Elegance and Style

Hello everyone. I am back!

I was in Washington D.C.  last week and took a little break

to meet up with my friend Mary Alice of Chateau Chic.

We had great fun visiting and shopping together.

One thing that we did one day was to travel to Bethesda, Maryland

to see our friend Loi at his exquisite antique shop, Tone On Tone.

Mary Alice had never been there so it was an extra treat for her to see

the shop and finally get to meet the sweet and talented Loi in person.

Loi is the definition of Elegance and Style.

Tone on Tone Shop-Housepitality Designs-4

Today, you are in for a treat! A little tour of Loi’s most amazing shop.

So grab your favorite drink and prepare for some beauty on steroids!

(Just excuse the quality of the photos as all I had with me was my iPhone.)

Speaking of elegance and style,

this armoire/wardrobe blew me away with its most incredible carvings. Simply breathtaking.

Antique French Armoire-Housepitality Designs

Could this have been a special piece carved for a couple to be wed?

For “love birds”

And…for those of you who know Loi and follow his gorgeous blog, Tone on Tone

and Instagram, you will know his love of topiaries. They are truly amazing.

Tone On Tone Shop-Housepitality Designs-10

Tone on Tone Shop-Housepitality Designs-8

The topiaries are so beautiful you just want to hug them!!

Tone On Tone Shop-Housepitality Designs-9

They grace the tops of beautiful tables and chests.

Tone On Tone Shop-Housepitality Designs

There is such eye candy in every inch of his 3,200 square foot shop,

like this beautiful Mora clock.

Tone on Tone Shop-Housepitality Designs-2

Secretaries . . .

Tone on Tone Shop-Housepitality Designs-15

Tone On Tone-Housepitality Designs-3

I think this sweet bench may have been sold after we left.

Tone on Tone-Housepitality Designs

Or maybe it was this pair of benches in front of this gorgeous ironstone display.

Tone On Tone Shop-Housepitality Designs-14

And speaking of ironstone, Loi’s ironstone in his shop

are perfect, perfect pieces that anyone would love to add to their collection.

Or start one!

Tone On Tone Shop-Housepitality Designs-11

There is no shortage of beautiful mirrors in the shop.

Oh there’s me … and Mary Alice.

Tone On Tone Shop-Housepitality Designs-17

Tone on Tone Shop-Housepitality Designs-7

Loi has many wonderful stained wood pieces among his painted pieces.

Tone On Tone-Housepitality Designs-2

Tone On Tone Shop-Housepitality Designs-12

I love this image as it depicts the many antiques that Loi’s shop has to offer,

from the beautiful furniture to the antique accessories of chandeliers, mirrors,

ironstone, garden items, clocks and the list goes on.

As I stated above, 3,200 square feet of sheer beauty!

Tone On Tone Shop-Housepitality Designs-6

Tone On Tone Shop-Housepitality Designs

Tone On Tone Shop-Housepitality Designs-5

Loved this marble top bistro table.

Need a bread board?

Tone On Tone Shop-Housepitality Designs-16

I bet you would say that you can get everything but the kitchen sink in Loi’s shop.

But you cannot!!! Because he has one!!

Tone On Tone Shop-Housepitality Designs-13

Don’t you just love his little “kitchen corner?”

After I left his shop my head was spinning with ideas.

You just have to marvel at the fact that he styles and curates every surface

with such perfection.

It was a good day and I hope you enjoyed this tour.

Loi really brings lots of joy and beauty to others in many ways.

And . . .  since we are on the subject of bringing joy and beauty….

I wish you a most joyful and beautiful day!!!

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  1. I didn’t realize his shop is that big! I would be in awe and gasping over each piece. I best not ever visit as I may have a heart attack!!
    Kim’s recent post…Thanksgiving Tables, Decorating with Crates and MoreMy Profile

  2. What exquisite pieces. It is truly an eye candy experience.

  3. Dear Shirley: Olease instruct Lori that he is to drop everything for the next 72 hours to prepare for his new life as my new husband. Further, he is not to complain about my insistence that written into our vows is a clause that states I am to be able to play in the shop to my heart’s content. No pre-nup necessary…I’ll always love him for his incredible sense of style!❤️ This shop is magnificent!!! Oh, by the way, you are invited to be my maid of honor! ?
    Alycia nichols’s recent post…Candy Colored Autumn and A Nell Hill’s ExperienceMy Profile

  4. Oh, geez…spellcheck!!!? Obviously the word was to be “Please” but it DIDN’T catch that. It DID, however, change Loi to “Lori.” Whatever, spellcheck!?
    Alycia nichols’s recent post…Candy Colored Autumn and A Nell Hill’s ExperienceMy Profile

  5. Oh, my gosh, I loved everything in every picture!! I would want to move into his shop and never leave! What beautiful pieces……that armoire is amazing! Did you come home with something??

  6. Such eye candy and what a treat to visit! I have a serious case of armoire/wardrobe envy…the carving detail is divine! Hope you had a wonderful trip. ♥

  7. Shirley, thank you for this treat, Loi’s shop is beautiful. Loi obviously has exceptional taste, and what we in the antiques trade refer to as the “eye” – the ability to curate and acquire only the best antique pieces for his shop and clients. Every single piece you have shown is exquisite.

