A Most Pleasant Surprise

Have you ever received something in the mail that was

A Most Pleasant Surprise? I must say that I have,  so many times.

I am very blessed with great family and friends.

The other day I received a package that I was told to expect.

When I opened the package I gasped . . . one of those “take your breath away” kind of moments.

A most pleasant surprise indeed.

Rosebud Chintz-Housepitality Designs

Sweet Rita of the blog Panoply wrote a blog post about a Lenten challenge

of going through her closets and such,

giving away 40 bags of things in 40 days to various charities.

Then she had an epiphany of sorts. Why not go through her vast collection of

vintage and antique items and give some items away to her readers who may be interested?

She called it the Panoply Purge and you can read about it HERE.

Well I was one of the lucky recipients!

Panoply Purge-Housepitality Designs

A box arrived and inside was a beautiful teal hinged box and a gorgeous

embroidered and crocheted linen runner and a note from Rita.

Rita wrote that the runner was from a handiwork gifted lady in Wisconsin and that

the colors reminded Rita of the colors at the Greenbrier Resort, a place that we both love,

for its most beautiful interiors. The interiors originally by Dorothy Draper and now her protege

Carleton Varney and his interior design firm, oversees the interior design of the Greenbrier.

Rita knew that I have been adding some pink to my decor lately and this was a beautiful addition!

Rosebud Chintz-Housepitality Designs-2

Then I opened the teal box.

It was then that I had that “take your breath away” moment.

Rita knew that I wanted to start a silver napkin collection.

These silver napkins went well above something that I thought I could ever find.

It was a set of Japanese silver napkin rings with a scene of Mt. Fuji etched on them.

Cue the box of Kleenex!

Silver Napkin Rings-Housepitality Designs

Rita explained in her note that it was Japanese Sterling 970 which is finer than U.S. Sterling.

They were from her personal collection and she wanted me to have them to get my collection

off to a great start.  Rita felt what better to start off my collection than with a nod

to my heritage.  A most great and emotional start indeed!

You can see the outline of Mt. Fuji on the upper right hand side of the napkin ring.

So hard to take a photo of beautiful bright silver.

Japanese Napkin Rings-Housepitality Designs

So now I am thinking about a table setting for Mother’s Day

and I cannot wait to incorporate my beautiful Japanese silver napkin rings for my mom to see.

Thank you, thank you  Rita from the bottom of my heart!!!

It’s Friday, and I wish you all a most beautiful day and weekend.

It will be close to 80 degrees here this weekend. . . . Happy Dance!!!!

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  1. Wendy Howell says

    What a beautiful gift to receive!

  2. What a beautiful and thoughtful gift. I can understand the need for the tissue box…very personal and thoughtful. You have presented them beautifully.

  3. How sweet and thoughtful!

  4. An exquisite start to your collection; made even more exquisite because of the thoughtfulness and affection behind such a lovely gift. Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  5. Cassandra e says

    Rita sounds like an amazing woman and a rare friend. The gifts are exquisite. The delicate pink needlework melted me, and the napkin rings….wow! I’m so touched by this story.

  6. Oh Shirley, the napkin rings are exquisite!!!!! What a beautiful, generous and thoughtful gift!!!! I would have gasped too. As you know, my FIL was a pilot and flew all over the world. He also loved to take photographs. One time he took a picture of My. Fuji as he flew over it and then bought a beautiful artwork piece of My. Fuji and now I HAVE THEM BOTH!!!!!!! What a treasure!!! Your runner looks pretty too and the arrangement in the teacup! Have a beautiful weekend! It is supposed to get to 80 here tomorrow too but then crash on Sunday. Mother Nature is quite fickle this year!!!!

  7. Mary Stevens says

    Love the napkin rings remind me of many years ago when my stepdad was stationed in Japan and my mother and I got to go. I was 6 and on our way to Kobe we passed Mt. Fuji!! Had a vase with it on it but it got broke was really upset!

  8. Rita has been so generous. I love your gifts from her purge. Mine were special also.
    I look forward to seeing you use the napkin rings. She is a very thoughtful and insightful person. She knows us well.

  9. What a wonderful surprise. Beautiful!
    I love the Greenbrier too. We use to go often when CSX Railroad owned it. My husband was a railroad man for almost 40 years. The hotel is in very different hands now, but still beautiful.

  10. Now that is very Sweet and Thoughtful of Rita! That’s a true friend! I would have needed a box of kleenexs too!!

  11. Oh my Shirley what a beautiful and thoughtful gift! I know your Mom will appreciate them during your Mothers Day luncheon. I remember a neighbor friend whose father was in the Air Force and stationed in Japan during the early 60’s and their whole house was filled with everything from Japan.

  12. What a wonderful and sweet surprise to receive, such beauties and so generous! Rita has a future as a personal shopper in an addition to antique dealer! Enjoy your weekend! ♥

  13. that is so thoughtful and kind of Rita. the napkin rings are beautiful and I am sure will look lovely on any table you set.

  14. How beautiful, Shirley! Rita is such a sweetheart and I was the recipient of the fabulous Quimper from her. Surprises in the mail are the best! Enjoy the warm temps!

  15. Alycia nichols says

    That Rita! I tell you, that woman pays attention, doesn’t she?!! How incredibly thoughtful and “on the nose”!!! Your collection just got a HUGE jumpstart!!!

  16. Shirley, how beautiful your treasures are. You will always think of Rita every time you admire and use your pieces. They represent such thoughtfulness. I was also the recipient of lovely things from her. I think this is so special, how we are all not connected to a lovely friend. Have a beautiful day and weekend!

  17. Oh Shirley what a beautiful gift. So much thought went in to Rita’s surprise for you.

    Hope you are enjoying your weather. We are in a blizzard here in Minnesota. So far 12 inches today in my little town outside the metro and white out conditions. Gee I thought it was spring?

  18. Shirley, thank you so much for participating in my purge. I’m so pleased you loved the items I chose for you, and I hope your mother enjoys the sentiment too.

  19. Rita is a class act, and I’m not at all surprised her gift took your breath away. The napkin rings are stunning, and I know whatever setting you use them with will do them justice.


  20. Hi Shirley,
    Rita is the best and she has some of the most fabulous treasures in her collection. I have been reading about all her special packages she is putting together for bloggers. She really knows everyone so well and has found some of the most special items. Love the napkins rings so pretty. Your mom will love them.

  21. Isn’t Rita wonderful? She just nailed all of our passions and was so perfect in choosing things. Those napkin rings are a special gem. It’s all so lovely — and all the more special because of Rita. I’m getting ready to do my second Rita post (I’m breaking them up!) and it’s just so fun because writing about her makes me smile!

  22. That is definitely Rita, she has one of the most generous hearts I’ve ever seen. I too had a hanky moment, so it doesn’t surprise me that she sent you such a thoughtful and heartfelt gift. Your napkin rings are just perfect and I cannot wait to see them displayed again.

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