Floral Friday – Flowers and Boxwood

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram,

you will know that we had quite the snow event here!

The weather predictions originally stated “the possibility” of snow, maybe a dusting.

Then they stated . . .wait a minute. . . now we may see 3 to 5 inches of snow.

Well, we got that and more! . . . 10.5 inches to be exact.

My neighbor set out to make sure that the stats were correct,

so out to the golf course he went with a measuring stick. Yep! 10 1/2 inches for sure!

He also helped me shovel the driveway, so that my hubby who was driving home

from a business trip could drive onto the driveway without slipping and sliding.

So what is a person to do before a snow event, other than get the milk and bread?

Go shopping for flowers!

So here is another Floral Friday – Flowers and Boxwood

Floral Arrangement-Housepitality Designs-2

When I went shopping for flowers I was on the lookout for some pretty Ranunculus,

but no luck. So I thought that I would make a simple vase of flowers.

I found these pretty lavender roses and complimented them with hydrangeas,

alstroemerias and white stock flowers.

Floral Arranging-Housepitality Designs

My plan was to create a simple vase of flowers, place the vase in a decorative bowl

and fill the bowl in with moss that I “thought” I had on hand.

Floral Arrangement-Housepitality Designs-6

I discovered that I had no moss, so what do you do? . . . as my hubby says, you punt!

I was on the 50 yard line in the kitchen

and spied the boxwood wreath hanging on my tall linen chest.

Hmmm..that may work! …. and it did. I reached my “goal”!

I placed the hydrangeas in the vase first and then the roses.

Floral Arrangement-Housepitality Designs-5

When using alstroemerias in an arrangement, I usually consider them my “filler”,

so I filled them in-between the roses and hydrangeas.

Floral Arrangement-Housepitality Designs-4

The white stock flowers were randomly placed around the arrangement

for added height and also lends to a light and delicate feel.

Floral Arrangement-Housepitality Designs-3

As I was creating the arrangement, it reminded me of a Tussie Mussie Bouquet,

less the ribbon . . . so what did I do? I added some ribbon . . . 

just some small strands of it, trying not to overwhelm the arrangement.

Floral Arrangment-Housepitality Designs

After the arrangement was completed, I began to create a centerpiece/vignette

for the dining room table. I gathered some pretties of boxwood,

a vintage French book for additional texture, and my French Garden House candle,

for a most wonderful scent.

Flower Arrangment-Housepitality Designs

What a great vignette to brighten up a gray day that happens just before a snow event.

Floral Vignette-Housepitality Designs

And speaking of the snow event, after almost a full day of snowfall,

this is what I saw the day after, when I woke up and saw the sun.

BikeInSnow-Housepitality Designs

I guess no bike riding in the near future! 🙂 . . .

While drinking my morning coffee yesterday,

this was my view:

Porch View-Housepitality Designs

I want to wish you all a most beautiful day!

So many of you made me smile with all of your well wishes for my mom

who, at 92 years young, underwent a special knee surgery that will free her of the pain

that she has endured for many years AND will enable her to walk again without the

assistance of her walker, which she calls her boyfriend! We will just have to find her

another “boyfriend” that doesn’t have wheels! She got through her surgery with flying colors!

Have a fabulous day and weekend!!!

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  1. Beautiful colors together in that arrangement. They make me think of spring. That was a lot of snow and how nice of your neighbor helping you shovel the driveway. Might be time to invest in a snow blower if this becomes so frequent which is not the norm. Weather patterns appear to be changing. So glad your mom did well and hope she finds a nice new boyfriend. 🙂
    Kim’s recent post…How I Styled My Winter Coffee TableMy Profile

  2. Lovely, Shirley. A burst of spring in the middle of a snowy winter.

    So happy your mom did well.
    Sandra at Maison De Jardin’s recent post…Shhh! The Jardin is Sleeping!My Profile

  3. Amy Kaminski says

    Seeing your snow wants me to say “Welcome to Michigan”!! 🙂

  4. Your arrangement is beautiful! Glad your Mom is doing well, however her new boyfriend could still “have wheels”. How about a cute sports car, he could pick her up and take her to dinner!❤️

  5. Shirley, your mom is amazing! Her smile is the best. I am loving this arrangement and vignette. You are a gifted floral designer. Thank you brightening my day with this gorgeous bouquet of happy!
    Pam Richardson’s recent post…God Makes Small Things BigMy Profile

  6. Rebecca Turner says

    Pretty! You’ve got me looking forward to “Floral Friday” with your gorgeous arrangements, and re-posting to share with my mom, who’s eighty years young. She loves flowers more than anything, and she still gardens. Also, we’ve been adding blue & white to her decor, & we get good ideas from your blog. I’m so glad that your mom is doing well after her surgery! ??

