Foyer Reveal with the Louis XVI Antique Mirror

I must say that things are progressing at the Berry Patch house.

Not as fast as we would like it, but we need to allow ourselves to enjoy life

and not be too intense about organizing our new spaces.

Well, that is what we keep telling ourselves!

There is still lots of work to be done.

I guess we could just live among the boxes with the bare minimum of what we need around us,

since the Berry Patch House is temporary; however, it is not us.

We both need a sense of calm, organization and “pretty”.

Which makes me think of what my mom always says about us:

that we are “two pods in a pea” . . . she gives new meaning to “two peas in a pod”  Gotta love her!

I thought I would be a bit methodical and after the Berry Patch Dining Room was done,

what better room to start off with than the room as you enter the house. The Foyer.

So here is my Foyer Reveal with the Louis XVI Antique Mirror.

Foyer-Housepitality Designs-5

That beautiful Circa 1880 Louis XVI that I purchased months ago at my favorite consignment shop,

Always Home in Durham, N.C. was just waiting in the wings to be hung in a place of honor.

Then we sold the house and it never made it to a special place in our previous home.

Now it takes center stage in the foyer.

Foyer-Housepitality Designs-2

It is the very first thing that you will see when you open the door.

I would have loved to open the door for you, but I was behind the camera.

But look, you can see me in the reflection of the glass!

It is a good thing I was taking the photos right before I headed out to run errands!

Otherwise, the reflection could have been me in my PJ’s!

Foyer-Housepitality Designs-4

If you have been a reader of mine, you may notice a few new things.

One of those being a pair of beautiful blue an white vases (also from Always Home)

by Maitland-Smith. They have been patiently waiting to make their debut.

Maitland Smith Vase-Housepitality Designs

As always they were a great deal!

See anything else? …. yes, those gorgeous sconces.

Now what crazy person would go to an estate sale 2 days prior to moving.

Yep…! But it was just a few blocks away!

I snagged that amazing pair of sconces at the estate sale, along with many other things.

I believe that they are Ethan Allen as most of the furnishings and accessories in that home

were from Ethan Allen. I have more from the estate sale to show you as I reveal more rooms.

But since we are talking estate sale, here is the owner, Gay, my neighbor (of the old neighborhood)

and friend of the Estate Sale company, AAA Organizing, LLC.

Estate Sale-Housepitality Designs

And another tidbit . . . Gay is the Aunt of Whitney and John Spinks….former home design

and DIY bloggers, and past HGTV Stars!

Whitney and John now own 27 South Design  in Jacksonville, FL and their business is thriving

specializing in interior design and home renovation. Whitney and I had a conversation about North

Carolina and it was then that we realized that my neighbor was her hubby’s aunt! Small world!!

Foyer-Housepitality Designs-3

LOVE those sconces!

Foyer-Housepitality Designs

The antique scale still has its place on the French buffet.

Louis VXI Mirror-Housepitality Designs

Foyer-Housepitality Designs

On the other side of the foyer I hung the Renoir painting (Ethan Allen, also purchased from

Always Home) and placed my black chinoiserie planter (by Bombay Co. many years ago)

under the painting.

Foyer-Housepitality Designs-6

So does the foyer say, Welcome to the Berry Patch House? I hope so!

Foyer-Housepitality Designs-7

Here’s a sneak peek of another little area that is done . . . coming soon.

Great Room-Housepitality Designs

Have a most beautiful day dear readers!

And . . . be sure to stop by on Friday as it is Floral Friday,

joining my friends Lidy (French Garden House), Mary (Home is Where the Boat Is,

Pam (Everyday Living) and me . . . bringing you wonderful floral fun and inspiration!


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  1. Beautiful mirror, sconces and pottery. Still love that gorgeous scale. I know you have to be surrounded by pretties in this temporary home.

  2. Your foyer does say Welcome! I love your mirror and sconces.

  3. I’m pretty much in awe of your keen sense of organization and design, Shirley. The foyer looks classically sharp. Those MS vases are beautiful.

