Two Bunny Themed Centerpieces

It’s that time of the year when we are thinking cute bunnies!

Last week I found some very adorable bunnies at HomeGoods.

They were holding the Golden Egg.

The wheels started turning in my head . . . you could actually hear the squeaking!

I thought that there were so many things that I could do with them and I have.

 Today, I present you with the first of the series of The Bunnies with the Golden Egg.

Two Bunny Themed Centerpieces.

Bunny Centerpiece-Housepitality Designs-14

The Golden Egg was always the egg to find in our Easter Egg Hunts 

and I am sure with many of you too!

The egg containing that extra special prize!

Bunny Centerpiece-Housepitality Designs-15

The orchid in the vintage ironstone tureen

takes on its Easter/Spring look surrounded by the bunnies.

Bunny Centerpiece-Housepitality Designs-16

The Easter centerpiece changed after an epiphany.

Bunny Tray-Housepitality Designs

Not only can the bunnies hold that special Golden Egg . . .

they can work double duty and hold a tray of cookies!

Bunny Tray-Housepitality Designs-3

Bunny Tray-Housepitality Designs-4

Their ears so wonderfully balance a tray or dish.

Bunny Tray-Housepitality Designs-2

I must say that I have had such fun with these adorable bunnies.

Stay tuned for more adventures of the Bunnies with the Golden Eggs!

Now tell me, what did your Golden Easter Egg contain when you were a child?

For us kids, it was a quarter! 

For our Sweetie, it’s a 5 dollar bill . . . you know . . . inflation!

Have a most beautiful day and weekend!

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  1. Those are some hard working bunnies! I don’t remember a golden egg just colored ones.
    Kim’s recent post…Green and Blue…. the Colors in NatureMy Profile

  2. Up! my daughter buy me the same one two days a go they are so cute she put my in my dinner table in the next morning was a early surprise for me
    so lovely and sweet of her, Yours look beautiful I like what you did with them
    I posting my in instagram I’m not doing no more blogging taking to much time for me
    have wonderful weekend!!
    Isora’s recent post…Happy Valentine DayMy Profile

  3. I don’t even remember having Easter egg hunts as a child but my kids did! I had so much fun hiding those eggs and watching them hunt:) I never heard about the golden egg so will introduce Colleen to that!!! I love your bunnies and having them hold the tray is fabulous! The cookies look yummy too:) Have a beautiful weekend!
    Pinky’s recent post…An Early Spring Table with Chicks and Bunnies!My Profile

  4. Terri Santa Coloma says

    What a clever idea! I love those bunnies.

  5. I saw those bunnies too at Home Goods and passed them up. I am kicking myself for doing that. They are so adorable. We do the golden egg hunt for Easter too. The grand girls love it but I think the bigger adult kids love it even more.
    Happy Friday. Have a fabulous weekend.
    Kris @ Junk Chic Cottage’s recent post…A little Spring and EasterMy Profile

  6. Those bunnies are adorable! I love your ideas for centerpieces.The orchid looks just beautiful in the ironstone tureen. When I was a girl, we dyed Easter eggs the night before and left them out for the Easter Bunny hide. He would hide our eggs and leave a few treats in our baskets. I have carried on the same tradition with my children. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!
    Shannon@Belle Bleu Interiors’s recent post…A Pink and Blue Tablescape to Welcome SpringMy Profile

  7. So cute! What a great idea to use the bunnies to support the tray! You have given me some inspiration as to how I might use a very large white soup tureen that was a wedding gift 43 years ago, about the only inspirational thing I have ever done with it is use it for a punch bowl LOL. I can see it on my mahogany dining room table filled with faux orchids( I can’t keep the real alive).
    This year is our Sweetie Bunny’s first Easter, he definitely is our golden egg, we love him so much although no candy for him yet…
    With a good six inches of snowfall Easter seems sooo far away. Love your posts.

  8. Simply creative and fun, both of those! What a great find! Happy weekend, Shirley!
    Rita C at Panoply’s recent post…Raining Cats and Dogs: Totes Tales #14, Giveaway!My Profile

  9. Donnamae says

    Cute bunnies…nice ears…so versatile! I don’t remember Easter egg hunts during my growing up years. My kids went to a few….but I don’t think there was a golden egg either. Maybe that was a local thing? Curious to see you use those bunnies in other ways, too. 😉

  10. Alycia nichols says

    Great buy!!! I haven’t set foot in a Home Goods store for fear of losing my mind and buying everything I see!!! I would have snatched up all of these! Great idea to use them as a riser!!! I’m going to test that move out with some existing pieces! My granddaughter was never particularly interested in Easter egg hunts…or a lot of the things I enjoyed as a child. (Her brain is squarely focused on robotics. She reminds me of “Young Sheldon” in a lot of ways!?) I’m hoping to find a golden egg of my own around here!? Have a great weekend, my sassy Southern sister!

  11. Sherry Mullis says

    When I was a child the Easter Bunny would hide our eyes outside. Once he put a chocolate bunny still in it’s box in the branches of a dogwood tree. Be the time we whenout to hunt eggs the bunny – which was hollow inside – had melted into a small puddle in the box. I was so disappointed. Easter Bunny learned a lesson that year ?

  12. What a cute idea, the bunnies holding up the plate!! I love everything you do Shirley!!

  13. Those bunnies are so sweet! We never had a golden egg or an Easter Egg hunt growing up. We each just had our Easter Baskets, filled with candy and real hard boiled dyed eggs.

  14. I can see why those bunnies hopped home with you and love them serving as a pedestal for a tray of treats! I was at my HomeGoods today but didn’t spy anything like them. They have so much turnover you have to grab it when you see it 🙂
    Mary’s recent post…Eat, Drink and Be Irish St. Patrick’s Day Round Up!My Profile

  15. Shirley, what adorable bunnies! The plate of cookies held by the bunnies is too cute…great idea! We always had an Easter egg hunt, but never a golden egg.
    Pam Richardson’s recent post…Revisiting DublinMy Profile

  16. Those are adorable bunnies! How cute is that with the tray on top of their ears! I used some gold eggs this year on my egg tree on the mantel. ?
    Liz @ Home and Gardening With Liz’s recent post…Weather’s Artistry and Ready For Spring to Bust!My Profile

  17. Very cute!! Have a wonderful weekend Shirley! xox
    Anne’s recent post…Opening up a KitchenMy Profile

  18. Shirley, love the bunnies holding up the plate. As a child, I enjoyed Easter egg hunts and Easter baskets, but never had a golden egg. Hope this finds you enjoying spring weather.
    Sandra at Maison De Jardin’s recent post…The “Rustle of Spring”My Profile

  19. I’m off to Homegoods tomorrow, hoping to find those adorable bunnies! I can’t wait to see where they hop to next!

  20. Your bunnies are so pretty and springy too. I have to tell you, I don’t remember us having a golden egg when I was little. I think we got jipped! Just kidding… 🙂
    Stacey’s recent post…Amazing Old Fashioned Carrot Cake With Citrus DrizzleMy Profile

  21. Those are some hard working bunnies! I don’t remember a golden egg just colored ones.

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