Nora Murphy’s Country House Style Book – A Giveaway

Hello Dear Readers!

It’s been a while. I took a break to travel with my hubby and the “Boys of Summer”

to their National Championship Men’s Softball tournament that was held in Vegas.

They won the National Championship beating a team from California;

however, they lost the World Championship opportunity to a team from Canada…

It was a great game….overtime and all….and they lost by one run.

They truly did great. The trip to Sedona (again but loved it) was great ….

Climbing the “Red Rocks” in a Pink Jeep and taking a small bus tour to the Grand Canyon

was also fun. Even though we had done it a few years ago, you always see something new.

So now I am back and trying to catch up! So to celebrate on behalf of the

“Boys of Summer” I thought a giveaway was in order.

When I learned that my sweet friend Amy’s  (of Maison Decor) home was being featured

in a new book by the author Nora Murphy I knew I had to order

one and would want one of my readers to have the opportunity to enjoy one too.



So what’s best than to start off with a few peeks of Amy’s house.

From the gorgeous dining room with her beautiful signature

purple transferware, to her beautiful French Country backyard gardens

that was recently the setting/venue for her son’s gorgeous wedding.


And how about that amazing sign over her french doors!


Among her many talents, Amy is a great artist.

She painted the stunning canvas that hangs above her sofa.


Amy’s bedroom:


And more pretty:


Nora Murphy’s book also includes her own home . . . lucky us!

Nora Murphy's Kitchen

Oh that kitchen . . . and those floors!

Nora Murphy's Country House Book

Nora Murphy Country House

Nora Murphy’s book features many houses that depict their setting.

Such as the Country House in the Village:

Country House in the Village - Nora Murphy book

and the Country House in the Mountains:

Cottage in the Mountains-Nora Murphy book

Country House in the Woods:

Cottage in the Woods-Nora Murphy Book

You will LOVE this book,

from the front cover:

Nora Murphy Country House Style book

to the back cover:

Nora Murphy Country House Style Book

Nora Murphy’s Country House Style book will certainly inspire you on how

you can create a beautiful country house style of your own through a beautiful

collection of Country homes and gardens throughout the country in her book.

So let’s talk about the giveaway.

One lucky reader will have the opportunity to win a copy of this book.

You can enter by leaving me a comment

telling me that you would love a chance to win this book.

The giveaway will begin at 6am on October 2nd, 2018 and end at midnight October 11th, 2018.

This giveaway is restricted to residents of the Continental United States only.

You can also purchase a copy of Nora Murphy’s Country House Style book on:

Amazon or Barnes and Noble

Good Luck and have a most beautiful day!!!

Note: This is not a sponsored post.

All glorious reviews are happily and joyfully my own!

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  1. You are so generous to give away such a beautiful book. Winning it would be such a thrill but I preordered it and am already enjoying it. I just had to tell you that I love your blog.

  2. Isnt’ that book great? Amy’s home is so pretty in this book along with the other features. Don’t include me in the giveaway as I already have a book.

  3. What beautiful inspiration! The rooms Nora Murphy showcases are gorgeous, rooms I would love to live in! Thank you for such a beautiful giveaway opportunity!

  4. Judy in Virginia says

    Thank you for such an opportunity. Winning this book would be so inspiring as I am working to renovate a recently inherited mountain vacation home in NC. I love following your blog for many years now. Thanks again.

  5. Susan Nicholson says

    Nora Murphy’s book looks so inviting, a great book to enjoy on a cool, fall evening! Thank you, Shirley, for a chance to win such a beautiful gift.

  6. It truly is a lovely book, I would love to have it to grab from my coffee table and dream. I so enjoy your messages to us

  7. Gail haraldson says

    Love the books you give away! I’ve bought many of your past book giveaways. Would love to win this one! Happy Call Shirley!

  8. Oh I love Nora Murphy’s Blog and her magazines and have been anticipating her new book. The give away ends on my birthday so even if I don’t win this book will be a birthday present for me! ?Cogats to your husbadn and the boys of summer for their wins!

  9. I love both of their styles and would love a chance to win the book. Thanks Shirley!

  10. Shirley, I can’t wait to see Amy’s home in this. So excited for her. Happy you are home safe and well.♥️

  11. JoAnn Moonet says

    This book looks wonderful and full of great ideas, so I would love to win a copy! Congrats to your hubby and his team…they came so close and should be proud of all they accomplished!

