Do You Love All-American Decorating and Timeless Style? – A Giveaway

Do you love All-American decorating and timeless style like I do?

Then you would love this book that I featured in my last post

of my High Low Project inspired by this “Beautiful” book.

Love the style of Mark D. Sikes so much that I want to share it with you.

I decided to purchase another copy of his book and share one with one of my readers.

Yes, I am personally giving away a copy of the book to one of my readers, 

“Beautiful, All-American Decorating and Timeless Style.” by Mark D. Sikes

Painted White Box-Housepitality Designs

I first saw this book on a post by the lovely ladies of Design Chic

and was smitten. I ordered the book right away and anxiously awaiting for his new book.

I am using this book for lots of inspiration for my new “right-sized” home.

Combining classic All-American style with French country.

I am hoping that I can work these french doors into my design of the house:

Beautiful Book by Mark D. Sikes-Housepitality Designs

In this book you will find a tremendous amount of inspiration and design that you

can apply to your home.

For example, I love the layering of this mantel!


A most beautiful way to combine the classic traditional style with a modern twist.


Oh and the blue and white!

I can see another “high low project” coming.



And the chinoiserie!!!


So admiring this tower bookcase. I can see this incorporated in my “right-sized” home.


In this book, rooms are wonderfully chaptered by color scheme.

Gorgeous inspiration of beautiful rooms, vignettes, amazing ways to incorporate storage and organization

and more, are what you will see in this book.

This could be yours! Just leave me a comment stating that you would love to win this book!

Winner will be chosen at random.

This  giveaway will end on June 6th, 2017 and winner will be announced on June 8th, 2017.

Good luck and have a most beautiful day!!!

Please note: This is NOT a sponsored post. I love this book and all reviews are

happily and gloriously my own!

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  1. Sharon Avinger says

    Traditional with a twist is exactly my style! I would love to win this book. The pictures are really enticing. Thank you for this offer.

  2. Margaret Brady says

    Love reading your posts and all the inspiration they offer. Would love to win this book.

  3. I would love to add this to my collection. TY

  4. i see a lot of these ideas being incorporated into the new house. i feel those wheels spinning right now! They say nobody does blue and white in their decorating like Mark Sikes.

  5. Christi Anderson says

    I just love books – especially decorating books! I would love to win it!

  6. Yes please! I would love to win this book. Thank you for the chance!
    Penny at Enjoying The Simple Things’s recent post…Sierra Nevada Brewery, Asheville NCMy Profile

  7. We are downsizing soon and I think this book would be of great value as I cull our belongings. Thank you for offering and I do hope I win this!!!

  8. Would love to be considered to win this book. i would,share this book with my 80 year old Mama who still has the decorating flare Nd is always open to new ideas.

  9. Shirley, I follow Mark D. Sikes on IG and I love his design style…always tasteful, but with a little edge. And since I haven’t purchased this book, I would love to win a copy…Happy Tuesday!
    Pam Richardson’s recent post…Summertime & The Livin’ Is EasyMy Profile

  10. This book sounds intriguing! I love the mantel advise and want to study the high low effect. I need help in the styling department. I love the phrase ,with a new twist! Thanks for keeping us abreast of new books.
    bonnie morgan’s recent post…Quimper PotteryMy Profile

  11. Would love to win a copy of this book and spend time viewing its design elements.

  12. Janice Chiaffredo says

    Trying to get my “right size” house looking beautiful. Please draw my name! PS Love your web site it is so fresh and beautiful.

  13. Regina S. says

    I haven’t seen this book yet! Yes, I would love to win this book.

  14. Beautiful! I would love to win this book ! I hope you get to incorporate the french doors in your new home.

  15. Jean Tucker says

    Just downsized to a new home, could use some inspiration. Would love to win this book.

  16. I would LOOOOVE to win this book! It looks fabulous! I can see you doing a new “high/low vignette”!!!!!!
    Pinky’s recent post…Something New for the Patio!My Profile

  17. Linda a. says

    The book looks amazing, would love to own it.

  18. I put this book in my Amazon cart but would so rather win
    a copy! Would love to have it—thank you for such an awesome opportunity!

  19. This book looks like it has so many great ideas. I would love to add it to my collection.

  20. We are hoping to sell the house we own now and downsize into something more manageable. This book would help me go in a different direction with a new home.

