What Would You Do and a Reminder

We met with our builder today.

Spent much time tweaking the plans and trying to figure out

how to make the other bathrooms larger.

I am so used to very spacious bathrooms. All of my bathrooms have enough space

for a chair and a piece of furniture! But alas, I have to remember I am downsizing!!!

I wanted each bedroom to have it’s own bathroom, but that means smaller bathrooms,

with the exception of the master bathroom.

I can have separate bathrooms with each having  one sink, not two as they are here.

OR, I can combine the bathrooms to make one large one, and the two bedrooms

would have to share!

So….what would you do? …. and please read down to the bottom of the post for a Reminder

of a great giveaway!.

Below is the Master Bathroom….

Master Bathroom-Housepitality Designs

Master Bathroom vanity-Housepitality Designs

The Guest Room Bath …. spacious enough for a chair.

Guest Room Bath-Housepitality Designs

Every bathroom in this house that we are leaving

have double sinks.

Guest Room Bath-Housepitality Designs

The hall bath below,  which is shared with two bedrooms,

mainly used by my hubby as it was across from the bedroom he uses as his office.

The  bath below has a large separate room for a large shower

and the toilet area and there is a bookcase that is across from the vanity.

Hall Bath-Housepitality Designs

So you see my dilemma . . . I  love the look and convenience of spacious bathrooms.

Am I doing a good thing by offering each bedroom its own private bath and

sacrificing space and no double sinks . . . a single one in each.

I think before I decide, I shall take some advice from you dear readers….

AND my Sweetie …. as one of the bedrooms will be hers.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Also, I want to remind you of the giveaway of the Tree Classics tree and

ornament set. For some reason my post on this was taken down on FB, so

the word is not out there other than readers of my blog.

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Have a most wonderful weekend and beautiful day!

I am . . . Keeping Calm and Packing on!!!!

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  1. Yes, you are downsizing. You are going to want less to clean, dust and mop. One sink is fine for guestrooms. I actually hate cleaning our bathroom which grew with the reno. Love the look, but cannot keep up with the dust. As you know our guest baths are tiny, but at least my kids had their own bathroom while they lived here. I can only imagine if they had to share one.

  2. I would go with each bedroom having a bathroom. Smaller is fine.

  3. Leila Jane says

    Hi Shirley ~ I think any guest would be thrilled to have their own private bathroom. The privacy of their own space would be more important than a larger size room with 2 sinks. That’s my take on it. Hope you’re enjoying the process of planning for your new home!

  4. My house has both. One guest room has it’s own bath (only one sink) and the other two guest rooms share a bath with a double sink. But in that one the shower and toilet are in a separate space with a door so that helps a lot too. This has worked fine for us and the many guests that like to come to Florida.?
    I would give your Sweetie her own bath if possible. My two youngest grandchildren who stay with me often have rooms decorated just for them. I use them as guest rooms of course also. That has worked out beautifully.

  5. Karen W. says

    Please opt for smaller bathrooms dedicated to each bedroom. As a visitor, I always appreciate the thoughtfulness of a private bathroom…size is never an issue.
    Enjoy this hectic, but exciting, time!

  6. Penny at Enjoying The Simple Things says

    I think each bedroom with it’s own bath. So much more privacy that way!

  7. Thank you for valuing our opinions! I agree that each bedroom should have its own bath. You probably are going to have one bathroom that you designate for most visitors. The one I use for visitors is larger but has only one sink. I think I prefer the counter space for guest towels, flowers, etc. I do have a small chair. My third bath is small but I have it decorated nicely. I really think our lifestyles dictate some of these decisions. Your sweetie who I assume is your daughter should be a high consideration. Hope I didn’t ramble too much. I am excited for you and these are hard decisions. I would love to build one more house but don’t think I have the energy for it. Keep moving forward with joy in your heart.

  8. Well, either you want to downsize or you don’t. Seems like you’re still struggling with that idea. Go with the bathrooms for each bedroom and don’t look back – look forward! None of us are getting younger, we’re only getting older. With that in mind, less maintenance is a good thing while still incorporating your charming style! Good Luck!

  9. Donnamae says

    Well…since you asked. I like the idea of smaller but private baths. Guests don’t seem to mind a smaller bath…privacy is more important! Curious to see what you decide. Enjoy your Weekend! 😉

  10. tracy Chandler says

    As a guest I prefer my own bathroom..