  12. Bonnie Gutierrez says

    What a wonderful prize! I can see from what you have shared that this is a book I would love to own. Now more than ever, I need inspiration as we restore and add an addition to our one hundred year stone cottage! Thank you for sharing.

  13. Jo kathryn maddox says

    What a gorgeous book! It would be so inspirational and helpful in decorating my home.

  14. Jamie Quick says

    Congrats to Tommy and his teammates, I cannot believe he is still circling those bases….good for him. Throw my name in the hat for that book if you please, would love to climb into those pages…..I do have to say Shirley I have enjoyed your blog from the beginning, and I try to look at it as often as possible, and enjoy the beauty of the photos and the narrative…its been lovely.

  15. What a wonderful giveaway! I follow Amy’s blog and she is sooo talented! I would be honored to win this book! Thank you for the opportunity. I also love what you are doing with your rented home!

  16. Oh what a glorious book! I would love an opportunity to win this!

  17. Mary Stevens says

    Would love to win this book looks like my style! Shirley looking forward to more pictures of the Berry Patch House!!

  18. Shirley, I am glad that you had a wonderful trip! Amy’s house looks so pretty! What a wonderful book this would be to have. I adore any book that had to do with decorating. Happy Tuesday!!!

  19. Thank you, for a chance to win this gorgeous book.

  20. Dorothy wilson says

    Thank you for opening Nora’s home to us! Would love to to win her book and thank you for the offer!

  21. I would love to win this book! Thank you for the opportunity.

  22. Trina evans says

    As always, another beautiful post. Thank you for sharing not only your beautiful home but others that you find equally as beautiful.

  23. Thank you for the opportunity to WIN your beautiful book! I just discovered your post and purple is a favorite of mine as well. Would welcome the addition of your book in my home. Diane

  24. carol toth says

    This book looks amazing! I’d love to win a copy.

  25. Beautiful book! Would love to get lost in it.

  26. Diane McKibben says

    I so admire people that can decorate their homes like this. So inspiring! Thanks for all your posts and also for giving away this beautiful book.

  27. Linda Boyd says

    What a sweet and generous person you are to be thinking of others as you enjoy a new book and want to share it with others! Always enjoy your posts and look forward too more! This book looks amazing and l would love to win it. Would look wonderful on my living room table after l’ve devoured it’s pages for amazing ideas!! Enjoy this beautiful fall day dearlady!!!

  28. Great Timing! I’m currently struggling with the design of our home. I like so many different styles and can’t quite figure out how to bring those together. I’m not a visual person, so having inspirational images and expert direction is a necessity. As a Hospice Nurse I need a soft place to land at the end of my day. I am drawn to the garden images in this book as well. My therapy begins in the dirt of my flower beds…ha! Glad you had a great summer break…being in a Jeep is perfect for relaxing! Mine isn’t a cool pink color though. Thanks for the opportunity you’ve given your followers to have this lovely book.

  29. The book looks fabulous! I love Amy’s style! I would love to have the book to read over and over again! Thank you for the opportunity to win Shirley! ?

  30. Shirley Weir says

    This book would be the perfect inspiration to completement our newly installed back garden. Calm, cool, sophisticated ideas to counter our long Arizona summer. Thank you.

  31. Gail Coggins says

    After being around the block for many years I still find I’m reinventing my style. New and fresh ideas always keep me inspired as I approach seventy. Ladies we’re never to old to show an old dog how to enjoy life.

  32. What a beautiful book! I would love to add it to my decor collection and sit and browse the stunning pages that are so much my style?

  33. Hi Shirley! I would love to win this book … especially since I have it on my Amazon wish list! Glad to hear you are back in town.

  34. Grammi sharon says

    Lovely book! Would enjoy all the inspirations to add to my home.

  35. Teresa Ann Harral says

    What a beautiful book and a generous offer! Beautiful and inspiring photography!

  36. Donna Cheek says

    Yay! for the Boys of Summer (love their team name). I LOVE the book and would love to add it to my other books. Thank you for the opportunity.

  37. WOW…. What a great Give Away…. Gorgeous pics you shared with us !! I would love to own this beautiful book !!!

  38. Rebecca Turner says

    Now I know what you’ve been up to, Shirley—(Life!) with your hubby and the “Boys of Summer.” Glad you had fun! I had checked your blog just to make sure that I hadn’t missed any posts because I enjoy your beautiful blog so much! I would love to win this book! It looks like it incorporates a little elegance along with country, and that’s my style. I try to add just enough “country” (homespun and/or natural elements) so that my house doesn’t feel stuffy, because my natural inclination is for “formal.” I’ve learned from my mistakes though. I first made our great room too formal and my brother-in-law wouldn’t sit down when he came to visit. Live and learn. My birthday is the twelfth of this month, so the book would be a nice “present.” (But if I don’t win I will gift it to myself, lol!)

