My New Found Treasures

My hubby usually doesn’t miss a thing when it comes to the house.

He knows exactly what is new and what has been moved.

He is very observant when it comes to the house and actually, in all aspects of life.

He recently spied something new and said,

“oh that’s nice . . . and a lot of green!”

Yes, they are my new found treasures!

Majolica-Housepitality Designs-2

Can you guess where I found these pretty Majolica plates?

I think most of you know by now. Yes, I found them at my fav consignment shop,

Always Home in Durham, NC.

Majolica-Housepitality Designs-6

Actually I was at the counter checking out and saw a collection

of Majolica plates that just came in and the shop owner was just preparing to price them.

Majolica-Housepitality Designs-5

I have never collected Majolica as the prices were a bit steep

when I would see them in the various antique shops.

However, I can tell you that these were very reasonably priced.

The first plate that caught my eye was the one with the pineapple design.

That plate needed to come home with me.

Majolica-Housepitality Designs-8

Then I thought, after looking through the collection of the Majolica,

I really should get two more plates. To create a collection.

Majolica-Housepitality Designs-3

There were so many to choose from; however, I chose to go with two small platters

as they would look great on the wall as a small grouping.

Majolica-Housepitality Designs-7

Other than the plate with the pineapple design, I think the platter displayed

in the center is my favorite. I love the intricate design.

I am not sure of the name of the design/manufacturer, but from what I can gather,

these plates are most likely English. There are no hallmarks/stamps on the plates.

I have not been able to find these patterns on the internet but will keep searching

or consult my antique extraordinaire friend.

Majolica-Housepitality Designs-4

Such a pretty grape vine design in a deep emerald green.

Majolica-Housepitality Designs

In the days of me trying to downsize my collections, I start another one!

Well just a little collection of three!

It was great to be able to bring these beauties home and not break the bank.

Oh, I mentioned that I was at the check out counter

when I spied the collection of Majolica . . . I was paying for a pair of things

that I have visited in the shop on a few occasions and finally decided to get them.

They could be a new addition in a room, OR, a gift to a sister that would love them.

I wish you all a most beautiful day!!!

And . . . if you know the names of these patterns of Majolica, please let me know!

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  1. I have no information, but those pieces are beautiful and I know you got fabulous deals on them. I would say way below reasonably priced. You stole them!! 🙂

  2. Beautiful! Good snags, Shirley, love especially the larger platter. I have the smaller grapevine plate, will check to see if I see a maker’s mark. But I’ve not seen a pineapple motif on majolica before – it was meant to be for you!

  3. They are beautiful and look wonderful displayed on your cutting board.

  4. Way to go girl! When you do move, you’ll just take some beautiful new things to your new home. 🙂

  5. Your majolica plates are beautiful, Shirley! I started collecting last year. If found mine on Etsy from a dealer from France. I know how pricey they can be. If you can believe it, I bought 5 plates including shipping for the price of one that I have seen at other shops. You might check out Etsy to see if your patterns are there. Enjoy your day!!!

  6. Donnamae says

    Those plates are gorgeous. Always wanted to collect Majolica, but the prices put me off. Just curious…how often do you frequent your favorite consignment shop? Lol! You always find such beautiful and varied things! 😉

  7. Jacque Avant says

    Your new pieces are so beautiful. Really perks up your room. Proud you found them at a good price.

  8. Beautiful plates and they make a great little collection.

  9. You are the master of finding treasures. I keep thinking of you downsizing and wondering where you are going to put all of them.

  10. I love your new collection Shirley! That pineapple plate is so unusual, I have not seen that one before, ever. It is so perfect for your home and your fondness of pineapples! The green is so so gorgeous, isn’t it! Each one of your new treasures is stunning! They will feel right at home in your beautiful home, and bring a touch of freshness and beauty, too.

  11. Those plates are pretty, especially the pineapple. I have been collecting majolica for years. I only buy when I find a good price because you’re right majolica is pricey. I wished I could help you identifying but I only buy the ones that has the mark and number stamped into the back of plate. The ANTIQUE MARKET PLACE in Greensboro probably could help you. They have cases full of majolica.

  12. Shirley, I have lvd majolica forever, but the prices have skyrocketed. You hit the jackpot for sure. The green pieces are gorgeous and are styled perfectly on your breadboard!

  13. Oh Shirley, your new “collection” is beautiful! I love Majolica too, but don’t have any either! The plates you got are so pretty and I know that pineapple one was made for you!!!I like where you put them too. My hubby is the same, he spies anything new…or moved:) But that’s nice to me as it means he also cares about the house. Just got home, went shopping this morning then met 2 friends for lunch and sat outside!!! My favorite!

  14. Wow such a great things, they are very cool! Can be displayed as showpiece.

  15. Gorgeous new pieces Shirley and the pineapple had your name written all over it! I had to chuckle at ‘trying to downsize my collections, I start another one!’ They are too pretty to resist. ♥

  16. Beautiful finds! I love anything green!

  17. Elaine Reese says

    Your Majolica is beautiful. I love consignment shops. Think the large platter in the back is my favorite, but they are all great finds. Enjoy them. You have then displayed beautifully!

  18. The Majolica plates you found are beautiful. I agree you needed a set. They look great.
    Happy Wednesday Shirley.

  19. Shirley, your Majolica plates are lovely, especially the one with the pineapple. I have always loved Majolica but tried to stay from it, simply because I don’t need another collection or have the room. However, I do like your idea of just a few pieces. You have displayed it beautifully and the white mixed in adds such freshness.

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