  4. Beautiful, inviting foyer! I especially like the blue vases. Everything goes so well together!

  5. I don’t think the Berry Patch House has ever looked this good!!! Your foyer is so welcoming, and I’m so excited to that gorgeous, gorgeous mirror in pride of place. Oh! So beautiful. What a fabulous find that was, and it looks amazing surrounded by all your beautiful treasures, Shirley. You are a genius at creating beauty wherever you are.

  6. You have so many amazing pieces and I’m sure you’re super excited thinking about them headed to the new home when it’s ready! Have a wonderful day Shirley…xo

  7. Just beautiful Shirley! I knew you would make your temporary rental home as warm and inviting as your forever home! Lovin’ those sconces and the blue and white! I had to chuckle at ‘two pods in a pea’ 🙂 Looking forward to see you Friday. ♥

  8. i knew it would take no time at all to let your magic create a beautiful temporary home. Did I miss how your rental got it’s name?

  9. Very welcoming indeed Shirley! I love those blue & white vases as well and they look lovely in your foyer. I have to hand it to you, its not easy putting the work and energy into a temporary home all the while being in the stages of planning and building another home. Many may wonder why but I think for some of us we need to feel a sense of normalness in our present lives and not feel like we are in a limbo stage for months. So you go girl…have a wonderful week!

  10. Sherry Myers says

    What a lovely foyer! It’s obvious you carried and did not forget to unpack your creativity. We can certainly bear witness to that upon entering the front door. Every new treasure is beautiful. I am especially in love with the vases! Thank you for graciously sharing with us, and enjoy this journey!

  11. Shirley, your foyer is stunning! I am swooning over that gorgeous Louis XVI mirror paired with the sconces, blue and white vases, and french chest. It is all so beautiful together. I can’t wait to see more! Happy Wednesday, sweet friend!

  12. Your foyer definitely says welcome and can’t wait to see more! Outstanding finds..the mirror and love the blue vases. Yes you should be enjoying life and I think that is exactly what you are doing. See you Friday.

  13. Shirley, girl you are already looking very at home! The Berry Patch house suits you. 😉

  14. It’s remarkable all that you have done in such a short amount of time. Everything looks great. I had to chuckle at fact that you were ‘estate saling’ two days before you were moving. Nothing’s going to stop you…a woman on a mission! 😉

  15. Everything is beautiful Shirley. Glad to see you are settling in nicely.

  16. JoAnn Mooney says

    Only you could make a rental home foyer so beautiful and inviting! Love your new finds!

  17. You are my kind of girl…I would have to decorate a rental also! Everything you have done here looks so classic beautiful. Love the mirror and sconces. Yes, that foyer says WElCOME with Hospitality! Are those sconces marked because I have a similar pair that are Italian? I can send you a picture of my sconces?

  18. Good evening! I saw this post this morning and left a long comment but then saw it wasn’t there. So, I am back:) I LOVE the mirror and the sconces…..but those VASES!!! OMGoodness! Adore them. Can’t wait to see all the rooms. You are making the Berry Patch house a welcoming and beautiful temporary home. I would be doing the same thing: I couldn’t live out of boxes, no way:) Have a great day tomorrow. XO

  19. Very pretty! Love your front doors too. Have a happy weekend Shirley! xoxoxo

  20. Beautiful pieces – very welcoming foyer. You are wise to do what makes you feel good and happy during this transition time. We made the mistake of storing almost all our belongings when we moved here. We were suppose to be in a rental for about 3 months while our house was being built, so only kept the essentials….long story short we were in there 8 months! Not a very happy time for us….
    Take care

  21. Shirley, the need for organization and beauty in your temporary home is understandable. I love the MS vases and the wow mirror is fabulous and I can’t forget the stunning sconces. Your temporary home already has your your magical touch of classic style! Looking forward to Floral Friday!

  22. Bobbi Duncan says

    Your temporary home looks like a magazine photo shoot. Leave it to you to not miss a decorating beat while you’re in transition. I am in love with your new vases, Shirley, and those sconces look perfect with the mirror! Hugs!

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