Packing Up the House Tips & A Giveaway Announcement

I have mentioned previously that my posts will be a bit sparse as I am totally immersed

in packing up the house.

The more I pack, the more there is to pack!

I do most of the packing. My hubby takes care of the garage and attic and his office.

Which is quite an undertaking.  He is making many trips back and forth to the rental.

I have packed up for so many moves . . . Building the new house will be our 7th house.

We plan on this house being our last one till the Assisted Living home!! 

But, you just never know!

 For many of those house moves, we have had to move twice

into a rental until the house was built.

Packing Tips-Housepitality Designs-2

The above have been by my side for over a week!

In all of the moves, I cannot remember anything breaking that I packed.

The only thing that broke in my recollection is a punch bowl cup

that slid off the island, as I was unpacking it.

So today, from a suggestion of a friend I will give you

some of my packing up the house tips.

Packing tips-Housepitality Designs-6

I find it best that I place all my items needed for packing contained in a basket.

I also include the jar of spackle to plug the holes from picture hangers.

Take down a painting, fill in the hole.

But first things first, you need something pretty that will make you smile

while you are doing  this not so fun task. I chose hydrangeas from my yard.

Packing Tips-Housepitality Designs

When we lived in Florida, we had a friend who owned a moving company

and I was able to not only get a great price on moving, but also on supplies;

however, here, I had to resort to buying boxes

and packing paper from the Big Box stores.

I get boxes from one store as I prefer them and packing paper from the other

as I prefer their packing paper.

You probably noticed that there is a box of storage bags in the basket.

Packing Tips-Housepitality Designs

When I pack small items that “go together” rather than wrapping them

and placing them in the box, I group them together and place them in the bag.

We will be doing lots of “un boxed transport” making trips from this house

to the rental house which is about 10 miles away.

So placing loose items in a bag from a drawer, transporting

them directly to the house (in a basket) and placing them directly into another  drawer

such as a kitchen drawer is what I will be doing. The use of my large vintage

wicker baskets will come in handy.

We have already rented a house (it’s 5,000 square feet so no need for storage units)

so that we can move things in over a few weeks time

and then have the movers move the large pieces of furniture at the last minute.

Packing tips-Housepitality Designs-5

Other than the tape gun, the desk tape dispenser is my friend lately.

When I wrap an item, I tape it to secure the paper to the item.

That way it goes in very neatly into the box that is lined on all sides,

bottom, sides, and top with packing paper . . . to cushion the box

so that no item touches the sides of the box.

By the way, I have a large box by the island, which is now my packing station, 

that I use to place the box in which I am packing on.  

This way, I do not have to bend over to place things in the box.  Easy on your back!

Packing tips-Housepitality Designs-4

In the above box are plates. Never place plates flat in the box. Place them on their side

 that way they are less apt to break. That applies to any item, such as

glassware, frames, etc.

Heavy items on the bottom and if there is room to add more items, then place a

good layers of crumpled wrapping paper to buffer/separate the items

on the bottom and top layers.

For example, the bottom layer of this box had the plates and the top layer

I placed wrapped tea cups . . . then crumpled up more paper to buffer them

from the lid of the box. . . . I must say I use a lot of paper!

My hubby is always making paper and box runs for me!

Packing tips-Housepitality Designs-3

Description of the contents on the top of the box

and I also write on the side of the box what is generally in it.

With the instruction of “STORE” which means the boxes will be placed

in a designated room for boxes that I will not unpack until the new house.

Then there is “UNPACK” which means, unpack at the rental as I will need it!

Which now leaves “ACCESS” . . . Those are items I may need, like seasonal items

and decorative items that I may want to use during the “rental year”

Packing tips-Housepitality Designs-2

The furniture will have different color post-its on them and each room

in the rental house will have a coordinating colored placard as a guide

for the movers on the door.

It has been very hectic around here. My hubby works many hours and travels

and every spare moment he has he is helping me, coordinating with utilities

and other vendors, packing and making runs to the donation center.

But this too shall will pass, and it will all get done.

We may need a huge vacation after all of this!!!

In the meantime . . . I want to tell you about a GIVEAWAY

that is associated with Tree Classic Patriotic Fridays campaign.

This Giveaway will begin on Friday, June 23rd and winners will be announced

on July 4th, our Nation’s Birthday.

I will have complete details on this coming Friday’s post, June 23rd.

So stay tuned . . . and in the meantime, my friend Mary always tells me,

“STAY CALM AND PACK ON” !!!! I’m trying!!

Have a a most beautiful day!!

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  1. Hi Shirley, Great packing tips that I hope I DON’T need in the future. We went through this a couple of years ago and I’m embarrassed to say we still have furniture in a climate controlled storage unit…{insert *red face* here}. I was able to pack a lot less carefully since I didn’t have to store things while building, making many trips loading up my the back of my SUV with Rubbermaid bins, heavy duty trash bags and laundry baskets full of household items. One saving grace is that you have storage space in your rental! Keep Calm and Pack On. ♥

    • Mary…had to chuckle…I have a stack of Rubbermaid bins and baskets ready to move things that I can just unpack and the new place….we have a storage unit filled with stuff that we put there when we put the house on the market…it will be a while before we empty it too!

