Decisions, Decisions, on House Plans

I said the other day that I do not want to get ahead of this house sale.

However, our builder is saying that if I want to get this process started

without further delays and spending less time in a temporary living situation,

I need to be making Decisions, Decisions on House Plans.

He knows me too well . . . after making 5,335 changes to the plan

during our last home we built.  Thank goodness he does not charge for changes,

unless I change materials . . . he just gives me “the look” but a friendly sort of look!

Now who could get mad at me?!!!! . . . . When I say, pleeeeese!

So these past few days I have been tweaking a plan that we have been working on for a while

but  JUST IN CASE . . . looking at a few more options.

This plan is by: Architectural Designs.

No plan name, just a number.

I am conflicted! Do I want a French Country Design like the above?

Or a Farmhouse/Southern Traditional style like this one:

The Beaux Bridge

By one of my favorite architects, William Poole.

Or something in-between like this one:

The Harper

By Donald Gardner (our current home is a Donald Gardner design) Yep, conflicted indeed!

I must say that the hip roof is my favorite roof design.

So hopefully, in-between packing and all of the activities of daily living,

I can come up with a plan soon. But in the meantime,

I want to let you know about the Summer Colors Home Tour that I am participating in.

It is hosted by the lovely and talented Jennifer of Town and Country Living.

I will be presenting my favorite Summer Colors tomorrow. (Wednesday)

Thought you would like to see the Summer Colors Tour line up.

Here the links  from Monday’s  and today’s tour. 


Summer Colors Tour - Monday Features

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Summer Colors Home Tour - Tuesday

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Coming Wednesday

A Burst of Beautiful – StoneGable – Maison de Cinq – The Wicker House

Worthing Court – My Soulful Home – Craftberry Bush – Housepitality Designs

Coming Thursday

Taryn Whitaker Designs – House by Hoff – Zevy Joy – Maison de Pax

Unskinny Boppy – My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia – Vinyet Etc.

Coming Friday

Home Made Lovely – The Happy Housie – She Holds Dearly – Little Glass Jar

Becky’s Farmhouse – So Much Better with Age – City Farmhouse

~ o ~ o ~ o ~ o~

~ o ~ o ~ o ~ o ~ o ~ o ~ o ~

~ o ~ o ~ o ~ o ~

Now,  THE QUESTION OF THE DAY IS: . . . which plan do you like? I would love to know!!!!

Hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.

Have a beautiful day and hope it has some sunshine in it!!


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  1. Oh, gosh you do have a hard decision to make. All three are fabulous on the exterior. I would go with your gut as to which one really tugs at your heart strings.

  2. Those decisions are so hard to make! I know you’ll choose the right one for you though. Surely your heart leans one way or the other. 🙂

  3. When we were going to build new we discovered Donald A Gardner designs. I fell in love with so many of the designs they offer. You have three great choices shown. The first home really wowed me (very stately) but I know there are so many things that enter into the decision process including the floor plan which is extremely important. Good luck on choosing!
    Liz’s recent post…Potted Annuals and May Garden PartyMy Profile

  4. Shirley, any of the three would be gorgeous! Happy packing dear friend!

  5. All are lovely in their own style. My question, are you moving crosstown or out of state? I don’t know why you want to leave the beautiful home you are in at present.

  6. The Beaux Bridge is my favorite based on the front elevation, but the floor plan plays a huge factor.

  7. Alice genzlinger says

    Checked out all three plans but my favorite is the French style one. There are several reasons. One is because it’s not to large. Two is the work space for laundry and crafts. And I would NEVER think of buying a house that didn’t have a large walkin pantry or master bedroom on the first floor. I have learned my lessons. Can’t wait to see what you chose.

  8. The French country is so charming and so inviting. It just begs you to enter and come sit down and feel it’s warmth surround you. Hands down – french country, at least for me. I LOVE it. Good luck!

  9. Donnamae says

    Wow….each one looks wonderful! But…since you asked. If it were my home…I’d pick #3. But, that’s my style..,you’ll have to pick for you! I was reading the comments above, and you said 1500 sq ft? That sounds perfect! This process is supposed to be fun, right? So enjoy!! 😉

  10. Terri SantaColoma says

    Beaux Bridge because of the front porch but they are all gorgeous!

  11. Love them all. You have a difficult decision. I do think the floor plan would be the decision maker for me. I can’t wait to see which one you choose!

  12. Sharon B. says

    Hi Shirley,
    I like the floor plan of the Architectural Designs French Country home but love the Beaux Bridge Farmhouse/Southern Traditional style. I agree with the other commenter the front porch is lovely. You have a hard decision to make. Good luck!

