Moving Update and It’s Not Pretty

I am here to say hello  for just a few minutes

to give you a moving update an it’s not pretty!

I took a few pics with my iPhone as my camera is in a box!

Did I tell you that we waited too long to book the movers

and all we could get was 4 hours, when we really need 4 days!!

So we are renting a U-Haul two days here, two days there

when we can gather friends and family to help us out ….

We are taking things over to the Berry Patch House

via van, car, my son’s truck and U-Haul…and then the professional moving company

will be here Thursday to move the super heavy pieces of furniture….

and exercise equipment.

In the meantime, I use things like these baskets to tote things over to the house…

I have packed hundred of boxes and totes.

Moving Day-Housepitality Designs

Our friends Merry and Steve drove three hours from their house to ours this past

weekend to help out. Good thing my “Boys of Summer” are in great physical shape.

Moving Day-Housepitality Designs

With this move, I can honestly say and will be backed up by my friends,

that I am a borderline hoarder…or is it that I am way too sentimental,

saving things that mean something to me and having a hard time of letting go.

I hope to think that I lean toward that sentimental type of gal!!!

So I am learning to let go …. trash …. giveaway.

Moving Day-Housepitality Designs

OK!!!…time to let go of the Millennium Champagne bottles?

Oh and I found an unopened blank Video Cassette tape … seriously! ….

anyone still have a VCR player?

But it does feel good when you are down to the last shelf in the kitchen

that needs to be packed up….but there are 100 shelves to go throughout the house!

My friend, Sherri actually packed up these champagne flutes for me.

The next day, there was a knock on the door and there she was with dinner in hand!

And she is coming back tomorrow….talk about a glutton for punishment.

Moving Day-Housepitality Designs

I will be a bit absent in the next week with the push to move and the closing

and the day after closing on the house we leave for another “Boys of Summer”

tournament in Georgia….I will drive to Georgia with my hubby; however,

I will leave the next day to pick up my mom and bring her back to N.C. so she can

see my Sweetie perform in her Univ of NC Glee Camp program where she will have a solo

performance among others… hubby will be hitching a ride home with friends.

I must say that there have been beautiful days this week in the 70’s.

I will truly, truly miss the neighborhood and my wonderful neighbors!

Moving Days-Housepitality Designs

My mom will be staying with me at the rental house, a.k.a. Berry Patch House

for a week . . . she can help me unpack! … Stay tuned for me and my mom!

Back to packing …. It is truly harder now to:

Keep Calm and Pack On! …. but I am trying!

Have a most beautiful week ahead . . . see you soon!

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  1. Good times and good friends! You’ll get through it…I promise. 🙂

  2. I’m so glad you have good friends pitching in to help y’all out! I know we have way too much STUFF and it would take forever to move it all. I am going to start purging soon!!

  3. Shirley: There is no way around moving – it is hard work. And if you are a sentimental person, it becomes even more difficult. But in the end, you will be happy you made the move. Keep your eye on the prize – your new home. You will win !

  4. Wow that’s tough about the moving co. So glad you were able to find a way to work it all out. You are definitely booked up with things to do! Take care and we’ll see you back in the blogging world when you are back and the dust settles!

  5. I too have been in ‘move’ mode since May! I purged a lot of things but still a ton of work and searching searching SEARCHING for lost items in boxes. You have good friends indeed!

  6. Oh how I feel for you! Just helped some friends in May do the exact same thing. Things moved so quickly between selling their house and closing on another, that the time frame was less than two weeks! I know you know what I am talking about; even when the new owners took possession on Tuesday, there were still things in the house that needed to be moved. Their moving truck came to move the new owners things in and the house was still filled with refrigerators, freezers, beautiful wall art, etc. They had to wait until the next day to move in and my friends didn’t get to the new house (in the same city, luckily) until 2 a.m.! We were exhausted! And still we were not finished 🙁 Just a couple of small things were left in the house and finally it was all done. And that was with two moving trucks, plus three cars! May the force continue to be with you! 🙂

  7. I know exactly what you are going through! Hang in there!

  8. Shirley, I was moving out of my house this exact time last year. I’m a sentimental hoarder too! We had to move the same way…several 5 hour round trips with Uhauls and family members trucks in 100 degree temps. It just about did me in! The last week is always the worst. It seems like things just kept multiplying! It will all be over with soon, and maybe you will be able to get a little rest. I will be thinking if you, and I will send positive thoughts your way!

  9. Terri SantaColoma says

    Be careful Tom, you are not 60 anymore! I dread the day I have to pack up and move. I think it wont be until we move into assisted living, haha.

  10. My husband has been pretty smart all along with his distaste of “stuff”, but me? Well, my job will be monumental when we do downsize. I’m impressed you had the boxes for the flutes! Some hoarding qualities are worth bragging about! Carry on. Wishing you much energy, strength and endurance in the weeks ahead.

