Falling for Apples – Floral Friday

Hello Dear Readers!

I want to begin by saying that my thoughts and prayers are with those who have been

so adversely affected by Hurricane Florence. Such tragic conditions that have impacted

not only our beloved State of North Carolina, but our neighboring states too.

We have been blessed to have not lost power or have any significant damage.

We have dear friends in South Carolina and Virginia that still have no power and

dealing with the rising waters. We are awaiting our friends from Jacksonville, N.C.

to evacuate to our house as soon as the roads clear for them.

So hopefully our Floral Friday will be a little bit of a bright spot in these times.

Today’s Floral Friday theme is Fall Apples.

I am joining my lovely friends, Lidy, Mary (Mary has also been in Flo’s path) and Pam

to bring you another Floral Friday filled with ideas that you can create for your own.

Their most beautiful images are below for the greatest floral inspiration!

Links to their posts are below their images.

So here we go . . . we are Falling for Apples – Floral Friday!

Fall Apple Centerpiece-Housepitality Designs-5

It was a good thing that we had not lost power as I had to bring out the

lighting umbrellas and it was dreary, windy and raining as I took these photos.


When I was thinking about what container to use for the centerpiece/arrangement

I remembered that I had a reproduction French Apple basket in one of the boxes

in the “storage box room” It was meant to be as I found it right away….yay!

So I gathered these flowers and materials I needed.

Centerpiece Tutorial-Housepitality Designs-2

while I was shopping at the grocery store, prior to the arrival of the hurricane,

I grabbed flowers first!  Priorities . . .  then the food and water and pumpkins too! 

I found some large button mums and the ever so dependable Alstromeria

for another pop of color,

along with green and red apples. Skewers for the apples and aquapics for the flowers.

Centerpiece Tutorial-Housepitality Designs

Aquapics? Yes, I used them to place the flower stems in,  as I was using potted mums

for the “base” flowers in the arrangement.

Fall Apple Tutorial-Housepitality Designs

When I create an arrangement in a container in which I want a rounded effect, I fill the container

with my filler first. Sometimes that could be greenery like florist ferns, or woody stemmed

greens such as eucalyptus.  For this arrangement, I used potted mums and placed

about 4 of them into the container. Then I start at the top center portion

and work my way down toward each end of the container as you can see above.

Fall Apple Centerpiece-Housepitality Designs-4

I placed  alstroemeria at the center top portion of the arrangement for that pop of color

and a bit of a cascading effect.  It has the same effect at the edge of the container.

I purchased the reproduction vintage French apple basket

at one of my favorite stores, Arhaus, several years ago. 

Fall Apple Centerpiece-Housepitality Designs-3

Knowing that I had just so many apples, I placed them in strategic places

paying attention to the spacing and uniformity of the apples in the arrangement.

Hoping that they would become the star of the arrangement.

The word “POMME” on the box is French for Apple!

Fall Apple Arrangement-Housepitality Designs-2

I loved the ease of using the aquapics for the flowers as I gently placed them

in-between the stems of the potted mums.

This also makes it easy to replenish the water when needed.

Fall Apple Arrangement-Housepitality Designs

I love getting out my velvet pumpkins from Plush Pumpkin. If I had my way,

I would display them all year round as they are the prettiest and just makes you smile!


Fall Apple Centerpiece

I staged this arrangement in a corner of the sunroom at the Berry Patch House.

I hope to soon bring you a post of the sunroom….it is quite large!

Lots of my time this summer has been taken up by “The Boys of Summer”

We are off to another adventure with the “Boys” soon.

They will be playing the Western U.S. Champions . . . The Boys won the Eastern title.

So East meets West in the National Championships!

Fall Apple Centerpiece-Housepitality Designs

As I was looking for something to cover the table that I used to stage my arrangement,

I came across a large piece of cloth that I bought in France several years ago.

It is the coolest fabric. I intended to use it as a tablecloth as it is linen fabric

on one side and vinyl coated on the other.

Fall Apple Centerpiece-Housepitality Designs-2

So another Floral Friday for you to enjoy today.

And speaking of enjoyment . . . a visit to my lovely Floral Friday friends is a must

as their Fall Apple inspired floral designs are spectacular and not to be missed!

Their links are at the bottom of each image.










Beautiful indeed!!!

I wish you all a most beautiful day and weekend and thank you for visiting!!