  13. Oh my!….it would be the Country French plan!!! This would be my house if I were building! You see too many of the other plans. Have fun with tweeking plans. I’m excited to see which you pick.

  14. Ok, after looking at the floor plans I like the French Country the best. The split bedrooms and the rest of the plan is pretty much like what I am looking at if we could change from our two story to one level.

  15. William Poole homes reek of Southern Style. We plan to downsized within the next five years and I will look first at his designs. Good luck in your new venture.

  16. How excited you must be! I have to say the first two houses are my favorite. When we were looking at houses, I was drawn to both styles. South Tulsa has an array of Jack Arnold houses. I still have fun taking a drive and looking at them. The second house is one of my favorite styles too! They remind me of the houses in Lafayette which also have a french influence. In fact, when we were house shopping we fell in love with a house that looked just like that, but someone bought it before we could. I guess it just wasn’t met to be. I know whatever you choose, it will be absolutely beautiful!!!

  17. Tardevil says

    I would pick in this order. 3-2-1. I think you would miss not having a porch to decorate.

  18. Hi Shirley! Personally I like the first one, French Country. However, this is your house and you must be the one to decide what your heart knows. All three are fantastic so I don’t think you can go wrong. Hugs, Pat
    Pat @ Bringing french country home’s recent post…Exciting Mountain Cabin NewsMy Profile

  19. So exciting! I always love French Country but for some reason I am pulled towards the farmhouse southern traditional! I think it is the amazing porch. Have fun deciding!

  20. Shirley, all wonderful choices. You can’t go wrong with any. Go with your gut and heart.


  21. Kathysue says

    Hard decisions for sure. If I were guiding you I would go with #3. It’s elegant, classic and I love the flow of the floor plan. The guest rooms have their own wing, that’s a great feature. I love the orientation of the kitchen and how it faces the back yard. The master is a nice size and love the bathroom set up. The first one is too complicated in design. Too much going on visually. IMHO. The farmhouse exterior pulls at ny heart but I didn’t like the orientation of the kitchen to the side of the house. I know you are a planner and you will choose what’s best for you. How exciting. Enjoy the process my friend ??

  22. Penny mapes says

    All 3 are beautiful… I myself would go with French country.. I love that style… How much fun building another beautiful home…

  23. They are all absolutely breathtaking! Wouldn’t your cherished shutters look gorgeous above the mantel in the first home plan. I think after looking at all three floor plans I prefer the French Country home. Of course, there are many factors I’m sure you are considering such as the lot your home will built on. Is it a wooded lot? Thanks for including your readers on the options you are pondering over.

  24. First, wonderful that you are about to built another beautiful home. I love the French Country style, however that farmhouse country looks inviting also.?. Good luck with your final choice! Whatever it is, we all know it will be absolutely beautiful!

  25. Mary Stevens says

    My first was the country French but then #3 really spoke to me and liked the floor plan! Didn’t like #2! Can’t wait to see what you choose!!

  26. Oh my goodness! What a difficult decision you have to make in the midst of everything else! Once upon a time I had a home similar to #2 but it was more of a Lowcountry style. It had the 3 dormers and the front porch extended along the front and wrapped around both ends. It was 70 feet long-I know because I stained every inch of it with a brush! That style of home will never go out of style (for resale considerations) but I’ll have to say that #1 looks more like you.

  27. Hey, Shirley, how exciting! I’ve only built one simple home ever, so hats off to you for taking on a new build. My hubby and I have kicked that thought around too, so we’ll see. I’m drawn to the Southern styles in homes, so #2 grabs me. I didn’t look at the floor plans though, so that’s something you have to figure out, how it lives for you and what you want. I’m so not good at looking at flat floor plans trying to visualize how a home will look. I need to see 3D versions! I’m sure it will be gorgeous, wondering how big you are going?

    • Thanks Rhoda…I think we want a max of 3300…the first plan is 3600…We have built 5 homes with only one home as an “existing” home. We prefer building to get exactly what we want….even though it can be stressful with having to move twice….Unfortunately, if all goes to plan, we will be moving during Haven….truly was looking forward to going this year!!
      Shirley’s recent post…Decisions, Decisions, on House PlansMy Profile

  28. From what I’ve seen of your decor, what you have will fit any of the styles you show as well as the area in which you are building. The hard part for you will be deciding what you have to depart with as the new space might not accommodate everything you have. Oh woe!
    Linda’s recent post…The Wild WestMy Profile

  29. I think the floor plan might be the deciding factor. I love my front porch. Best wishes as you make a difficult decision.

  30. hI, We are in the process of drawing up plans for our house. We love the first house and has been our inspiration for our entire process. We tweaked a little on the floor plan, but truthfully would take it just as is.
    If you want to share ideas sent me an email.

