This Week’s Happenings

This week’s happenings have been a whole lot of packing and moving.

I am sure you are not surprised!

Yesterday was our Anniversary.

I was surprised with a beautiful bouquet of flowers

that my hubby managed to sneak in without my knowledge

and surprised me with them when I walked into the kitchen early in the morning.

I posted it on Instagram/Housepitality Designs

We are two crazy people trying to move our things into the rental house

that going forward I shall call the Berry Patch House.

Berry Patch Kitchen-Housepitality Designs

The above photo is the first photo you have seen of the Berry Patch House.

The kitchen has orange/coppery color accents tiles

so I brought my vintage copper tea kettle to the house to see how it would

blend in and it does blend nicely, so copper will be prevalent in the kitchen.

A kitchen I would classify as gourmet with items such  a warming drawer (yes!)

and two full size sinks and two separate food prepping areas.

The original homeowners were chefs, so they needed their own prep stations.

There is also a full size kitchen in the lower level of the house.

My hubby is using our trusty Honda Odyssey that has 275,000 miles on it

to truck over (or van over) boxes etc to the Berry Patch house.

The professional movers (I think my hubby and I have become professional too)

will move the large/heavy pieces of furniture in a couple of weeks.

I have been giving away lots of things.

I gave the media room sofa and ottoman to my son.

It fit very nicely in his new home.

Media room-Housepitality Designs

The rug is staying with the house per the buyers request

and the red 50’s high top table and stools in the kitchenette have been spoken for too.

Ahhh . . . my sunroom furniture . . .

Sunroom-Housepitality Designs

I will not have room for it in the “new house” . . .

definitely have room for it in the Berry Patch house, as it is 5,000 square feet;

however, thought it best to let it go now.

So it will be gifted to my Sweetie’s mother so they can enjoy it.

My sweetie has known this furniture since the day she was  a couple weeks old,

when she first came to my house.

Leaving this house with so many memories is truly bittersweet

and I think it is the same for my Sweetie too;

however, she is fully involved in the new house.

She is already looking forward to having a great window seat in her room.

Her bedroom will have its own bath as each bedroom will.

Guest Room-Housepitality Designs

I am on the fence about selling the guest room furniture.

My sister really wants it, but they do not have a vehicle large enough

to travel up from Florida to get it.

I am a bit far behind on packing. But it will all get done.

We are meeting with our builder today on our final plans

and I will present a copy of our plan hopefully next week.

In the meantime, in the words and advice of my friend Mary


And, will make sure that I have a great supply of Kleenex on hand too!

Have a most beautiful day everyone!

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  1. So many hard decisions! Yes, carry on…. you will miss some things but you’ll have fun getting new things and making new memories. 🙂

    • I have made a list of the things that I “missed” in building our last home! … but yes, there is always that “I should have done this!”

  2. I see this as a most stressful situation. Carry on, my dear, and show us how it’s done with grace and style!

  3. I totally know what you are going through and all the VERY tough decisions to be made. It is hard but so rewarding when you are finally in the new home and if you need some things you can buy new!!! That’s fun!!! Keep calm, I know you will do it. I feel like a pro mover too:):)

  4. Sherry Mullis says

    In the one house we had built we had a light switch that controlled all the outside lights at one time installed in our master bedroom right beside the bed where it could be easily reached if it seemed someone was going on in the middle of the night. I miss this feature in the home we have now. I know this is an exciting time for you – enjoy the process.

  5. It will be sad leaving this home with so many memories. Looking forward to your new journey!

  6. You have a lot on your plate right now!

  7. Becky Jackson says

    I can surely sympathize with you Shirley. The day we moved out of our first home the house was empty, the moving van packed and ready to go, the new owners waiting on the porch to move in, and I was still standing alone in the kitchen, my heart breaking, sobbing my eyes out! I felt like I was turning my back on my best friend! It was one of the hardest things I think I’ve ever done. But, I got over it and built a lovely new home that I have lived in now for 30 years! I still dream about my first home…I think we leave a little piece of our heart everywhere we live!

    • We will be building our 7th home…however, this home is the home that my Sweetie (granddaughter) has known since birth….we actually closed on this house on the day she was born…maybe we can do the same with the next one, but the building process seems to be a bit longer this time, so not sure that will happen! Yes, so many memories…

  8. Bittersweet, for sure. But you will enjoy your new home as it will be more suitable for your lifestyle and you will always have fond memories of this beautiful home.

  9. You do seem so calm as you make this journey. It is helpful to have a really nice rental while your new one is being built. It is normal to have emotional feelings toward “things” as they represent special memories. I have made several moves and the packing just about consumes your life for a while. Sounds like you have a wonderful husband. Take moments for yourself.