  21. Susan McMillan says

    Would love to have this book to get fresh new ideas. Thanks so much for offering it to us!

  22. BArbara Burrus says

    I am always looking for inspiration, new design and decorating ideas. Your blog and pictures keep me inspired but this book would be a wonderful keepsake. Thanks for the opportunity to win it!

  23. Right now I am in the process of totally changing my family room area and am struggling with fabric color choices, etc. This book looks inspirational and just what kind of help I need! Thanks for making the offer possible!
    Rosie @ The Magic Hutch
    rosie M’s recent post…Easter Greetings, 2017My Profile

  24. Terri Santa Coloma says

    I’d love to win this beautiful book.

  25. This would be a beautiful book to add to my collection!

  26. I would love to have this book.

  27. It definitely sounds like an interesting book. I’m curious, so, I would love to win it.

  28. I would love to pop a bunch of my favorite items on the mantel, the book looks amazing

  29. Would love to win this beautiful book..

  30. Pat Vinson says

    Hi Shirley. What a beautiful book! My favorite thing to do,is spend time decorating in my home! I would love to win this book! Good luck with your new home. I’m sure it will be beautiful! Thank you for the chance to have this book.

  31. SHERRY MYERS says

    I can hardly wait to see the plans for your new home! I have no doubt it will be timeless and classic. I also love and am intrigued by the talent of Mark D. Skies. What a perfect name for his new book! The cover alone is gorgeous. I would enjoy it among my collection. Thank you, Shirley, for your kindness, and the tempting peek!

  32. SHERRY MYERS says

    Pardon me, Sikes.

  33. I love your term “right-size house”. Sounds like a lot more fun than downsizing. My husband and I got that backwards. The last time he was transferred before retirement, we had to get a house that didn’t hold all our furniture because of the house prices in that area. Then where we moved for retirement houses were better priced. So I wanted one that would have plenty of room for visiting children and grandchildren. That’s what we did. And wouldn’t you know we were blessed to have all our family not only move to the same city but right in our neighborhood. Our house may be too big for us but I’m not complaining or moving. ?

  34. This book looks like my kind of book. I collect decorating books and would love to add this one to my collection!

  35. So now I know! My style is “traditional with some French country”. I’d love to read more about it!

  36. carol smith says

    Hi Shirley, can’t wait to see your “right-sized” home. I would love to “win” this book as the decorating style appeals to me as does yours. Thanks ~ carol

  37. How sweet of you to offer one of your favorite books to us. I would love to win it as we have no bookstores in our little town. Thank you for your generosity! Donna

  38. What a wonderful book! I would love to add it to my collection. Thank you for the opportunity.

  39. Debra Bartels says

    Love, love, love the tower bookcase. I have too many books but one more wouldn’t hurt. Thanks for the chance to win this beautiful book.

  40. I would love to add this book to my library of interior design books. How lovely to have the chapters organized by color. I look forward to learning more about this book.

  41. I’ve just “discovered” Mark D. Sikes and I am smitten. The book is lovely – the blue/white palette is calling my name. What a nice give-away. 🙂
    Jeanne’s recent post…Close to HomeMy Profile

  42. Sherry b says

    I have seen this book and love it! I would be so happy to win this giveaway!

  43. Sandra D, Joliet says

    Yes, I would love to win the beautiful “Beautiful” book. I love browsing through books and magazines about home decorating and crafting. One gets so inspired!

  44. The book sounds wonderful. I am trying to make some changes to my house and this would be so helpful.

  45. Interesting ideas. Hope I win the book for further inspiration!

  46. Hi Shirley, I would love to own this book. We also need to downsize and purge so many possessions. Maybe it will inspire us to get moving!

  47. Indeed BEAUTIFUL!! I would love to own this book. There aren’t many books these days that feature timeless style, mixing some traditional elements with other transitional pieces. Love, love the pages with chinoiserie!! I swoon over anything with blue.
    Hope you are having a wonderful week.

  48. Love everything Mark Sikes does and can’t wait to see your new house.

  49. Charlotte says

    Beautiful inspiration for sure.

