The Happy Sunflower – Floral Friday

Hello Dear Readers!

Today is the First Friday of the Month and it is time for Floral Friday!

The fabulous Floral Friday where I, Lidy, Mary and Pam

join together to present some beautiful floral inspiration for you to enjoy and hopefully

would encourage you  to re-create for your own home and pleasure.

Today,  it is all about The Happy Sunflower!

Sunflowers-Housepitality Designs-3


According to the Oxford Dictionary

The Sunflower is:

“a tall North American plant of the daisy family, with very large golden-rayed flowers. Sunflowers are

cultivated for their edible seeds, which are an important source of oil for cooking and margarine.”

Now being around my son and hubby for many years at the ballfields,

the sunflower played a great role in their sports activities . . . eating sunflower seeds!

I remember seeing the floor of the dugout covered with  sunflower seed shells,

and at the soccer fields too!

Sunflowers-Housepitality Designs-2

My house is still in disarray from the move and I my MacKenzie-Childs tea kettle was on the stove

and I thought that the black and creamy white check would look wonderful

with the bright and beautiful golden yellow of the sunflower petals.

To give the arrangement more interest, color and texture,

I added some roses and double blooming kalanchoe.

Sunflowers-Housepitality Designs-4

In the Berry Patch house there is a very large sunroom . . . approximately 12′ x 30′ in size.

I set up one the spaces between the french doors to showcase the sunflower arrangement,

using my tea cart that was previously on my upper back porch.

Sunflowers-Housepitality Designs-9

I had a pair of frameless canvas prints in the former bath across from my hubby’s office.

They seemed to fit very nicely in the Berry Pathcy sunroom

and also works very well as a backdrop for the sunflower arrangement.

Sunflowers-Housepitality Designs

Since our theme today is Sunflowers, I want to be certain that the sunflowers were

the star of the show in the arrangement. So I gathered the sunflowers and arranged them first

in the teapot making certain they were strategically placed.  I then filled the tea kettle

with the yellow and coral roses

and added the double bloom kalanchoe as a filler,

along with some greenery for added texture.

Sunflowers-Housepitality Designs-5

I gathered some accessories that I could easily access

from the many packed moving boxes throughout the house

and began creating a casual vignette for the sunflower arrangement.

Sunflowers-Housepitality Designs

According to Organic Facts, did you know that:

Sunflower seeds are a powerhouse of vitamins, minerals, and other important nutrients.

Sunflower seeds are rich in magnesium, potassium, selenium, zinc, and iron.

The seeds improve digestion, brain power, and the functioning of the cardiovascular system.

I think I need to be eating more sunflower seeds!

Sunflowers-Housepitality Designs-8

Did you also know (according to Organic Facts)

that Sunflowers are known to be the most versatile vegetable oil,

as you can cook nearly any recipe with this oil.

Renowned cooks all over the world prefer this oil for its impressive frying ability,

light taste, and associated health benefits.

Sunflowers-Housepitality Designs-6

The benefits of sunflower oil include:

Sunflower oil has more vitamin E than any other vegetable oil available in the market.

It is a mixture of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats.

that may prevent many diseases like heart problems, obesity, and indigestion

as it has low saturated fat levels.

Sunflowers-Housepitality Designs-7

Sunflower oil can be used in extremely high cooking temperatures

and keep the food fresh and healthy for a much longer time.

Sunroom-Housepitality Designs

So, not only is the sunflower very beautiful, it’s health benefits are also a beautiful thing!

Hope you enjoyed this sunflower arrangement that have I created with my mom looking on.

Now it is time for you to see more beautiful and creative Sunflower inspiration

from these lovely and talented ladies! The links to their posts are below their image.










Aren’t these sneak peek images beautiful?

I wish you all a most wonderful and beautiful day and weekend!

Thank you for visiting Floral Friday!

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  1. I have teakettle envy Shirley!! Your Courtly Check teakettle is just beautiful as a vessel for serving up those gorgeous sunflowers! I love them paired with your yellow and coral roses and double bloom kalanchoe. Such a pretty vignette you were able to put together on your tea cart with the canvas prints as a backdrop in the midst of your unpacking and travelling. I hope you’ve been able to relax some and a have wonderful visit with your mom. Thanks so much for the beautiful start to my day. It’s always a pleasure to join you for Floral Friday!

  2. Shirley, the MKC tea kettle is the perfect container for your stunning arrangement. I don’t own any MKC, can you believe it? The sunflowers paired with the coral and yellow roses plus the kalamchoe is so creative, but I would’t expect anything less from my talented friend. Your cart made a lovely vignette. I am amazed at all you do in the midst of unpacking boxes and traveling. I always enjoy spending Floral Friday’s with you! Have a most wonderful weekend, Shirley!❤️

  3. Shirley, I love your floral arrangement in your MC kettle. Adding the coral roses and kalanchoe was brilliant. They add a spark that drew me in immediately.
    Thank you for all the facts about sunflower seeds and oils. I need to eat more with all those benefits. I am amazed how you manage to research and even have energy to buy flowers much less arrange them and do a blog post after all the moving and unpacking.

  4. Beautiful! I love the roses with the sunflowers. I feel like I am part of this group this week, because my last post from a few days ago features sunflowers!!

  5. I love the sunflowers in the Mackenzie Child’s resettle. Perfect vessel for the display. Who knew sunflowers were so healthy! Have a great weekend. From your photos one would never know you are in the midst of moving disaray.

  6. Shirley, this arrangement is pretty and is a showstopper. The combination of flowers is perfect. The canvases you chose are a super backdrop.

    I’m going to start eating more sunflower seeds, big fan. When watching baseball I learned they make different flavors but I think I may be old school.

    Have a super weekend


  7. Terri SantaColoma says

    Love the teakettle. sunflowers always remind me of my grandmothers grden.

  8. Shirley, how beautiful the flowers look against that charming McKenzie Childs teakettle with the courtly check! I agree with Cindy, this arrangement is a showstopper, the colors and the different sizes and shapes of the other flowers are the perfect combination – so cheerful!

    You created such a welcoming display on your tea cart with the canvas prints as a backdrop. I am sure it cheers you in the midst of your unpacking and settling into the new house. Thanks so much for the beautiful start to my day, it is such a blessing to join you for Floral Friday!

  9. Beautiful, indeed, Shirley, and packed with lots of good, fun facts. I couldn’t believe the picture I saw when I opened this. My first thought was it was an archive photo, but NO! Ms. Shirley already has vignettes ready for blogging in the midst of probably the biggest move of your life! Oh my, you amaze me. The arrangement is gorgeous, the Courtly Chcek kettle pairs perfectly with sunflowers. Here’s hoping your unpacking and sorting continues to inspire.

  10. Love the sunflowers in the black and white kettle. Just perfect and have a great weekend!

  11. This post has put a smile on my face after a big downer of a day, so thank you. I love the arrangement and the tea kettle is a beautiful “vase”. Love the whole vignette. Have a great weekend and enjoy every moment with your dear Mom.

  12. Beautiful! A feast for the eyes! Your ability to weave beauty with a story is always delightful!

  13. Shirley, a lovely arrangement and great information regarding sunflowers. Hope this finds you getting settled in your new, but temporary, home and enjoying time with your Mom.

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