    I am so glad that you were able to visit Loi with Mary Alice and spend time together, as well as be inspired by Loi’s beautiful shop.

  8. What beautiful treasures! I know that you must of had a wonderful time. I hope you enjoy your day!
    Shannon@Belle Bleu Interiors’s recent post…Master Bedroom RevealMy Profile

  9. I am such a fan of Loi’s design and have always wanted to see his shop. It looks amazing! The armoire is stunning! Happy Monday ~
    Design Chic’s recent post…Outside In: The Gardens and Houses of Tichenor & ThorpMy Profile

  10. Hi Shirley, what a treat. Good thing Loi’s shop is thousands of miles away from me. Just my taste, elegant but not too fussy. How lucky you are to visit with Mary Alice (one of my fave bloggers!) Did you buy anything? Hugs, Pat

  11. Nice shop of Loi’s! Love those topiaries! I already had a French armoire but came across another one carved with much more detail so now I have two….lol They are great for storage! What fun to meet up with a blogger and go shopping!

  12. Loi’s shop is gorgeous! I didn’t realize it was that big! I would have grabbed one (or 2) of those bread boards.That armoire is seriously probably the prettiest one I have ever seen! Thanks for taking us along. So glad you got to visit with MA!!! Have a beautiful day too!
    Pinky’s recent post…A Little Sparkle For Halloween!My Profile

  13. Hi Shirley, as I was looking through your pics I couldn’t decide what piece I liked the best at this shop they are all so gorgeous! Wow! But, someday I will have a Mora clock. My heritage is Nordic and every time I see one they just call out to me “Take me home” lol The mirrors are incredible. Thank you for the tour!
    xoxo Jo

  14. Oh my my my that Mora Clock is what dreams are made of!
    Pamela-From my front porch to yours’s recent post…Recycled Wood Birdhouse & DIY StandMy Profile

  15. I found his blog mentioned while enjoying yours a while back and have so taken great pleasure viewing his pictures of home and store. His eye for detail is incredible. I am not usually a huge fan of pale and neutral, but his vignettes always look fresh and inviting, not dull and lifeless. I think I could just move in! Thanks for sharing.

  16. How nice to be able to get away to DC and enjoy some time with Mary Alice. Spending time in Loi’s shop would be a real joy. Elegance and style…..truth! So many beautiful pieces, so calming his style is.
    Rita C at Panoply’s recent post…Richly Rustic, Romantic Autumn TablescapeMy Profile

  17. His shop is beautiful!!
    Angelina’s recent post…My Secret to Soft HandsMy Profile

  18. How fun for you to visit his shop with Mary Alice. The shop looks beautiful. Did you leave empty handed???

  19. SHERRY MYERS says

    Beauty and joy! What a delightful post! I am glad you could get away. Thank you for passing along the joy and beauty as you always so graciously do! Beeeeeuuuuuutiiiifffuuuuuulllll!!

  20. Stunning, restrained, elegant and soothing! What a beautiful store & tour.

  21. How fun! I know you and Mary Alice had fun together. I saw your photos on Instagram. 🙂

    Loi’s shop is amazing! It crossed my mind that you probably wanted to purchase things but you are moving. So did you choose something?
    Stacey’s recent post…Fantastic FiftiesMy Profile

  22. Wow! I didn’t know Loi before but I’m definitely following him now! What fun y’all must’ve had.

  23. Wow! What a gorgeous shop! I’ll take anything and everything there! Love it!

  24. Shirley, Loi’s shop is perfection just as I would expect from following his Instagram feed! I probably need to stay away, my bank account would be in trouble! Thanks for s(airing this lovely curated shop!
    Pam Richardson’s recent post…Thanksgiving Tablescape Blog Hop: Bittersweet TraditionsMy Profile

  25. I am at lost for words. I want that armoire, what a beauty! Thank you for sharing such a marvelous trip with us. Congrats to Loi and his sense of style.

  26. Just beautiful!!!!
    Des’s recent post…Bemz slipcover for sale….My Profile

  27. Put my name in the drawing for the clock. This is a fantastic place to shop, thanks for the tour.

  28. What an amazing shop. I loved everything there.
    Penny at Enjoying The Simple Things’s recent post…The Foyer, So FarMy Profile

  29. What a beautiful store! Wish I lived closer! Thanks for sharing.

  30. Shirley!! Having you and Mary Alice in the shop was such a treat! It was the highlight of my week.

    Thank YOU for sharing my shop with your readers and followers. I’m truly grateful. You are a dear friend indeed.

    I look forward to hanging out again.

    Many hugs,

  31. Wow! This wardrobe is indeed breathtaking. Such gorgeous carving and also beautiful color. Love it!

  32. Oh Shirley, this is such a wonderful post!! I absolutely adore Loi; his style, his store, his home. So this is such a treat for me to see. I’m so envious! I just have to get to his store someday:)


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