  39. This book is one of my favorites. I enjoyed every page.

    Received an extra copy from Amazon. Couldn’t find in my account which is odd for Amazon.

    Wh as t to do with a beautiful book you have no o nbn e to appreciate GIVEAWAY! Unfortunately, my ends today to enter. Not as large as your blog but people have two chances to win a beauty

  40. Barbara Thomas says

    Congratulations to your husband’s team!! Looking at the beautiful pictures you shared, I would love to have this book. My birthday is the 21st and it would be a wonderful birthday gift!

  41. I would like to incorporate some country French style/elements to my home and garden and winning this book would be a good starting point. Thank you for the chance to win this beautiful book.

  42. Hi Shirley, I would love a chance to win this beautiful book. I have followed Nora for a few years now and love her incredible style. Thank you for the opportunity!

  43. Velia Galvan says

    Your creativity inspires me to see beauty and elegance of the simplest of things. Thank you for the inspirations.

  44. Madelon followwwell says


  45. peggy sadler says

    I would love to win the beautiful book!

    Thank you for the opportunity.


  46. Marty Koons says

    I definitely would love to win a copy of this book! It looks wonderful! Thanks for giving one away!

  47. Jill Coppess says

    I would love to receive this book! You have give us a taste of it and it’s awesome!
    Thank you for the opportunity to win it!

  48. The book looks amazing,this would have me entertained for a long time. Thank you. Please put my name in the drawing.

  49. Nicole Martin says

    I’m new to your beautiful blog! Please enter me in the drawing. A girl can never have too many beautiful things to look at!

  50. Diane Lord says

    I would love to add this book to my library! Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  51. I follow Nora and would love to win the book. Yours is one of my favorite blogs. Why don’t you write a book? I’d buy it!

  52. What a wonderful looking book. It would probably help me with décor ideas and style.

  53. Gretchen seibert says

    Oh, this book is truly “drool-worthy!” Is that even a word?! What an enticing preview you have given us! I would love to be the winner! Thank you for offering your readers the chance and, of course, I am hoping it will be me.

  54. The books looks wonderful – would be a pleasure to read!

  55. terri Santa Coloma says

    An inspirational book. I’d love to have it!

    Lynnn and I enjoyed a pink Jeep tour in Sedona also.

  56. Sharon Elsberry says

    Wow..NORA MURPHY’S COUNTRY HOUSE STYLE BOOK is an awesome Giveaway. Thank you for sharing the lovely pictures from the book. Amy’s home, her gardens and each of the other country homes are all amazing. I would proudly display Nora’s book and enjoy sharing it with all my friends. Please enter my name for a book I will treasure!

  57. Anne Nicosia says

    I would love a copy of her book. I used to live nearby in Connecticut and miss it to this day.

  58. Hi Shirley, welcome back! Introducing us to this book is a perfect idea. I am looking around my home for a refreshing and I would love to have this book for some inspiration! Anyone would I am sure. Thank you.

  59. Ethel Alderson says

    Thanks for your generosity!

    Sure the book will give hours of pleasure.

  60. Pat Stansel says

    Looks like my kind of book —-comfortable & luxurious !

  61. Elva Garcia says

    I would love to win this book.

  62. I have been a big fan of Nora Murphy and would love a copy of this book.

  63. What a great book for a give away! Beautiful photos to inspire. I would be thrilled to win!

  64. I would love a copy of this gorgeous book.

  65. peggy marshall says

    Looks like a good one! Would love to win it!

  66. Nora Murphy’s book looks like one you can read 9 times and still find things you missed on the 10th! Yes, please enter me.
    Glad you and your family enjoyed Az. (We lived in Prescott Az. 20yrs. Now back in Ca.)
    Love your blog…

  67. I would definitely love to win a copy of this book! I need all the ideas I can get right now as I attempt to makeover my living room.

  68. I follow your wonderful posts, as well as Norah Murphy’s. I love the style and inspiration in both. It would be a delight to own this book. Thank you for the chance to win.