  50. This is an incredible book. Would love to add it to my growing collection.

  51. What a beautiful book! Hope you are having a great week xox

  52. I have decided if I don’t win I am going to order this. I am betting it has a LOT that would be very inspirational to me!!! I used that mantle to help me with some shelves Joe just hung for me here in my office. I also would like to try to recreate some blue and white vignettes! Hope you had a great day. I am getting so anxious for YOUR new home to start so I guess you are VERY anxious:):)
    PS, just count these as one comment:):)
    Pinky’s recent post…Something New for the Patio!My Profile

  53. Cynthia Mitchell says

    Hi Shirley,
    I love looking at your gorgeous designs! Would love to win this wonderful book!

  54. Cathy temple says

    I love the incredible style of Mark D. Sikes and would love to win this book. Thank you for the chance, Shirley!

  55. I love a good design book…this one would be a great addition to my collection.

  56. Thia is just my style. It is a lovely book.

  57. I do love inspiration and updated styles.Thanks for bringing the book to everyones attention

  58. KARENANN says

    I would love to win such a lovely book. Thank your for the opportunity!

  59. I would love to win this book. Love his style.

  60. I would love to win this book! Can’t wait to see your “right size” home….it will be Beautiful! As I have said before you have great decor taste!!!

  61. This looks great! I would love to add this to my collection of decorating books!

  62. OMG! This is absolutely stunning. I have lots of crystal balls I was going to sell in a garage sale, but I have just changed my mind… I love the combination of the crystal balls with the vases and the plants all strengthened out along the table.
    lorb’s recent post…Saying Goodbye…My Profile

  63. I would love to win this book. I have an old house built in 1876 sitting on the bank of the Ohio River and it needs all American style. Thanks for this offer.

  64. I would love to read this book – my style definitely more traditional than my generation peers but make me very happy?X,

  65. This looks like a lovely book, with great decor ideas. Thank you for giving us all a chance to win it!

  66. Great book! I would love it for sure!

    Nancy @ Slightly Coastal’s recent post…One Room Challenge Round-UpMy Profile

  67. Lovely book Shirley and I would love to win it!

  68. Angela vassar says

    The book looks inspirational, and I would love get a closer look:) Thanks for giving a copy away.

  69. Angela vassar says

    This book looks very inspirational! I would love to get a closer look:)
    Thank you for giving a copy away!

  70. Terr santa Coloma says

    I’d love this Beautiful book!

  71. This book looks like a dream. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. Even if I don’t win, still good to know what I can put on my book “wish list”.

  72. I have been searching for a good design book, so the timing of this post is perfect. After a year of recovering from surgery after a work-related injured at my job as an ER nurse, I’ve had just over a year to learn how much I love interior design. My analytical mind doesn’t have the creative vision that designers are blessed with, so I need lots of inspiration. I can get lost for hours reading blogs about design styles and enjoy seeing how others interpret their own spaces. It allows me to escape my day to day reality and feel inspired in new ways. Perhaps in the future you could suggest additional books, or designers that we (the readers) could utilize in planning and making the most of our own homes for our families. Thank you for recommending this book and the opportunity to win a copy. Good luck to everyone else who would also appreciate winning a copy of this book!

  73. Shirley: Your blog is inspiration for me and I know the book is wonderful. Yes, I would love to win a copy. I feel there is so much to learn about decorating our homes and we gain such great ideas from the talented people of our world.
    Sandra at Maison De Jardin’s recent post…The Allure of Beautiful LinensMy Profile

  74. Love the blues and the classic design.That would make a beautiful coffee table book

  75. Rebecca Turner says

    I would love to add this book to my favorite “decor” books, piled high on my library desk! The desk was a birthday gift, but my husband and I shopped for it together. It’s a large, sturdy piece, probably from the twenties or thirties, and I wanted it exactly for the purpose of books & display. Now my favorite books are always at hand! (Bonus: It has pockets on both sides where I can display specimen seashells, pottery, etc.)

  76. Teresa Ogg says

    This looks like such a lovely book to add to my decorating library. My taste is mostly traditional with some French country mixed in.

  77. Lynn Fowler says

    Winning this book would be a great addition to my small but well loved library of home improvement, design.

  78. Heather S says

    I would la la LOVE to win this book, thank you, cheers! xoxo

  79. I’d really like to win this book.

  80. Esther dill says

    Love your style and I look at your blog daily. So excited to see your future journey of your new “right size” home.

