Dining Room Refresh and Changes

We decided that we should think about reducing the items on the wall in the dining room

to make it look less cluttered. So as much as I hated to, the shutters on each side

of the the bay window area came down along with the vintage brackets/corbels

and the Paris paintings that were hung next to the hutch.

I must say, that it opened up the room . . . which also led to me doing some

tweaking of the dining room hutch.

So here we go with the:


Hydrangeas-Housepitality Designs-4

I think you can guess what I added to the dining room.

The famous rolling French Market basket with that story to tell.

Hydrangeas-Housepitality Designs

The other day I was at Lowe’s Home Improvement getting my usual first plants

of the Spring season . . . 10 ferns to hang on my porches.

That is when I spotted these gorgeous hydrangeas and one of them had to come home with me!

Hydrangeas-Housepitality Designs

I wasn’t quite sure of where I would place this plant,

but as soon as I spied the basket in the corner, the items came out

and in went the hydrangeas! . . . Perfect!

Hydrangeas-Housepitality Designs-3

In the above image you may have noticed that the shutters are no longer there.

They actually came down to the top of the wainscoting.

They are in storage now waiting for the next adventure.

Tulips-Housepitality Designs

On the table, the orchids were replaced with these beautiful tulips

gifted to me by my Sweetie.

I love the vibrant yellow color.

Dining Room Tulips-Housepitality Designs

Looks wonderful against the blue and white.

Dining Room-Housepitality Designs

Did you notice a little bit of a change in the dining room hutch?

I removed all the “littles” on the top of the buffet portion

and added ironstone pitchers and creamers.

Dining Room Hutch-Housepitality Designs

The only thing on that wall in the dining room now is the hutch.

The brackets and paintings were taken down and stored too.

Dining Room-Housepitality Designs-2

I am currently working on my upcoming Floral Friday

and you will see more of the dining room then.

Dining Room-Housepitality Designs-3

I can tell you that the Dining Room will involve more shades of yellow on Friday’s post.

So stay tuned and have a most beautiful day!

It has really been gorgeous here lately . . . well, except for the pollen!

Happy Spring!

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  1. What a beautiful home your hydrangea has planted in your handsome French Market basket! I know you must miss your ‘littles’ but I love the streamlined and simple beauty of your hutch with the blue and white and ironstone pitchers and creamers. Yesterday was beautiful here but the pollen is horrific…*achoo* 😉

  2. Those hydrangeas couldn’t look more perfect in that basket! Love your big hutch- what a great place to display things. Our weather turned wintry again- hoping this is the final finally!

  3. I love that Hydrangea!!!! Your hutch is so pretty with all the pretty ironstone and dishes!

  4. Beautiful changes and I love the hydrangea in your new basket!

  5. Donnamae says

    I’m sure it was hard to put some things into storage…but if it means a cleaner look while your home is up for sale….it is for a good cause. Love how you styled the hutch. And, you found the perfect match…hydrangeas and your market basket. I wish we were getting pollen….freezing rain and snow are on today’s docket for us. Enjoy your Day! 😉

  6. The hydrangeas look beautiful in the market basket and I love the ironstone on the hutch.

  7. Shirley, your dining room refresh looks beautiful! The hydrangeas go perfectly in your french basket. The blue and white china mixed with ironstone in your hutch looks so pretty. I can’t wait for Floral Friday!!!

  8. I saw the hydrangeas in Instagram and fell in love! They are so beautiful in your market basket! I have always loved your hutch too, I love the openness of it! No pollen here: it is still too cool I guess.

  9. Alycia nichols says

    Beautiful, girlfriend! Lightening up is always a challenge, but you won! I’m trying my darndest to do likewise as I complete the Spring cleanup/organization on the main floor after Mom’s big party. What a job! It’s just hard to part with some things on display. We always feel better after as the Summer months approach and the lighter look helps us feel cooler and less enveloped. You’ve inspired me to get my hips back in there and finish the dining room!

  10. Less does look good but so hard for those of us who love our “stuff.” You are inspiring me to do the same.

  11. Lovely room, and great collections. And, who can resist a hydrangea…I would have many if I had any success with them.

  12. Those Hydrangeas are beautiful as well as the basket that had the long story to get in its happy place. Super job on the hutch. I like the changes very much. Hope you had a nice Easter. We had four inches of snow yesterday. I can’t wait for spring to show up in NJ


  13. The new hydrangea in your basket is perfectly beautiful. Sometimes less is more even in our decorating and sometimes we just feel like a refresh. It looks great. Look forward to Friday. I love what you girls have done on 1st and 3rd Friday’s.

  14. Shirley, I absolutely love the hydrangea in the market basket. The room looks fabulous for viewing and living.
    Be sure to check your email – I sent you a message!

  15. Hi Shirley! It’s always fun to shake things up, especially in the spring. Your dining room looks fresh and pretty. It should be in a magazine! Hugs, Pat @ Bringing French Country Home

  16. Shirley, the hydrangeas are so perfect in your rolling French basket. Your sweetie’s tulips are a breath of spring for sure. The hutch refresh is just beautiful with the ironstone. I can’t wait to see your Floral Friday!

  17. Shirley, this is just beautiful! The hydrangeas are perfect in the basket.

    Is your house on the market still? I would imagine that buyers would swoon!

  18. Such a lovely room and your furniture is gorgeous. Love the flowers… wish it would stop snowing!!! Have a happy weekend Shirley! xox

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