Peonies In A Teapot – Floral Friday

Happy Friday one and all!

Today is the first Friday of the month and that means

you are in for a treat because it is Floral Friday, when I and three of my sweet,

talented and most creative friends/bloggers present  beautiful floral inspiration

for you to enjoy.

Today, I present to you Peonies in a teapot and more!

Teapot Arrangement-Housepitality Designs-3


I have been stalking Trader Joe’s . . .

even to the point that I would go quite often early in the morning right after they

would get their flower delivery. . . .  looking for Peonies . . . no luck!

Teapot Arrangement-Housepitality Designs-10

I wanted Peonies to place in my Royal Albert, Old Country Roses teapot

as my mom loves flowers that remind her of her native country.

But then again, my mom loves every flower on earth!

Teapot Arrangement-Housepitality Designs-9

I started collecting the Royal Albert, Old Country Roses china back in the 90’s

(way before the existence of HomeGoods)

one place setting at a time.  One serving dish at a time and receiving many pieces

for birthday and Christmas gifts.  I so loved the delicate pattern and colors then.

Still do.

I do not use this china as much as I should.  I am vowing to use them more often

for everyday purposes . . . need to bring out more pretty in our lives every day.

Teapot Arrangement-Housepitality Designs-6

With Mother’s Day fast approaching we ladies of Floral Friday thought . . .

how great it would be to create a floral arrangement in a teapot!

Teapot Arrangement-Housepitality Designs-8

I had a light bulb moment . . . why not see if the Farmer’s Market

has any Peonies? They usually have wonderful flower vendors.

So off I  went . . . a great excuse to make the trip and get flowers and fresh

fruit and veggies.

Old Country Roses-Housepitality Designs

We parked near the area where I knew the flower vendors were.

And there they were . . . Peonies!

Floral Arrangement-Housepitality Designs-2

I spotted one in a large pre-made bundle of flowers. Only one peony in the bunch!

However, they also offered to sell single stems of peonies for $5.00 a stem.

So at that price, I just bought one extra to place in my teapot floral arrangement.

Teapot Arrangement-Housepitality Designs-2

I remember when I saw this cover of an issue of “Flower” magazine,

I gasped. Oh the Peonies! . . . I thought, hmmm…if I buy a Peony plant . . .

plant it in the the yard and then surround it with an electric fence (just kidding)

maybe it will survive the deer feasting on the blooms!

Teapot Arrangement-Housepitality Designs

Oh you cannot blame them for considering them a wonderful dessert!

Teapot Arrangment-Housepitality Designs

And speaking of dessert?!! …. I found these wonderful Petit Fours

to go with our tea. My mom is a sweets person like me.

Just a little bit of sweetness with tea or coffee to a pleasant afternoon snack or

that sweet treat after dinner.  Petit Fours are perfect . . the “just enough” !!

Petit Fours-Housepitality Designs-2

Floral Arrangement-Housepitality Designs

I purchased these cute Petit Fours with the flower designs

at my local grocery store bakery. I knew I wanted a mini dessert and when I saw them

in the bakery case . . . perfect! . . . The flowers . . . the colors.

Petit Fours-Housepitality Designs

I had so much fun creating this vignette of Tea For Two to celebrate

the day of wonderful, caring and loving moms everywhere.

Creating the teapot arrangement of Peonies, Iris, Dianthus, Straw flowers,

Statice (Limonium), and Daisies was so much fun. I smiled throughout the process!

Teapot Arrangement-Housepitality Designs-7

Teapot Arrangement-Housepitality Designs-4

I am hoping that this made you smile too!

And speaking of smiles . . . you will certainly smile from ear to ear

when you visit Lidy, Pam and Mary seeing their stunning teapot floral arrangements!






FrenchGardenHouse-Housepitality Designs




Have a most beautiful day  and weekend filled with beautiful smiles!

