Do you have a designated coffee station or room?

Do you have a designated coffee station or room? I do. I have a room.

Well that room is my coffee room a.k.a. butler’s pantry.

I used to have many vintage Maxwell House Coffee Memorabilia on the counter of this room.

I have recently packed many of these items away,

which included an un-opened Maxwell House  vintage coffee tin, a thermos,

and a somewhat not ordinarily seen,  Maxwell House Tea tin.

All these including more have been packed away and stored.

Coffee Room/Butler's Pantry-Housepitality Designs

This watercolor of the “Morning Call” establishment in New Orleans, remains on the counter.

My ex-boss of over 20 years, gave this to me when he retired.

I always threatened to take that watercolor home with me every time I saw it in his office.

I know it was special to him as he was born and raised in the New Orleans area,

and had fond memories of Morning Call.

Morning Call Print-Housepitality Designs

My ex-boss did retire, but he actually sold all of his many home care agencies to

various hospital systems in the State of Florida.

I was sad to see that watercolor be taken down from the wall and carted away.

Coffee Room/Butler's Pantry-Housepitality Designs

The next day, he came back to the office, watercolor in hand.

He handed it to me and said that he knew how much I loved it.

I was truly surprised at this wonderful gesture and gift …. but then again not so surprised.

Every day I am reminded of the days that I spent over 20 years with wonderful co-workers

in which I still keep in touch with. We were a very large agency (agencies)  but yet we were like family.

I do not feel many companies are like that anymore.

Coffee Station-Butler's Pantry-Tea Set-Housepitality Designs

This room has a bank of cabinets that serve as my pantry.

Along with upper and lower cabinets on the other side of the room.

I have not shown this room much as there are no windows and difficult to photograph.

This area is an extension of my kitchen that was originally supposed to have 

a pantry door opening up to just shelving.  I wanted no door and cabinets.

The Watercolor paintings  of beautiful fruit were painted by my friend Martha.

These are also seen first thing in the morning every day and I think about

how much we miss Martha and her wonderful hubby who recently moved away.

Coffee Room-Butler's Pantry-Housepitality Designs

On another wall, is some coffee memorabilia and a tea time print.

My most treasured Maxwell House item is this antique ad from The Ladies Home Journal,

dated February 1925, featuring the grand old hotels in Florida that served Maxwell House Coffee and Tea.

Maxwell House antique ad-Housepitality Designs

I always wonder about the people who read and turned each page of this 92 year old magazine.

Pages of product promotion, presenting new cures for relieving gout symptoms,

pages of the chic fashion of the “Roaring 20’s” …. as you can see in the ad.

I have had this for many years and plan to have it re-framed.

Coffee Room-Butler's Pantry-Housepitality Designs

The cabinets have been purged and organized. I donated at least 25 coffee mugs.

Keeping only those that match my sets of dinnerware and special mugs from family and friends.

Another area done!

Happy Friday all . . . and I wish you a most wonderful and fun weekend!!

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  1. sounds like you are making alot of progress getting ready to move. hopefully you are still making time to enjoy a nice cup of coffee. have a great weekend!

  2. That was so nice of your boss to gift you that picture. Sounds like a nice place to work. No, many places are not like a family. I know the place I worked at wasn’t.
    I have enjoyed several cups of coffee poured in this cute designated coffee room.

  3. What a special story about your co-workers and your boss. The watercolor is lovely and a great reminder of your associations .
    You are really accomplishing so much toward your move.
    Have a great weekend, Shirley.

  4. Terri Santa Coloma says

    Lovely story. You should visit me in New Orleans and we’ll go to Morning Call

  5. Love the room. Do you remember where you purchased the coffee pot/creamer and sugar set. They are beautiful! Thank you.

  6. I never knew about this butler’s pantry! It is wonderful! You are really doing a great job getting ready to move!! Have a wonderful weekend! Hope you have something fun planned:)

  7. Shirley, I don’t think I have ever seen your butler’s pantry. What a great place to begin your day. The story of your former boss and his gift is heartwarming. Spending twenty years working for a company with wonderful co-workers is definitely a blessing. You seem to have everything stated and market ready…it should sale very quickly!

  8. We just have our plan old coffee maker sitting on the counter. We do have an espresso machine, that has been tucked away for almost a year now while we wait to move into our new house. Your butler’s pantry is wonderful! Will you have one at your new house?

  9. Shirley, this little are was one of my favorite spots in your house! Even after you’ve packed away some of your antique goodies, it still looks cozy and inviting. You just have a magic touch!

  10. What a sweet gesture. And, that is a wonderful area for a coffee bar.

  11. What a nice gift you received from your former boss! That was so thoughtful! I love your Maxwell house ad. It’s perfect decor for a coffee station. And I remember seeing your Maxwell house collectibles a while back. When you finally unpack things, it’s going to be like Christmas!

  12. Mayanna Howard says

    Who makes your sugar and creamer and pot? What is the pattern? Beautiful!

  13. Donnamae says

    What a wonderful little part of your home! I don’t have the luxury of a coffee station….just a coffee maker in a corner…lol! I like your arrangement better! Sounds like the purging is going well! Enjoy your weekend! 😉

  14. It is the perfect nook and one of my favorite parts of your home. Now I need to go get a little organizing done…happy weekend, my friend!

  15. What a beautiful coffee station. I have one set up upstairs so that I don’t even have to go downstairs in the morning for a cup of tea or coffee. So convenient. I also have several pieces of the white wear teapots you show cased. I found two beautiful pillar candle holders that also went with that set. I found mine at TJ Max shopping in Atlanta and others in North Carolina ?
    I love the water color prints. Your friend is talented. Continue your great work!

  16. I love your beautiful coffee station and am going to build one in our new “tiny” cottage house. Love that cafe picture gifted to you from your boss. How sweet to come down every morning and see that and be reminded of your great co workers. So sweet. Have a great weekend.

  17. Love the watercolors!

  18. What a special gift your boss gave you, so generous and thoughtful! Shirley, a whole room for coffee…I love it! We have a very fancy coffee maker, but it is on the counter next to our range. You are making so much progress. Can’t wait to see you in a few weeks. Xo Lidy

  19. Great minds shop alike Shirley, I have the same Gracie China bird pieces. Love the Ladies Home Journal
    ad 🙂

  20. What a treasured gift from your boss – so extremely thoughtful of him. I am sure you treasure that as much as the gift.

    I love your butler’s pantry and what a great place for coffee. Also love the teapot, creamer and sugar – so sweet.

    It looks as though you are moving along with your clearing out. Have a good week!

  21. bobbi duncan says

    Love your butler’s pantry/coffee station and the way you decorated it! I miss my old house’s butler’s pantry. It was large and very convenient to our dining room. We have a lot of storage in our present kitchen but still not enough for all the china sets and such so I have to store a good amount in the basement. I have to be so careful bringing china up and down the stairs. I hope we will be able to fit in a nice pantry in our retirement cottage as my knees aren’t what they used to be. Either that or sell some things ( hubby would approve the latter).

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