My Garage Created by a Master Organizer

Hello Dear Readers.

I did not want to say anything, so I would not “jinx” things, but I will, so here goes:

We have a contract on our house . . . of course nothing is set in stone until the due diligence

is complete.  I must say that it is truly soooo bittersweet.  My hubby always says,

once we get the house to where we want it (well that is sorta not true)

we sell and build another one!

He is going to miss his garage . . . my highest viewed post! . . . go figure.

So today, we shall re-visit the area that he will truly miss but has plans on the new one!

My Garage by a Master Organizer.

Master organizer, yes, that’s him . . . my hubby.

Someone who is precise in every way.

He even folds his clothes before putting them in the hamper.

He states that folding them keeps the hamper neat and you can put more clothes in it that way. 

Me organize? . . . no need to as I have a resident organizer.

Garage Organization-Housepitality Designs

I cannot say you can eat off his garage floors, but close.

Wood garage doors-Housepitality Designs

You will see his work, behind these garage doors made of wood.

Aren’t they pretty against that Carolina Blue sky?

Fairmont Hotel-Banff, Canada

Meet my resident master organizer. He said that when he retires from the

business world (which is not anytime soon) he would love to organize garages. Really!!!

Garage Organization-Housepitality Designs

A place for everything and everything in its place,

including his eyeglasses on a hook.

I did not know he had done this until I went looking for something

and had to laugh!…seriously!

Garage organization-Housepitality Designs

He used cabinets by Sears and some garage systems by Gladiator.

Garage Organization-Housepitality Designs

Garage Organization-Housepitality Designs

People wonder if he places things spaced equally between each other.

I can tell you that his tape measure is always  close at hand.

He also has lots of drawers that are a part of the Sears garage organizing system.

Garage Organization-Housepitality Designs

Of course most of them are labeled . . . He loves his label maker!

Garage Organization-Housepitality Designs

And what do you know . . . . there ARE brushes in the drawer all neatly placed.

Garage Organization-Housepitality Designs

Talk about neatly placed, everything is neatly placed in its designated place.

I have learned to give him back things that I use from these cabinets,

as I do not want to place them an inch or so out of place. 🙂

A great excuse to not to have to put it away!!!

Garage organization-Housepitality Designs

Our garage is a two-car garage, but the space is actually a 3-car space.

Garage organization-Housepitality Designs

He has a space set up in the corner of the garage for his exercise equipment.

Garage organization-exercise area-Housepitality Designs

He exercises every morning at 5 a.m. ….

Yes, 5 a.m. He is a very structured kind of guy.

Can you tell???

Garage organization-Housepitality Designs

Baskets and hooks to hold small exercise items . . .

a white board to plan out his exercise routine

and a cork board to display exercise aids

and sometimes quotes of encouragement can be seen there.

Garage organization-Housepitality Designs

Garage Organization-Housepitality Designs

Across from the exercise corner is his treadmill that will do anything but wipe his forehead!

And of course there is a TV that is most likely locked on ESPN.

Garage Organization-Housepitality Designs

Hanging on the wall in front of the treadmill

and above a mud-room bench are more pieces of exercise equipment.

The only exercise equipment that I use is the weighed hoola-hoop.

Garage Organization-Housepitality Designs

My little bench for a mud room I do not have

surrounded by stepping blocks and more weights!

Garage Organization-Housepitality Designs

You may have noticed there is a large metal shelf next to the treadmill.

It houses many bins and sets of drawers and it is here that there is something that was MY idea! 🙂

Garage Organization-Housepitality Designs

I bought several sliding trash bin holders from Ikea as they are pretty deep in size.

Perfect for holding things such as bottled water and other drinks.

I have one under my kitchen sink to hold household cleaners.

Garage Organization-Housepitality Designs

Actually the treadmill sits beside a group of shelving in an L-pattern . . .

and this is the other side of the “L” . A wall of pegboard.

Garage organization-Housepitality Designs

And what is around the corner and on the other side of this wall of pegboard???

Garage organization-Housepitality Designs

Does this give you a hint?

Garage Organization-Housepitality Designs

He retro fitted a metal shelving unit into a space to hang his sports related clothing.

This is my favorite idea that he has come up with.

Garage Organization-Housepitality Designs

His hats and ball uniform belts lined up and he knows what order they are in!!!

To the right is a door that leads into another small room . . . the mechanical room.

Garage Organization-Housepitality Designs

On the other side of the garage houses our bikes.

Only 2 people in this household and there are 4 bikes . . . 3 for him . . . one for me.

Garage Organization-Housepitality Designs

This side of the garage has lots of pegboard for hanging garden tools,

baseball equipment like this pitch back

 and there is also room for a swing away . . . for batting practice.

Garage Organization-Housepitality Designs

I spy a snow shovel on the wall . . . hope we do not need it any time soon!