  11. Rebecca turner says

    It is a luxury for each room to have its own bathroom, but if I were building, that is exactly what I would do. One sink is sufficient but one toilet is not. (The voice of experience!) It is so nuce to have the privacy of a bathroom that one doesn’t have to share with others in the household. Just make sure that doors and floorspace are big enough to accomodate walkers or wheelchairs, because although you may not need this now, you never know what the future holds. (Again, the voice of experience.) I hope your new home turns out to be everything that you want it to be!

  12. I vote for individual private bathrooms. So much easier when you do not have to share!

  13. I see that someone mentioned this but at least one of your bathroom doors need to accommodate a wheelchair and walk in shower. Plenty of storage that is easily accessible.

  14. Based on the previous comments, separate bathrooms get the unanimous vote, and I concur. Two sinks are not necessary but plenty of counter space for all the things guests might need to carry is. Space for a chair would be nice but not necessary if there is one nearby in the bedroom. I like the privacy separate baths provide for guests.

  15. Sherry Myers says

    Shirley, whatever you decide, will no doubt have your stamp of southern hospitality on it. I always appreciate large bathrooms when visiting friends or relatives, but privacy is more important to me. As long as the bathroom has an area to place my essentials, it doesn’t have to have a double sink. I can’t wait to see your new home. Your Sweetie and guests are lucky to have such a thoughtful designer.

  16. I would keep in mind the cleaning aspect. We downsize many times because we don’t want to clean all the space we are turning away from.

    Do you really want to have to clean the same amount of toilets, tile, etc ? I know I didn’t putting my MS aside.

    Now with my new drug and many improvements I’m thrilled it takes so much less time and effort to clean.

    I have more time to paint furniture and do other projects such as baking, etc. Not to mention relax


  17. If it were me, I would combine the bathrooms. It feels more spacious that way, and there is less to clean. I know whatever you choose is will be beautiful! Enjoy your weekend!!!

  18. I have to agree with other commenters. Give me my own bathroom with one sink. A great mention is for doors to accommodate walkers or wheelchairs. A friend of mine did just that when downsizing and her home is more spacious looking. Have A Great Weekend!

  19. Wendy Howell says

    I would combine the bathrooms, unless of course you have several houseguests regularly.

  20. We will soon join you in the process of downsizing as we’ve bought a new place that is under construction. Already, I’m going through the house trying to figure out how to get rid of all the unnecessaries. Right now bathrooms are the least of my worries as they are already designed.

  21. When we visit relatives in FL they have a bathroom for each guest room with a single vanity & shower. It’s worked perfectly and the privacy is really appreciated. They do have visitors often.

  22. Bonnie G. says

    Unless you continuously have a full house with guests why would you need a bath for each guest’s room if your goal is to downsize? Ultimately it depends on the frequency of company, maintenance issues, and your own personal preference and budget. That being said, I know we all want our guests to feel at home and to have some privacy but I think most visitors wouldn’t mind sharing a bathroom for two rooms, after all you are opening you home to them and undoubtedly being a most gracious hostess!

  23. I wouldn’t have guests share a bath. One sink is fine for us when we travel. I would surely want a large master bath….as I HATE ours! I was used to a larger bathroom too and this one is awful. I wish I had had more options here and choices, but it is what it is. You are fortub=nate to be able to make these decisions. I know it will be gorgeous. Have a beautiful weekend. It is going to be God awful hot here, and I imagine there too.

  24. I recall a family reunion to celebrate my grandparents 50th anniversary. There must have been about 20 people spending the night and sharing ONE bathroom! We all took turns and were ready for church on time. I wouldn’t expect that now-a-days but my question is: if you choose to have a bathroom for each bedroom, why would you have double sinks in a bathroom that won’t be shared? Anyway, IMHO, I vote for the smaller bathrooms for each bedroom.

