My Spring Front Porch in Pinks, Purples and Cobalt Blues

The painters have completed their painting and refurbishing projects.

I was anxiously waiting for them to complete the job, as one of the projects they had to do

was to re-coat the wood garage doors and front doors.

When the front doors were done, I began freshening up the front porch for Spring.

I knew I wanted my Spring Front Porch in pinks, purples and cobalt blues.

Spring Front Porch 2017 - Housepitality Designs

I went to my favorite privately owned garden center

and purchased the flowers to create the front porch for this year’s Spring look.

Spring Front Porch 2017- Housepitality Designs

I was drawn to the beautiful purple and pink Petunias and the great purple Dahlias.

They came in small containers and beautiful  hanging baskets.

Spring Porch 2017-Dahlias-Petunias-Housepitality Designs

You can see a glimpse of my gold and scarlet Irises in the background.

Purple Dahlias-Housepitality Designs

Spring Porch 2017-Housepitality Designs

I was lucky to have found a pillow at HomeGoods that coordinates well

with the colors on the porch.

Purple Petunias-Blue and White Bowl-Spring Porch 2017-Housepitality Designs

For the most part, I place two hanging baskets of flowers on the porch

and hope that the birds do not discover them as they do my ferns on the back porch.

Spring Porch 2017-Petunias-Hydrangeas-Housepitality Designs

These hanging baskets contain pink Petunias and pink and white Verbena.

Pink Petunias-Pink and White Verbena-Housepitality Designs

Last year I created this water garden and it faired well during the winter months.

The true water garden plants like Water Lilies aren’t available just yet,

so I improvised and placed an actual garden Lily and a garden Calla Lily.

They are doing very well! A very pleasant surprise.

Water Garden-Fountain-Bunny-Housepitality Designs

Water Garden-Spring Porch-Housepitality Designs

Water garden-Spring Porch 2017-Housepitality Designs

This bunny  was a gift from our friends, JoAnn and Jerry, many years ago and

will always have a place of honor on our porch. I really should name him or her!

It looks as if “Bunny” is taking time to smell the Petunias!

Oh, wait!!!  ~ ~ ~  I have a name ~ ~ ~  “Bunny” after one of my fav designers, Bunny Williams! 🙂

Porch Bunny-Spring Porch-Housepitality Designs

My hydrangeas bushes are not ready to bloom yet so I get my hydrangea fix

by buying them at the garden centers.

Spring Porch 2017-Water Garden-Hydrangeas-Housepitalty Designs

Hydrangeas-Spring Porch 2017-Housepitality Designs

Spring Front Porch 2017-Water Garden-Housepitality Designs

I recycled my Hydrangea wreaths that I used  last Fall,

taking away the orange tones and adding a ribbon of cheery Spring colors.

Spring Hydrangea Wreath-Housepitality Designs

Spring Wreath-Spring Porch 2017-Housepitality Designs

Spring Wreaths-Spring Porch 2017-Housepitality Designs

I was a bit nostalgic when I was refreshing my porch for Spring this year,

knowing that I may not do this again, as we are planning to build another home,

our downsized home, but you can be assured that I will have another  porch to decorate for the seasons!

Spring Porch 2017-Housepitality Designs

Actually, we are planning to have at least two porches

and a patio . . .  lots of hardscape . . . less grass!

Spring Porch 2017-Housepitality Designs

Spring Porch 2017-Housepitality Designs

I am very busy getting ready for our neighborhood bi-annual yard sale.

I believe I was on number 97 of 100 days of letting go.

I can honestly tell you that I have hundreds of items that I am selling in my yard sale.

It is truly time to let go as I will have at least 1,600 less square feet

in our proposed downsized home which will be around 3,000 square feet.

I am now working on the back lower porch …. lots of flowers down there too!

Stay tuned!

Have a most beautiful, beautiful day enjoying your Spring day!

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  1. Love all the pretty pinks, blues and purples on your big front porch. Funny we are on the same page today. 🙂
    Kim’s recent post…Wow Us Wednesdays #322My Profile

  2. oh my, treasure galore. whens the sale?
    laura janning’s recent post…The simple truth to growing beautiful OrchidsMy Profile

  3. Your porch looks gorgeous. The water garden is so calming. How fun to design your next home. I’ve never had a front porch, but it would be high on my wish list.

  4. Tammy Pegher says

    Absolutely beautiful, and I LOVE the two front doors!
    Lovely porch!

  5. Amy Kaminski says

    I will be sad to see you leave this beautiful home but will look forward to following along with the new build as well. So exciting! And…..I love your porch!

  6. Shirley, your front porch loves so pretty in pinks, purples, and cobalt blues…love this color combo. I can’t wait to see your new home, but I am sure it will be sad for you to leave your present home. Happy Thursday!
    Pam Richardson’s recent post…Strolling A Historic Southern TownMy Profile

  7. Love the porch! I had a pot of those dahlias last summer…and the color is richer in person isn’t it? It will be fun to follow along with your new home! 😉

  8. Wendy Howell says

    Everything looks so welcoming!!

