Romantic Style at its Best

Well, it is crunch time for me. I have been working on the house inside and out.

Preparing to place our home on the market.

We are not certain how successful we will be,

placing this house on the market this late in the year.

We will give it a good try and the good thing is that we are under no pressure to move.

When I mentioned crunch time,

it is because the photographer is coming next Tuesday to photograph the house.

When taking breaks between my list of things to do,

I have been reading and swooning over the new Romantic Homes Magazine.

It is Romantic Style at its best with an updated look for today’s interiors.

Romantic Homes Magazine-Housepitality Designs

Did I tell you that my sweet friend, Courtney of French Country Cottage

is now the Editor of Romantic Homes?!!! I think I did, but just in case!

Her fabulous dining room is actually on the cover.

I have been pouring over the pages of the new issue that Courtney sent to me

and I have to tell you . . . . This magazine has been taken to a new level.

Romantic Homes Magazine-Housepitality Designs

Taking my afternoon tea break using my tea set that I purchased in France.

When reading this issue, you will see beautiful interiors from great European flair

to those of Rustic/Farmhouse Romance, and more.

Features of romantic travel destinations, entertaining, amazing gardens

such as this one of Nora Murphy’s home, and the list goes on.

Romantic Homes Magazine-Housepitality Designs

I mentioned homes of Rustic/Farmhouse Romance . . . like this one.

Romantic Homes Magazine-Housepitality Designs

Romantic Homes Magazine-Housepitality Designs

Romantic Homes also provides such wonderful information on decorating tips and

other informative articles such as this one on antique monogrammed linens

by the ever so sweet and talented Lidy of French Garden House.

Her expertise on all things antique with an emphasis on French and European antiques

is always so amazing to me. I know first hand, as I have been antique shopping with her.

She has an incredible eye for spotting the most beautiful and unique things.

Romantic Homes Magazine-Housepitality Designs

When we were young, my mom always made certain that we girls had a dainty handkerchief

in our little purses. She would even tie up our lunch money in a handkerchief.

So when I see a pretty vintage monogrammed handkerchief with my initials, it’s mine!

These particular ones in the photo were purchased from my friend Martha.

Talk about someone who knows her antique linens!

Romantic Homes magazine has something for everyone! I am thrilled that this magazine

has gone in such a beautiful new direction under the guidance of Courtney and the

wonderful Romantic Homes team.

Time to get back to my “to do list” …. Have a most beautiful day friends!!!!

Note: I was sent this issue of Romantic Homes for review.

All opinions are very happily and joyfully my own! Including the cartwheels across the floor!

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  1. Amy Kaminski says

    Oh Shirley! That tea set!!! O.M.G.!!! Beautiful!

  2. Really?! I hadn’t heard – how fantastic is that?! Have a happy day Shirley! xo

  3. Wow! Great news!
    Your house will sell in no time!
    Have a fantastic day!

  4. Your house is so lovely, I know it will photograph well. The very best to you with this sale?

  5. We sold our house at this time of year so you just never know. We had it ready in the Spring but the right person didn’t come along til now. I will get my copy of Romantic homes today!! These bloggers are really making a name for themselves! Congrats to Courtney! This really is an exciting time for you!

  6. I am sitting here this morning eating my Oui French Style Yogurt that you mentioned and love it! This new look for the magazine looks great. I need to go pick up a copy.

  7. I am sure that one look at your beautiful home and some lucky buyer will snap it up! I know I would. Thank you so much Shirley for your mention of my articles in Romantic Homes. It’s been a joy to share my love of antiques with all the Romantic Homes readers. I’m so looking forward to the new romance that Romantic Homes will be bringing to all of us under Courtney’s guidance. Xo Lidy

  8. Gosh how did I miss that news about Courtney! That is wonderful!

    Your home will look amazing in the photographs.

  9. I haven’t checked out Romantic Homes in awhile. Last time I did it seemed there were more ads than content, but maybe that’s changed. Will have to look next time I’m in the grocery store.

  10. Where did you get that adorable basket???

  11. Lovely post, Shirley! I missed the news about Courtney being the new editor. How exciting. She is amazing and so are you. Lovely vignettes you styled showcasing the magazine articles.
    Your home will sell at just the right time.
    Adore your french tea set.

  12. I’m so thrilled that Courtney is at the helm. Congrats to her!

  13. Your friend Martha? As in Stewart??!!!!?! ? Wow…it has been a long while since I bought a Romantic Homes magazine. I will get it when I go to the grocery store this weekend. I’m ready to bring a romantic feel back into the house. I’ve let Ramon’s manly man sensibilities get in the way for far too long now! I’ve also had to change things to accommodate my health situation which doesn’t always look so “romantic.” Nevertheless I’m going to give it a whirl!

  14. Thank you so much for your kind words and for sharing the magazine Shirley! You are an absolute treasure and I’m so blessed to call you a friend. Xo

  15. Sherry Myers says

    Thanks for the heads up, Shirley! Lovely temptation…I will be looking for this one!

  16. Bobbi Duncan says

    I loved reading that the very bloggers I am subscribed to and have purchased beautiful things from are making such a name for themselves…so exciting! Big congrats to all. Shirley, I’m certain your lovely home will sell quickly. I love your tea set. Hugs!

  17. Rebecca Neustel says

    I’m hoping you will share the photos with us. We will be putting our house on the market in a year, and I’m interested in how you stage your home.

  18. You have a beautiful home and it will sell in a heartbeat. How did I miss the news about Courtney? I subscribed to Romantic Homes years ago. I will certainly have to look at it again because she has an amazing eye for photography and styling.

  19. I hope you have alternative housing lined up because as soon as you list your home it will sell! I thought Courtney was the perfect fit for Romantic Homes Magazine when I read she was the new editor. 🙂

  20. I am so excited for Courtney! Lovely post and your home will sell quickly. Have a great weekend!

  21. Lovely post, Shirley! Your gorgeous home will sell in a blink. I am looking forward to the new and improved Romantic Homes Magazine – wonderful news for Courtney.

    Have a wonderful weekend !

  22. The magazine looks dreamy Shirley, and I know you will get multiple offers, probably the very first day!

  23. Shirley – You are selling your beautiful home? What?? I need to catch up with you. I feel like it’s been forever. Lucky future owners.

  24. Susan hinson says

    I’m not sure where you live, but if you lived in my area it would sell in 1/2 a day! We have business moving into the D/FW area from California, NY and other points so there is a housing shortage. I sold my 967 sq ft home and got just short of 4x what I paid for it and was able to buy my retirement home that I never dreamed I would have as a single person – it has everything I wanted!

  25. I am going to have to check this out now that it has a new editor. It looks like the kind of magazine that requires a good cup of tea and a long sitting. I like that!!!

  26. I simply love your decorating style, it’s so beautiful and stylish. Thank you for sharing the pics!

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