  11. Donnamae says

    Sentimental hoarder….perfect! That describes me, my mom, and my mother-in-law. I learned the hard way…after they both passed, about the need to purge and pare down. You are fortunate you have such terrific friends and neighbors! Just remember….you are on a moving adventure…enjoy. Have fun with your Mom! 😉

  12. When I have a large challenge ahead, I try not to look at the whole picture: I just take one 3 foot square area at a time and work in that “quadrant”. It really helps to keep me focused and not get panicked by the enormity of a situation. Eventually, it all gets done. Without the panic! All your efforts will be rewarded when you’re settled in your Berry Patch House. Good thoughts are being sent your way!!

  13. Moving is such a major undertaking ! Hang in there !

  14. I faced this when we moved from our home of 19 years. Hard lessons learned. Don’t hold on to stuff, stuff is just stuff. Memories are in your heart, let go.

    Hold on to items that are worth keeping. You know the montra by now I’m sure.

    Wish I thought before the move but we didn’t as many of us do.

    Happy you have back up

    Good luck to the team and your Sweetie and her solo


  15. Oh ! Why are you moving and where are you moving to ?!

  16. I feel your pain Shirley! It starts out easy, pack, pitch, donate, consign. The hardest part was towards the end when you get down to those piles of hoarded “treasures” and you’re so brain weary that you just can’t make any more decisions. I finally just packed things up to get on with it and deal with it later. Two years later…still boxes! How nice you have friends and family to help…and your sweet mom to help you do some unpacking! Thinking of you❣️

  17. Shirley moving your life and home is so hard. I have been there a couple of times in the last few years. It is amazing all the stuff we accumulate. I had to laugh at the VCR tape lol! Moving on to your new journey will so be worth all this stress and work. Your beautiful home I know will be missed and that wonderful neighborhood you live in. You have such great memories of your life here. Now it is time to move on and make new memories when your new home is completed. Glad your mom will be coming to help you unpack at the rental home.
    Good luck.

  18. Shirley, I understand every word you are saying! I have been “intending” to clean out for months and have finally taken some baby steps but have a long way to go! Hang in there, this too shall pass. If your husband made no major grumbles about all your stuff then I say you are doing well! Enjoy your mother’s visit and don’t stress about getting everything unpacked. I look forward to updates, especially about the house plans you decided on!! Keep calm and carry on!

  19. I am so excited for you and your husband. Your home is beautiful but I know wherever you call home it will be spectacular, warm, and welcoming. Here’s to blessings and joy no matter where you are.

  20. Shirley, I am so glad you have great friends and family to help you. Wishing you some rest soon and take care of yourself. Sending hugs❤️

  21. I’m right there with you, Shirley. We will both be happy when we are settled. Right?

  22. Shirley,
    I am excited to follow your building journey. I cannot imagine leaving this beautiful home…but the best is yet to come right?! I have been practice moving. I do this about every three years. Go through my house with great scrutiny and clearing items I would not care to move. My big accomplishment this past week is cookbooks, decor books and many organizing books. I have a few favs I have chosen to keep, but passed many on to friends that will LOVE them.

    So happy you have a lot of help coming your way. Looking forward to seeing pictures of you and your mom even if you are hard at work.

    P.S. I still have two VHS machines in my house:)

  23. I think Mary is right. The start is pretty good…easier decisions…moving along nicely and then those treasured but unnecessary things we hold on to. But, that’s OK. Just put it in a storage unit if necessary for a while when you can get to it. Mother had so much stuff and I had so much to do and I was so emotionally attached that I had to store it. It was two years later. Sorry for the moving plan. Plan B is working nicely. You have friends out here really hanging in and cheering you on.

  24. Janine Wolfe says

    I am in mourning for your old house. Its so beautiful and I can’t believe you are moving. I’ve been out of touch the last few weeks and didn’t catch if you were leaving NC or just moving to another location in Chapel Hill. Take care and keep your chin up.xoxox

  25. Betsy Crittenden says

    Having just done this last summer, I feel your pain. Hang in there, it does get better!

  26. Alycia Nichols says

    Oh, no! What a pain!!!!! I am SO sorry! I’m sure this was NOT how you envisioned this whole thing playing out! As for the “hoarding”, I think we all do it to some extent. I’ve learned this: if it means that much to me but really isn’t useful in my environment…take a picture of it and give it away to someone who might enjoy it a second (or 3rd or 4th or 5th!) time around. Letting go can be really tough, but if we think in logical terms (wait, what??!?!??!), it’s for the best. I don’t envy your position right now having to let go of treasures, but I guarantee if you take a pic to enjoy down the line, you’ll be OK. Hugs, and I hope everything makes it to its destination on time and in one piece!!!

  27. I feel your pain Shirley! Moving always seems to come with its fair share of hiccups. It’s definitely a test of our endurance and patience, not to mention stamina!

    Wishing you a ‘smooth as possible’ transition!

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