  2. I hate packing….and unpacking. I know you will be so glad when the new house is finished and you can unpack for the last time.

  3. This all sounds too familiar to me! We’ve moved four times and like you, we hope not to do it again! There is always a reason to move and it’s always worth it but it’s so much work!! You won’t believe this and I should be embarrassed to admit it but I’m not… when we moved from our last house it was actually a brand new neighborhood. We had lived there 3 years and 10 months or something like that. The neighborhood was still under construction and people were moving in all the time. One trash day, a neighbor put it on our neighborhood site that there were tons of boxes out at the curb for recycle. We got in our truck to go get them and then realized they were everywhere! We drove around one new block and got 60+ packing boxes that were gently used. That was the strangest and most fun morning! My husband and I got the biggest laugh out of grabbing people’s trash that day. 🙂

  4. Packing up a house does take planning. Even more difficult when you live there for 20 years.

    This is our last home.

    I can’t wait to follow your process.


  5. Shirley, it seems that you can never have enough boxes and packing paper when moving! I know we made several trips to the store to purchase them. You have given us some wonderful packing tips! Try not to work too hard, and Happy Wednesday!!!

  6. Go, Shirley, go! I can’t wait for you to let us know you are happily unpacked in the rental and enjoying a leisurely cup of tea! We’ve moved quite a few times, and I prefer to wrap and pack myself. The overseas moves require that you allow a moving company to pack, which sounds much easier but in reality isn’t, because you have to be there to “oversee” and list everything on paper.

    It’s the only time we had any breakage, and the moving guys in Europe packed a waste paper can with trash in it! Luckily, it was all paper. I’m thinking of you! And thanks for the great tips. xo

  7. Sometimes I feel like a professional packer, with all the inventory and shuffling we do for the antique mall spaces. However, I love your style and read several very useful tips for personal packing, Shirley. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Donnamae says

    Oh…I don’t envy you this task. I really, really don’t like to move…we’ve lived in our house for almost 35 yrs. Great packing tips though. Pack away, and remember….you’re having fun….right?? 😉

  9. I’m wishing you to Stay Calm and Pack On, Shirley! I’ve only moved twice and dreaded the packing. Your packing tips are great!

  10. Packing and moving is very stressful even though you know you are going to have a new beautiful house. Stay hydrated, eat well and get good sleep and press on! Sending special thoughts your way.

  11. Leila Jane says

    Hi Shirley ~ We were a military family so we moved, let’s see, 15 times in 25 years and 3 more times since then. It got harder the last time when I was in my 60’s as I developed sciatica with all of the bending and reaching. I know you’re not in that age bracket but still be careful with all there is to do! It looks like you’re organized and know what to do, though. Good luck with the move and the anticipation of your next house. We will all enjoy seeing your next house become the new “Hospitable Home”!!!

  12. JOann mooney says

    Quite an undertaking, but you are so organized! In our experience the moves within the same city were always the hardest…all those car trips back and forth of smaller items. Hang in there!

  13. Penny at Enjoying The Simple Things says

    I have moved 19 times in the 39 years we have been married. I pack almost like you do. Except the zip bags, that is a great idea!

  14. Seventh house, huh? Geez…I feel like a total rookie! Still, packing is hard no matter how many times you have to do it! Essentially doing it twice (rental, then new home) is even worse! I like your tips, especially the one about placing the box on a table or island to save bending and stooping. With my back, that is THE ULTIMATE tip!!! The work you’re putting in now will save you a mountain of frustration later. I applaud you for devising a workable system and then doing everything you can to make it a go! I dread the day we have to move again. It is NOT going to be pretty!!! 🙂 Hang in there, sister!!!

  15. Shirley, I have only moved once in our marriage. It make me nauseous to think about it. Hang in there sweet friend!

  16. I am glad we are in our last home before the assisted living!!!! I use all of your tips too. I write on each box the room it goes to and also every item that is in that box. I used mostly bubble wrap rather than paper however. It is a massive job, I know. It will be wonderful to get to the rental and be able to relax a little. How long do you think you will be in it? We are having a wonderful time in OBX with the family. I’ll check back about the give away!!!!

  17. I just went through this, and it’s a lot of work. I’m not looking forward to the unpacking. Hang in there.

  18. Shirley,
    Great ideas! Sure going to miss your beautiful home but looking forward to your new home and seeing more amazing decorating ideas.

    I’m not moving right now, but I am taking time this summer to clean through closets, hutches, drawers, etc as if we are getting ready to move. I do this kind of aggressive purge about every four years. Helps keep me organized.

  19. yeah but you can stay calmer if you hire some packers! 🙂

  20. We have moved 6 times and luckily 4 of those were corporate moves . All paid for packed and unpacked loaded and unloaded for us. It’s hard work and coordinating. I worked as an RN in a Nursing Home and Assisted Living.

    Best Wishes on your move.

  21. Oh, Shirley, I can just imagine how organized you are with your packing! Your home is so beautifully run. I’m glad you’re excited about this new adventure; I can imagine just how gorgeous your new house will be!

    I’m wondering where you’ll be living next–I hope it’s closer to me here in Durham! 🙂

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  23. Nice idea. really appreciate it.

  24. Thanks for this contest.

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