  7. Bobbi Duncan says

    Shirley, your beautiful arrangement (with cute little Eiffel Tower) and our bright sunny day sure makes it feel like spring. So glad your mom is doing so well–she’s precious! I know, I can’t believe all the snow y’all in the south are getting this year. We only got a light dusting here on the PA/DE state line–go figure. I really love snow–how it outlines everything whereby you can see images that are hidden with our lush summer greenery, but not when we are without power for several days like we were 4 years ago! Happy weekend and hugs!

  8. Shirley, I have that same bowl…home goods???? How tall was the vase you used? The arrangement is so pretty. The colors are a perfect pick me up for a snowy January day and I love the addition of the ribbon.

  9. Hi Shirley, I looked at this on my phone while I was at the endoscopy center with my daughter but had to look again here at home as the print on my phone is SO small! I am so glad your Mom can get rid of here “boyfriend”!!! I love this arrangement and love how you incorporated the ribbon! So very pretty. I am going to really enjoy this series especially as I will be pretty house bound for the next few weeks being nurse. Have a beautiful weekend.
    Pinky’s recent post…Winter Mantle and Hearth 2018My Profile

  10. It is just WAY beyond comprehension that you guys got more snow than us here in the Midwest have had over the last 2 years!!!!! I mean…wow! Crazy!!, I watched the mayhem unfold on the nightly news. We’re well accustomed to the slippery highways and byways here, but accidents still happen. I felt so bad for my Southern brothers and sisters trying to get around in all that! It’s pretty as long as you don’t have to get out in it! That beautiful floral arrangement was the perfect counterpunch to the snarl left by the snow! Stay warm and dry and upright! ❄️
    Alycia nichols’s recent post…A New Year and A New Me!My Profile

  11. You are a master, Shirley. That ribbon really makes that overall arrangement so feminine and flirty! The boxwood wreath worked perfectly – good thinking! I cannot imagine all that snow, such a weird winter everywhere.
    So glad your mother did well through the surgery. Quality of life is so important, especially with age.
    Have a great weekend. I hope you’re warming up like we are….hope to see the last of the snow by tomorrow. It’s still slippery when walking in our neighborhood, where the snow is packed and icy in spots.
    Rita C at Panoply’s recent post…Before, After the HolidaysMy Profile

  12. The arrangement is lovely and the idea of the boxwood wreath to ground it is perfect.
    I am so happy to know your mother’s procedure went so well. My father will be 89 in May and he continues to amaze us all with his desire to be active and his willingness to go forward with Drs advice on procedures or treatments that help him stay active. Sounds like he and your mother are both courageous and positive in their later years. Inspirational!!

  13. Love it! So nice to have flowers to brighten the day. I get them every week from Whole Foods or Fresh Market. They just give me a lift! I like the arrangement you did with the flowers and I like the vignette. Absolutely love the photo with the bicycle. We had a lot of snow too and schools have been closed for three days. It was so pretty coming down and i the morning when everything is white, clean, and quiet – there is nothing like it! Have a great weekend!

  14. So glad all went well with your Mom. You punted very well and the flowers turned out beautiful!

  15. Norma Rolader says

    Oh my how beautiful …. Flowers are so refreshing

  16. Just beautiful Shirley! I love your arrangement combined with the boxwood and the bit of ribbon. We’re all in need of flower therapy this week! Glad to hear your sweet mom is doing well after her knee replacement. ♥
    Mary’s recent post…For the Cold and Snow Weary: Keep Calm and Winter On Projects and RecipesMy Profile

  17. Flowers are the best way to brighten the days we’ve had lately. Today the sun is trying to shine and the temperature is rising. Both are welcome.

  18. Jeanne Bell says

    What kind of surgery did your Mom have? My Mom is 98 and too old to replace her knees. Let me know if this could be an alternative.

  19. It’s lovely and your floral Friday series is a great way to inspire us too. Hugs

  20. There’s nothing like flowers to brighten a day. Thank goodness for that section at the grocery store!
    Linda’s recent post…WPC:VariationsMy Profile

  21. Pamela Standley says


  22. Oh, your photos are exquisite. Just beautiful. I Really Loved your flowers. They are so so so good. your beautiful arrangement, with a cute little Eiffel Tower and our bright sunny day sure, makes it feel like spring. It is really an amazing blog Thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful blog. Thanx once again.

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