. I worked for a Japanese Manufacturer for 20 years and I could speak some Japanese, but being gone from there for 11 years I have forgotten most of it.

    Your mother will love being out in the garden and seeing all the plants that grew in Japan. It truly is a beautiful country. I love all the Japanese Maple Trees. I have two and wold love to have more, but I am afraid at this stage of my life it’s not in the cards.

    Your mother looks amazing. You are such a good daughter. My hats off to your sister-in-law for making such a beautiful peaceful place for your mother. Enjoy your time with her.


  34. As a mother-in-law myself I have to say way to go PAM! The garden is beautiful and peaceful.

  35. Barb haskew says

    Hi Shirley, your Mom’s Japanese garden is lovely! I also live in the North Georgia Mountains. I was wondering if your brother lives near me. We aren’t far from Lake Lanier or Lake Burton. We are located in Cleveland, Ga.

  36. Shirley what a beautiful gift of love for your Mom, it is such a lovely serene garden and she has so many of the plants I love, especially the blue spruce, one of my favorites and the weeping cypress too. Your Mom is adorable and 92 years young!! So glad you shared this with us.

  37. Shirley, that garden is AWESOME! So nice to enjoy a cup of hot tea or coffee there! Your Mom is so precious! How blessed you are to have her still here to enjoy and relish every moment.

  38. Absolutely beautiful! Your Mom is so cute and looks so happy.

  39. What a wonderful thing to do for your mother; you have a very special SIL. I have a brother-in-law who was just incredibly wonderful to my late mother and aunt. Just incredible. Your mother looks great and I love the garden. Enjoy our time with her. Bless you!

  40. I adore all beautiful plantings and designs in your Mom’s garden! I especially like that there’s no snow-it snowed here (again) yesterday and looking out my windows I see snowbanks! You are so fortunate to still have your Mom; enjoy every moment with her. I miss my Mom every day.

  41. Lovely beyond words. Precious beautiful Mom looks right at home in her garden! What a perfect place for hot, or ice tea as we approach warmer months. Love all the different elements and color. Reminds me of enjoying my Mothers flower, shrub, and tree gardens with her. Miss my Mom. May God bless you and your Mother for many years to come enjoying these times together. Thanks for sharing.

  42. Shirley, this is just gorgeous! I had to show this post to Mr. Bleu. He loves landscaping, and he went on and on about how pretty this is. Your sister-in-law did a wonderful job. Your beautiful mother must really be enjoying her garden. I hope that you all have a wonderful visit!!!

  43. The garden is amazing!!! Sounds like the two of you are having a lot of fun during your visit?!?!
    Have a great week!!!

  44. Ilona McFerrin says

    Beautiful garden. I enjoyed reading this post because there is so much love in it. So won for your mom to be so loved and happy.

  45. Great photos taken with your phone of your mom’s Japanese garden! You SIL did a wonderful job with its design. Love the photo of your sweet, young mom!

  46. Beautiful! Bent Tree, perhaps?

  47. Shirley, what a blessing for your mother – this garden is spectacular! Your sil Pam deserves much credit for her design and labor in planting such a beautiful respite for your mother. And yes, she looks very spry and young for her age!

  48. I am so pleased that you linked up your Mom’s Japanese Garden. It was a pleasure to visit once again this amazing space. I know that it is bringing her hours of enjoyment. Thanks for sharing at Gardens Galore!


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