  25. Somehow I have lived my entire life without a bathroom with double sinks! I just can’t imaging being the the bathroom at the same time with another person. We just take turns. A smaller bathroom for each bedroom would be a wonderful luxury. If this is to be your forever home, plan at least one first floor bathroom to have a zero clearance shower with good grab bars. That little curb for a walk in shower can be a surprisingly challenging barrier! Think of why you are downsizing. If you want to simplify your life and plan to age in place, the design should follow. Here in California a 1500 sq foot house can go for well over $1,000,000, so we live without basements, master suites, media rooms, laundry rooms and only get a home office after the kids leave the nest and a bedroom is converted! We still raise our families and entertain! And remember, if your son is your only child, do him a favor and purge relentlessly now. You will save him a lot of stress in the future! I’m very excited to see your plans. The beautiful home you are leaving is a treat for the eyes!

  26. We have 4 bedrooms with 4 ensuite baths and a powder room. Visitors use the powder room and overnight guests enjoy have their own private bath even with only one sink. Our master has 2 separate vanities with sinks but my since husband uses one of the bedrooms for his office he is more comfortable using that en suite bath for himself since he gets up earlier and doesn’t want to disturb me. So the master is all mine and there is room for a chair.

  27. sandra D Joliet says

    I’m trying to think if I ever visited someone that had more than a bath and a half. One had two and half baths-a big master bath, a half bath for visitors to use and another smaller bath their children shared-I never seen that one. I only have one bath myself but swear the next house will have at least 1 1/2 baths. If I visited someone and had my own bath with a vanity sink I would feel absolutely spoiled. If this is your last home you’ll live in, pamper yourself with a nice large master bath and give each guest room a small bath with single sink or even make them share a bathroom. I guess I’m just on the poor side right now and only dream of a larger house that will have at least 1 1/2 baths and a laundry room (yes, I lug clothes to the laundromat weekly) so anything more sounds like luxury to me.

  28. Yes, my own bathroom please! One sink is fine with me!

  29. Honestly I would opt for one bath for two rooms. How often do you actually have two guest using two baths at the same time. I could count on one hand thevtimes that happens. Not sure why a guest bath would need two sinks but extra counter space would be what I would want. Just my thoughts. Everyone lives in their homes differently.

  30. Hi Shirley, It is a luxury to have a private bathroom as a guest when the host family has other guests as well. I am not sure how many bedrooms you plan to have or how often you will have guests but if your desire is to give each room a private bathroom then I don’t think a one sink vanity would be anything but greatly appreciated!!

  31. As a guest, I would rather have the privacy of my own bathroom than to have more space and have to share. One sink is fine. Guests usually travel light and do not require as much counter space as they would at home. Isn’t it exciting to be building a new home!

  32. Trina Evans says

    I would definitely opt for the smaller bathroom for each guest bedroom.

  33. Merry Pierson says

    I agree with most, one sink is fine for me when I come and stay! LOL

  34. Smaller baths are less to clean, I would go with the private baths and not worry about only having one sink. Whatever you choose it will be beautiful!

  35. JoAnn Mooney says

    I definitely concur with the majority and that is to have a private bathroom for each guest room. One sink is not a problem, especially if there is some counterspace! How exciting to work on new house plans! Can’t wait to see the final plans!

  36. Smaller baths individual best, single sink with ample counter space.Works well.

  37. Agree – separate baths!

  38. Cindy in Oklahoma says

    2 sinks in guest bathrooms has been a complete waste of space for our family and just another thing to dust and clean. I also vote for a bath for each bedroom if possible. It’s been such a nice convenience for our boys and their families to be able to spread out their stuff without bothering each other when they’ve been here at the same time. Can’t wait to see it all come together!

    I will say, though, we have a jack and jill situation in our upstairs bath and if I were able to redo I’d still have that, but with a sink and toilet on each side of an accessible bath and/or shower. As it is now, there is a room with a sink on each side of a room with both the shower and the toilet. Awkward and waste of a very large space.

  39. Absolutely one bathroom for each bedroom…smaller is fine!! Privacy is great :-).

  40. I’d go for separate bathrooms for each rooms. I’d personally appreciate privacy 🙂

  41. Hi Shirley, and wow! I have SO much catching up to do here!

    I’ll need to come back when I have lots more time to read, but wanted to see what you were up to and what house design you decided on?

    Looks like the almost unanimous vote was for two smaller baths, which I tend to agree with. I’m sure by now you’ve decided so I’ll be sure to check back and see.

    What I’ve seen so far is GORGEOUS!


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