Another Favorite Shop and a Winner

As I go about the house, cleaning closets, donating or tossing things

that I no longer need or want, I think about how I want to decorate the home,

the home that we are planning to build, the downsized home.

I want a lighter feel for the house as it will be smaller. 1,500 square feet smaller.

It seems like I have been gravitating to a simpler style of furnishings.

While visiting my friend JoAnn in St. Simon’s Island, she took me to a great shop.

Another favorite shop, that I will add to my growing list.

SeaSide Home-Housepitality Designs

As soon as I entered the shop, I felt a sense of calm . . .

a feeling I definitely am going for.

If you recall my pagoda style lantern . . .

Brighton Pagoda Candle Holder-Housepitality Designs

I purchased it from this shop,  SeaSide Home on St. Simon’s Island

. . . right from this table:

SeaSide Shop-Housepitality Designs

I love this table and the scalloped edges.

I was told that many of the pieces that I loved was manufactured by Gabby.

SeaSide Shop-Housepitality Designs

I am really loving the European Farmhouse feel of these pieces.

Isn’t it always the case that when you take a photo of something,

you notice things that you missed. Yes, spying some things that I don’t recall seeing!

SeaSide Home-Housepitality Designs

Like some pretties on the above table

and the console against the wall.

SeaSide Home-Housepitality Designs

Both JoAnn and I are working on  plans on building a downsized home.

She plans to build in the same area of St. Simon’s Island and

loves the furnishings and accessories of this shop as I do.

Hey, maybe we could get a group discount?!!!

SeaSide Home-Housepitality Designs

I must say that on my “wish list” for the “future home” is a new bedroom set

from the amazing line of Eloquence. Cue the sighs!

I was shopping that day only having my iPhone to take pics

and I thought I took more …. like a pic of a great Mora clock that was in the shop.

Next time! . . . . . . Book my reservation JoAnn!

And now my treasured readers . . . . .  I want to announce the winner

of the book “Paris in Bloom”

Can you imagine cruising the streets of Paris on this bicycle with the gorgeous flowers?


above photo by Georgianna Lane, author of “Paris in Bloom”

Paris in Bloom Book-Housepitality Designs

The lucky winner is: Donnamae! Oh, no wait, there is another winner!

I love this book so much that I decided to give away one more!

So, the other winner is: Liz!

Congrats Donnamae and Liz!!!

Have a most beautiful day everyone . . . .  doing something that makes you happy and brings you joy!

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  1. I remember shopping some shops on St. Simons, but don’t think I saw that one. Maybe it’s new. There is lots of fabulous stuff. I can’t wait till I can shop in a store again. Heck I can’t wait till I can drive again.

  2. I have shopped on St. Simons but it has been several years ago. This shop is so calming and I know that you found so many things that would be perfect for your new home. Congrats to your winners and Happy Tuesday

  3. You always find the best shops! Everything is so beautiful – and yes, calming! Have a great week!

  4. I would so love to visit that shop! I imagine your mind is running full speed with ideas for the new home.
    I’m so pleased to have won one of the books in your giveaway! I know I will enjoy all the beautiful pictures!
    Thank you again, Liz

  5. Oh how lovely! Thanks for sharing. I can always dream of Paris!

  6. Oh that shop is dreamy Shirley! Congrats to Donnamae and Liz, the book is gorgeous!

  7. Oh boy! I would love to visit that shop! Congrats to the winners.

  8. Looks like a lovely shop, full of wonderful treasures. You will have such fun working on your new home and we (all your readers) will all enjoy seeing your creativity in full swing. Have a great week!

  9. Donnamae says

    What a gorgeous shop….they have beautiful furnishings! I do love that lantern you found there. I am excited to receive Paris in Bloom…never having been there, I might get some ideas! Thanks again Shirley!! 😉

  10. Good morning! I spy many things that I like too!!! As Joe and I are planning a trip to Fl. next winter I will put St. Simon’s on my “must go to” list!!!! It sounds wonderful! Congrats to the winners of the book!!! I am so anxious to see plans for your new home!!! I still want one of those lanterns!

  11. Downsizing…oh sigh. I cannot imagine leaving that beautiful home of yours. I get sad thinking about moving on from our empty nest. We are waiting to see where our boys settle down after grad school.

    I am excited however to see your new home and all the wonderful decorating you do. You have amazing style sense and your home is so welcoming. Hope your sale went well. Wish I lived closer:)

  12. That looks like a wonderful store. I loved that round table!! Downsizing? I feel like I need to get a bigger home to fit in my family, kind of create a compound like the Ewings had in DALLAS at Southfork lol.

  13. Hey Shirley Love your post and reading your blog is doing something that makes me happy and brings me joy!
    Looking forward to your next post.

  14. What a great shop! I love everything in there!

  15. Isn’t St. Simon’s beautiful? Such a lovely place. This shop is just gorgeous, and it really matches what I think of as your style!

    I’m excited to hear about your new house plans. 1500 square feet smaller is a big downsize, but you’re so wise to think in those terms!

  16. Shirley, come visit anytime! While shopping with you I didn’t even notice that you were taking photos of the shop! They do have beautiful items and I love how you’ve used the gorgeous lantern in several blogs. It was a great purchase! Congrats to the lucky winners.

  17. good for your winners! the book looks lovely ….and so does that shop!

  18. I can’t wait to see how you downsize. It sounds like you might be going for a slightly different look. Isn’t that the whole reason for having a new place!!

  19. What a lovely shop and I do love the lanterns you got…

  20. Congratulations to the winners!
    What a wonderful shop…..everything is so beautiful!!! Love your little lantern :o)

  21. Gorgeous furnishings and shop! Congratulations to the winners!

  22. Diane Hinnant says

    I somehow missed this post and am wondering if your new home will be on St. Simons Island?

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