  31. decisions, decisions! They all look great Shirley!

  32. Sandra white says

    They are all gorgeous outside and great floor plans. I am drawn to the second one as I love southern type porches. What you choose to build could also be influenced by the type lot you are building on. Wooded, grassy, flat, elevation etc.
    No matter what you choose, it will be just gorgeous as you are putting lots of thought into it!
    It will be so exciting to follow along with you on this journey. Good luck!!!

  33. Oh wow…how beautiful they ALL are and I can see where it would be hard to choose! I love French country as you know, but love the #3 plan.

  34. Linda McMillan says

    The French Country is my favorite.

  35. OMGoodness, hard decisions! But for me I would go with the first one. The layout, the great room that totally opens up to outside, the laundry room is a DREAM, the master and master bath. I could go on and on. Go with your gut though. I was looking at the pictures and picturing your furniture in different spaces;) Can’t wait to see what you decide. I glanced at this in the morning but had to leave for a Dr. appt. then go to a family gathering at noon. Gorgeous choices!!!!!
    Pinky’s recent post…Lightening Up the MantleMy Profile

  36. they are all beautiful designs shirley. i loved the design and building process when we did it 16 years ago.

  37. SHERRY MYERS says

    What an exciting time, Shirley! I know whatever you choose will be exquisite! My husband and I have built three times. It is exciting. I am afraid I have the same indecision with these choices as I did with mine. I love the first French Country outside design, but the floor plan of your third choice is my favorite. Congratulations, and enjoy the journey…we’ll be along for the ride cheering you on every step of the way!!

  38. Well Shirley,I have no doubt you and your husband will make a perfect choice. Only you know where your heart and head intersect! I admit The Harper seems the perfect European and American blend. Casual formal I call it. Welcoming yet stately. The floor plan looks good and I love the screen porch, patio AND front porch. All good choices according to weather/seasons. BUT I am not choosing, YOU are. Have fun!! Any of these are good choices.

  39. Decisions, decisions… I can see how you’d be conflicted! I think ‘The Harper’ is a perfect compromise and mix of both and I love the back elevation too. I know you’ll be in your element with all your design choices and planning. ♥

  40. Susan N. says

    Hi Shirley, All three plans are beautiful, however, my favorite is the Architectural Design plan. It has so much charm and looks to be a very indoor/outdoor friendly space.
    My husband and I built a 4100 square foot home 10 years ago, primarily a one story with only a large bonus room upstairs. It is the most comfortable home we have ever lived in.
    Best of luck with your decision, it is sure to be the right one for your family.

  41. Marty Oravetz says

    Can’t wait to see what you choose, they are all wonderful.

  42. What a fun time! These houses are HUGE, so many choices to be made. Enjoy yourself!!

  43. I love them all! But I think the first is my favorite, as long as you’ve got covered space in back. There is something so elegant about a courtyard entry. I suppose it depends on location, and how the home sits on the lots as well. I’m sure whatever you choose will be beautiful and tasteful!

  44. Alycia nichols says

    I say get one of each! And while you’re at it, build one for me!!!

  45. Did you hear that? That’s the sound of my jaw hitting the ground. Seriously Shirley, I’m dying here! ALL these are drop dead gorgeous! I can understand why you’re having a hard time deciding.

    The only thing I will say is the first and third homes seem a little big. Think about how much you want to maintain in ten or fifteen years. If it were me, I would design a house with my favorite features from each. Hello separate master closets…hello fireplace on the porch…hello walk in pantry. You can have it all! So much fun!!

  46. If I was 30 yrs. younger I would choose Beaux Bridge! Have fun w/ your new home and all the fun designs !………………….

  47. Transitioning from a new home may be hard at times but there are people that provide services with this nature.

  48. Anne olson says

    Hi Shirley!
    In my humble opinion only, the William Poole plan. I really appreciate the timeless beauty and grace of his architecture. One can’t place any of his homes to a recent decade popular choice of homes. There is a quiet serenity of the charming symmetry that just feels right. Anyone who does modern living reproductions of Williamsburg homes is tops in my book.

    The first one would only feel right to me on a large piece of land and the left bump out feels awkward a bit. I love the windows and stucco but there is a lot going on with the roof lines, like the high wall and the crescent window right above the front door followed by the rectangular one above that. It confuses me and doesn’t look French.

    Again in my opinion only, the third plan is roof fussy/busy (I am not a fan of cascading gables because of this). These roofs seem to be everywhere I live in new builds and I can pin the look to the last 15 years. Six peaks and the windows are all different sizes and shapes.

    William Poole’s design is a standout. A true beauty for the stunning simplicity and symmetry. It looks anchored. I can really picture a home with these lines, from roof to the living structure, in the French countryside.

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