  81. Would love to look through this book!

  82. He’s a genius worth studying, the way he pairs and balances a mantle, table, or vignette. I can’t wait to see if you’re able to incorporate the tower bookcase in your new place. Thanks for featuring this book and would love to own it!

  83. Shirley, what a stunning book! It has EVERYTHING we love, doesn’t it? Mark is a genius at balancing traditional, classic pieces with more contemporary decor and giving it a timeless look. I haven’t had the opportunity to see this gorgeous book yet, but would love to take the time to peruse each and every page. You are so generous! Thank you for hosting this beautiful give away.
    Lidy@Frenchgardenhouse Antiques’s recent post…CELEBRATING OUR MAY READER APPRECIATION WINNER!My Profile

  84. I would live to win the book to drool over, how fun to have sisters, I sure wish I did. Thank you for the beautiful summer pictures in your porch.

  85. Constance Mattson says

    Can’t imagine the fun I would have pouring over the photos in this dream book…but if you pick me, I will love every moment! ?

  86. I saw this in B&N last week and wild LOVE to have it! Thank you for your beautiful blogs…love the window treatments in your sunroom :-).

  87. Camille Hall says

    Absolutely lovely pictures-thank you for sharing
    with us! I would love a copy of the book!
    Thank you!

  88. DOrothy Wilson says

    I would love to win this lovely book! Summer is in full swing in south Florida and it would make fun reading while enjoying a glass of lavender lemonade!

  89. Mary Sutton says

    Hi Shirley, Yours is the one e-mail I look so forward to, I love your style and want to thank you for all the ideas you share, you have a beautiful way of putting things together! We just moved and I’m trying to figure things out, so I’d just love to win a copy of the book “Beautiful!” I have an old Hickory chair sofa that reminds me of the on in the book. It could sure use a fresh new look! Thank you for your amazing and helpful website!

  90. I would love to win the BEAUTIFUL book! Love your blog, too!

  91. Connie Hill says

    Oh, how I would love ❤️ to win this book!
    Your blog is my favorite!
    Summer in Tallahassee is hot, so I would enjoy sitting down with this ” beautiful ” book!

  92. Love Chinoiserie and would love to have M.Sikes book!

  93. Oh I would love to win this book. And I love, love your sunroom and it’s many seasonal changes.

  94. Susan Smith says

    I love decorating books and magazines. Just ask my mail lady! I would love a chance to win. Thanks for the give-away. Yours is my favorite blog!

  95. I love your style and always look forward to your blog post! I am a decorating book and magazine fanitic and would simply be over the moon to receive this beautiful book. Thank you for sharing your passion!

  96. Sheila kalil says

    Count me in too. Love decorating in timeless & traditional style and would enjoy this book very much! Thanks for all of your ideas and sharing!

  97. I love this type of book. Would love to win !

  98. Always love your posts and would love to win this beautiful book to put on my coffee table to inspire others!

  99. What a gorgeous book to swoon through. Thanks for a chance Shirley. Happy New week.
    Kris @ Junk Chic Cottage’s recent post…Bath Room RenovationMy Profile

  100. tracy Chandler says

    PICK ME…pick me.. I have just started my decorating book collection. I would LOVE to add this one to my coffee table especially as a gift from one of my favorite bloggers!

  101. This beautiful book would be a great addition to my collection! I love his style!

  102. Carole zweizig says

    Love your site and all your amazing ideas!

  103. Joanne Vest says

    WOW! Great book! Would look absolutely wonderful on my basket truck! Of course, after I drag it around with me forever! Like in the car, at my office, during break, outside after work, etc.!!!!!!!

  104. Donna G. says

    Would love to add this book to my collection. Thanks, Shirley.

  105. Would love to own a copy of that lovely book as I too enjoy layering my treasures ….maybe sometimes too many layers so would love to see a professional way of doing it!!!!!! Hope I win!!!!

  106. Traditional + country French+HEAVEN. I’d love to add this book to my library!

  107. This books looks wonderful and timeless. It’s one of those that will be still current in 20 years.

  108. Cheryl Bull says

    This looks to be a perfect decorating book! Thank you for bringing it to my attention!

  109. Ginger Crow says

    Would certainly enjoy this book and the 8th is my birthday…what a nice surprise it would be to win!

  110. Susan Kistler says

    Better late than never- hope I’m still in time to win the book! Thank you for the chance-it will be at the top of my summer reading list!


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