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  1. Beautiful Shirley and how brilliant to use a potted mum as the base of your arrangement and the floral water picks for inserting additional blooms! You can’t beat alstroemeria for flower power and bang for the buck as it is so long lasting. I love your handsome “pomme” basket and pretty velvet pumpkins…I would want to leave them out until Christmas! Wishing “The Boys of Summer” good luck in their tournament and safe travels! Thank you for another beautiful edition of Floral Friday. ♥

  2. Gorgeous dearest Shirley! I agree with Mary, using the potted mums is a brilliant idea. The pomme basket is perfect for your apple-themed arrangement that welcomes fall so beautifully. I can’t wait to see the sunroom reveal and I love the antique?? iron piece on the wall, it is stunning behind your floral. Best of luck to “The Boys of Summer” and wishing you a safe and fun trip. I love sharing Floral Friday’s with you!?

  3. LOVE the idea of using potted mums as the base of your arrangement! I am so copying that! I also love the Pomme basket! I know nothing about using lighting umbrellas, will have to research that. Thanks for all this beautiful floral inspiration. Have a beautiful weekend with the boys!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Such a beautiful floral arrangement, Shirley. Thank you for sharing. I’m glad that Florence left you alone.

  5. Shirley, such a stunning fall arrangement! The colors are so rich and vibrant…perfect for autumn! The basket is adorable and makes a perfect container. I am swooning over that gorgeous iron piece on the wall. Happy Fall, sweet friend!!!

  6. Oh Shirley, I am so relieved to hear you are safe and dry, my heart has been heavy this past week worrying about all my Carolina and Virginia friends! Your arrangement is stunning, and how brilliant to use a mix of potted plants, apples and flower stems. How perfect to just happen to have a french apple bucket! I love the combination of colors and textures you chose, just right for this time of year when we Southerners are itching for fall but it’s still so hot! I just love Floral Fridays!

  7. To say that I’m in love with this post, does not even begin to cover it! That “Pomme” basket! How utterly perfect! Love the flowers, the apples, the colors, the way everything was arranged . . . I also love the velvet pumpkins next to the arrangement. I think I need some of those velvet pumpkins! What a delightful post!

  8. Lovely, Shirley! I love how full and bushy the pomme basket turned out.
    Congrats to your hubby’s team, and prayers of endurance for all your friends impacted by Florence. My daughter’s in-laws only sustained relatively minor damage at Oak Island, and that’s a miracle considering they had over 26″ of rain!

  9. JoAnn Mooney says

    Shirley, I love your fall arrangement in the French apple basket! Have a great trip and good luck to your hubby and his team!

  10. So beautiful Shirley! I love that you were able to use potted mums, and then flowers in those ever-so-handy floral picks. I use them to add fresh flowers to wreaths, too! You have such a talent for making not just beautiful things, but cheerful arrangements that always bring a smile to my face.

    I am so happy that you were completely safe during Flo…I am praying for safe travels for all of you to the tournaments. Thank you for so graciously allowing me to be part of your beautiful Floral Fridays. xo Lidy

  11. That is so beautiful! Love the way you displayed the apples. Good to know you are safe- so sorry for all those suffering after the hurricane. That will be wonderful for your friends to have such a lovely place to come stay with you. I can’t imagine all they’re going through. On the road to PA today.

  12. Alycia Nichols says

    Florence has been such a nightmare, and her aftermath is no different. All in her path have suffered so. I don’t know that I’ve ever been more aware of the devastation hurricanes bring than in the past 20 years or so. I think I focused solely on the tornadoes we faced here. We’ve had some doozies! But now I know when hurricane season begins and ends, and I could probably name quite a few of the most recent ones!

    All of you ladies did a phenomenal job with your floral designs!!!!!! A nod to fall without completely dismissing late summer. Just fabulous!!!!

    Have a safe and happy weekend ‘

  13. very good. Thank you for sharing.

  14. Absolutely beautiful! Nice job Shirley! (and so glad you’re safe – what a year this has been for disasters!) xox

  15. Penny at Enjoying The Simple Things says

    Happy first day of fall! Your arrangement looks beautiful.

  16. Very striking fall arrangement. The basket with pomme written on it was perfect for your theme. Clever idea to use mums in pots as your base to stick floral pics in for fall accent flowers.
    Glad you did not have any damage from the storm.

  17. How inspiring!Your arrangement is adorable!

  18. Bobbi Duncan says

    So cheerful looking, Shirley, and just the perfect container! So very happy to hear y’all made it through Florence without severe issues! My oldest son and dil live in Myers Park, NC (just south of downtown Charlotte). We kept hearing news reports of creeks flooding there and large downed trees but, other than some fallen small branches, they were fine–thank goodness! Hugs!

  19. This is a beautiful fall arrangement. I love the container and the how yous started with potted mums and then added the extras. Just perfect! Hope you are enjoying your vacay!

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