  69. Shirley, I’m sorry to hear the Boys of Summer lost by one run but glad you’re home safely! That’s a part of the country we haven’t visited. How wonderful Amy’s home was featured in this beautiful book which is on my Amazon wish list. Look forward to seeing you Friday. ♥

  70. Janine Wolfe says

    Thanks Shirley for sharing your wonderful trip out to Arizona and Nevada. Lived for many years in Arizona and Sedona was a must have yearly. I always felt so energized upon my return home. I would love the book. It would be a great addition to my reference library. Hope you are well and maybe I’ll run into you someday soon at our favorite resale shop.

  71. The book looks beautiful and I would love a chance to win it.

  72. This book looks beautiful! I would love to win a copy!

  73. I would love to win a copy of this book.

  74. Victoria bourgeois says

    Shirley. I have followed you for awhile and loved your last home and can’t Wait to see the future one. I admit I get lots of ideas from all the wonderful bloggers out there, but you can’t beat ideas in the form of a Book with beautiful pages. Now a day it is hard to find them in the very few store fronts that are left. If I’m lucky enough to win believe me the pages will be well worn. Good luck to me. Cheers

  75. Donna Grimes says

    Thanks, Shirley, for always sharing beautiful things. I would love to win a copy of Nora’s book. Have a great weekend.

  76. I would love to win a copy of the book!

  77. Denise Carlson says

    I have gotten to know you thru Lidy at French Garden House. I am always inspired by all the floral arrangements – that is how I found out about this great giveaway and am thrilled to have the opportunity to win! Please enter me into the drawing.
    Thanks, Denise

  78. The book looks fabulous and would be a pleasure to have. Thank you for entering me in the drawing.

  79. Alycia Nichols says

    I already won a book, so I won’t enter the contest, but what a fabulous book it is!!! I will be ordering one!!!

  80. The front cover of the book just makes me smile. I love the bench in front of the window and the buffalo plaid pillow is perfectly placed. I’d love to pour over every detail in the entire book.

  81. Sherri Woehl says

    I would love to win this beautiful, inspiring book! Thanks for the opportunity to win it! Your house is very cute too….good ideas!

  82. It would be so fun to sit and stroll through the beautiful pgs of this book

  83. Heidi Webb says

    I just found your blog, love it. Would love to win this exquisite book. Look forward to more postings.

  84. Cassandra Egan says

    I read this the day you posted and meant to come back on a laptop…thanks for the reminder! I love Nora Murphy and am so grateful for an opportunity to see her book! I would love to win.
    Though moving is a chore, when I saw your pretties unpacked in the reveal of the great room, I imagine it must be a little like Christmas unpacking everything.
    I also have the Juliska pitcher on your coffee table. I love it. If I could afford all of the Christmas pieces, I would own those too!
    Happy shuffling to you.

  85. This looks like a book that would be the perfect read in front of the fireplace with a cup of tea. Warm, cozy, inviting are words that come to mind. Would love to add it to my library of books. Thank you for the opportunity ?

  86. Sue Kueffer says

    I love Nora Murphy’s design style and the style of those you’ve sampled in her book. I am delighted to be able to participate in your generous giveaway.

  87. Mary from Virginia says

    I would be thrilled to win a copy of Nora Murphy’s book! Your new home is lovely, and I can’t believe you haven’t lived there very long, it is so well put together you have so many nice things.

  88. I would be so honored to win this charming book with all the great ideas.
    I read your Instagram everyday and love your home.
    Thank you for the chance to win.
    Linda C in Seattle

  89. I would love to win this beautiful book. You have done a great job in decorating your temporary home. Love all your blue and white pieces.

  90. Susan Smith says

    Shirley, thank you for another chance to enter to win the Nora Murphy book. I always enjoy hearing from you. Stay safe during the storm.

  91. Please feel free to send the book to my house! Thank you. Love your new nest. You have decorated it beautifully. Looks like maybe you should write a book.

  92. Ethel Alderson says

    Oh pic me! I so enjoy Nora Murphy and you.
    What a memory winning the book would be.
    Two of my favorites.

  93. I would love to win this beautiful book! I am redecorating my den and need some inspiration. Thank you very much for the giveaway.

  94. I would love to have this book, as I’ve just recently started transitioning my home from Modern Country to a more Traditional/French Country style. I need pointers and beautiful pictures to help me envision my own home and see what I need to be thinking of when I’m out thrifting, antiquing, and browsing!

  95. Debi Foley says

    The book looks absolutely beautiful!! Full of wonderful ideas. I would love to win this book. Thanks

  96. Oh how I would enjoy this beautiful book! Love all the gorgeous photos!

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