  10. I know it’s bittersweet but you are moving to a new exciting chapter. Life goes forward whether we want it to or not. Focus on your next exciting build.


  11. Trina Evans says

    Shirley, I still love the fabric you used in the sunroom windows….if you are interested in selling them….let me know

  12. Thinking of you Shirley as you take many trips down memory lane as you pack your house up. I know you’ll make a cozy home out of your rental as is possible as you build your new home. I’ll miss seeing your wonderful sunroom furniture as it’s such a fixture in your home… *sniff* Take care with your lifting and bending ❣️

  13. Donnamae says

    I don’t envy you your task….or your tears. But, I do know you will bravely smile through it all. Happy packing! 😉

  14. oh bother what a messy job! we did it last year only we did not build and only lived in temporary housing a month. I’m so glad your family is benefiting from many of your treasures so you can see them enjoying the fruits of your labors and memories. my husband and i actually select pieces for our new home based on their future “hand-me-down-to kids/grandkids” quality! hang in there Shirley, God bless. BTW I wish all my favorite bloggers would get together and open a Blogger’s Basement store of formerly loved items they no longer use that we readers could shop in. ?

  15. I’m sure in no time the Berry Patch will feel like home and new memories will be created until the next adventure

  16. amy chalmers says

    Oh I’m so glad you will give your sunroom furniture to Sweetie and her mom as that ways it’s still in the family! I love that set, and that color green. What color do you think it’s close to in a paint color?? I could paint all my wicker that color and call it Shirley-inspired! And obviously the buyers loved your taste if they wanted the curtains. That was my favorite room but I’m excited for your adventure ahead and then the new house plan reveal!!

  17. Shirley, I can sympathize with you. It was exactly this same time last year that we were packing. I used a lot of Kleenex! I did let go a some things, but I was kind of sorry that I did. After, living in this house for almost a year, I thought of places for some of the things I gave away. I’m excited to see your new house plans! Try not to work too hard!

  18. I’m thinking of you dear friend! I know it’s a little bittersweet to leave this home, but oh how exciting to be able to build your dream home from scratch! I know you, you can make a ramshackle shack look welcoming, so I have no doubt that you will create a haven for your family in your rental as well as the new forever home. Your sweetie and the rest of your family will make so many beautiful new memories there. xoxo

  19. I love your media room sofa and ottoman. Probably because it looks so much like mine LOL.
    I am trying to find another one just this shape. The store I got mine has been gone for years. What is the brand/furniture maker of your sofa?

  20. Shirley, You are handling a stressful time with grace and your husband sounds like a team player! Has your sister priced renting a truck to pick up the furniture if you should decide to give it up?

  21. JoAnn Mooney says

    Happy belated anniversary to you and your hubby! Hope you could at least have a nice dinner out as a break from all the packing and moving. We moved into our home when our first granddaughter was born, so I understand how hard it is to leave all the memories. But at least your Sweetie lives close by so you can make new memories in your new home. Can’t wait to see the plans!

  22. It must be hard to let go of some of these nice furnishings but at least they’re going to caring people. Looks like you found a nice temporary home until yours is built. I don’t envy moving but at least it’s for a good reason! My sister moved to a rental and put her house up for sale and it was sold within a week. She is also going to build new so I will have two of you to follow now! Happy Anniversary to you both!

  23. I am so glad we are all moving with you. It will be an adventure to see what you do in the Berry Patch House and the new house.

  24. Shirley, I’ve been a frequent reader but am not clear on the ‘why’ behind your move —and where your new home will be. Many of us boomers are wrestling with downsizing options as we try to clear out our clutter. We’ve cleaned out our parents’ homes and don’t want to leave the same difficult chore to our children. Could you do a post summarizing how you came to this decision and any lessons you’ve already learned? Thanks! I really enjoy your blog.

  25. Wishing you much success with your packing, moving, and building! I still miss my previous home; it’s amazing how we become attached to our homes Especially with features that we like. I had two friends who loved their homes so much that when they moved they had the exact same house built in their new locations. One friend ilived in North Carolina and the other friend lived in Georgia.

  26. Leslie Young says

    You have such a beautiful home. I don’t know how you can bare to leave it. But, I am sure your new home will be just as beautiful.

  27. Alycia Nichols says

    One of those situations that makes you want to simultaneously jump for joy and cry a river . I am late seeing this, so I hope that by now you are further along. Wow…5000-ft. rental?? That’s great! Lots of sprawling out space while you cool your heels and wait for the new forever home to get built. I’ll bet those tears are flowing, but once you start to see the bones of the new house you’ll dry right up. I’m hoping so!

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