Vignettes Tell A Story and A Winner

Do your vignettes tell a story?

Mine always seem like they do. 

Whenever I gather things to place on a table or a surface/area I am styling,

I think of each piece and the story behind it.

Whether it be a memory of a friend, a place that I traveled to, or a shopping experience

with friends or family. There is always a story. Stories of  fun times and

sometimes bittersweet, because  that particular memory is that of a person who is  longer with us.

Dining Room Table Vignette-Housepitality Designs

For example,  take these great candlesticks that I purchased at the High Point Market.

There are two stories behind them.

One is that the candlesticks remind me of my friend Kim’s post,

She had purchase some  beautiful  tall candlesticks and did not place any candles on them.

Kim displayed them more as architectural pieces.  Many people inquired why there

were no candles placed on them …. well, you can have them. . . . or not,

depending on how you want to display them . . .  what look you are going for.

Dining Room-vignette-French Candlesticks-Housepitality Designs

This is the other story that comes to me when I see these candlesticks.

One year while at the High Point Market I had the opportunity to purchase

these beautiful Old World candlesticks. I was with Kristen of Sophia’s Decor.

I love experiencing the Market with her.

When buying items from a certain vendor, you must pick your items up the day after the Market

closes. On that day, I had to go out of town, so Kristen being the generous

and thoughtful person she is, volunteered to pick them up for me.

Old World Candlesticks-Ironstone-Housepitality Designs

Little did Kristen know, she had to park blocks and blocks away from where the vendor was.

She had also bought a pair of candlesticks and two large sconces.

So needless to say, the sweet Kristen walked many blocks with an armload of our stuff.

I so totally appreciated her beyond the call of duty efforts, but she is that kind of person!

The ironstone tureen. . . . the story:

Whenever I am in Mary Alice’s neck of the woods, we go on an adventure,

an antique shopping adventure. I can always count on her to spy great things.

One day she did …. for me ….. she saw this and said, you have to have this!

Ironstone Tureen-Housepitality Designs

Mary Alice is always looking out for me!

The capitol/pedestal that the tureen sits on was also a find at the High Point Market.

Kristen and I purchased quite a few of them. We searched through stacks of them to

find the perfect ones.

Vintage tea towel-Housepitality Designs

That beautiful antique  linen tea towel that you see underneath the ironstone tureen

is from my friend Martha’s beautiful vast collection of antique linens.

I have quite a few of her linens and always think of her with joy when I display them.

Dining Room-Housepitality Designs

I am sure that you have many stories that are behind many items in your home.

Without realizing, you probably can remember quite a few stories

just my gazing upon beautiful things on a surface or any area of your home.

Sweet memories ….. and sometimes bittersweet ones.

What is that saying? …. “If these walls could talk” ….. right???!!!!

Now on to the winner of the fabulous publication my Matthew Mead,

“Upstyled Home Outdoors.”  The winner is Alison!

Congrats Alison!

I hope you all had a most wonderful Mother’s Day. I am excited that I will be

seeing my mom soon. I had a wonderful Mother’s Day  with my family.

Have a most beautiful day doing the things that bring you joy!

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  1. Oh, you got the no candles on the candlesticks question, too. Yes I remember where most of my pieces came from as I put vignettes together, too. I hope your fern survives as mine got covered in bugs and died. 🙁

  2. I so relate, I remember where I got each piece in my home and the memories they evoke. My most treasured pieces are the ones I have inherited, I speak about that today on my blog. I love the candle sticks (don’t think I have seen them before) and LOVE that pedestal! A simple but beautiful vignette. Have a beautiful day!

  3. I loved hearing the stories of your current vignette pieces. Love that pedestal. Congrats to the winner!

  4. Because I am a story person, this post was especially sweet. Almost everything in my house has a story, Shirley. That is the reason it is so hard to part with anything! This is a lovely vignette!

  5. amy chalmers says

    I just got a pair of antique candlesticks and I don’t have candles on them either, I just think they look so nice with out any! Congrats to Alison!

  6. Donnamae says

    That’s the fun part….remembering the stories behind the objects! Funny about the candlesticks…..why not without candles? Enjoy your Day! 😉

  7. Indeed, vignettes do tell a story and for each of us it is different. I love what yours say about your interests and good taste.

  8. Love the candlesticks with no candles story…and the textures of ironstone, linen and stone are lovely.

  9. Lovely vignette. Your candlesticks, tureen, and capitol/pedestal are treasures. Most of all the friendships you shared with your stories. Glad you had a good Mother’s Day.

  10. This blog is so great, Shirley, as it is so true about all the stories we have to tell about our “things!” You are in many of my stories around the house and that is why it is such an important point…it is not just about the things but about the special people in our lives.

  11. SHERRY MYERS says

    Lovely. This post reminds me of the line in the movie, “Steel Magnolias.” “Now, there’s a story there.” I love the candlesticks, but it made them even more lovely knowing the story behind them. I have always enjoyed hearing about the friendship that you and your friend, Martha share. It makes the tea towel even prettier just knowing how you got it. Thanks for an endearing post, Shirley. Enjoy all your storied treasures.

  12. I so enjoyed this post, Shirley. I,too, think of people and places when I am pulling out china, linens and when I look at specific things in our home. All the memories are what makes our homes truly ours and makes home so very special.

    Again, a lovely post! And, I love the candlesticks.

  13. I love big chunky candlesticks without candles! Your table looks beautiful, and full of fond memories…it is amazing how an object can invoke so many things from life’s experiences!

  14. Yes, many times it is the story behind an item as the reason I will buy it. Other times it’s the story in the making as to why I buy it, and always it’s fun to remember all those stories. I especially love that capital on which your ironstone sits, but you always make great vignettes.

  15. The vignette is pretty…..but the stories make it prettier! I like to know about things I buy. I group french altar sticks with out candles and love the display….it is architecture!!

  16. Beautiful vignettes as always and I love the stories they have to tell and memories they evoke. Hope your Mother’s Day was happy!

  17. I truly enjoy hearing the stories behind your pieces. Mine do have many too… Thanks for sharing yours.

  18. I love this post, as hearing the “stories” about your finds is the best part!

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