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  1. Shirley, Your Royal Albert Old Country Roses teapot is the perfect vessel for a beautiful bouquet of flowers! I’ve always loved that pattern with its pretty garden roses! I love your combination of iris and Sweet William, statice and stock and I spy some Bachelor’s Buttons in addition to your peonies. How wonderful to find peonies at your farmers market. Our peonies are just budding and I’m anxiously awaiting the blooms. Your floral petit fours are the perfect sweet ending too! Thanks so much for the beautiful start to my day. It’s always a treat to join you for Floral Fridays. ♥

  2. Oh Shirley, I think this may be my favorite Floral Friday arrangement. Probably because the china is almost the same as my Grandmothers. We grew up in her house so this reminds me of her so much. She would LOVE it. I gave the china to my son and just recently came across a box of more of the china so will go through it and see what I have. The peonies are stunning in the arrangement. Mine are up out of the ground but won’t bloom for awhile. I also love the petit fours, they ARE perfect colors! Thanks for brightening up my morning!!! Have a beautiful weekend. We will have Colleen overnight tonight:)

  3. I enjoyed your plight of the peony, Shirley. It was well worth the effort! Beautiful arrangement and assortment of your RA Old Country Roses pieces, as well as the napkins and petit fours. Happy weekend.

  4. Shirley, such a beautiful treat to welcome my Friday! Your artfully arranged Royal Albert teapot served up with peonies, iris, dianthus, sweet William is stunning. I have always loved the Old Country Roses pattern, it is delicate and perfect for tea. You served the sweetest floral petit fours, what a delightful little bite! I always enjoy something sweet with tea or coffee. It is a pleasure to spend Floral Friday with you!❤️

  5. Sheer Delight Shirley! You ladies certainly have the magic touch when it comes to flower arranging and floral vignettes! I love this tribute to your special Mom, perfect for a fellow flower lover and the petit fours are just adorable! Your china is gorgeous!

  6. What a beautiful bouquet! I love that pattern of China too. Is that Flower magazine something current?

  7. Peonies are my favorite flower. I can’t wait until June when mine will be in bloom. I love your arrangement in the Royal Albert teapot. Such a pretty China pattern. I rarely use my China these days, but I can’t seem to be able to part with it either. If you love your China you should use it. Mine is rather plain compared to the Royal Albert pattern. Not as much of an inspiration, I guess!

  8. Gail H. says

    Wish I could find peonies. I have a whole collection of Old Country Rose I got when we lived in England. Have the teapot and silver tray too. But no flowers to put in it. Your arrangement is beautiful.

  9. Just Beautiful!!!

  10. Royal Albert Moss Rose is my wedding china and it’s the same pattern though pinks and blues. I’ve never considered using it as a pitcher but your post sure inspired me! Love everything about it!

  11. That arrangement is so beautiful and yes, it made me smile and I know for a fact that your mom is the sweetest!

  12. Just wonderful!!!

  13. Janice Jenkins says

    Lovely floral design in the beautiful teapot! Thank you for the inspiration.
    Have a wonderful Mother’s Day!


  14. I have always loved flowers, Shirley, but that love was taken to a whole new level when I lived In Japan 1967-69 as a new college graduate. I studied ikebana with the wife of the head priest at Ginkakuji Temple, in Kyoto. We practiced the art of flower arranging at the temple, kneeling on the tatami mats as we placed each flower “just so”. When I read your posts I always think of my incredible journey and how very blessed I am. Japan taught me to enjoy beauty in every part of my life.

  15. Just beautiful Shirley. My large Royal Albert rabbit and two baby rabbits would be beautiful with your creation. Thank you for Floral Friday’s.

  16. Shirley, your arrangement is beautiful. I well understand being on the hunt for peonies – goodness the stories I could tell. However, $5.00 per stem seems like a hefty price. If you find a specific peony plant that you fall in love with and want to grow – jump in. They will be happy in your climate, they will love your full sun and do not worry about the deer. Peonies are poisonous, deer know that and won’t touch them.

    Your Royal Albert is beautiful and only adds to your gorgeous blooms!

  17. There is something so incredibly romantic about Old Country Roses China. It certainly has stood the test of time. Peonies are my favorite flower, but I only wish they lasted longer!

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