You may also notice that every window (and there are 7 in this garage)

are beautifully framed out.

We both believe that your work spaces should be just as nice as your living spaces.

Garage Organization-Housepitality Designs

He certainly packs a lot of stuff into this space without it feeling cluttered.

Garage Organization-Housepitality Designs

Utilizing every inch of the garage like this area between the garage doors

that houses car washing supplies.

Garage Organization-Housepitality Designs

Garage Organization-Housepitality Designs

Even the space above the garage doors have shelves that hold coolers and such . . .

and on the other door, the big ladder is hung.

Garage Organization-Housepitality Designs

Yes, a place for everything, and everything in its place . . .

like the scissors hung next to the outlet for the speakers in the garage . . .

yes, speakers that are a part of the whole house

audio system. . . T.V……music, a must have in a garage! Or should I say his garage!

Garage Organization-Housepitality Designs

A garage that has a trio of ceiling fans . . . I call the wind farm!

Garage Organization-Housepitality Designs

A garage that every inch is utilized to its fullest . . . and all things neatly tucked away

like this trash can.

Garage Organization-Housepitality Designs

Even though I may sometimes give my hubby a hard time about his “neatness”,

I am so blessed that he is that way.

And honey, I promise to dust the top of the water heater . . .

but you have to get the ladder down for me!!!

So how is your garage looking these days? . . . is your hubby a super organized person too?

Or maybe your hubby is not as organized, but knows where everything is!!!

The potential new owners will definitely benefit by my hubby’s extraordinary organization

as we are leaving all of the cabinets, etc.

My posts going forward may be a bit sparse as I will be so busy packing

(I packed 750 boxes in the last move from Florida to N.C.)

and finding a place to rent while we build our “right sized” home.

However, I do have some great posts coming your way with summer decor

and something really fun and different, and let’s not forget our Floral Fridays too!

Have a most beautiful day!

and remember to “Hitch your wagon to a star”. . . Ralph Waldo Emerson

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  1. Shirley, this is so incredible! Tom could teach classes on organizational skills. I can imagine his packing skills when it is time to move. My hubby isn’t organized at all, his workshop is a total train wreck, but he usually knows where everything is. Happy Wednesday and let the packing begin!
    Pam Richardson’s recent post…Spring Tea In The GardenMy Profile

  2. I was blown away the first time I saw that garage in person! I did say it was so clean you could eat off the floor. Nothing here is very organized and our home garage for the cars and his separate garage for his old cars are both filthy messes and he just says….their garages. Ugh!

  3. You had me laughing when you asked how is my garage. I would hire Mr. HospitalityDesigns to get it organized. I can tell you he would be appalled. Seriously I would love to have a garage set up like yours.

  4. Kathryn bunch says

    Are you leaving NC? We love it here and I am only about 5 miles to Your fave consignment shop!!

  5. Well he gets an A+++++ from me! I remember the garage post from before and just shared with Dan. Gees I feel lazy- he gets up to exercise at 5:0 am? He’s obviously a very high achiever!
    Liz @ Home and Gardening With Liz’s recent post…Tulips and Daffodils In my GardensMy Profile

  6. Shirley,
    I am not surprised that you have a contact on your beautiful home. I must say I am VERY jealous about
    your organized hubby. He is truly a rare spices. If I clean up my hubby’s disorganized mess he demands
    to know who committed a neatness…Ugh. Would you consider lending yours out for make overs???

  7. Congrats!!!! Whooo!!! I look forward to your adventure of planning and building your new home. Your husband is the organizing King!

  8. I am very happy for you but know this IS bittersweet. It would be very hard for me to leave that gorgeous home but I know you will make the next one just as beautiful! I remember this the first time and almost fainted! I would hire him in a second. My Joe is NOT neat but he does know wher everything is. Our garage makes me crazy, mainly because the last one was so big I could organize it pretty wekk, this one is TEENY and drives me crazy. I am hoping we just get it painted this summer!!!! On my list! Have a beautiful day. I would be happy to help you pack, as I am a good packer. That would be fun to me!

  9. so excited to follow your next home adventure. You could pitch a tent and it would be gorgeous!! great job to hubby and that beautifully organized garage. I only wish mine could look so clean.

  10. Shirley, this is an awesome garage! Since we moved, it has been so hard to get our garage organized, I know my hubby is anxious to do so. He is hoping to get to it soon, and I am going to show him this post. Congratulations on the sale of your house. I am so happy for you and definitely understand how nerve racking and bittersweet these final steps can be. I loved my last house and where I lived so much. I even cried as I signed the closing papers. However, the opportunity was given to be close to our family, and that outweighed everything else, It has been an adjustment, but each day it gets better. I hope everything goes smoothly, and I know your new house will be just as beautiful! Take care and try not to work too hard packing!