  9. Beautiful!! I need to get busy!!
    Jenna’s recent post…Tablescapes, Easter BirthdayMy Profile

  10. Oh how I WISH I could be there for your garage sale!!! I know I would find many things I would LOVE!!!! Your neighbors are lucky! When does groundbreaking happen??!!! I am assuming you have house plans? Sorry, got distracted cause this is so exciting! I am happy you will have TWO porches and a patio!!!! Now, your front porch is beautiful with the pinks, purples and blues. I was going to suggest “Bunny” as her name as my Mother’s sister, with whom we grew up and she was like a Mother to us, was named Bunny!!!! She was the dearest person I knew and sacrificed so much for my sister and I. Have a beautiful day!!!
    Pinky’s recent post…Dining With Birds AND Bunnies!My Profile

  11. Absolutely beautiful! I love the colors and Bunny Williams. I cannot imagine building a home again it was a lot of work the first time.

    We think about downsizing but are waiting to see where our adult children locate once they complete grad school.

    This will be so much fun following you on your posts as you enter in to this new chapter in your life.
    I too wish I lived closer…would love to check out your goodies at the garage sale.

  12. Your porch looks wonderful!! I love the color combination. How exciting about building a new house. When we moved 3 houses back we downsized from about 4000 sq ft to 2600 sq feet. This new house is 2300 sq ft. The perfect size for us. We will have a huge back deck and a nice size front porch.
    Penny at Enjoying The Simple Things’s recent post…Antiquing!My Profile

  13. Love your bright and happy porch. The colors are so enduring and inviting. fondly ~ lynne ~

  14. I love the container water garden. That’s an idea I can use in my yard.

  15. Love your pineapple porch light . Would you be willing to share where you purchased it .

  16. Love purple flowers with the cobalt, your porch is a beautiful welcoming sight indeed. love the two water features. Those dahlias are stunning, they always remind me of my Grandpa, he planted dahlias that grew the size of a salad plate. Great job Shirley!!
    KATHYSUE’s recent post…The Finishing Touches Around Our New Home!My Profile

  17. Hi Shirley, your porch is beautiful and the mix of colors is very striking. I use a lot of cobalt with pots too since it goes so well with the pool. The dahlias are glorious and that color is stunning.
    It won’t be long for the hydrangeas. Mine are blooming already and I am thrilled since last year the greens got huge but not one bloom. This year, the greens are average and full of buds and a few blooms already. Not sure what was going on with them!!
    Have a nice weekend ahead, xo
    Celestina Marie’s recent post…Tenth Tea Cup, Mug Reveal ~ Spring 2017My Profile

  18. Amazing job in the porch… I am sure you will have just as lovely porch when you move.
    lorb’s recent post…Saying Goodbye…My Profile

  19. Oh how lovely is your porch with the beautiful flowers! I especially love hydrangeas. Mine are just coming up so I have no blooms either. Love your blog!

  20. Shirley, your porch with the pink, purple and blues is beautiful! The pillow is perfect. I don’t remember giving you the rabbit but love how he is sniffing the petunia. It reminds me of Easter and our granddaughter loving the marsh bunnies in our backyard! How exciting to be downsizing! Wish I could attend your neighborhood yard sell as your things would be great!

  21. Looks gorgeous! You are ahead of me. I have been slowly getting my back porch up to speed…but the front porch will have to wait a little. All of my projects seem to be lagging behind with son’s wedding bells on my brain. ha!
    sheila’s recent post…What’s On My Mind! Everything!My Profile

  22. I love the color combinations. I need to start sprucing up the outside of my house. Everything looks so drab after reading your post.

  23. So beautiful Shirley. Your front porch is so welcoming. You know how much I love your double front entry doors. Gorgeous.
    Happy Weekend.
    Kris@JunkChiccottage’s recent post…Cottage FoundMy Profile

  24. Shirley: Everything is simply gorgeous. Here in West Virginia it is still a bit early to bring the porch to life, but I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing yours. I am especially fond of your lovely pink petunias with the pink and white verbena, so pretty. Also, love your water feature, it adds so much.

    Sandra@MaisonDeJardin recent post…Surround Yourself With Things You Love

  25. Absolutely beautiful!! It is still too early to have flowers on the porch here…..I am counting the days though :o)

  26. Such a pretty and colorful porch! I’m surprised to see your dahlias in bloom so early and usually see them in mid to late summer. Love your garden lilies with your water feature. ♥
    Mary’s recent post…Potting Shed: Le Jardin Botanique and BunniesMy Profile

  27. Dianne Lanier says

    I would love a cup of tea, and the opportunity to sit on your porch. The only problem is that I would never leave. What a treasure!

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