  11. Alycia Nichols says

    Fingers crossed!!! Your home is so gorgeous from head to toe (or garage to attic!), and I’m looking forward to your new adventure in building another stunner. I won’t use “the c word” just yet so that I don’t risk jinxing you, either!

  12. Wow, is what I say to the garage. My husband is organized too but this takes first prize without a doubt.

    Exciting to start your new chapter.

    Cindy’s recent post…Moving HeadsMy Profile

  13. Congratulations on your news! I know you have some challenges ahead getting everything ready to move, but what an adventure you have ahead!! It will be interesting to watch how everything evolves. Both you and your hubby have the vision and skills to create a fantastic new home and we all look forward to “sharing” in the experience!
    Rosie @ The Magic Hutch
    rosie M’s recent post…Remembering……My Profile

  14. WOW…This is the ONLY Garage I’ve ever seen so organized!! Our garage is a wreck and never know where anything is! Glad your house is probably sold so you can have fun building a house. I know you’ll miss this home because it is large to decorate!

  15. Shirley how very exciting! Congrats!! I can’t not wait to see y our adventure that awaits you and your hubby. Also can he come and organize our garage please!?LOL My hubby would be over the moon with a garage like that.
    Pamela-From my front porch to yours’s recent post…Master Bathroom RevealMy Profile

  16. Amazing! Our garage is nowhere near this organized. We can find what we are looking for most of the time. Beautiful garage to go with a beautiful home. The new owners are sure to love it!

  17. Best wishes on your house sale going smoothly. Love that garage! Mine never would stay so tidy.

  18. Shirley, That garage is amazing! Neither my husband or myself have great gifts of organization but one of my daughters and her husband does. But we are getting to the point that we want to streamline and put more effort into it. I think our biggest challenge is keeping it that way once we accomplish the task. I find leaving enough time when doing projects to properly put away things is my weakness! I try to cram so much into a day that I am rushing to the next thing before getting things neat and tidy from the last project! Your husband’s garage is an inspiration, you are blessed by his gifts as he is with yours! Best wishes on your upcoming move!

  19. Shirley, I only have one word for the garage ~ Amazing! I don’t think I have ever seen anything like it. Congratulations on the contract for your home. Moving is work. I remember when we moved, by the end of packing I was irritated at the sound of the tape coming from the roll. However, a new home is always so exciting. Enjoy these days in your home, nothing can take your memories.
    Sandra at Maison De Jardin’s recent post…Lovely Things ~ Of The PastMy Profile

  20. Alice Genzlinger says

    Oh no! Will you still be close enough to when you move to still visit your favorite consignment shop?

  21. cindyinnc says

    I am so happy for you. I read Instagram first, wait new owners and so a came over to your blog. Are you staying in the same area?
    That garage is amazing. I do love organizing,family and friends either think I am nuts or brilliant. I personally think your husband is brillant. lol
    Now get packing, I have followed you for years and you have a lot of stuff.

  22. I’m going to miss this house! But I’m so happy for you and your husband having a contract on your house. Moving gives me the heebie jeebies! But you two are so organized, it should go smoothly. I have never seen such an organized garage! He could do commercials for Sears.

  23. We love our Gladiator system. Happy to hear of your contract…but will surely miss the posts about your beautiful home?

  24. Awesome! My garage/shop looks like a bomb went off in it. On my list of things to clean up and organize. Thanks for the inspiration!
    Anne’s recent post…Dining Room Doorway Quick UpdateMy Profile

  25. I love your hubby’s organizational skills, I bet his box packing skills are just as mind boggling. Hope you’re surviving your packing and temporary house hunting and looking forward to hearing the details. Wishing you a Happy Memorial Day weekend. ♥

  26. I am completely inspired! We are in the throes of an addition to the house including a garage and my husband can’t wait for an organized space for all of his tools. Happy Thursday, Shirley!
    Design Chic’s recent post…Ray Booth Evocative InteriorsMy Profile

  27. I remember this post so well! It’s the best garage ever, wait until my husband sees this. He is going to get so many ideas! Good luck with the move, so excited for you! XO, Amy

  28. Shirley, Tommy would faint if he ever saw my garage. I’m suprised YOU didn’t when you saw it. ? Excited for your move, I know your forever home will be just right, and beautiful.

  29. Congratulations are in order for you and hubby, Shirley! We will all be anxiously awaiting the final blog of the actual sale.
    I do hope you will take the Gator cooler with you and not leave it for the new owners! 🙂 GO GATORS!!!

  30. Hello Shirley, you had shared a great experience. It really sounds interesting how your hubby managed your garage in a well organized manner.Thanks for sharing. Keep posting.
    Marlinda Lee’s recent post…Hello world!My Profile

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